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SMW TV #43 (11/21/1992)

Written By Alfredo Esparza

SMW TV #43 (11/2/1992)

Taped 11/2/1992 at Sullivan East High School in Bluff City, Tennessee. Aired on 11/21/1992.

Bob Caudle and “Dirty” Dutch Mantell are on commentary. Dutch shows up some posters saying he is naked beneath his clothes. They give a rundown of what will be going on during the hour.

The Stud Stable (“The Tennessee Stud” Robert Fuller & Jimmy Golden) vs. Robbie Eagle & Jeff Daniels

The Fantastics showed up at the commentary table and Dutch Mantell leaves as the match starts. Golden and Daniels start off in the match. The Fantastics talk about last week’s show and how Mantell jumped into the ring last week and officiated the match when the referee was knocked out during the Stud Stable and Fantastics match.

Meanwhile in the ring, Jimmy Golden beats on Jeff Daniels. He tags in Fuller who kicks Daniels a few times and drops him with a knee lift. Armdrag takedown by Fuller as the Fantastics continue to talk about their match with the Stud Stable. Golden back in and he continues the attack on Daniels left arm. Fuller grabs hold of Daniels arm as Golden distracts Eagle and the referee. Golden with a takedown on Daniels followed by some kneedrops across his left arm.

Robert Fuller tags in and stomps on Daniels arm. He gets Daniels in a hammerlock and forces him to submit.

WINNERS: The Stud Stable

They show a recap of last week’s match between The Fantastics and The Stud Stable and Dutch Mantell’s involvement in the match as a referee.

The Stud Stable joins Bob Caudle and refuse to talk to Caudle and ask Dutch Mantell to interview them. Mantell then claims that he had a phone call and had to leave otherwise he would have whooped both of The Fantastics. Fuller claims that Mantell has the potential to be the best referee because he was a great wrestler and commentary. He asks Mantell if he would be the referee for their match with the Fantasics but tells Mantell that he can continue to do commentary because without him on commentary SMW would be garbage. LOL! Fuller then offers Dutch Mantell a spot in the Stud Stable and hands him a jacket. Dutch Mantell puts on the jacket and accepts. He tells Caudle this is one of the greatest moments in his career.

They show a video of Brian Lee in bed recovering from his injuries at the hands of Kevin Sullivan. He tells Kevin Sullivan that he better start praying because he’s going to get even with him. SMW Commissioner Bob Armstrong talks about The Mongolian Stomper making his return to face Kevin Sullivan. He shows highlights of The Mongolian Stomper wrestling Jerry Lawler in the Mid-South Coliseum.

They follow that up with a paid commercial announcement from Kevin Sullivan. He has some good news for Brian Lee that a man can live without a spleen. He then talks about The Mongolian Stomper. Sullivan’s followers are there with him and he beats on one for interrupting. He admits that he likes The Stomper and says he was at one time he was a violent man and a true warrior but says that at Thanksgiving Thunder, he’s going to add him as a notch to the rest of his family’s neck. He warns The Stomper that they will all be there.

The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express promo for an upcoming match with the Heavenly Bodies in Hazard, Kentucky.

“Nitro” Danny Davis and Ronnie Garvin join Bob Caudle for an interview. Davis is really excited about their handicap match at Thanksgiving Thunder against Paul Orndorff. He says that even if he was in a full body cast with Ronnie Garvin still as his tag team partner, he would still come out on top. Garvin shows off a torn Paul Orndorff robe. He tells everyone that he’s going to have a raffle and give away the robe later on in the show.

“The Dirty White Boy” Tony Anthony (w/ Mr. Ron Wright) vs. Reno Riggins

The Dirty White Boy quickly attacks Reno Riggins. He knocks Riggins down with a clothesline and continues to manhandle poor Riggins. Danny Davis shows up at the commentary desk and tells Caudle that he’s brought Orndorff’s robe that they’ll be raffling off later in the show and tells him not to let anyone take it. DWB continues to destroy Riggins in the ring.

Big forearm smash by The Dirty White Boy followed by a suplex. He talks a bit to the fans. The Dirty White Boy rakes and mauls Riggins in the ring. He gets Riggins with a powerslam. The Dirty White Boy follows that up with the Bucksnort Blaster for the pin.

WINNER: The Dirty White Boy

Tim Horner rushes into the ring and attacks The Dirty White Boy. More wrestlers show up to support Horner and they keep tossing The Dirty White Boy back into the ring. Tim Horner rolls The Dirty White Boy up for a pin and The Dixie Dynamite makes the three count. Dutch Mantell is upset on commentary.

“Down & Dirty” with Dutch Mantell with his guests Jim Cornette & The Heavenly Bodies before their title match. Cornette is upset because everyone knows he shouldn’t be in a wrestling ring and he’s also upset about the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express coming up with the “Four Faces of Fear” series of matches. He claims there is a conflict of interest in having him wrestle in a match against Ronnie Garvin & The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express and believes the Rock ‘n’ Roll and Bob Armstrong did this to get an advantage on the Heavenly Bodies before heading into the “Four Faces of Fear” series of matches. Cornette goes thru all four matches and believes The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express will get hurt in one of those matches. Great promo by Cornette.

Paul Orndorff joins Bob Caudle and claims that SMW is doing everything possible to hold him down. He’s upset at Ronnie Garvin and “Nitro Danny Midget” for bringing out his robe. He grabs the bag with his “robe” and he talks about how the robe made him famous. He says that with a little work and some sewing, he can wear his robe again. He pulls what he thinks is the robe inside the bag but it turns out to be a lingerie. The fans start laughing. Orndorff gets upset and stomps on the lingerie and screams at Caudle.

Ronnie Garvin and Danny Davis are in the ring and call out “Ms. Paula”. Garvin asks Orndorff if he has the panties to match. Danny Davis is wearing Orndorff’s robe. Orndorff charges into the ring as Garvin and Davis leave. Fans start to chant “Paula” at him.

The Heavenly Bodies (Stan Lane & Dr. Tom Prichard) & Jim Cornette vs. The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express (Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson) & Ronnie Garvin

As soon as Ricky Morton enters the ring, Jim Cornette sprays him with something. They go to a commercial break as Gibson and Garvin check on Morton.

Jim Cornette asks for the mic and starts to insult The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express and says they all stink. Robert Gibson and Ronnie Garvin return to start the match. They get the edge on the Bodies with Cornette running to the outside. Garvin punches Lane out of the ring. Gibson and Garvin continue to have an advantage over the Bodies.

Gibson knocks Prichard down with a punch and tags in Garvin who rakes his back. Garvin slams Prichard’s head into the top turnbuckle a few times. He goes for a pin but Prichard kicks out at two. Stan Lane tags in and he finally gets things going in the Bodies favor with some punches and sending Garvin into their corner. Prichard back in and he elbows Garvin.

Dr. Tom Prichard stomps on Garvin. Stan Lane back in and Cornette helps by holding Garvin in their corner. Quick tags by the Bodies against Garvin. Prichard misses an elbow drop. Garvin tags in Gibson and he knocks the Bodies around the ring. The Bodies regain control of the match and start to beat on Gibson. Robert Gibson tries to fight back but the Bodies keep up with their quick tags. Double-team elbow off the ropes by Lane.

Stan Lane tags in Jim Cornette who stomps on Gibson. He punches Gibson a few times. Gibson makes the comeback and starts to choke Cornette. The Bodies back in but Garvin tags back in and he beats on both Bodies. Garvin gets Prichard in a sleeper but Lane makes the save. All four wrestlers are in the ring. Cornette jumps in with his tennis racket and hits Gibson with it. He stomps on Gibson. Referee disqualifies Cornette and The Heavenly Bodies but they continue their attack on Garvin and Gibson.

Ricky Morton returns and chases after Jim Cornette.

WINNERS: The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express & Ronnie Garvin

Jim Cornette promo for The Heavenly Bodies vs. The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express in Hazard, Kentucky.

Tim Horner promo about a family who had a son that had a health issue and needed surgery and they asked if SMW would show some support. They also show the little boy before he went to surgery along with Tim Horner, Brian Lee and The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express.

The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express join Bob Caudle for an interview after their match. Ricky Morton has an eye bandaged after getting sprayed by Cornette. He tells Cornette that they would have to kill the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express in order to stop them from appearing for their matches at Thanksgiving Thunder.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Good episode. A lot of storylines were getting some progression on this show. The Fantastics vs. The Stud Stable feud continued and now Dutch Mantell has joined the Stable. Thought the Orndorff segment was solid with Garvin and Davis tricking him into believing he had gotten his robe back. They also continued the Dirty White Boy and Tim Horner feud and talked about The Mongolian Stomper returning just to take on Kevin Sullivan. Cornette had a great locker room promo before the six-man tag and thought they did a great job by having him spray Morton in the face to make the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express a bigger underdog team heading into the “Four Faces of Fear” series of matches.


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