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Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling 6/12/1982

Written By Alfredo Esparza

Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling 6/12/1982

Taped 6/9/1982 at the WPCQ TV Studios in Charlotte, North Carolina. Aired on 6/12/1982.

Bob Caudle opens the show running down who’s on this week’s show.

Don Muraco joins Bob Caudle and yells at Caudle telling him it is “The Magnificent Muraco” and doesn’t want to hear him call him Don Muraco. He warns Caudle about calling him that. Caudle asks him about helping Roddy Piper and Sgt. Slaughter lately. Muraco mentions that he was on last week and talked about how Wahoo McDaniel double crossed him. He tells the fans to shut up.

Jack Brisco interrupts Muraco’s interview. He tells Muraco that he knows what he did to him and how he cost Wahoo McDaniel the U.S. title and wants to wrestle him right now. Muraco tells Brisco that he’s had his day. He says that Roddy Piper has signed him to a contract and keeps telling Brisco to leave him alone. Brisco slaps Muraco! Muraco agrees to a match with Jack Brisco.

Bob Caudle gets Slaughter’s opponent name wrong while doing the introductions calling Steve Sybert, “David Patterson”. They go to a break and you can see Sybert looking over at Caudle.

They return from break with Sgt. Slaughter getting interviewed by Bob Caudle. Slaughter talks about getting back the U.S. Heavyweight title from Wahoo McDaniel. He mentions that he wrestled McDaniel in all his types of matches and when it was Slaughter’s turn to have his type of match which was a “Boot Camp” match, Wahoo McDaniel didn’t show up. Bob Caudle tells Slaughter that McDaniel didn’t show up because he was injured and the new rule in the NWA is that there must be a champion and Slaughter won back the title via forfeit.

Sgt. Slaughter tells Caudle that he could have beaten him any way. He doesn’t believe Caudle that Wahoo was hurt and thinks he was just yellow.

Sgt. Slaughter vs. Steve Sybert

Sgt. Slaughter tosses Sybert to start the match. Sybert tries to slam Slaughter but can’t. Slaughter ends up slamming Sybert instead. Bob Caudle mentions that Jake Roberts has recovered from his injuries and should be back in a couple of weeks. Slaughter tosses Sybert.

Wristlock reversals with Slaughter gaining the advantage over Sybert. He pulls Sybert by the hair to take him down to the mat. He kicks at Sybert’s arm. Slaughter punches Sybert and then tosses him hard into the turnbuckles. He lays in some hard forearms across Sybert’s chest. Sybert reverses and gets in some forearms of his own. Slaughter catches Sybert with another forearm and follows with a standing dropkick.

Snapmare into a chinlock by Slaughter. He slams Sybert again into the turnbuckles. Big elbow sends Sybert into the ropes. Slaughter whips Sybert into the ropes and catches him with a clothesline. He gets Sybert in the Cobra Clutch and gets the submission win.

WINNER: Sgt. Slaughter

Jack Brisco vs. Don “The Magnificent” Muraco

Jack Brisco waits for The Magnificent Muraco in the ring while Muraco slowly laces up his shoes outside the ring. Muraco gets in the ring and Brisco quickly gets at Muraco. He lands a knee across Muraco’s forehead and goes for a pin. Muraco escapes and backs away. Brisco gets Muraco with an armdrag.

Roddy Piper shows up in the studio. Muraco gets a knee into Brisco’s mid-section. He knocks Brisco down a few times but gets caught by Brisco with a slam. Brisco gets Muraco in an armbar. Piper joins Caudle on commentary and says he’s not there to give any assistance to Muraco. He speaks very seriously while watching the match. Muraco attacks Brisco’s left knee.

Muraco wants the fans to quiet down. He gets a forearm across Brisco’s chest but gets a whip into the corner reversed by Brisco and Jack gets Muraco again in an armbar. Piper tells Caudle that Muraco has the counter to Brisco’s figure-four leglock. Brisco keeps Muraco in a wristlock. Muraco catches Brisco with some elbows but that doesn’t break Brisco’s wristlock.

Jack Brisco takes Muraco down to the mat and drops a knee across Muraco’s left arm. Piper continues to give his comments in a very calm manner. Muraco tries to toss Brisco aside but Brisco keeps the wristlock on him. Elbow drop across Muraco’s arm. Muraco elbows Brisco and briefly escapes but as he hits the ropes, Brisco counters and gets Muraco again by the left arm.

Fans start to chant “Break it off, Jack!” as they want Brisco to break Muraco’s arm. Brisco keeps the pressure on Muraco’s arm. Muraco hits Brisco’s left knee to break out of the hold. Muraco drags Jack Brisco into the ring post and slams his left leg into it. Piper mentions that Jack is starting to look more like his brother Jerry Brisco, who Piper injured. Muraco continues to attack the left leg.

Muraco goes for the figure-four leglock on Brisco! Brisco turns Muraco over. Roddy Piper climbs up to the top rope and lands an elbow across Brisco! He kicks at Jack Brisco. The referee tries to get Piper out of the ring but Piper returns with a chair. He misses hitting Brisco with it. Muraco and Piper bring Jack Brisco back into the ring and continue their attack. Paul Jones and Jimmy Valiant run out and make the save for Brisco.

WINNER: Jack Brisco

Pork Chop Cash and King Parsons join Bob Caudle for an interview. Parsons tells Caudle that he’s learned a lot from Cash. He mentions a few weeks ago he got a call from Cash and asked him to head over to help him out in the territory. Parsons said he owed Cash one so he headed to the Carolinas. He talks about winning the tag team titles.

Pork Chop Cash says Parsons is modest and says he has more moves than a bowl of jell-o. He says that they are the Mid-Atlantic tag team and people’s champions. Cash says they’ll defend the tag titles against anyone from Sgt. Slaughter, Roddy Piper, Ivan Koloff and the Ninja.

King Parsons & Porkchop Cash vs. “Pretty Boy” Carl Fergie & The Monk

King Parsons and Carl Fergie start the match. Parsons takes Fergie down with an armdrag. Caudle again mentions Jake Roberts returning and that coming soon to Mid-Atlantic will be Greg “The Hammer” Valentine. Wristlock reversals with Parsons getting the advantage and tagging in Cash.

Fergie gets Pork Chop Cash in the corner and gets in a few shots at him. He whips Cash into the other corner but Cash moves out of Fergie’s way and follows with a big fist at Fergie! Cash whips Fergie into Parson’s left hand. Fergie is able to reach out and tag in The Monk. Cash gets The Monk in a wristlock. He tags in Parsons. Parsons continues to work on The Monk’s left arm.

The Monk elbows Parsons and tags in Fergie. Fergie with a front facelock on Parsons but that gets reversed and Parsons tags in Cash. Cash with a wristlock on Fergie. Fergie pulls Cash’s hair to escape but Cash gets him back in an armbar. Parsons tagged back in and he climbs to the middle rope and lands a headbutt at Fergie’s arm.

Carl Fergie gets Parsons in the ropes and gets a knee into his mid-section. He whips Parsons into the ropes but Parsons catches him with a sunset flip for a near fall. Fergie recovers and tags in The Monk who beats on Parsons and gets him in a front facelock. The Monk drags Parsons down to the mat but Parsons escapes and tags in Cash.

Pork Chop Cash beats on both The Monk and Carl Fergie. Armbar by Cash. Bob Caudle mentions that Don Muraco was fined for what he did against Jack Brisco. The Monk slams Cash and tags in Fergie. Fergie slams Cash and follows with an elbow drop for a one-count. Cash makes his way over to tag Parsons. Fergie slams Parsons. Parsons catches Fergie with a couple of dropkicks and then catches Fergie with a surprise small package for the pin. Cash knocks down The Monk with a headbutt.

WINNERS: King Parsons & Porkchop Cash

Paul Jones joins Bob Caudle and says he’s heard Angelo Mosca is going to get revenge on him for interfering in his matches but says he’s going to keep doing it because he’s tired of what Mosca, The Ninja and others have been doing lately.

Jack Brisco comes out and Bob Caudle tells him that he’s glad to see him walking around on that leg. Brisco thanks him and calls Muraco a turncoat and Piper a coward. Brisco shows the chair that Piper used to try to hit him with and is glad he didn’t get hit. He vows revenge against both Piper and Muraco.

Paul “Number One” Jones vs. Ken Timbs

Paul Jones with a quick go-behind takedown on Timbs trying to get the win quickly. Timbs escapes. Jones gets armdragged by Timbs but he’s quickly back up and takes Timbs down to the mat with a headlock. Timbs whips Jones into the ropes and Jones takes him down with a tackle. Some quick mat work by both trying to keep away from each other.

Ken Timbs gets a forearm across Jones chest but Jones strikes back. Timbs whips Jones into the corner but misses a corner splash as Jones moves out of the way. Jones with a takedown followed by a kneedrop and he gets Timbs in a headlock. Timbs rakes Jones eyes and then slams him into the turnbuckles. He uses the ropes to choke Jones. More forearms by Timbs and an armdrag.

Jones quickly back up and knocks him down with some tackles. Jones gets Timbs in the Indian deathlock and wins the match via submission.

WINNER: Paul Jones

Kelly Kiniski and Mike Rotundo join Bob Caudle for an interview and talk about their upcoming 6-man tag match. Kiniski says he’s wrestled Angelo Mosca and Ivan Koloff in the past. Caudle tells Kiniski that he needs to watch out for The Ninja with the foreign objects and sprays. Rotundo says they are there to wrestle the best.

“The Russian Bear” Ivan Koloff, “King Kong” Angelo Mosca & The Ninja vs. Kelly Kiniski, Mike Davis & Mike Rotundo

Kelly Kiniski and The Ninja start the match. Kiniski with a wristlock and he tags in Davis quickly. Davis keeps the wristlock and also quickly tags in Rotundo. Some quick tags from the Rotundo team. Davis back in and he quickly tags in Kiniski. Ninja misses a chop on Kiniski. Rotundo back in and The Ninja chops him and tags in Mosca.

King Kong Mosca beats on Rotundo on the ropes. He whips Rotundo into the ropes but Rotundo leapfrogs over Mosca and catches him with a dropkick. Mosca recovers and beats on Rotundo then tags in Koloff.

Ivan Koloff beats on Rotundo. Rotundo catches Koloff with a body press off the ropes for a quick pin attempt. Rotundo tags in Kiniski who gets Koloff with an armbar. Koloff fights back but Kiniski is close to his corner and tags in Davis. Koloff kicks at Davis and then at Rotundo who he drags back into the ring. Koloff sends Rotundo into Mosca’s knee. Mosca now in and he elbows Rotundo and follows with an elbow drop for a near fall. Rotundo gets a near fall on Mosca.

Mosca tags in The Ninja who chops Rotundo. Ninja attacks Rotundo’s left arm and tags in Koloff. Rotundo is able to tag in Davis. Davis backdrops Koloff and tags in Kiniski who catches Koloff with a dropkick. Koloff whips Kiniski into the ropes and he elbows him Koloff whips Kiniski into the corner and then hits an elbow off the top rope. That sends Kiniski into his corner and he tags in Davis.

Mike Davis backdrops Koloff. He gets Koloff with a dropkick and a near fall. Koloff sends Davis into a chop by the Ninja. Mosca tags in and he hits Davis with a big forearm and covers Davis for the pin.

WINNERS: Ivan Koloff, Angelo Mosca & The Ninja

Roddy Piper and The Magnificent Muraco join Bob Caudle. Piper mentions that he put (Tommy) Rich in a ditch. Says Wahoo McDaniel is gone. He wants to know what happened to Jack Brisco. Muraco mentions that Piper has a lot of money and he’s paid him well. He paid him to take out a “fat slob” in Atlanta. They ask where is Wahoo McDaniel. Caudle tells them he’ll be back next week.

King Kong Mosca says everyone calls him “The Master of Disaster”. The Ninja shows up and poses in front of the camera while Mosca speaks. Mosca says he heard Jones tell people to call him “Ding Dong” but he’s tough and says he’s sick of guys like McDaniel, Brisco and Jones who cry all the time. He demands respect.

Ivan Koloff says people are calling him a coward because of what happened with Boogie Woogie Man. He gives a bunch of excuses why he won’t wrestle Valiant. He has some plans for Boogie Man. Caudle starts to end the show and Koloff tells him not to cut him off while he’s talking.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Good episode with a good match between Jack Brisco and The Magnificent Muraco. Thought their confrontation along with Roddy Piper’s involvement in their match and the interviews later on the show were good as well. The other matches were okay with it feeling like they were working a faster pace that made the show feel like there were no real down moments.

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