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WCCW TV 8/21/1982

Written By Alfredo Esparza

World Class Championship Wrestling 8/21/1982

Taped 8/15/1982 at the Reunion Arena in Dallas, Texas. “Star Wars 1982”. Aired on 8/21/1982.

Bill Mercer opens the show talking about the two matches scheduled on this week’s episode.

They air interviews involving the two men in the upcoming American Heavyweight title match.

Armand Hussein and King Kong Bundy are interviewed by Bill Mercer. Hussein says that Race might be a 6-time NWA World Heavyweight Champion but he made Bundy a champion at age 19 and he will soon be a World Heavyweight Champion. Bundy laughs. Hussein says it won’t be easy for Race.

Harley Race talks about Bundy being double his size and weight and isn’t taking him lightly. He reminds everyone that at that time he was the only man to ever pick up Andre The Giant and Andre is bigger than Bundy. Race says Bundy won’t get in his way of getting a shot at a 7th World Heavyweight title reign. He warns Bundy that he’s going to beat him.

King Kong Bundy © (w/ Armand Hussein) vs. Harley Race for the NWA American Heavyweight Title

Hussein leads Bundy to the ring. Crowd boos Bundy as he raises his arm into the air. Mark Lowrance announces that after this match, Kevin Von Erich will be the #1 contender to the American Heavyweight title and he will get a title shot on September 5th against the winner of this match. Kevin Von Erich enters the ring. Bundy and Von Erich exchange words.

Armand Hussein grabs the mic and tells Harley Race to give up the match now if he doesn’t want to get a beating from Bundy who he has no shot at beating. Bundy slams Race to the mat to start the match. Side headlock by Bundy. Hussein looks on approvingly as Bundy controls the start of the match. Race whips Bundy into the ropes but Bundy knocks him down. Bundy charges at Race and he picks up a knee to strike Bundy.

They lock-up again and head to the corner were Bundy pounds away on Race. Bundy knocks Race down the mat and follows with a kneedrop for a two-count. He slams Race into the top turnbuckle and goes to work on Race’s left arm. Armbar by Bundy. Race with an armdrag to break out of the hold.

Bundy heads over to talk to Hussein before locking up again with Race. Race with a headbutt near the ropes. He delivers a couple of punches at Bundy. Snapmare by Race and he lands a knee across Bundy’s head. He gets another knee across Bundy. They both get back up and Bundy rakes Race’s face and regains control of the match until Race catches Bundy with another headbutt. More headbutts and punches from Race. Bundy reverses a whip into the corner and sends Race into the ring post and then sends him to the floor.

Fans boo Bundy as he waits for Race to get back in the ring. Race with a headbutt at Bundy’s mid-section followed by more at his head. Bundy falls to the mat. Race with a flying headbutt on Bundy. He goes for a neckbreaker on Bundy and gets a one-count as Bundy tosses Race off him. Bundy with some punches and kicks at Race. He gets Race in the corner and snapmares him out and into a reverse chinlock.

Bundy follows with a backbreaker on Race and gets a two-count. He goes for a second pin attempt but Race kicks out again. Bundy whips Race into the ropes and catches him in a bear hug. Hussein applauds ringside for Bundy. Race punches at Bundy’s head. He finally breaks free with a headbutt. Race gets Bundy on the ropes and gets him in a headlock. Bundy whips Race into the ropes and neither man goes down. Race follows with a dropkick and a headscissors to send Bundy down to the mat. Race then picks up Bundy for a body slam. He follows with a headbutt off the middle rope for a two-count!

King Kong Bundy falls to the outside. Hussein provides some words of encouragement to Bundy. Bundy sends Race to the outside. They get on the outside portion of the ring and exchange punches. Race charges at Bundy but Race ends up hitting the ring post. Referee calls for the bell as he’s counted both men out. Hussein runs in and attacks Race. He and Bundy double-team Race. Race is able to stop them and catches Bundy with a dropkick and cleans house.

WINNER: Double Count Out

Bill Mercer interviews Armand Hussein and King Kong Bundy. Hussein repeats what he said earlier and says Kevin Von Erich has no shot at beating Bundy. Bundy then screams about how Kevin has no shot at winning the belt and wants Kevin to put his hair on the line. He says if there is no hair on the line then Kevin Von Erich doesn’t get a title match.

The Great Kabuki & The Magic Dragon © (w/ Gary Hart) vs. David Von Erich & Kevin Von Erich for the All-Asia Tag Team Titles

The Great Kabuki spits out his green mist before the match starts. Gary Hart argues with David Von Erich. Referee David Manning gets Gary Hart out of the ring.

The Great Kabuki and Kevin Von Erich start the match. Kevin gets Kabuki in a wristlock and quickly tags in David Von Erich. David beats on Kabuki in the corner. He gets Kabuki with a headscissors and tries to get the Claw on Kabuki who blocks it! David gets the claw on Kabuki’s stomach instead! Kabuki escapes the claw and takes David into his corner where he tags in the Magic Dragon who gets David with a bunch of chops.

The Magic Dragon gets David with a nerve hold across the shoulder but continues with more chops. David gets the Dragon into the ropes and chops him but Dragon continues his attack on David. Kabuki tags back in and kicks David. More chops at David’s left arm. David tries to fight back but Kabuki quickly gets him with more chops. Kabuki backdrops David Von Erich.

Kabuki grabs David’s left arm. Fans start to cheer for David. He kicks and chops Kabuki. The Magic Dragon comes back in and knocks David down. He continues to attack David’s left arm. David punches his way out and tags in Kevin Von Erich. Kevin catches the Magic Dragon with a dropkick and then charges at Kabuki. He follows with an elbow drop on the Magic Dragon. Kevin sends the Dragon into David’s knee and tags him back in. Double dropkick by the Von Erichs!

Kabuki tags back in and he and David exchange shots. David knocks him down and lands a knee across Kabuki’s head. He whips Kabuki into the ropes and catches him with a high knee for a near fall. David tags in Kevin and he continues to beat on Kabuki. He catches Kabuki with a dropkick and then follows with a splash but Kabuki raises his legs and knocks Kevin down. The Magic Dragon tags back in and gets in some chops at Kevin.

Snapmare into a nerve hold by the Magic Dragon as the fans start to cheer louder for Kevin. Kevin elbows his way out of the hold but can’t tag in David. The Dragon pounds away on Kevin and tags Kabuki back in who lands a loud, hard chop on Kevin. Kevn rolls to the outside and Kabuki slams him into the time keeper’s table. David heads over to talk to Kevin.

Kevin Von Erich gets back in the ring and makes a brief comeback before Kabuki catches him with a super kick. The Magic Dragon runs in and attacks Kevin but Kevin is able to tag in David. David gets Kabuki with some kicks and an armdrag. He punches away at Kabuki and then sends The Magic Dragon into Kabuki. David gets caught by a thrust kick from the Magic Dragon as he heads into the corner.

The Magic Dragon regains control of the match and grabs hold of David with another nerve hold on his left arm. David tags in Kevin who goes for a sunset flip off the ropes for a two-count on the Dragon but the Dragon gets back up and lands more kicks. Kevin with a roll-up on the Dragon but again Dragon kicks out and strikes at Kevin. Kabuki tags back in.

The Great Kabuki gets Kevin with a nerve hold across his shoulder. Kevin fights out of it and gets the claw on Kabuki’s mid-section. Spin kick by Kabuki but that sends Kevin into his corner and he tags in David. Double-team chop by Kabuki and the Magic Dragon. The Magic Dragon beats on David and kicks him out over the top rope. Match is no disqualification. Kevin helps David back into the ring.

The Magic Dragon gets David by the left arm again. Front facelock by The Magic Dragon but David’s able to tag in Kevin Von Erich. All four men get into the ring. Kabuki and Dragon kick Kevin out of the ring. David catches both with a clothesline. He follows with a knee drop and a splash on The Magic Dragon. He covers him for the pin. Kevin Von Erich hits a top rope body press at Kabuki. Referee counts three on the Dragon. The Von Erichs win the tag team titles!

WINNERS: David & Kevin Von Erich

Bill Mercer interviews the Von Erichs after their win. Kevin is thrilled to win the tag titles and that his brother David is back. David tells Mercer that they’ll defend the titles against anyone because they are the best.

That is followed by a World Championship preview. Ric Flair is shown seated outdoors with three women. He wants to show the fans what he does to prepare for a match. They show video of him hanging around with the three women around town. He says he’s not like Kerry Von Erich at the gym working out and lifting weights.

That’s followed by a video showing Kerry Von Erich match highlights and him riding a horse.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Excellent episode. The tag match was fun and had a bit of an ending that came out of nowhere since it just happened so quickly. Bundy vs. Race was a fun brawl and was done correctly with them only going about 12-15 minutes and ending with both counted out to keep Race still as a top challenger to the world title while also keeping Bundy strong for his American title defense against Kevin Von Erich. The interview segments were good as well. Really enjoyed Ric Flair’s interview with him hanging around with three women while that was then followed by a Kerry Von Erich match highlights video package. They also included Kerry riding a horse which was one of the first things I remember watching when I was channel surfing and discovered World Class TV back in the mid-1980s.


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