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WCCW TV 8/7/1982

Written By Alfredo Esparza

World Class Championship Wrestling TV 8/7/1982

Taped 8/3/1982 at the Sportatorium in Dallas, Texas. Aired on 8/7/1982.

Bill Mercer is on commentary this week on his own as Jay Saldi is on assignment. Brian Adias joins Mercer at the open of the show and talks about Kerry Von Erich & Al Madril vs. King Kong Bundy & The Superfly.

The Great Kabuki (w/ Gary Hart) vs. Roberto Renesto

Mark Lowrance introduces The Great Kabuki as being from Singapore AND “the melting pots of sin”. The Great Kabuki spits up his green mist. Bill Mercer mentions that The Great Kabuki got his nickname of “The Boogie Man” because he comes from “Boogie Street” or “B Street” in Singapore.

The Great Kabuki attacks Roberto Renesto as soon as the bell rings. Some hard chops and kicks at Renesto. Renesto fights back with a right hand but Kabuki cuts him off with a hard chop. More chops from Kabuki. A kick by Kabuki knocks Renesto down to the mat. He follows with another thrust kick and some punches and Kabuki covers Renesto for the pin.

WINNER: The Great Kabuki

Jose Lothario shows up after the match to confront The Great Kabuki. Lothario tells Hart & Kabuki that he’s challenging Kabuki again to see how tough he really is. He’s still upset at Kabuki’s attack of his friend El Solitario. Hart keeps Kabuki away and they leave the ring.

Jose Lothario joins Bill Mercer at the commentary set. Mercer asks Lothario about the attack Kabuki & The Magic Dragon attacking El Solitario in Mexico. Lothario wants revenge and suggests he wants a match with either one but asks that he be allowed to tape his fists up if they are allowed to do kicks and chops. Lothario stays to do commentary.

Brian Adias vs. Capt. Frank Dusek

David Manning will be the referee despite him and Dusek having issues. Fireman’s carry takedown by Dusek gets Adias down on the mat. Adias escapes. Dusek takes him down again with a leg takedown and into a headlock. Adias whips Dusek into the ropes and catches Dusek with an armdrag. Armbar by Adias leads to a fireman’s carry takedown and he keeps the armbar locked on.

Dusek escapes the hold and start to argue with Manning. Adias gets Dusek in a wristlock and into an armbar in the corner. Dusek reverses a whip and Dusek charges at Adias. Adias moves out of the way and Dusek heads to the outside which gets some cheers from the fans. Dusek back in with a leg kick takedown and into an armbar on Adias. Fans start to cheer loudly for Adias.

Brian Adias whips Dusek into the ropes and catches him with a pair of armdrags and gets him back in an armbar. Dusek begs Adias to stop. Bill Mercer runs down the top contenders to Ric Flair’s NWA World Heavyweight title. Adias continues to control the match. Dusek tries to get a shot at the referee but misses. Adias gets caught by a knee into the abdomen by Dusek.

Capt. Frank elbows Adias across the back of the neck. Fans start cheering loudly for Adias again. Atomic drop by Dusek. He rolls up Adias for a pin but Adias kicks out. Brian fights back. He gets in a few knees to Dusek’s mid-section and then whips him into the corner. Dusek blocks a suplex and tries for one of his own. Adias fights off the suplex and tries to grab hold of Dusek.

Dusek runs into the corner and sends Adias into the top turnbuckle and that knocks him down. Dusek goes for the pin. Referee counts three but then says Adias’ shoulders were up before three. Dusek argues with the referee as Adias starts to get back up. Adias goes for a roll up and pins Dusek for the win.

WINNER: Brian Adias

Dusek and Manning argue after the match. Capt. Frank grabs a mic and tells Manning that he’s going to pay for what he did.

Bugsy McGraw is accompanied by Roscoe The Clown. He tells Bill Mercer that he brought Roscoe for the kids and for the older fans who still feel like they are young at heart. He says when he was in H & H Enterprises he had two clowns as managers but now he just has one! Bugsy says he wants everyone to know the meaning of the word surprise and that when he is in Guerrilla warfare, he’s the gorilla! Roscoe bites Bill Mercer’s tie before leaving.

Bugsy McGraw (w/ Roscoe The Clown) vs. “Wild” Bill Irwin (Armand Hussein)

Wild Bill Irwin and Armand Hussein want Roscoe The Clown to leave the ringside area. Meanwhile Roscoe is standing near a garbage can with weapons. Bugsy does his Three Stooges spot to mock Irwin. McGraw ducks as Irwin tries to lock-up with him and he falls into the ropes and to the outside. Irwin gets back in the ring and misses an elbow. Bugsy catches him with one of his own. Irwin leaves the ring.

Fans cheer on for McGraw and start a “Chauncy” chant for Irwin. McGraw keeps sending Irwin into the ropes as they go for a lock-up which frustrates Irwin but delights the fans and Roscoe! Bugsy asks the fans if they have something to drink. He heads to the outside and he and Roscoe get a drink from a fan. McGraw says hello to Mr. Microphone before entering the ring.

Irwin gets in a few forearms on Bugsy and tosses him into the corner. Running kick followed by forearms on McGraw. Irwin continues his attack on Bugsy as Roscoe screams. Bugsy asks Roscoe to hand him a bucket. McGraw tosses what is inside at Irwin and it appears to be a bunch of torn up paper cups. Fans cheer as Irwin leaves the ring frustrated. Referee Bronco Lubich counts Irwin out of the match.

Bugsy McGraw and Roscoe The Clown dance in the ring in celebration. McGraw tosses some of the trash at Lubich as he leaves.

WINNER: Bugsy McGraw via countout

Al Madril & Kerry Von Erich are interviewed about their upcoming match against King Kong Bundy and The Superfly. That was then followed by Armand Hussein, King Kong Bundy and The Superfly being interviewed. Bundy talks about The Superfly being a bad man out of Philadelphia.

Al Madril & Kerry Von Erich vs. King Kong Bundy & The Masked Superfly

As the match starts, Ric Flair shows up ringside to watch the match. Kerry Von Erich and The Superfly start the match off. Kerry looks over at Flair while he has The Superfly in a wristlock. Punches exchanged by both as Flair signs autographs ringside. The Superfly gets in a punch on Kerry but Kerry recovers and tags in Madril.

Al Madril gets The Superfly in an armbar but he breaks away and chops Madril. Bundy tags in and he continues to attack Madril. Hussein is shown heading over to were Ric Flair is. Bundy goes to work on Madril’s left arm. Fans start to cheer on Madril who tries to fight his way out of an armbar. Flair takes a seat ringside. Bundy tags in The Superfly and they continue to beat on Madril. Kerry tries to get in the ring but referee Bronco Lubich keeps him in his corner.

The Superfly takes down Madril with an armbar. He slams Madril’s head into the top turnbuckle a few times. Follows that up with a slam and a splash for a two count on Madril. The Superfly chokes Madril and then continues to beat on him. Bundy tags back in. He whips Madril into the ropes and misses a clothesline. Madril heads over and tags Kerry Von Erich.

Kerry Von Erich comes in and takes down Bundy. He kneedrops Bundy and continues with some punches. Bundy falls in his corner and tags in The Superfly. The Superfly with some chops on Kerry. He armdrags Kerry and gets him in a choke hold. Fans cheer on for Kerry and he makes a comeback with some punches at The Superfly. He tags in Madril.

The Superfly shoves Madril into his corner and tags in Bundy. Madril catches Bundy with some punches. Bundy talks to Hussein as they continue to box. Madril with some more punches on Bundy. Bundy kicks at Madril and follows with a forearm to the back. He lands a knee across Madril’s chest and gets a two-count. He misses a second kneedrop and Madril attacks Bundy’s left leg. He tags in Von Erich who drops an elbow across his left leg.

Bundy gets caught in a toe hold. Flair gets up from his seat and screams out some advice for Bundy. Bundy gets Kerry in a chinlock and breaks out of the hold. He goes after Kerry’s right leg. Flair yells for Bundy to twist and pull Von Erich’s leg. Kerry grabs Bundy with the Iron Claw across his forehead! Bundy reaches the ropes to break both holds.

Kerry Von Erich punches at Bundy. Bundy throws a shot back at Kerry and tags in The Superfly who goes after Kerry’s right leg. Flair yells at The Superfly to turn the leg around. Kerry fights back and catches the Superfly with the claw. Bundy makes the save. The Superfly gets Kerry in a choke hold and tags Bundy back in. Bundy punches at Kerry but Von Erich fights back. Von Erich slams Bundy and gets the pin!

WINNERS: Al Madril & Kerry Von Erich

Ric Flair removes his coat and gestures towards Kerry Von Erich. Flair and Kerry stare each other down.

Bill Mercer interviews Ric Flair and asks if he was impressed with Kerry Von Erich body slamming 450 pound King Kong Bundy. Flair says he was impressed and surprised. He calls Kerry a tremendous athlete and didn’t imagine he had that type of strength. Ric says that because referees Bronco Lubich and David Manning and he’s a gentleman that he didn’t get in the ring and show everyone in Texas just how impressed he was. He says that he’s not King Kong Bundy, The Superfly or anyone else who passes thru Dallas because he’s the NWA World Heavyweight Champion.

Flair tells Kerry that he’s come a long way. He says Reunion Arena will come alive because Dallas will finally see a World Champion because the Dallas Cowboys or the Dallas Mavericks can’t do it. Flair tells Mercer not to interrupt him because he’s talking to a World Champion and NOT Kerry Von Erich. He tells Kerry that he is 120% business and he works hard to be champion.

Flair tells Mercer that he knows he’s close to the Von Erich family and wants him to tell the “old man” (Fritz Von Erich) that if he wants to see his son in one piece, Fritz should tell Kerry to watch out for the REAL World Champion.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Good episode. World Class had some great crowds during this time. Very loud and energetic which made the shows come off a lot stronger. I thought the matches were just at that okay level. Best match was the main event tag match and that had some extra heat with Ric Flair being ringside. All four matches had something that went down with Jose Lothario showing up after the Great Kabuki’s match to challenge him to Capt. Frank Dusek’s ongoing problems with referee David Manning to Bugsy McGraw’s antics and bringing in Roscoe The Clown as his manager to Ric Flair appearing ringside for the main event. Flair’s promo at the end of the main event was fantastic.


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