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Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling 6/19/1982

Written By Alfredo Esparza

Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling 6/19/1982

Taped 6/16/1982 at WPCQ TV Studios in Charlotte, North Carolina. Aired on 6/19/1982.

Bob Caudle welcomes everyone to another episode of MACW. He gives a rundown of what’s on this week’s show. Roddy Piper joins him wearing a t-shirt that says “Piper Pays Back” on the front and “Pay The Piper” on the back. He wants them to show Jack Brisco in action today and wants the fans to see him run with his tail between his legs. Caudle tells Piper that they are going to show video of Jack Brisco’s match from last week.

Video shows Don Muraco and Roddy Piper attacking Jack Brisco. Piper asks Caudle if that’s Jack Brisco in action and laughs. He admits to trying to nail Brisco with a chair and hurting Jerry Brisco. Piper admits he is nuts and says Muraco is his tag partner and tells Brisco to get himself a partner. He warns Jack Brisco again.

“King Kong” Angelo Mosca vs. King Parsons

Angelo Mosca tells the fans to shut up. He gets Parsons on the ropes and lands a forearm across his chest but Parsons strike back. King Parsons gets Mosca in a hammerlock. Mosca escapes with an elbow to Parsons’ head. Parsons fights back and gets Mosca on the ropes but Angelo hollers at the ref to get him off.

Wristlock by King Kong Mosca. Parsons escapes and claims he has grease all over. Big right at the top of Mosca’s face. Mosca gets Parsons on the ropes and lands some forearms and then snapmares him and starts to twist his head. King Kong Mosca tells the fans to shut up again and they start to yell louder. Mosca misses a legdrop!

Parsons with an elbow and a single leg takedown. Step-over toe-hold by Parsons gets Mosca on the mat. Mosca kicks him off a few times but Parsons keeps sweeping his leg and getting him in the toe-hold again. Legdrop across Mosca’s left leg by Parsons. Mosca lands his leg across Mosca’s head and breaks out of the hold. He beats on Parsons and slams his head on the mat. Parsons fights back.

Parsons whips Mosca across to the other corner but Mosca raises his feet to knock him down. Mosca tosses Parsons into the ropes. He follows with a knee and then grabs Parsons by the head. Parsons elbow and punches out of the way. Referee tries to break it up near the corner. Parsons is distracted and Mosca hits him with an elbow across the head and knocks him down. Mosca gets the pin.

WINNER: Angelo Mosca

Jack Brisco vs. Juan Reynosa

Juan Reynosa attacks Jack Brisco in the corner and goes after Brisco’s injured leg. He kicks and stomps at the leg. Brisco makes a comeback and takes Reynosa down to the mat. Front facelock by Brisco keeps Reynosa grounded. Reynosa punches at Brisco’s injured left knee. Brisco stretches his leg away from Reynosa while keeping the front facelock on tight.

Brisco with another takedown on Reynosa while keeping Reynosa in the facelock. Reynosa punches at Brisco’s leg and takes him to the ropes. They exchange blows out of the ring and Brisco gets in a bunch of punches while Reynosa misses his. Reynosa gets whipped into the ropes and Brisco misses a dropkick. Brisco follows with sending Reynosa into the ropes and he backdrops him. Jack Brisco gets the figure-four leglock on Reynosa and gets the submission win.

WINNER: Jack Brisco

“The Russian Bear” Ivan Koloff & The Ninja (w/ Sir Oliver Humperdink) vs. Ron Ritchie & Rusty Roberts

The Ninja sprays some green mist into the air. Ron Ritchie starts the match for his team. Bob Caudle points out that Ivan Koloff and The Ninja showed up with a manager who’s walking around ringside. He brings out a mic and calls the manager over to find out who he is. Sir Oliver Humperdink introduces himself. Ron Ritchie gets The Ninja in an armbar while all this is all going on. He tags in Rusty Roberts who keeps working on The Ninja’s arm.

The Ninja chops Roberts and tags Ivan Koloff. Koloff puts the boots on Roberts and lands a knee across his chest. Humperdink uses the “Mr. TV Announcer” line on Caudle and tells him to ask Jack Brisco about him because he’s been around for some time. Koloff tosses Roberts at Ritchie’s direction.

Good exchange by Ritchie against Koloff. Koloff whips Ritchie into the ropes but Ritchie counters and armdrags him a few times. He tags in Roberts. Koloff knocks Roberts down and tosses him at The Ninja direction with him delivering a chop. The Ninja with some more chops and a legdrop. Front facelock by The Ninja. Hard chops in the corner on Roberts. He slams Roberts into Koloff’s boot.

Koloff back in and he elbows Roberts and covers him for the pin but picks him back up. He gets Roberts in a chinlock. The Ninja tags back in and chops Roberts. He kicks Roberts and beats on him more in the corner. Roberts tries to reach out and tag Ritchie but Ninja keeps him away for a bit until he’s finally able to reach out.

Ritchie comes in on fire and tosses the Ninja around the ring. Koloff comes in and Ritchie backdrops him. Koloff surprises Ritchie with a knee to the mid-section and then tosses him into the ropes. He slams Ritchie and tags Ninja back in. The Ninja lands a headbutt off the ropes at Ritchie for the pin.

WINNERS: Ivan Koloff & The Ninja

Jack Brisco and Wahoo McDaniel join Bob Caudle for an interview. Caudle welcomes Wahoo back from his injury. He talks about the attitude some wrestlers have in trying to hurt their opponents. They air highlights of Brisco and McDaniel’s matches against Ric Flair. McDaniel mentions being disappointed that an NWA representative showed up at the hospital and took back the U.S. Heavyweight title and gave it back to Sgt. Slaughter. Brisco talked about Roddy Piper trying to eliminate him and how he’s hired Don Muraco.

David Patterson vs. Keith Larson

Hip toss by Patterson to start the match. He goes for a second one and asks the fans if they liked what he just did to Larson. Bob Caudle mentions that they hope to have Ric Flair and Greg “The Hammer” Valentine back on the show. Larson with a hiptoss on Patterson followed by an armdrag that sends Patterson to the outside.

Wristlock by Larson on Patterson and he takes him down and goes to work on his left arm. Larson with an armbar. Patterson gets back up and whips Larson into the ropes. He drops Larson down but Larson uses his quickness to get Patterson back into an armbar. Patterson with a forearm and he slams Larson’s head into the turnbuckle. He whips Larson into the corner and charges at him but Larson moves out of the way and again takes Patterson down and in an armbar.

Patterson back up and he gets Larson in the ropes and starts to beat on him. Patterson goes for a pin but only gets a one count. He whips Larson into the ropes but Larson gets his knee up and knocks Patterson down. Larson with a dropkick at Patterson. More offense from Larson and he hits Patterson with an elbow. Near falls for Larson. Patterson gets sent into the corner but that gets reversed. Larson misses a cross body block off the ropes. Patterson follows with a kneedrop and gets the pin on Larson.

WINNER: David Patterson

Pvt. Kernoodle, Pvt. Nelson and The Monk join Bob Caudle for an interview. Caudle asks The Monk how he ended up teaming with the Privates and The Monk tells him that he teams with the best. Kernoodle agrees with The Monk and says they are the best and so is Sgt. Slaughter. He tells Caudle that Sgt. Slaughter is in Hawaii having a good time with his U.S. title and admiring the girls. They talk about how proud they are about Sgt. Slaughter.

Kernoodle mentions that they want the Mid-Atlantic tag team titles and calls Pork Chop Cash & King Parsons, “boys”. Pvt. Nelson refers to them in a negative way as well. He says Slaughter wants them to get those titles back. Kernoodle calls Wahoo McDaniel a “boy” too and talks about how they like to hurt “Indians”. A bit much in this promo but that’s what a lot of heel promos were like in the ’80s.

Jay Youngblood, Paul “Number One” Jones & Jake “The Snake” Roberts vs. Pvt. Don Kernoodle, Pvt. Jim Nelson & The Monk

Fast start to the match with Paul Jones and Pvt. Nelson. Jones tags in Roberts and Nelson tags in Kernoodle. Crowd cheering loudly. Kernoodle with some punches in the corner on Roberts. Roberts out of the corner with a backdrop on Pvt. Kernoodle. Leg takedown on Kernoodle but he’s near his corner and tags in Nelson. Roberts gets Nelson in his corner and Youngblood chops Nelson.

Youngblood tags in and he gets Nelson in a side headlock. Nelson with some forearms but gets reversed into the ropes and Jay with some chops on Nelson and gets Kernoodle as well. Standing dropkick by Youngblood. Nelson tags in The Monk. The Monk tells the fans to shut up!

Youngblood with a wristlock takedown into a headscissors on The Monk. Jay tags in Jones and he gets The Monk with an atomic drop. Nelson tags back in. He whips Jones into the ropes and catches him for a slam but Jones kicks him off. Kernoodle tags in and he whips JOnes into the ropes and catches him with an elbow. Jones recovers and elbows Kernoodle. Youngblood tags in and Kernoodle gets punched by Roberts as Jay gets in the ring.

Youngblood with some offense but Kernoodle catches him with a double thrust to knock him down. Fireman’s carrry and drops Youngblood across the top rope. Nelson tags in and goes for the pin on Youngblood. The Monk now tags in and he beats on Youngblood. Side headlock by the Monk and he tags in Kernoodle. Kernoodle catches Youngblood with a dropkick.

Kernoodle whips Youngblood into the ropes and catches him with a backdrop. He follows with a kneedrop across Youngblood’s head and he goes for the pin but Roberts makes the save. Nelson gets in the ring and he continues the attack on Youngblood. The Monk tags in and gets the knee into Youngblood’s back.

Youngblood chops away on The Monk and tags in Roberts. Roberts with a knee-lift on The Monk. Jones comes in and takes The Monk down with a football tackle. Jones tags in Youngblood and he knocks him down with a chop and then follows with a jump into a chop at The Monk for the pin.

WINNERS: Jay Youngblood, Paul Jones & Jake Roberts

Youngblood, Jones and Roberts join Bob Caudle for a post-match interview. Jones mentions that the privates are very dedicated and he wouldn’t want to be around Slaughter. He’s proud of his partners. Youngblood mentions that he’s been wrestling in Japan and it was great to be back. He wants to get Muraco, Slaughter and Piper. Roberts praises their opponents but says he came back to get even against The Ninja. He mentions going cold because of what The Ninja did and says he is the snake and when he bites it will be nasty.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Good episode. They didn’t seem to have the usual interview segments during the early half of the show so they were maybe edited out or they really didn’t have any. Guess only folks who would know are those who watched the show back then. They did have Piper early on and he was great as usual in his interview and they had more in the second half including Wahoo McDaniel and Jack Brisco on with Caudle while they also aired highlights of each wrestling Ric Flair. Best match on the show was the main event six-man. Sir Oliver Humperdink debuting with Ivan Koloff and The Ninja was interesting to see and I guess him being introduced on commentary might have filled the spot of what would have been an interview segment in the first half. I’m not a fan of some of the heel promos done back in the ’80s as those can be very offensive and not something I want to hear.


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