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WCCW TV 8/14/1982

Written By Alfredo Esparza

World Class Championship Wrestling 8/14/1982

Taped 8/3/1982 at the Sportatorium in Dallas, Texas. Aired on 8/14/1982.

Show opens with Bill Mercer interviewing Kevin Von Erich. Mercer asks Kevin Von Erich his thoughts on Ric Flair wrestling Al Madril later on the show and he mentions how it’s good to see the NWA World Champion in the area and against someone with Madril’s style.

The Superfly (w/ Armand Hussein) vs. Sal Olivares

Bill Mercer points out that The Superfly has lost about 75 lbs because of his time spent in Mexico. Hmm. He seems shorter too. Armand Hussein talks to the referee and Sal Olivares and warns them about The Superfly not showing any mercy.

Sal Olivares catches The Superfly with a dropkick but that doesn’t do much. Olivares delivers some punches but Superfly counters with a few of his own. He starts to hit Olivares with some forearms across the back. Hussein yells some words of encouragement for The Superfly and also reminds him of what happened to him at the border in Mexico.

The Superfly slams Olivares. He chokes Olivares. More forearms across Olivares back and then he sends him into the corner turnbuckle. He stomps on Olivares. Bugsy McGraw shows up ringside! The Superfly clotheslines Olivares. McGraw starts to throw water balloons at Hussein and The Superfly. Superfly lands a big boot off the middle rope on Olivares and then gets him over his back for a backbreaker for the submission win.

The Superfly continues to stomp on Olivares after the match.

WINNER: Superfly

Armand Hussein and The Superfly join Bill Mercer and Hussein warns Bugsy McGraw and his manager Roscoe The Clown that they are going to get them. He brings up The Superfly being stuck in a Mexican jail recently and says there will be no let ups and again he tells Bugsy he’s on thin ice.

Jose Lothario & Blue Demon vs. The Great Kabuki & The Magic Dragon (w/ Armand Hussein)

Lothario and Blue Demon want revenge against The Great Kabuki & The Magic Dragon for injuring El Solitario. The Great Kabuki spits out his green mist before the match.

Blue Demon and The Great Kabuki start the match off. Kabuki armdrags Blue Demon and knocks him down. Blue Demon counters with a wristlock and tosses Kabuki across the ring. Test of strength follows with Kabuki turning it into a monkey flip. Blue Demon gets Kabuki does the same to him. Kabuki catches Blue Demon with a kick out of a wristlock.

Blue Demon again drops and tosses Kabuki who decides to tag in The Magic Dragon. Demon gets Magic Dragon down on the mat and goes to work on his arm. Jose Lothario tags in. Lothario misses with a big right hand at the Dragon. Wristlock reversals with a kick out by Lothario. The Magic Dragon gets Lothario in his corner and tags in Kabuki who quickly attacks Lothario. Some hard chops by Kabuki followed by a shoulder nerve hold on Lothario. Fans start to chant for Jose Lothario.

Jose Lothario escapes the nerve hold and he tries to punch Kabuki but Kabuki blocks the shot and chops him in the stomach. Follows with some kicks and judo chops and back into the nerve hold across Lothario’s shoulders and neck. Lothario escapes again but gets caught by a kick from Kabuki. Lothario tries to escape again but The Magic Dragon jumps in and continues to chop away at Lothario. Jose Lothario fights his way back with some punches. He’s finally able to tag in Blue Demon.

The Magic Dragon catches Blue Demon with some chops across the chest. He misses a few and Blue Demon backdrops the Dragon. Dragon gets back up and kicks Blue Demon. He gets Blue Demon with a punch into the mid-section but Demon is able to tag in Lothario. Kabuki quickly tags back in and Lothario catches him with a punch. He goes for the pin but Kabuki kicks out. All four men get into the ring. They brawl all over with referees Bronco Lubich and David Manning separating them.

Blue Demon punches Armand Hussein. Hussein is able to get Kabuki and The Magic Dragon out of the ring.

WINNERS: Jose Lothario & Blue Demon

Jose Lothario talks to Bill Mercer and says that he could take on The Great Kabuki with his taped fists. He says Kabuki was lucky that the Magic Dragon was there because if it was just them two in the match he would have hurt Kabuki.

Kevin Von Erich vs. Capt. Frank Dusek

Kevin Von Erich with a leg takedown on Capt. Frank Dusek to start the match. They shake hands to the surprise of the fans. Side headlock into a takedown by Kevin with Dusek countering with a headscissors before a clean escape by Kevin. Again they shake hands. Kevin with a takedown into an arm stretch on Dusek. Dusek tries to reach the ropes but Kevin knocks him back down to the mat while still holding the wristlock and arm stretch on Dusek.

Dusek reaches the ropes to break the hold. He gets Kevin in a side headlock. Kevin whips Dusek into the ropes and they collide into each other with Kevin trying to get a roll-up pin. Dusek escapes and again offers to shake Kevin’s hand. Von Erich gets a knee into the mid-section and follows with an elbow. Dusek counters with a forearm of his own. Kevin threatens Dusek with a kick but Capt. Frank backs away.

They lock-up again and this time Dusek gets a forearm across Kevin’s jaw. He slams Von Erich’s head into the top turnbuckle a few times but that seems to fire up Kevin! Kevin with an elbow drop on Dusek for a two count. Von Erich whips Dusek into the corners and goes for a huracarana for the pin.

WINNER: Kevin Von Erich

Capt. Frank Dusek and Kevin Von Erich shake hands after the match.

Al Madril joins Bill Mercer to talk about Ric Flair and Al says Flair is the greatest wrestler in the world and says it doesn’t matter if it is a non-title match, it is an honor to be in a match against the NWA World Heavyweight champion. He says that winning would move him up the rankings.

“Nature Boy” Ric Flair vs. Al Madril

Ric Flair stalls a bit and struts across the ring. Al Madril gets Ric Flair in a side headlock and threatens to punch him across the top of his head. Flair whips Madril into the ropes but Madril catches him with an armdrag. He pulls Flair off the ropes and attacks Flair’s legs. Flair retreats to the outside of the ring.

Flair tells the cameraman to get out of his way. He returns to the ring. Fans start to chant loudly for Al Madril. Shoulder takedowns by Flair but on the third attempt Madril gets him with a toe hold and tries for the figure four leglock but Flair knocks Madril down. Flair gets in some chops and punches at Madril. Madril whips Flair into the corner and catches him with a sleeper hold! Crowd gets fired up. Flair tries to reach the ropes. Madril goes for a pin but Flair reaches the ropes with his leg.

Flair gets a knee into Madril’s mid-section. Hard chop from Flair follows. He tosses Madril thru the middle rope. Flair beats on Madril and sends him to the floor with a chop. He brings Madril back into the ring. Flair slams Madril into the corner and gets in another chop. Kneedrop by Flair across Madril’s head and he only gets a two-count. Flair gets Madril in an abdominal stretch. Flair goes for a pin attempt but Madril raises his shoulder up.

Ric Flair with a kick across Madril’s chest. He whips Madril into the ropes and gets him with an elbow. Kneedrop across the head and again Flair with a two-count. Madril reverses a whip and gets Flair in an abdominal stretch! Flair flips Madril off him and then misses an elbow on Madril. Madril starts to punch away on Flair. He knocks down Flair! Crowd cheers loudly.

Flair whips Madril into the ropes but Al gest him with a sunset flip. Flair tries to fight it off but rolls over and Madril gets a two-count. Madril gets another near fall with a backslide. They go back and forth with some chops. They collide again with shoulder blocks. Flair goes for the pin but Madril kicks out. Flair climbs up to the top rope and Madril grabs him and slams him down to the mat.

Al Madril gets Ric Flair in the figure-four leglock! Crowd cheers loudly as Flair tries to fight it off as time is running out. Flair is able to survive and the match ends as a 10-minute time limit draw!

Ric Flair and Al Madril continue to fight. Madril sends Flair over the corner and to the floor!


Ric Flair tells the fans to shut up! He screams and limps around the ringside area. Flair gets back in the ring. He decides to leave the ring again.

Ric Flair joins Bill Mercer for a post-match interview. Mercer asks Flair if Al Madril gave him a battle and Flair yells that he didn’t and all he needed was two more minutes to win the match! He then calls it propaganda from Texas. Mercer tells Flair that Madril made him sweat and had him in the figure-four leglock. Flair tells him that he’s not sweating and that Madril didn’t have him at any time in the match. Flair calls Bill Mercer “Shorty”!

He yells more to the fans and tells Mercer that he’s in no mood to talk. Flair says he’ll give Al Madril credit for being a “punk”. Flair then says that if he agrees to wrestle on TV in Texas that he expects to wrestle a “nobody” and they gave him Al Madril. He claims that they are trying to beat him and embarrass him. He promises that the next time he’s in the ring with Al Madril that he’s going to make him bleed and sweat and pay the price.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Very good episode! The Flair vs. Madril match was pretty good and it being given a 10-minute time limit helped Madril become a bit of a threat to Flair for any match they might have later. Flair was great at making sure Madril got over as a threat during the match and after the match with his interview talking about how he was expecting to wrestle a “nobody” and instead got Madril. The Superfly looked smaller and lighter and Mercer bringing it up leads one to assume it was a different person under that gimmick. Kevin Von Erich vs. Capt. Frank Dusek was an okay match and Dusek tried to work the match cleanly which was interesting. The tag match was entertaining with a rare sighting of Blue Demon in a wrestling match making it on tape. Unfortunately he was 60 years old in 1982 so he wasn’t quite you’d wish he was but to be fair he looked a pretty good shape for a man his age. At 5-6, Blue Demon looked really small in the match even against guys who were not very tall. Lothario was fired up in the match. To their credit, Kabuki and The Magic Dragon did a lot to make sure Blue Demon looked like a threat against them and him being a legend probably made it work in front of a Texas crowd that had people in it that were familiar with him.


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