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WCCW TV 7/31/1982

Written By Alfredo Esparza

World Class Championship Wrestling 7/31/1982

Taped 7/20/1982 at the Sportatorium in Dallas, Texas. Aired on 7/31/1982.

Bill Mercer and Jay Saldi are on commentary.

Kerry Von Erich vs. Pete Montrose

Mercer and Saldi talk about the Von Erich brothers reuniting as David Von Erich is coming back home. Saldi mentions that David hasn’t turned on the family and is still a “scientific wrestler” and it all rumors that he’s turned. He says if he turned it’s on the Tampa Bay fans and not those in Dallas.

Kerry Von Erich with a leg takedown on Pete Montrose. He goes to work on the left leg. Another takedown by Von Erich. Kerry gets Montrose in a headlock. Montrose gets him in the corner and tries to get in a shot on Kerry but Kerry counters and takes Montrose back down. Side headlock by Kerry. More punches from Kerry including a roundhouse right. Bill Mercer mentions that Tommy “Wildfire” Rich will be heading to Dallas soon as well. Kerry goes for the pin on Montrose after that hard discus right. Quick win for Kerry.

WINNER: Kerry Von Erich

Bugsy McGraw shows up and Bill Mercer asks him if he has any surprises this week. McGraw talks about The Great Kabuki and says that when a gorilla runs into the ring apparently that does scare Kabuki.

Bugsy McGraw vs. Captain Frank Dusek

Bugsy McGraw jokes about the guy who checks wrestlers for weapons by saying “that man always wants to touch him.” Fans start to cheer on Bugsy McGraw as the bell rings. McGraw chases Dusek out of the ring which upsets Capt. Frank. He gets back in the ring.

McGraw yells at Dusek and he’s able to block Dusek off the ropes. Bugsy then bangs his head on the top turnbuckle. Dusek does the same but McGraw grabs him and slams his head into the top turnbuckle. McGraw sends Dusek to the outside and he lands near McGraw’s trash can with weapons.

Dusek gets back in the ring. They run the ropes criss-crossing each other until Dusek lands onto the mat. Crowd laughs at Dusek. They criss-cross the ropes again but this time McGraw stomps on Dusek as he tries to drop down onto the mat. Dusek heads to the outside. McGraw gets a cooler out of his trash can and wets his face a bit. In the ring, Dusek slaps at McGraw and tells him to get back in the ring. McGraw tosses cold water at Dusek and then climbs back into the ring and gets an elbow drop for the pin on Dusek.

WINNER: Bugsy McGraw

The Great Kabuki & The Magic Dragon (Gary Hart & Armand Hussein) vs. Roberto Renesto & Brian Adias

Jose Lothario shows up and says that the World Light Heavyweight champion (El Solitario) was on his way to wrestle in Texas but said that thanks to The Great Kabuki & The Magic Dragon, he was injured in Mexico. Lothario challenges one of the two to a singles match. He tells Hart and Hussein that he was trained in boxing and never tried to hurt anyone like Kabuki and the Dragon did to El Solitario.

Armand Hussein tells Lothario that he doesn’t have a chance. Lothario then explains the situation in Spanish to the Spanish-speaking crowd. Hussein cuts a promo on Lothario and tells him that they can have a match any time. Lothario calls Hussein a coward.

The Great Kabuki spits out his green mist into the air before the match starts. Brian Adias starts off against Kabuki. Wristlock by The Great Kabuki. Adias breaks the hold and dropkicks Kabuki. Kabuki grabs hold of his arm and kicks him. He tags in The Magic Dragon who comes in and lays in some forearms on Adias. Adias counters with a wristlock and tags in Renesto.

Renesto with some punches on the Dragon. The Magic Dragon fights back and catches him with a thrust kick. Hard chops to Renesto’s back. The Great Kabuki back in with a kick at Renesto. Renesto with some punches thrown at Kabuki’s mid-section and he tags in Adias. Brian Adias with an armdrag but Kabuki counters into a headscissors. Reverse spin kick by Kabuki. Adias fights back. The Magic Dragon tags back in. He goes for a nerve hold. Adias escapes and gets a sloppy dropkick on Dragon. He follows with a neckbreaker. Roll-up for a pin attempt by Adias. The Magic Dragon tags in Kabuki.

The Great Kabuki with some hard chops at Adias chest. He goes for the nerve hold on Adias armpit. Adias escapes and gets Kabuki in a sleeper hold. The Magic Dragon interferes. Kabuki with a chop and he tags in the Dragon. Adias fights back and knocks down the Dragon. Renesto tags back in but the Dragon knocks him down.

The Magic Dragon goes for his reverse flip out of the corner into a super kick. He tags in Kabuki who continues with some chops. Kabuki monkey flips Rensto and follows with a series of chops and covers Renesto for the pin.

WINNERS: The Great Kabuki & The Magic Dragon

A feature on Kerry Von Erich is shown next. They show highlights of Kerry Von Erich vs. Harley Race to determine the #1 Contender to the NWA World Heavyweight title held by Ric Flair. Bill Mercer interviews Kerry Von Erich about challenging Ric Flair. Kerry mentions that he’s been chasing for that title the past three years having wrestled Harley Race a few times and said beating Race in that #1 Contenders match was a highlight of his career. He vows to give 110% against Ric Flair and this time he plans to win the title.

Wild Bill Irwin cuts a promo about tonight’s match against Kevin Von Erich. He says any of the Von Erichs would be a formidable opponent for the Texas Heavyweight title but says tonight’s match is NOT for the title because Kevin has not beaten him yet in a match to deserve a title match. Irwin says that even if Kevin wins one match against him, he can’t beat him twice.

Wild Bill Irwin vs. Kevin Von Erich

Kevin Von Erich trips up Wild Bill Irwin and attacks his left leg. Leglock by Kevin as he continues to attack Irwin’s left leg. Irwin punches at Kevin in an attempt to escape Kevin’s grasp. Irwin reaches the ropes to break the hold. Fans cheer on Kevin. Side headlock by Kevin. Irwin whips him into the ropes and hiptosses Kevin. Kevin Von Erich is quickly back up and knocks Irwin down and goes back to working on his left leg.

Kevin Von Erich keeps Irwin in a toe hold. He switches over to also grabbing Irwin in a reverse chinlock. Irwin rakes Kevin’s eyes to break the hold. Kevin whips Irwin into the corner and gets Irwin in a headscissors. Irwin slides out but Kevin kicks him into the ropes and then monkey flips Irwin. Kevin goes back to working on Irwin’s left leg. Irwin punches his way out of the hold.

Wild Bill with some forearms across Kevin’s back. Kevin catches Irwin with a forearm off the ropes and goes for a leg sweep on Irwin. He goes back to attacking Irwin’s left leg. Kevin keeps Irwin on the mat and in the leg lock. Irwin escapes and gets in a few punches at Kevin. Irwin tosses Kevin Von Erich into the corner hard and knocks him down. He follows with an elbow on Kevin. More forearms across the back of Von Erich’s back. Big knee into the mid-section and Irwin gets Kevin in a reverse chinlock.

Irwin pulls Kevin by the hair to keep him in a headlock. Kevin elbows his way out of Irwin’s grasp. He slams Irwin and then charges off the ropes for a splash but Irwin raises his knees. Irwin whips Kevin into the ropes and gets a knee into the mid-section. They exchange some punches. Irwin gets Kevin back into a chinlock.

Kevin Von Erich tries to fight back. He reverses a whip into the corner and Kevin monkey flips him out of the corner. He goes for a rana near the ropes but Kevin grabs hold of his legs and gets the pin. Irwin yells that he still has the belt. Kevin takes the belt away from Irwin and leaves. Irwin stomps around in the ring.

WINNER: Kevin Von Erich

Bill Mercer talks to Kerry Von Erich about Ric Flair being on next week’s TV show. Kerry says he will be watching every move Flair makes from now until their title match in a few weeks. He says that he’s conditioned in his mind and in his body.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Okay episode. Best match on the show was the main event. The first two matches were kept pretty short. There was more focus on talking about the upcoming Kerry Von Erich vs. Ric Flair match and that Tommy Rich was coming in to the territory. Finish to the McGraw vs. Dusek match was funny. The tag match was okay but was overshadowed by Jose Lothario challenging either The Great Kabuki or The Magic Dragon to a singles match to get revenge for his friend El Solitario. Wasn’t surprising to see Kevin Von Erich win after they aired the Wild Bill Irwin promo that he would only give Kevin a title match if he beat him and he did on this week’s episode. Lots of talk about David Von Erich returning as well.


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