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Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling 5/29/1982

Written By Alfredo Esparza

Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling 5/29/1982

Taped 5/26/1982 at the WPCQ TV Studios in Charlotte, North Carolina. Aired on 5/29/1982.

Bob Caudle opens the show. Wahoo McDaniel joins Caudle as he is the new U.S. Heavyweight Champion. He mentions that he beat Sgt. Slaughter in a non-title match on TV and proved to him and everyone that it wasn’t a fluke by winning the U.S. title from him. He mentions that since winning the title that it has messed up his schedule for the tag team titles as now he has to defend the U.S. title.

Don Muraco joins them as Wahoo McDaniel and Caudle talk about how they’re trying to change dates for some of the matches. Muraco said he spent close to $15,000 to move his family from Hawaii to the East Coast. He does congratulate McDaniel in winning the U.S. Title but he’s upset that they planned on focusing on the World tag team titles. Wahoo said this has caused some dissention between him and Muraco and he feels bad about it.

Don “The Magnificent” Muraco & Wahoo McDaniel vs. Bill White & Juan Reynosa

Don Muraco and Juan Reynosa start the match. Muraco knocks down Reynsa. Reynosa whips Muraco into the ropes but Muraco knocks him down and gets him in a headlock. Muraco tags in McDaniel. Side headlock by McDaniel. Reynosa escapes the hold and backs away. McDaniel gets him again with a headlock takedown. Reynosa tags in White.

Bill White gets McDaniel in a side headlock but he tags in Muraco who comes in and dropkicks White. Body slam by Muraco. Side headlock by Muraco followed by a takedown. He tags McDaniel back in. McDaniel takes White down with a headlock. White tags in Reynosa. Reynosa gets in a few shots on McDaniel.

Reynosa with a couple of elbows across the top of Wahoo’s head. McDaniel with a hard chop across Reynosa’s chest. Muraco tags back in. Muraco with a leg takedown on Reynosa. He tags Wahoo back in again and they attack his left leg. Reynosa crawls thru the ropes to break the hold. McDaniel lands a knee across his back as he moves.

McDaniel with some chops across Reynosa’s left arm. Wristlock by McDaniel. Reynosa pulls McDaniel into his corner and tags Bill White back in. White with a front facelock on McDaniel. Sgt. Slaughter shows up ringside. Hard chop by McDaniel on White and he goes for the pin. Muraco comes in and keeps Reynosa from getting in. McDaniel notices Slaughter ringside and Slaughter pulls White into the ropes. McDaniel gets distracted by Slaughter and that gives White the opportunity to attack McDaniel from behind.

Bill White sends McDaniel into Reynosa’s knee. Reynosa back in. Elbow from Reynosa. Wahoo chops him and tags Muraco. Atomic drop by Muraco on Reynosa. Sgt. Slaughter takes off his belt and whips Wahoo McDaniel. McDaniel chases after Slaughter. Muraco is double-teamed by White and Reynosa. Muraco fights out of the corner. He heads to tag McDaniel but Wahoo is gone as he’s chased after Slaughter.

Don Muraco gets attacked by Bill White. White and Reynosa double-team Muraco. Wahoo McDaniel returns to the ring. Reynosa continues his attack on Muraco but Muraco fights back. He slams Reynosa and slaps Wahoo’s hand hard to tag him back in to the match. Muraco then walks out of the ringside area leaving McDaniel alone in the match. McDaniel with a takedown on White.

White gets back in the ring and now he and Reynosa double-team McDaniel. Hard chop across McDaniel’s back by White. They toss him into the corner and Reynosa is now back in. Big elbow by Reynosa. McDaniel notices Muraco is now gone from the corner but he fights back with some hard chops thrown at Reynosa. Reynosa tags in White who drops McDaniel to the mat. Quick tags by Reynosa and White. White gets caught by a hard chop by McDaniel and gets the pin on him for the win.

WINNERS: Don Muraco & Wahoo McDaniel

Bob Caudle interviews Wahoo McDaniel after the match and mentions the situation in the match and again McDaniel talks about the difficulty between he and Muraco and said Muraco probably didn’t see that Slaughter attacked him during the match. He said that it was a misunderstanding and hoped to get things resolved between himself and Muraco. Wahoo said that Slaughter is going to have a hard time regaining the title. They show highlights of the U.S. Title match he had with Slaughter.

Terry Gibbs vs. Ken Timbs

Wristlock reversals with Gibbs gaining the advantage. Gibbs hiptosses Timbs and gets him in an armbar. He goes for a kneedrop across Timbs left arm. Hammerlock by Gibbs. Timbs escapes and runs the ropes and Gibbs with a leg takedown and back to an armbar on Timbs. He gets Timbs in a hammerlock and drops his knee across the arm. Timbs gets him on the ropes and catches him with a few forearms. Elbow off the ropes and a fist drop follows.

Gibbs is able to get Timbs up in a side suplex. He whips Timbs into the ropes and catches him with the abdominal stretch and drops to the mat and gets the pin on Timbs.

WINNER: Terry Gibbs

Bob Caudle interviews Sgt. Slaughter’s Privates. Kernoodle and Nelson are joined by Juan Reynosa. Pvt. Kernoodle tells Caudle that Sgt. Slaughter is going to get Wahoo McDaniel and calls McDaniel’s title win a “fluke”. They want the World Tag Team titles. Nelson agrees and says that McDaniel’s win was a fluke. Caudle tells Nelson that Slaughter’s lost to McDaniel three times. Kernoodle tells Caudle that Sgt. Slaughter has never lost a match and no one can beat him or them. Juan Reynosa applauds what Kernoodle said.

Bob Caudle asks Juan Reynosa why he’s applauding and Reynosa tells him that he agrees with what Kernoodle said about Slaughter winning back the title. Reynosa said he’s there to win in Charlotte.

Johnny Weaver joins Bob Caudle and said that he and Jake Roberts were suppose to wrestle Sgt. Slaughter’s Privates tonight but Roberts is unable to wrestle and Weaver wants them to show a video of why Roberts isn’t there. They show highlights of a tag team match between Jimmy Valiant & Jake Roberts against Ivan Koloff and The Ninja. They show Roberts getting sprayed by The Ninja with the green mist and that is why Roberts is unable to wrestle on this show.

Jimmy Valiant comes out to talk about Ivan Koloff, The Ninja and Gene Anderson. He tells Caudle that he’s not worried about himself but cares about his partners and says The Snake is down. He vows to get even with all three of them.

Pvt. Don Kernoodle & Pvt. Jim Nelson vs. Johnny Weaver & Mike Davis

This is a tag team match that is being continued from a few weeks ago with Jake Roberts getting replaced by Mike Davis in the match. Don Kernoodle and Mike Davis start the match. He slaps Davis across the face before breaking away from him. Side headlock by Davis and he tags in Weaver. Weaver with an atomic drop on Kernoodle. Weaver with the flying headscissors takes down Kernoodle.

Pvt. Kernoodle escapes and tags in Pvt. Jim Nelson. Weaver whips Nelson into the ropes and monkey flips him. Nelson tries to do the same but Weaver stomps on his head. He gets in a shot at Kernoodle. Side headlock on Nelson. Kernoodle argues with the fans. Weaver whips Nelson into the ropes and backdrops him. He tags in Davis. Davis gets in a few shots on Nelson but Kernoodle tags in. Davis catches him with a dropkick.

David Crockett shows up and tells Bob Caudle that they have to stop the match so they can go to a commercial break and then they’ll continue the match when they return from break.

All four men continue to brawl as they ring the bell. They go to some interviews as well before returning to the match.

Back to the action after the interviews (listed below). Johnny Weaver and Pvt. Kernoodle in the ring. Kernoodle tells the fans to be quiet. Weaver catches Kernoodle with a punch. He whips Kernoodle into the ropes but Kernoodle catches him with an elbow to the back of his neck. Kernoodle takes down Weaver and tags in Nelson. Some double-team work by the Privates but Weaver escapes and tags in Davis.

Mike Davis backdrops Pvt. Nelson. Davis trips but he’s able to catch Nelson with a Thesz Press. Kernoodle gets in the ring. Weaver follows. Referee gets Weaver out of the ring and while that is going on, Kernoodle hits Davis with a middle-rope clothesline. He puts Nelson on top of Davis and he gets the pin.

The Privates continue to attack Mike Davis and sends Johnny Weaver to the outside. Ron Ritchie runs in to help Mike Davis. Johnny Weaver gets in the ring and all four men brawl.

WINNERS: Pvt. Don Kernoodle & Pvt. Jim Nelson

King Kong Mosca shows up and tells Caudle that at his size he’d get rid of everyone in the match. He wants Wahoo, Piper, Brisco, Anderson or anyone. He says that it wouldn’t take him 10-minutes to win a match like the guys in the ring.

Ivan Koloff and The Ninja talk about how they got rid of Jake Roberts and want to get rid of Jimmy Valiant as well.

Sgt. Slaughter joins Bob Caudle and talks about Wahoo McDaniel winning the U.S. title from him and said that McDaniel is losing friends. He claims McDaniel is doctoring the tape and that he did not lose the match.

Roddy Piper joins Bob Caudle to talk about his attack on Jerry Brisco. Piper says he always hears wrestlers say they hurt someone in some town but he decided to do it on TV because everyone could see it. He doesn’t think anyone wants to fight him and no one is better than him. Caudle tells Piper that they’re going to show his attack and Piper says he wants to see it to. Piper says he has a counter to the figure-four leglock. He cheers on as he hits a splash on Brisco’s knee. He mocks Jack Brisco and says Jack was crying over his brother getting injured.

Piper says he is hurting people all over the place because he’s tired of people attacking and back stabbing him. He says Jack Brisco is lying about wanting to give him a title match. Piper says Jack Brisco grew up wanting to be a wrestler but he should have grown up wanting to be a man.

Ron Ritchie joins Bob Caudle and talks about the attack by the Privates on Mike Davis. He says Kernoodle couldn’t make it on his own. Ritchie said he and Kernoodle use to be friends but not anymore. Terry Gibbs joins them and talks about wanting to prove himself in this territory. He tells Ritchie if he ever needs help, he’s there for him.

“The Russian Bear” Ivan Koloff & The Ninja vs. The Samoans (Tapu & Tio)

The Ninja starts against Samoan Tio. Samoans quickly tag and Tapu is now in. The Ninja takes Tapu down and gets him with a leg drop. Hammerlock by The Ninja. Koloff tags in and kicks at Tapu. He drops an elbow on him. More knees by Koloff. He tags in The Ninja who gets him with a hard chop. More chops from the Ninja. He slams Tapu and tags in Koloff. Koloff with a pair of backbreakers. Koloff covers him for the pin. Tio tries to make the save but is too late.

WINNERS: Ivan Koloff & The Ninja

Jack Brisco and Paul Jones join Bob Caudle. Brisco knows Piper injured Jerry because he wants the Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight title back. He says Piper injured two wrestlers and says Piper’s a tough man and a back stabber and knows that what’s eating at Piper is that he has the Mid-Atlantic title. Jack says doctors still don’t know if Jerry will be back wrestling.

Paul Jones says a lot of people are going too far and mentions Piper, Sgt. Slaughter, Angelo Mosca, Killer Khan and Ole Anderson. He says people want to see justice and vows that they will catch them. He also offers to help Jack Brisco.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Good episode with them continuing to build up several storylines. Wahoo McDaniel and Don Muraco having issues and the two having issues during their tag match partly due to Sgt. Slaughter’s involvement. They finally continued the tag match from a few weeks ago as part of the new rules they implemented only Jake Roberts wasn’t able to wrestle due to getting sprayed with mist by the Ninja. Thought they did a great job of using that match to build up the Privates. Roddy Piper’s promo on Jack and Jerry Brisco was great.


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