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Mid-South Wrestling 1/26/1983

Written By Alfredo Esparza

Mid-South Wrestling 1/26/1983

Taped 1/19/1983 at the Irish McNeil’s Boys Club in Shreveport, Louisiana. Aired on 1/26/1983.

Boyd Pearce is joined by Paul Boesch on commentary this week.

Tim Horner vs. Tom Renesto Jr.

Tom Renesto Jr. shoves Tim Horner a few times when they try to lock-up. Horner tosses Renesto Jr. around and into an armbar. Renesto Jr. knees Horner and whips him into the ropes. Horner gets caught with an atomic drop but he reverses it and follows with another armdrag on Renesto Jr. He gets Renesto Jr. in an armbar.

Renesto Jr. reverses and pulls Horner’s hair but Horner bounces back up. Horner ueses his speed to reverse Renesto Jr. and takes him back down into an armbar. Renesto Jr. punches his way out of the armbar. He slams Horner’s head into the top turnbuckle and continues with a few more punches. Horner’s face gets raked across the top rope.

Renesto Jr. whips Horner into the ropes and elbows him. Horner continues to be beaten down by Renesto Jr. who goes for a pin attempt after a backdrop. He whips Horner into the ropes and Horner catches Renesto Jr. with a kick. Horner drags Renesto Jr. across the ring and follows with a dropkick. Horner catches Renesto Jr. with a forearm and gets a near fall. He follows up with a Thesz Press for the pin.

WINNER: Tim Horner

Gen. Skandor Akbar joins Boyd Pearce and wants the fans to see Kamala dismantle the Canadian Strongman, Mike Sharpe. He wants Mid-South to show video of their match from Houston.

Kamala “The Ugandan Giant” (w/ Friday) vs. “Iron” Mike Sharpe

This match is from Houston, Texas. Akbar does commentary and talks about how devastating Kamala is. He talks about how he’s managed a lot of great talent but he’s never seen anyone like Kamala.

Kamala quickly attacks Mike Sharpe with some chops. Sharpe goes down but Kamala is relentless and tosses him to the outside. Kamala beats on Sharpe outside the ring. Both men return to the ring. More chops from Kamala. Sharpe tries to fight back but Kamala continues his attack.

Sharpe catches Kamala with a dropkick but doesn’t knock Kamala down. Kamala recovers and bites Sharpe’s head. More chops and a choke from Kamala. Sharpe’s bleeding from his forehad and Kamala licks the blood off his hand. Sharpe tries to fight back but Kamala continues with chops. Sharpe almost punches the referee because he swings his arms around wildly.

Kamala continues to be relentless attacking Sharpe. He whips Sharpe into the ropes and chops him. He chokes Sharpe on the mat. Akbar reminds fans that Sharpe once put him in a piledriver and that this was revenge seeing Kamala destroy him. Kamala continues with more chops. Sharpe falls to the outside. Kamala bites him again and taste the blood and runs around the ring. Sharpe continues to get chopped by Kamala.

Kamala whips Sharpe into the ropes and catches him with an elbow. He whips him again and knocks Sharpe down again. Kamala with a body slam and then splashes him. He goes for a second splash and turns him over to cover Sharpe for the pin.

WINNER: Kamala

Gen. Skandor Akbar tells Boyd Pearce how pleased he is to be associated with Kamala.

Stagger Lee vs. Ted DiBiase for the North American Heavyweight Title

Ted DiBiase is accompanied by “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan and Matt Borne. They leave the ringside area. Grizzly Smith shows up and tells Reiser Bowden that Stagger Lee is not there but he has someone there who wants to challenge Ted DiBiase in a “Come As You Are” match. DiBiase asks who is it and The Junkyard Dog’s music starts off. He gets upset.

The Junkyard Dog and Ted DiBiase start to brawl in the ring. Matt Borne and Hacksaw Duggan run in and JYD takes on all three. Tony Atlas and Mr. Wrestling II run-in to help JYD. They all clean house as The Rat Pack leaves.

WINNER: No Contest

“Mr. U.S.A.” Tony Atlas vs. Don Bass

Don Bass punches Atlas before the bell rings. He knocks Atlas around the ring with punches and kicks. Atlas fights back and gets in a few punches on Bass. He hiptosses Bass across the ring. Atlas whips Bass into the ropes and backdrops him. Body slam by Atlas followed by a headbutt. Tony Atlas follows with a pair of dropkicks. He climbs to the top rope and headbutts Bass and follows that up with a splash for the pin.

WINNER: Tony Atlas

Kelly Kiniski & Marty Lunde vs. Buddy Landell & Tony Torres

Marty Lunde and Buddy Landell start the match. Side headlock by Landell. Lunde gets to the ropes and gets in a knee into Landell’s mid-section. Some good running of the ropes by both and Landell steps on Lunde’s nose. Kiniski tags in and he gets Landell with a knee in the mid-section. Some forearms across the chest of Landell.

Kiniski tags in Lunde and he lands some elbows on Landell. Landell escapes Lunde and tags in Torres. Lunde gets Torres with a backbreaker. Kiniski tags in and slams Torres. Kneedrop by Kiniski. Big forearm across Torres back. Reverse chinlock by Kiniski. Kiniski pulls Torres by the trunks and tags in Lunde. Body slam followed by a leg drop by Lunde for a near fall. Kiniski tags back in and he whips Torres into the ropes and backdrops him.

Lunde continues the attack on Torres. Big forearm across Torres back again. Kiniski back in and he continues to beat on Torres. Landell tries to make the save for his tag partner. Lunde and Kiniski with quick tags. Chop by Kiniski knocks Torres down.

Tony Torres tags in Buddy Landell and Landell leg drops Kiniski. Landell quickly tags Torres back in to the surprise of the fans. Torres gets in very little offense on Kiniski before he gets knocked down again. Kiniski tosses Torres into the corner. He follows with a back body drop on Torres for the pin.

WINNERS: Kelly Kiniski & Marty Lunde

Before the next match starts, Ted DiBiase interrupts Reiser Bowden and tells everyone that he is going to get to the bottom of this Stagger Lee and Junkyard Dog situation once and for all. He complains about how Stagger Lee hasn’t showed up to two title defenses and both times The Junkyard Dog has shown up. DiBiase is going to his lawyers to talk to Mid-South Wrestling and says he’s either going to get his title match against Stagger Lee or be given the title next week.

Chavo Guerrero vs. Matt Borne

They finally got the name graphic corrent for Chavo’s last name. Some good mat work to start the match. Borne misses a punch in the corner on Guerrero. Chavo gets Borne in a reverse chinlock. Borne gets a cheap shot on Guerrero while the referee breaks them up. Borne cradles Guerrero for a pin attempt but they are near the ropes.

Borne slams Guerrero and follows with an elbow drop. Guerrero gets back up and slams Borne and he gets him with an elbow. He dropkicks Borne. They exchange punches on the mat. Borne slams Chavo’s head into the mat. He gets in a punch on Chavo. Slam by Borne and followed by the knee drop. Reverse chinlock on Guerrero. Chavo elbows Borne and then knocks him out of the ring with an uppercut.

Borne gets back in the ring and catches Guerrero with a knee in the mid-section. He slams Guerrero’s head into the top turnbuckle. Chavo fights out of Borne’s grasp. He gets Borne up with a suplex. Pin attempt by Chavo. Punches thrown by Guerrero. Borne whips Guerrero into the ropes but Chavo goes for a cross body block off the ropes. Borne moves out of the way and Chavo lands on the mat. He picks up Chavo and the referee gets hit by Chavo’s leg. Referee falls out of the ring.

Borne gets Chavo in a full nelson. Duggan runs out and goes for a spear but he hits Borne instead. Chavo beats on Duggan. Borne attacks Chavo and they start to double-team Guerrero. They slam Guerrero and Borne climbs to the top rope. Tony Atlas runs out and tosses Borne off the top rope. They double-team Duggan and The Rat Pack heads out of the ring.

WINNER: Chavo Guerrero via DQ.

Mr. Wrestling II & Art Crews vs. Joe Stark & Tug Taylor

Art Crews and Joe Stark start the match. Crews takes Stark down and gets him in a side headlock. Mr. Wrestling II tags in and he keeps Stark in the side headlock. Stark whips Mr. Wrestling II into the ropes but Mr. Wrestling II knocks him down and back again in a headlock. Stark tags in Taylor.

Side headlock by Mr. Wrestling II on Tug Taylor. Taylor whips Mr. Wrestling II into the ropes but II knocks him down and gets Tug in a side headlock again. Crews tags back in and lands a dropkick on Taylor. Tug finally is able to knock Crews down. He tags in Stark and the two double-team Crews. Taylor back in.

Taylor catches Crews with a dropkick after a rough patch in the match. Startk whips Crews into the ropes and backdrops him. Taylor back in and he slams Crews and gets him with an elbow drop. He goes for the pin but Crews kicks out. Crews makes a come back on Taylor and Stark. Stark tagged in and Mr. Wrestling II is also tagged in and he gets Stark with a barrage of punches. Mr. Wrestling II whips Stark into the ropes and punches him. He slams Stark and covers him for the pin. Mr. Wrestling II gets the win for his team.

Mr. Wrestling II gets both of his opponents with knee lifts as the show comes to an end.

WINNER: Mr. Wrestling II & Art Crews

Boyd Pearce during the last match mentions that Andre The Giant will be on next week’s show.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Good episode. They continued the rivalry between Ted DiBiase and Stagger Lee and he was even more irate that Stagger Lee no-showed a title defense again since Junkyard Dog’s return. The Chavo Guerrero vs. Matt Borne match was the best match on the show. Really enjoyed Kamala’s beatdown on “Iron” Mike Sharpe.


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