Written By Alfredo Esparza

EMLL October 1983

Some October 1983 EMLL matches that made video.

Los Infernales (El Satanico, Espectro Jr. & MS-1) vs. Los Guerreros (La Fiera, Mocho Cota & Sangre Chicana) in a Super Libre match

Taped 10/7/1983 at Arena Mexico

Los Infernales enter the ring first and you get a shot of the recently head-shaven Pablo Fuentes, MS-1. Los Guerreros show up and Los Infernales attack them by surprise. El Satanico and MS-1 send Sangre Chicana crashing into the ring post. La Fiera tries to pull Los Infernales each by the leg to the outside but gets knocked down with kicks. Sangre Chicana charges into the ring and gets quickly tossed to the outside by Los Infernales.

Sangre Chicana gets in the ring to start the first fall but he gets beaten by Los Infernales. Espectro Jr. heads to the outside to beat on Mocho Cota but gets back in the ring. La Fiera comes into the ring and gets sent back to the outside. Same happens to Mocho Cota. Wild brawl. They get Sangre Chicana in a surfboard submission hold and Espectro Jr. gets him to submit and Los Infernales win the first fall.

Bell rings for start of the second fall and match continues the same way with Los Infernales all sticking together and triple-teaming their opponents one by one in the ring. Los Infernales start to beat on Mocho Cota. La Fiera gets in and punches MS-1. Mocho Cota beats on Espectro Jr. El Satanico helps MS-1 and they toss La Fiera out of the ring. Espectro Jr. and MS-1 continue to beat on Mocho Cota. Sangre Chicana remains on the floor and El Satanico heads out there just to keep him down.

Espectro Jr. starts to bite Mocho Cota’s forehead and he starts to bleed from his forehead. Los Infernales take turns punching Mocho Cota. Sangre Chicana tries to get back in and El Satanico kicks him out. La Fiera jumps back in and he gets attacked by El Satanico. Espectro Jr. heads to the outside and continues to kick at a bloody Mocho Cota.

Sangre Chicana grabs El Satanico by the leg and Los Guerreros recover and attack Los Infernales in the ring! Sangre Chicana and Mocho Cota beat on Espectro Jr. La Fiera sends MS-1 into the ring post! Mocho Cota submits Espectro Jr. El Satanico gets tossed into the corner. Los Guerreros beat on El Satanico in the ring. La Fiera bites at his forehead while Sangre Chicana kicks at him. They force El Satanico to submit and Los Guerreros win the second fall.

Crowd cheers loudly for Sangre Chicana. The brawl continues in and out of the ring. La Fiera again sends MS-1 into the ring post. Mocho Cota heads to the outside and attacks Espectro Jr. MS-1 gets back in the ring and Los Guerreros beat on him. Third fall starts with Los Guerreros continuing to beat on Los Infernales. La Fiera sends Espectro Jr. into the ring. Espectro Jr’s mask is torn as he gets punched by Mocho Cota. La Fiera beats on El Satanico outside the ring.

La Fiera gets El Satanico back in the ring and Sangre Chicana beats on him. La Fiera and MS-1 brawl outside the ring. Mocho Cota and La Fiera sends MS-1 into the ring post. La Fiera climbs into the ring and holds onto El Satanico. Sangre Chicana kicks El Satanico in the mid-section. El Satanico claims he got fouled. Mocho Cota rips away at Espectro Jr’s mask. La Fiera tosses MS-1 out of the ring. El Satanico gets up and fouls Sangre Chicana. The referee’s saw this one and disqualify Los Infernales.

La Fiera and Mocho Cota continue to stomp on Espectro Jr. They go and check on Sangre Chicana who is laying on the mat. Mocho Cota heads back to the outside and continues to beat on Espectro Jr. and finally removes his mask. MS-1 helps his partners out and they leave while Los Guerreros continue to threaten to attack.

WINNERS: La Fiera, Mocho Cota & Sangre Chicana

Los Guerreros (La Fiera, Mocho Cota & Sangre Chicana) vs. Mano Negra, Mascara Año 2000 & Ringo Mendoza

Taped 10/21/1983 at Arena Mexico

Mocho Cota wears a hat with a giant feather. First fall starts with Los Guerreros attacking Ringo Mendoza as Ringo enters the ring. Mascara Año 2000 and Mano Negra try to make the save but the referees get them out of the ring. Sangre Chicana gets in but La Fiera quickly jumps in and knocks Mendoza down. Mocho Cota comes in and kicks Mendoza to the outside.

La Fiera whips Mascara Año 2000 into the ropes and kicks him in the mid-section. He places Mascara Año 2000 on the top rope and Sangre Chicana kicks him. La Fiera tosses him to the outside. Mano Negra comes in and he gets attacked by Los Guerreros. Mocho Cota and La Fiera whip him into the corner and then slam him down. Sangre Chicana lands a kneedrop across Mano Negra’s chest. Mendoza makes the save for his partner but he’s quickly attacked.

Sangre Chicana kicks and punches at Mendoza. He sends Mendoza to the floor. Mascara Año 2000 gets in but Sangre Chicana knocks him down. Mocho Cota lands a top rope elbow onto Mascara Año 2000. La Fiera follows wtih a top rope plancha for the pin on Mascara Año 2000. La Fiera then slams Mano Negra. He then gets him up in a Samoan Drop. Mocho Cota lands on him with a senton off the middle rope for the pin. Los Guerreros win the 1st fall.

Second fall starts with everyone confronting each other outside the ring. Los Guerreros continue to attack their opponents. La Fiera kicks Mano Negra into the crowd. Mascara Año 2000 gets in the ring and La Fiera attacks him and he’s joined by his partners as they send him to the floor. Ringo Mendoza gets into the ring and is met with the same attack as his partners.

Mano Negra gets in the ring and he beats on Mocho Cota. He snapmares Mocho Cota who crawls to the outside to save himself. Sangre Chicana and La Fiera both attack Mano Negra and send him out of the ring. Mascara Año 2000 comes in and he and Mendoza attack Sangre Chicana. Mendoza with a spin kick sends Chicana to the outside.

La Fiera and Mocho Cota both get in and grab hold of Mascara Año 2000 and Mano Negra but the tecnicos send Fiera and Cota into each other. Mano Negra climbs up on La Fiera’s shoulders. Mascara Año 2000 tosses Mocho Cota into La Fiera. Mano Negra then sunset flips over and pins Mocho Cota while Mascara Año 2000 does the same and covers La Fiera for the pin. Tecnicos win 2nd fall.

Ringo Mendoza charges to the outside to attack Sangre Chicana. Mano Negra continues to punish Mocho Cota. Referee stops them from continuing their attack after winning the fall.

Third fall starts with Ringo Mendoza and Mocho Cota in the ring. Mendoza elbows Mocho Cota’s forehead and Sangre Chicana runs in to make the save. All three tecnicos pile on and beat on Sangre Chicana. Mendoza gets a spin kick in on Sangre Chicana. He goes for an armbar but Mocho Cota makes the save.

Mano Negra gets Mocho Cota with a quebradora as he comes in to help Mendoza. La Fiera then makes the save for Mocho Cota. High backdrop by La Fiera followed by an elbow on Mano Negra. Mascara Año 2000 makes the save and he sends La Fiera into the corner and gets him in a camel clutch. Sangre Chicana comes in and kicks Mascara Año 2000’s back. Ringo Mendoza jumps back in and punches Sangre Chicana. They sxchange punches and Mendoza sends Chicana to the outside.

Mascara Año 2000 and Mano Negra beat on La Fiera and Mocho Cota. They try to repeat what they did in the second fall but rudos are ready. Mano Negra catches La Fiera with a dropkick. Mocho Cota backdrops Mascara Año 2000 over the top rope. Mocho Cota with a tope suicida at Mascara Año 2000 on the floor!

La Fiera and Mano Negra brawl to the floor. Ringo Mendoza and Sangre Chicana get back in the ring. Mendoza with a dropkick followed by a rana but Chicana lands and gets a two-count. Ringo’s able to counter and gets Chicana in a pin but only gets a two-count of his own. Ringo Mendoza hits Sangre Chicana with a pair of diving headbutts. He then tries to get a bridging pin attempt on Chicana.

Mendoza misses a cross body block off the top rope on Chicana. Sangre Chicana gets Mendoza in a Gori Special and tries to get a pin on him but Mendoza reverses it and gets the pin on Sangre Chicana!

WINNERS: Ringo Mendoza, Mano Negra & Mascara Año 2000

Los Fantasticos (Black Man, Kato Kung Lee & Kung Fu) vs. El Enfermero Jr., Jerry Estrada & El Talisman

Taped 10/28/1983 at Arena Mexico

Dr. Alfonso Morales talks about 1983 being the year of trios. Video starts at second fall. Tecnicos won the 1st fall which didn’t get recorded. Jerry Estrada and Black Man kick things off with very fast-paced action with Black Man sending Estrada to the outside after some kicks. Kung Fu enters the match with Talisman and Talisman gets the advantage and tags in Enfermero Jr. Kato Kung Lee gets in the match but the rudos keep double-teaming to gain an advantage. Kato Kung Lee gets an elbow across his head.

Rudos beat on Black Man in their corner. Enfermero Jr. with a top rope elbow on Black Man. He snapmares him and Estrada follows with a kneedrop off the top rope. Talisman kicks at Black Man. Tony Salazar joins Dr. Alfonso Morales on commentary. Rudos continue to beat on Kato Kung Lee. Estrada sends Kung Fu into the ring post and he falls to the floor. Enfermero Jr. gets Kung Fu back into the ring and holds onto him by his arms while Estrada and Talisman kick at him. Rudos win the second fall.

Third fall starts with the rudos chasing after Los Fantasticos. Enfermero Jr. and Black Man get into the ring and Enfermero Jr. knocks him down and into the rudo corner were Talisman grabs hold of Black Man. Kung Fu knocks Enfermero Jr. down. He slams Enfermero Jr. and tries to go for a submission but Estrada makes the save. Estrada whips Kung Fu into the ropes and kicks him in the mid-section. Armbar submission on Kung Fu but Kato Kung Lee makes the save.

Kato Kung Lee kicks Estrada and then slams him down onto the mat. Talisman comes in and punches Kato Kung Lee. Black Man comes in and catches Talisman with a spin kick and tries for a submission but Enfermero jr. interferes. He whips Black Man into the ropes and kicks him. Whips him into the ropes again and kicks Black Man to the floor.

Rudos pile on each of the Fantasticos individually. Kung Fu makes a come back. He escapes the rudos grasp. Kato Kung Lee jumps in and starts to mesmerize the rudos with his acrobatic spots off the ropes. He elbows Talisman and Estrada. He follows with a tope off the ropes at Enfermero Jr. for the pin. Black Man jumps off the ropes at Estrada. He follows by tossing Estrada over the top rope. Blackman goes for a huracanrana for the pin on Talisman. Kato Kung Lee charges to the outside with a dive onto Estrada. Los Fantasticos win the match!

WINNERS: Black Man, Kato Kung Lee & Kung Fu

SHOW THOUGHTS: Really enjoyed the first two trios matches while the last match was kind of just an okay match. To be fair to that last match, only the 2nd and 3rd fall were recorded but even then it didn’t have the heat of the previous two matches. The Guerreros vs. Infernales trios match was a wild brawl and had lots of heat and the crowd was very into it. The second match had that as well but not to the level of the first match probably due to the rudo vs. rudo rivalry having a little more juice to it.


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