EMLL 9/24/1983 & 9/25/1983

Written By Alfredo Esparza

EMLL 9/24/1983 & 9/25/1983

El Satanico vs. Sangre Chicana for the NWA World Light Heavyweight Title

Taped 9/24/1983 at Arena Puebla

Camera gets a cool shot of Sangre Chicana walking towards the ring. Group of kids are on the ring apron while you also see some fans ringsidegetting autographs. Referee for the match is Gran Davis.

First fall both men lock-up and get on the ropes. Referee breaks them apart and the fans boo. Chicana with a front facelock and they roll into the corner with both under the bottom rope forcing another break in the action. Armdrag takedown by Chicana. El Satanico follows with a hiptoss into an armbar. They get back up and Sangre Chicana with a leg takedown on El Satanico and he goes for a side headlock. El Satanico escapes but Chicana goes for a roll-up.

Back up on their feet and Sangre Chicana whips El Satanico but El Satanico counters with a headscissors. Some missed dropkicks by El Satanico at Chicana. Sangre Chicana catches El Satanico with a headscissors and follows with a hiptoss. Dropkicks from Chicana followed with a rana that gets reversed by El Satanico. Sangre Chicana then rolls thru and gets the pin on El Satanico to win the first fall.

Second fall starts with Sangre Chicana hip tossing El Satanico to the mat a couple of times. El Satanico complains about his back hurting. Chicana whips El Satanico hard into the corner. El Satanico then reverses a whip into the corner and does it a few times at Sangre Chicana. He sends Chicana to the outside and El Satanico follows with a tope suicida to the floor!

El Satanico quickly returns to the ring. Sangre Chicana is unable to return and has a few people checking on him. Referee Gran Davis raises El Satanico’s hand to declare him the winner of the second fall. Chicana gets seated on a front seat as you hear some fans cursing quite a bit. Chicana gets helped back into the ring.

Third fall starts with El Satanico slamming Sangre Chicana and landing a senton on him for a two count. El Satanico gets Sangre Chicana in a submission hold but Chicana quickly breaks out of it. Satanico shoves Chicana into the corner and follows with a camel clutch. Sangre Chicana breaks out and Satanico punches the mat in frustration. Chicana tosses Satanico into the corner and the fans start to cheer him loudly.

Bodyslam by Sangre Chicana leads to El Satanico yelling loudly in pain. Sangre Chicana goes for a Gori Special. El Satanico tries to break out but Chicana keeps him in the hold. Satanico reverses into a sunset flip for a pin attempt but Chicana kicks out at two. Shoulder block by Satanico but Chicana waits for his next charge at him and sends Satanico into the ropes and backdrops him. He follows with a dropkick that sends El Satanico the floor and then follows with a tope suicida at Satanico!

Both return to the ring. Sangre Chicana goes for the pin on El Satanico but he kicks out. A couple of fans smack the ring apron. Sangre Chicana gets El Satanico in another submission hold but El Satanico breaks out and gets Chicana in a mecedora. Sangre Chicana bridges over El Satanico and the referee starts to count both men’s shoulders on the mat. Referee then raises both men’s arms in the air declaring the match a draw and El Satanico retaining his title.


They both continue to brawl after the match. Sangre Chicana knocks El Satanico down on the mat.

El Satanico cuts a promo saying that Sangre Chicana can never be better than him and he proved it again by beating him. He says Chicana isn’t even a wrestler but a beast. El Satanico says he tried to have a technical match against Chicana but he doesn’t know how to wrestle, just likes to kick. He calls himself a 100% luchador and calls Sangre Chicana a coward and proved it because he couldn’t wrestle when he needed to.

Estela Molina vs. Pantera Sureña for the Jalisco Women’s Title

Taped 9/25/1983 at Arena Coliseo Guadalajara

These are just highlights of the Jalisco Women’s title match. Pantera Sureña gets Estela Molina in a neckbreaker to the delte of the fans. She gets her with a second attempt. Legdrops across Molina’s head as the fans cheer loudly. Elbowdrop follows. Estela Molina rolls to the outside. Cool looking huracanrana by Pantera Sureña on Estela Molina.

Estela Molina gets Pantera Sureña and backdrops her. She goes for a submission hold on Sureña. Pantera Sureña knocks her off and gets her in a leglock. She follows that up with a camel clutch. Molina reverses it and gets her in another submission hold. Clip of the crowd for a few seconds before returning to the action.

Pantera Sureña lands a top rope senton on Estela Molina. She follows with La Cavernaria to get the submission win on Molina.

WINNER: Pantera Sureña

Rayo de Jalisco Jr., Solar I & Solar II vs. Espectro Jr., Pirata Morgan & Tierra Viento y Fuego

Taped 9/25/1983 at Arena Coliseo Guadalajara

They mostly show crowd shots throughout this match so what you get from the match are mostly highlights. Rayo de Jalisco Jr. is shown wrestling against Espectro Jr. Rayo does all his signature spots to the delight of the fans. We see clips of Solar against Pirata Morgan. Tierra, Viento y Fuego gets involved but Solar tosses both to the outside.

Solar II comes in and he gets attacked by Espectro Jr. and Tierra Viento y Fuego. He sends Espectro Jr. to the outside but Pirata Morgan comes in. Morgan then tosses Rayo de Jalisco Jr. out of the ring. Solar dropkicks Morgan out as well. He sends Tierra Viento y Fuego to the outside as well. Quebradoras on Espectro Jr. by Solar. Solar gets Espectro Jr. in a palanca and gets him to submit. Solar II submits Tierra Viento y Fuego with a camel clutch. Rayo de Jalisco Jr. chases Pirata Morgan away and into the crowd. First fall goes to the tecnicos.

Both Solars return to the ring and backdrop Tierra Viento y Fuego. Second fall highlights start with Rayo de Jalisco Jr. teasing a dive and the rudos running for their lives. Solar teases a dive to the outsie at Pirata Morgan but he gets the camera guy in front of him and Solar stays in the ring. Camera then focuses on Solar’s sweaty back for a bit. Rudos are shown beating on Rayo de Jalisco Jr. in the ring.

Tierra Viento y Fuego & Espectro Jr. double-team Solar. They toss him into the corner. Espectro Jr. kicks at Solar. Pirata Morgan attacks Rayo de Jalisco Jr. outside the ring and tosses him into the ring post. Rayo’s now bleeding from his forehead. The rudos bring him back into the ring. We get the rudos tossing Solar out fo the ring while Pirata Morgan continues his attack on Rayo.

Tecnicos make a comeback and send the rudos to the outside. Rayo gets his revenge on Pirata Morgan. Both Solars send Espectro Jr. into the ring post. They do the same with Tierra Viento y Fuego. Close-up of a bloody Rayo de Jalisco Jr. is shown and is immediately followed by a fan being escorted out of the building by security.

Solar with a tope suicida at Tierra Viento y Fuego leaves him laying on the first row seats. Rayo de Jalisco Jr. goes for a pin on Pirata Morgan. Morgan saves himself from getting hit by a reverse tope by Rayo. He goes for a pin but only gets a two-count. Rayo kicks Pirata but Pirata counters with an elbow. Rayo goes for a cradle and gets the pin to win the match. Match appears to end in straight falls for the tecnicos.

WINNERS: Rayo de Jalisco Jr., Solar I & Solar II

Rayo de Jalisco Jr. grabs the mic and challenges Pirata Morgan. Morgan respongs but the crowd is cheering loudly.

SHOW THOUGHTS: I believe all these matches and highlights were filmed by a Japanese TV crew. Not sure if it was for TV or something else but a lot of early ’80s lucha that wasn’t televised and was handheld or filmed without commentary was usually done so by someone from Japan. The first match between Sangre Chicana and El Satanico was more complete and was pretty good. Reallly liked that they filmed El Satanico cutting a promo after the match. The women’s match highlights were pretty cool especially since there isn’t as much footage of women’s wrestling from that era in Mexico directly from there. We mostly see the luchadoras when they toured Japan or the U.S. and for the most part many of them were very good performers. Last match was also in highlight form. It’s always fun seeing a slim Rayo de Jalisco Jr. because he was pretty agile back then. Also very cool seeing early Pirata Morgan.


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