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ECW TV 1/4/1994

Written By Alfredo Esparza

ECW Hardcore TV #39 (1/4/1994)

Taped 12/26/1993 at the ECW Arena in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Aired on 1/4/1994.

Matty In Da House opens the show hyping up the upcoming ECW show and the Holiday Hell t-shirt.

New opening video for the show. ECW is still referred to as NWA Eastern Championship Wrestling. It’s actually quite long as they seem to decide to play the entire song with lots of highlights.

Joey Styles opens the show up at the ECW News Center. He runs down the upcoming show at ECW Arena headlined by Shane Douglas vs. Terry Funk for the ECW Title.

Video package showing Terry Funk highlights throughout 1993. It starts off with ECW’s first TV broadcast, followed by his chain match against Eddie Gilbert, Ultra Clash ’93 Bunkhouse match, Funk winning the ECW TV title from Jimmy Snuka in a cage match, Funk turning on the Sandman and J.T. Smith, Funk and Sabu’s rivalry and Funk introducing his “Few Good Men” (Bad Breed).

They re-air the Terry Funk vs. Sabu ECW Title match.

Mr. Hughes “Roughneck” video is shown again.

They re-air The PitBull’s match from last week and his confrontation with The Sandman. That’s followed by an interview with The Sandman and Peaches from outside their home talking about wanting revenge against The PitBull, Jason and Mr. Hughes. Jason shows up in his car in front of their home. The Sandman jumps onto Jason’s car as he speeds off.

Joey Styles is interrupted by Jason in the ECW News Center. He asks Joey how he likes his suit. Jason asks Joey if he thinks Peaches knows that he can hang 10 without a surfboard which offends Joey and he tells them to cut to a commercial break.

Shane Douglas video highlights are shown with Joey Styles recapping how Shane Douglas broke away from the Dangerous Alliance. That’s followed by the rivalry between Douglas, Funk and Sabu over the ECW Heavyweight title.

Paul E. Dangerously joins Matty In Da House to do a promo on ECW’s upcoming show.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Good episode recapping some of the feuds and storylines going on in ECW during 1993 and heading into 1994. If you watched most of the 1993 TV shows this would feel very repetitive and can be easily skipped but if you are looking to jump into ECW at this point and just want a quick summary of what went down heading into the year, this show is worth watching.


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