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ECW TV 1/25/1994

Written By Alfredo Esparza

ECW Hardcore TV #41 (1/25/1994)

Taped 1/8/1994 at ECW Arena in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Aired on 1/25/1994.

Show opens with highlights of Shane Douglas vs. Terry Funk followed by the usual show intro. Joey Styles mentions how if you were surprised with the action during the match, you’ll be even more shocked with what happened after the match.

They show a video that was taped last week with Jay Sulli in the dressing room waiting to interview The Public Enemy. Sulli informs The Public Enemy that their match on that week’s show was postponed and they react with disappointment. Johnny Grunge mentions that he carried a big screen TV on his back to his home to watch this week’s show. ECW Commissioner Tod Gordon comes out to calm PE down but Rocco Rock grabs him by the neck and yells at him. Gordon threatens to go to the ECW and NWA boards and to the police, which gets Rock to release his grasp on him. Grunge begs Gordon not to call 5-0.

The Public Enemy (Johnny Grunge & Rocco Rock) vs. Don E. Allen & Duane Gill

The Public Enemy attack Don E. Allen and Duane Gill before the bell rings. Allen gets tossed to the outside. Grunge hits him with a chair. Rock and Gil fight in the ring until he tosses Gil to the outside. Gill gets slingshotted back into the ring by Rock. Rock tags in Grunge and he catches Gill with a clothesline.

Fans chant “jailbirds” at The Public Enemy. Grunge with a snap suplex on Gill followed by an elbow drop. He tags in Rock and they catch Gil with a double DDT. Rock whips Gill into the corner but Gill moves and tags in Allen. Allen gets kicked in the stomach and Rock picks him up with a suplex and then follows with an elbow. Grunge tags back in. Rock grabs Allen and Grunge hits a top rope elbow on him. Grunge starts to punch Allen across the forehead.

Grunge slaps away at Allen. He hits Allen across the back with a pair of elbows. Reverse bulldog on Allen. Followed by a double stomp by Grunge. Rock then hits a senton off the top rope for the pin.

WINNERS: The Public Enemy

ECW Commissioner Tod Gordon talks to Jay Sulli about The Public Enemy. Gordon said that he spoke to the NWA Board of Governors. The Public Enemy come back in apologetic with him for the earlier incident. They think they’re going to jail or being suspended. He tells them that they are going to be in a no-rules match on February 5th against the Bruise Bros. The Public Enemy are concerned because the Bruise Bros. were too tough for SMW. They then cut a promo against the bigger Bruise Bros.

Tommy Dreamer vs. Dr. Disaster

Tommy Dreamer with a single leg takedown into some mat wrestling on Dr. Disaster. They get back up and Dr. Disaster slaps Dreamer but Tommy strikes back with a flurry of slaps and punches. He whips Dr. Disaster into the corner and then tosses him to the outside.

Dreamer slams Dr. Disaster head-first into the ring post. He then tosses Dr. Disaster into the guardrail. Dreamer grabs a cane from a fan and whacks Dr. Disaster across the back and beats him with the cane. Referee warns Tommy and he teases going for a dive to the outside. He then hits a dive off the ring apron at Dr. Disaster.

They get back in the ring and Dreamer bites Dr. Disaster. He follows with a snap suplex. Dreamer with a legdrop across Dr. Disaster’s mid-section. Tommy whips Dr. Disaster into the ropes. Dr. Disaster tries for a sunset flip but Dreamer blocks it and legdrops him. Dreamer then gets Dr. Disaster with his finisher “The Dream Weaver” (Cobra Clutch into a Russian Legsweep).

WINNER: Tommy Dreamer

They air a rundown of the February 5th show lineup with promos from The Sandman & Tommy Cairo. Kevin Sullivan promo with Woman and The Tazmaniac. Sullivan calls Taz, “Albert” because he’s so smart and says Pat Tanaka is going to pay for the sins of his father who was a wrestling promoter who owes him money!

“The Ruffneck” Mr. Hughes (w/ Jason) vs. Mikey Whipwreck

This is Mikey Whipwreck’s professional wrestling debut. Mr. Hughes grabs Whipwreck by the ears and picks him up and slams him down to the mat. He stomps on Mikey. Overhand right by Hughes on Whipwreck. He chokes Mikey across the ropes. Mr. Hughes whips Whipwreck but Mikey goes for a cross body. Mr. Hughes grabs Mikey and gets him in a backbreaker for a few times.

Mr. Hughes whips Whipwreck into the corner and he falls to the mat. He whips Mikey into the ropes again and catches him with the side walk slam for the pin. Mr. Hughes then tosses Whipwreck to the outside.

WINNER: Mr. Hughes

Terry Funk © vs. Pat Tanaka (w/ Paul Diamond) for the ECW Heavyweight Title

Terry Funk grabs the mic and asks who he is wrestling. He asks Diamond if Tanaka is a child that needs him ringside. He insults Diamond for wrestling in the WWF. Funk tells Diamond that if he wants to do something he can be proud of, he should walk out and let Tanaka wrestle on his own. Tanaka and Diamond talk and Funk attacks Tanaka from behind. He sends Tanaka to the floor.

Funk goes to the outside and attacks Tanaka. He slams Tanaka into the guard rail. They get back in the ring and Funk punches away at Tanaka. He goes for a piledriver on Tanaka. Funk covers Tanaka for the pin but Tanaka kicks out at TWO! Terry Funk threatens the referee and then tosses Tanaka to the floor again.

Tanaka gets back in the ring and Funk chokes him with tape that he took off his arm. Tanaka fires back with some headbutts and punches and sends Funk to the outside. Styles mentions that Tanaka was the son of Duke Keomuka. Tanaka punches away at Funk on the ropes and then kicks him. That sends Funk back to the floor.

Funk gets back in the ring and Tanaka catches him with a double chop and gets a two-count. The Bad Breed shows up and get involved. Tanaka knocks Ian Rotten off the ring apron and then goes for a pin on Funk. Pat Tanaka lands a headbutt across Funk’s mid-section. The Tazmaniac and Kevin Sullivan show up and attack Paul Diamond. Tanaka gets distracted and Funk rolls Tanaka up for the pin.

WINNER: Terry Funk

Pat Tanaka and Paul Diamond brawl with Kevin Sullivan and The Tazmaniac outside the ring.

Matty In The House joins Paul E. Dangerously and Paul E. wants Matty to calm down. They talk about 911 without mentioning his name. Dangerously says that he’s the man that takes care of Sabu. Matty wants to know what the man’s name is but Paul E. refuses to tell him. He then tells Paul E. that Sabu might be scary, but Paul E. is no “ruffneck”. 911 then grabs Matty by the shoulder. Paul E. then tells him he has nothing to worry about and talks about the upcoming ECW Heavyweight title 3-way match between Sabu, Shane Douglas and Terry Funk.

Paul E. Dangerously then speaks to 911 and everything that he does to handle Sabu and tells him that he didn’t realize how powerful the man is. Matty then says he wouldn’t pick a fight against 911.

Badd Company (Pat Tanaka & Paul Diamond) vs. Kevin Sullivan & The Tazmaniac (w/ Woman)

Sullivan and The Tazmaniac are scheduled to wrestle Duane Gill and Don E. Allen. Badd Company stops them and they head to the ring and attack Sullivan and The Tazmaniac. Styles isn’t sure if this is a match as everyone brawls outside the ring. Diamond slams Tazmaniac onto the guardrail. He then hits Sullivan with a chair.

Pat Tanaka and The Tazmaniac continue the match in the ring. Sullivan tags in. Diamond come sin and he slams Sullivan into the turnbuckle. Back and forth between the two. Diamond with a cool bulldog off the ropes at Sullivan. He whips Tazmaniac into the ropes and catches him with a DDT. Diamond tags in Tanaka. Tazamaniac whips Tanaka into the ropes and gets caught with a t-bone suplex.

Tazmaniac whips Tanaka into the ropes but Tanaka catches him with a powerbomb and goes for the pin but Sullivan breaks it up. Sullivan gets in the ring and headbutts Tanaka. He follows with some stomps and chops at Tanaka and then clotheslines him on the ropes.

Tazmaniac gets Tanaka with a belly-to-belly suplex and gets a two-count. Sullivan gets back in the ring and slams Tanaka. Quick tags by the champs. Tazmaniac misses a headbutt. Tanaka tags in Diamond. Diamond punches away at Tazmaniac and Sullivan. Sullivan falls to the floor. Tanaka and Sullivan brawl outside the ring. Diamond catches Tazmaniac with a spin kick in the corner.

Diamond goes for a pin on Tazmaniac after a cross body block off the ropes. Face-first suplex by Diamond gets him another near fall. He blocks a suplex attempt by The Tazmaniac and reverses it into a pin attempt. Diamond pins Taz for the win! Sullivan comes in and attacks Diamond. Tazmaniac gets Diamond with a suplex and then Sullivan and Tazmaniac go for a double-team spike piledriver on Diamond. Sullivan goes for another piledriver on Diamond.

WINNERS: Badd Company

Sullivan has a hammer in his hand as he walks out of the ring. Several people show up to check on Paul Diamond. Joey Styles calls on the phone to get help for Paul Diamond. They do an interview with Pat Tanaka on the phone. Tanaka is at the hospital and says Paul Diamond is hurt. He doesn’t think Paul Diamond will be ready to wrestle on February 5th.

Tanaka says Paul Diamond told him not to get mad but get even. He’s going to have a substitute partner and says he heard what Kevin Sullivan said about his father. Tanaka said that he recalls his father and Eddie Graham coming up with a main event that featured a man that scared Kevin Sullivan so bad that Sullivan left the territory. Tanaka said he’s bringing that man in as his partner and that will be his partner. Styles tells Tanaka that he wants to know who it is and Tanaka tells him that his partner will be the one and only Original Sheik! Joey Styles is shocked at this announcement as the show comes to an end!

SHOW THOUGHTS: Great episode! Matches were kept pretty short with the highlight being the Badd Company feud with Kevin Sullivan and The Tazmaniac running thru the final half of the show. Lots of brawling throughout this show. Show focused more on setting up two matches for the February 5th card with the announcement of the Bruise Bros. coming in to take on The Public Enemy and The Sheik coming in to team with Pat Tanaka against Kevin Sullivan and The Tazmaniac. Show definitely is way better to kick off 1994 than it was for a few months in late 1993.


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