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ECW TV 1/18/1994

Written By Alfredo Esparza

ECW Hardcore TV #40 (1/18/1994)

Taped 1/8/1994 at the ECW Arena in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Aired on 1/18/1994.

Show opens with Shane Douglas getting his hands bandaged up by Sherri Martel and he cuts a promo about his match for the ECW Heavyweight Title against Terry Funk later on the show.

New show intro for this week’s episode.

Joey Styles mentions this week’s show is a special 90-minute edition. He gives a rundown of what is on this week’s episode.

They show a backstage promo from Terry Funk who’s joined by his Few Good Men (Bad Breed). He talks about how he’s a seasoned veteran and has a love for wrestling. He mentions ECW is his last chance. He believes that he’s as tough of a competitor in the world today and that ECW has the toughest competition. He knocks the big companies like WWF and how corporate they have become. Funk states that he has a lot of respect for Shane Douglas. He calmly says that he believes he’ll be the one walking out of the match tonight with the ECW Heavyweight title.

Pat Tanaka, Paul Diamond & Tommy Dreamer vs. Johnny Hot Body, Kevin Sullivan & The Tazmaniac (w/ Woman)

Paul Diamond and Johnny Hot Body start the match. Diamond shows off his athleticism for a bit before Hot Body elbows him and knocks him down. Diamond gets Hot Body in a backbreaker after catching him off the ropes. He whips Hot Body into the corner and catches him with a spin kick. Diamond tags in Dreamer.

Dreamer whips Hot Body into the ropes and catches him with a slam. Tanaka tags in and gets in a few chops before Hot Body is able to reach his corner and tags in Sullivan. Sullivan’s fired up and he gets chopped and punched a few times by Tanaka. Sullivan takes those but gets taken down by a kick to the mid-section.

Woman looks on upset at Tanaka having the early advantage on Sullivan. Sullivan gets Tanaka in the corner and chops him but Tanaka reverses and gets him with some chops. Tanaka whips Sullivan into the ropes and back body drops him. Sullivan tags in The Tazmaniac. Diamond tags back in. Taz shoves Diamond into the ropes. Diamond catches Taz with a dropkick.

They lock-up again with Tazmaniac getting Diamond in a side headlock. Diamond whips him into the ropes and he catches Taz with an enziguiri. He follows with a spin kick off the ropes for a two-count. Dreamer tags back. He gets The Tazmaniac up with a suplex. He follows with an elbow drop for a two-count. Taz gets Dreamer with a shoulder into the mid-section. He headbutts Dreamer and that sends him to the outside. Taz attacks Dreamer outside the ring.

Dreamer back in the ring and he gets caught in an abdominal stretch by Hot Body. He breaks out of it and flips Hot Body over. He tags in Diamond and they get Hot Body with a double elbow. Hot Body shoves him into the corner and tags in The Tazmaniac. Taz headbutts Diamond. Sulilvan tags back in and he tosses Diamond to the outside. Tazmaniac hits Diamond with a chair and then sends him back into the ring.

Sullivan with a headbutt and follows by smashing Diamond face first to the mat. The Tazmaniac tags back in and he back body drops him. Hot Body tags back in and he gets a couple of elbows on Diamond. Front facelock by Hot Body. Sullivan back in and he tosses him into the ropes. Diamond goes for a sunset flip but only gets a two-count. Headbutt from Sullivan and he quickly tags Taz back in. Diamond catches Taz with a clothesline off the ropes.

Pat Tanaka tags in and he takes on all three of his opponents. He gets caught by Sullivan and The Tazmaniac gets him with a belly-to-belly suplex. Headbutt by Tazmaniac. He tags in Hot Body who places Tanaka on the top rope. Hot Body gets Tanaka with a superplex but only gets a two-count. Hot Body follows with some elbows across Tanaka’s back. Sullivan uses the timekeeper’s hammer and hits Tanaka with it. He starts to slam Tanaka’s head into the mat. He slams Tanaka’s head into Tazmaniac’s head. Taz back in and he knocks Tanaka down with a clothesline.

The Tazmaniac bites Tanaka’s forehead. Taz hits Tanaka with a hard clothesline out of the corner. Hot Body comes in and slams Tanaka and gets a two-count. He tags in Sullivan who goes for the foot stomp twice but refuses to pin Tanaka. He tags in The Tazmaniac. Headbutt from Tazmaniac. Hot Body tags in. Kevin Sullivan has his eyes covered by Woman. The Tazmaniac sees this and heads to the floor near them and covers his eyes as well. Hot Body tries to tag one of them, but they’re not up on the ring apron. Pat Tanaka rolls up Hot Body for the surprise pin.

WINNERS: Pat Tanaka, Paul Diamond & Tommy Dreamer

The Tazmaniac and Kevin Sullivan attack Johnny Hot Body after the match. Woman joins in on the attack.

They air a recap of Funk vs. Sabu from December 26th. Followed by a Shane Douglas video highlight package to a Guns ‘n’ Roses song.

911 (w/ Paul E. Dangerously) vs. Chad Austin

Paul E. Dangerously grabs the microphone. He talks about where he and Sabu stand concerning the Shane Douglas vs. Terry Funk match tonight. Chad Austin interrupts Paul E. He asks that Paul E. shut his mouth. 911 grabs Chad Austin and chokeslams him down to the mat. He covers Austin for the pin and it is over!


911 picks Austin up again and chokeslams him back down again. Dangerously stops him from attacking Austin again.

Matty In Da House interviews Jason backstage. Jason is staring at himself in a mirror and Matty slaps him to get his attention. Jason tells him that he can hear him. Matty asks Jason how he likes his t-shirt and Jason tells him that he looks like a slob. He tells Jason that it’s rock ‘n’ roll. Jason mentions The Rockin’ Rebel being there at the right time when The Sandman tried to grab him.

They show highlights of The Sandman vs. Pitbull Spike as Jason talks about how they are going to get The Sandman. Jason gets involved and trips up The Sandman. Peaches and Jason have an altercation with Sandman making the save for her. The Pitbull and Jason beat on Sandman after the match. Pitbull uses the chain on him as well.

That is then folloed by highlights of Tommy Cairo vs. Pitbull Spike with Cairo winning. Jason then gets involved by attacking Cairo. Pitbull Spike and Jason beat on Cairo. Cairo makes a comeback and clotheslines Pitbull and Jason. The Rockin’ Rebel then gets involved and it turns into a 3-on-1 attack until The Sandman runs in for the save.

Matty then asks Jason what the deal was when it turned into a tag match between The Sandman & Tommy Cairo vs. Pitbull Spike & The Rockin’ Rebel with Mr. Hughes getting involved. Jason reveals that he signed The Rockin’ Rebel as they show match highlights. Cairo & The Sandman win the match. Mr. Hughes then attacks The Sandman as he heads backstage. Peaches, Cairo & Tod Gordon help The Sandman out of the ring.

Matty In Da House asks Jason about the double dog collar tag match between The Sandman & Tommy Cairo vs. Pitbull & The Rockin’ Rebel on February 5th. Jason wants to see the end of Sandman and Cairo. He then leaves with a woman into a dressing room.

Shane Douglas and Sherri Martel are shown backstage talking about the match. Shane tells Sherri to get the camera crew out of the locker room and she screams and shoves them away.

Terry Funk © vs. “The Franchise” Shane Douglas (w/ Sherri Martel) for the ECW Heavyweight Title

Paul E. Dangerously joins Joey Styles on commentary. Douglas gets a kiss from Sherri Martel before the match starts. They lock-up and have a clean break off the ropes. Side headlock by Terry Funk. Douglas slides out of the ring and Sherri hugs him.

Douglas gets back in the ring and Funk gets him in a side headlock again. He follows with some elbows and forearms across Douglas back. Funk gets Shane back in a side headlock. Douglas shoves him into the ropes. Funk knocks him down and gets him back in a side headlock. More forearms across Douglas back and Funk tosses him to the outside and then pulls him back in and into a side headlock.

Shane Douglas tries to power his way out of the side headlock but can’t. Funk tosses Douglas again to the outside but follows him. Funk chases away Sherri. He gets Douglas in a side headlock again. He drops Shane on the floor. Sherri attacks Terry. Douglas and Funk continue outside and the referee counts them both out.

Terry Funk asks for the mic. He wants the match to continue. Dangerously gets upset about the match restarting. Douglas returns to the ring. Douglas quickly attacks Funk. He whips him to the outside and sends Funk to the floor. Douglas jumps off the top rope onto Funk’s lower back. He sends Funk head-first into the guardrail. Douglas attacks Funk’s left shoulder.

They get back in the ring and Douglas gets Funk in an armbar as he continues to work on Funk’s left arm and shoulder. Paul E. mentions that Sherri was recently hanging out with Jake Roberts in Mexico. Douglas sends Funk shoulder-first into the corner turnbuckles. He keeps attacking Funk’s left arm and shoulder. Funk powers out and lands some headbutts on Douglas. Terry and Shane tumble to the outside.

Douglas attacks Funk outside the ring. He sends Funk into the guardrail. Sherri attacks him as well. He threatens to slap Sherri. They get back in the ring and Douglas continues to work over Funk’s left arm. Terry Funk chops away on Douglas to break out of Douglas grasp. Douglas whips Funk into the ropes but that gets reversed. Douglas reverses and takes Funk down and again continues to work on his left arm.

Terry Funk gets Douglas on the ropes and chops away on him until he sends him over the top rope and to the floor. Funk follows and elbows Douglas. Douglas tosses Funk into the ring post. He continues to attack Funk’s left arm into the ring post. Douglas tosses a chair into the ring. Funk sends Douglas back to the floor but Shane grabs a chair and hits Funk with it a few times.

Douglas uses the ropes to attack Funk’s left arm. He takes Funk back down and gets him in an armbar again. He keeps Funk grounded for some time. Funk picks him up and uses a reverse atomic drop on Douglas. Douglas keeps hold of Funk’s left arm. Funk tosses Douglas into the corner but Shane refuses to release his hold of his arm. Funk tries to break free but is unsuccessful and Shane takes him back down on the mat.

Terry Funk whips Shane Douglas into the ropes but Douglas knocks him down and catches him with an armdrag and gets Funk back in an armbar as he continues to wear down Funk. Funk goes for a drop toe hold on Douglas but Douglas quickly counters into another armbar. Douglas tosses Funk to the outside.

Douglas charges at Funk outside the ring. He uses a chain on Funk. Shane slams Funk into the ECW Arena wall. Funk’s arm gets busted open. Douglas hits Funk’s arm with a chair. He does it a second time. Funk chases after Sherri Martel and gets caught by surprise by Douglas. Funk tosses chairs into the ring.

Shane tries to bring Funk back into the ring but Funk punches away at Douglas’ legs. Funk climbs back into the ring and starts slapping at Douglas. Douglas falls to the floor. Funk follows. He gets Douglas with a DDT to the floor! Funk gets back in the ring but goes back outside when he sees Sherri helping Douglas. Funk grabs Sherri for a DDT but Douglas catches him with a clothesline. He and Sherri take turns attacking Funk.

They get back in the ring. Douglas gets Funk with a piledriver. Funk kicks out at two! Douglas goes for a second piledriver. Funk crawls to the outside. Sherri chokes Funk but Terry grabs her by the hair. Douglas grabs Funk by the hair and he gets him up on the ring and slams him into the ring post. Funk falls to the floor again. Douglas sends Funk into Sherri’s boots.

Douglas climbs to the top rope and lands a fist across Terry Funk’s head. Funk kicks out at two again! Douglas uses a soda can to hit Douglas with. Funk drags Douglas to the outside of the ring apron and goes to work on Shane’s right leg. He sends Douglas to the floor. Funk hits Sherri with a chair as they head to a commercial break.

Terry Funk uses Douglas as a punching bag in the corner. He headbutts Douglas. Both men knock each other out. Referee starts a count as Funk is on Douglas but they both kick out. Funk goes for a piledriver on Douglas. He follows with the Rude Awakening neckbreaker on Douglas for a two count. Funk tosses Douglas to the outside again.

They head out to ECW Arena. Douglas backdrops Funk to the floor. He uses a soda can to hit Funk. He attacks Funk’s lower back. They both head back into the ring. Funk with some elbows. Shoulder block knocks Douglas and Funk down. Funk goes for the pin but Douglas kicks out at two. Funk gets in an elbow and a side headlock but Douglas rolls him up and pins Funk with his feet on the ropes.

Bad Breed and Paul E. Dangerously all run out to tell the referee that Douglas had his feet on the ropes. ECW Commissioner Tod Gordon heads to the ring and tells Dangerously, Bad Breed and Sherri Martel to get out of the ring. A second referee also shows up. Tod Gordon tells everyone that the match continues.

Shane Douglas kicks Terry Funk to the outside. Dangerously attacks Funk and starts to choke him. Sherri then attacks Funk. The Bad Breed chase Paul E. from ringside as they announce four-minutes remaining in the match. Douglas sends Funk back into the ring. He puts a foot on Funk’s throat and then goes for a pin but Funk kicks out at two.

Shane Douglas continues to punch at Funk who’s bleeding from his forehead as well. Funk punches back. Terry Funk heads to the ropes and sends Douglas over the ropes to the floor. Bad Breed attacks Douglas. Sherri attacks Bad Breed and throw Douglas back into the ring with two minutes remaining. Douglas punches Funk but it has no effect. Funk fires back.

Douglas heads to the outside and Funk follows. Funk sends him back into the ring. Funk whips Douglas into the corner and Shane flips over the turnbuckle and to the floor. Sherri gets Douglas back into the ring. Funk goes for the spinning toe hold but stomps on Douglas instead. He fouls Douglas as time runs out. Funk goes for the cover after the time limit expires. Ends in a 45-minute time limit draw. Great match.

WINNER: Time Limit Draw

SHOW THOUGHTS: Really good episode. It was quickly announced as a 90-minute special. ECW really picked up by late November 1993 after a couple of rough weeks after Eddie Gilbert split the promotion. Six-man tag that opened the show was pretty good. Paul E. Dangerously debuting 911 by him destroying Chad Austin quickly created a new big monster in ECW. The Jason segment with him recapping three matches involving his guys against The Sandman and Tommy Cairo was entertaining and a good way to keep that stuff from moving along without filling out to much time. The main event was really good and probably the best match in ECW. Thought it was great that they had the show go 90-minutes to give this match more time rather than editing it and trying to fit it into a 1-hour show. I’m somewhat surprised looking along that this Funk vs. Douglas match doesn’t get more mention as one of the better matches in ECW’s history but I think the main reason is that there’s more fans who got into ECW more into late 1994.


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