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Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling 5/22/1982

Written By Alfredo Esparza

Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling 5/22/1982

Taped 5/19/1982 at the WPCQ TV Studios in Charlotte, North Carolina. Aired on 5/22/1982.

Bob Caudle and Jake “The Snake” Roberts open the show. They continue to talk about the tag team tournament. Roberts goes in-depth about the tournament. He says that Sandy Scott promised him that he and Johnny Weaver would get a rematch with Pvt. Kernoodle and Pvt. Nelson. Roberts said all three are not in the country so they were unable to have the match this week but might have it next week. Caudle hopes that this match does pick up next week.

“The Magnificent One” Don Muraco & Wahoo McDaniel vs. Gary Moore & Steve Sybert

Wahoo McDaniel and Steve Sybert start the match. McDaniel takes down Sybert to the mat. Roddy Piper joins Bob Caudle on commentary and Piper talks about Jack Brisco. Muraco and Moore come in to the match as Piper talks about how he challenged Brisco, Muraco & McDaniel all refused to wrestle him. Muraco gets Moore in an armbar. He tags in McDaniel who keeps the hold locked on Moore. He drops some knees across Moore’s arm.

Moore reaches the ropes and forces McDaniel to break the hold. McDaniel with a leg trip and drags him by the leg and tags in Muraco. Muraco comes in and legdrops Moore’s left leg. He slingshots Moore into McDaniel who chops him. Spinning toe hold by Muraco. Piper continues to go on a rant about how everyone is a coward refusing to wrestle him. Sybert tags in and gets in a few punches on Muraco. He whips him into the corner but McDaniel makes the save in the corner.

Muraco knocks down Sybert and tags in McDaniel who chops Sybert. Shoulder block takedown by Sybert but McDaniel catches him again with a chop and then slams him. Piper gets upset on commentary and decides to leave because he doesn’t want to watch Muraco and McDaniel wrestle. Muraco with a knee at Sybert. He continues the attack and gets Sybert in a reverse chinlock.

Muraco gets Sybert with a headlock and then whips him into the ropes but Sybert backdrops Muraco. Sybert then misses an elbow. Muraco rolls to his corner and tags in Wahoo. McDaniel whips Sybert into the ropes and catches him with a chop and covers him for the pin.

WINNERS: Don Muraco & Wahoo McDaniel

Jack & Jerry Brisco join Bob Caudle to talk about Roddy Piper. Brisco said that he won the Mid-Atlantic Championship title from him and that shows he’s beaten him. Referee Sonny Fargo interrupts the interview to tell the Briscos that Tony Russo doesn’t have a tag team partner so he asks the Briscos if one of them wants to wrestle him in a singles match if not there won’t be any match. Jerry Brisco said he’d be glad to wrestle him because he hasn’t been around much lately.

Jack Brisco continues to talk about Roddy Piper and mentions that he, Jerry and Wahoo McDaniel are from the same tribe and come from the same part of the country. He says they all know how to get down and tough.

Jerry Brisco vs. Tony Russo

Jerry Brisco with a takedown on Tony Russo to start the match. Nice mat work early on. Jerry with a fireman’s carry takedown on Russo. He gets him in an armlock and tosses Russo in the ring. Jack Brisco stays with Caudle for commentary. Side headlock by Jerry. He switches over to an armbar. Russo with a takedown attempt on Jerry but that gets reversed.

Tony Russo gets Jerry Brisco in the corner and delivers a few punches. He whips Brisco into the corner but that gets reversed and Jerry backdrops Russo. He gets Russo in an armbar. They talk about how the tag team championship will be determined in a 4-out-of-7 series across four cities. Russo gets in a forearm across Brisco’s chest. He whips Jerry across the ropes but Jerry Brisco takes Russo back down and into an armbar.

Jerry Brisco slides Russo over into a pin attempt. Russo escapes but Jerry keeps him locked in. He gets a kidney punch on Jerry and then slams him into the corner. Russo whips Jerry into the ropes and kicks him in the mid-section. Another knee by Russo. Fans start to cheer for Jerry Brisco. Russo whips him into the ropes and backdrops him and gets a near fall.

Jerry Brisco and Tony Russo exchange blows until Jerry Brisco gets him in a leglock. David Crockett can be heard off air telling Jack Brisco that he has a phone call. You hear the mic drop so Jack went to answer the call while this match is going on. Tony Russo chokes Jerry Brisco. Uppercut from Russo. Jerry Brisco fights back. Forearms across Russo’s face. He snapmares Russo and drops the knee across his thighs.

Jerry Brisco gets Russo in the figure-four leglock. Russo submits. Roddy Piper climbs up to the top rope and splashes Brisco and Russo across their legs. Brisco rolls around the ring in pain as Piper shoves the referee out of the way. Piper leaves the ring as Jerry writhes in pain holding his left knee. Several wrestlers come out to check on Jerry Brisco. Jack Brisco comes in to check on his brother.

WINNER: Jerry Brisco

They show a replay of the Piper attack. Bob Caudle mentions both Russo and Brisco got hurt by Piper.

“Pretty Boy” Carl Fergie vs. Mike Davis

Wahoo McDaniel joins Bob Caudle on commentary. He mentions Jerry Brisco’s knee is torn up pretty badly. Side headlock by Mike Davis on Fergie. Fergie catches Davis with a slam but Davis is quickly back up. Fergie catches Davis with a headscissors. Davis escapes and gets Fergie in a leglock. Fergie fights out of it with a punch. They exchange punches and Davis goes back to working on Fergie’s left leg.

They reach the ropes and the referee tries to break it up but Fergie gets in a cheap shot. Fergie follows with a pair of elbows. He kicks at Davis’ back. Slams Davis into the corner turnbuckle. Fergie whips Davis into the corner. He continues his attack on Davis. Davis reverses a whip and gets in a few punches on Fergie. He whips Fergie into the corner but Fergie picks up his knee and catches Davis. He beats on Davis for a bit. Fergie gets Davis with a swinging neckbreaker for the pin.

WINNER: Carl Fergie

Steve Sybert and Gary Moore join Bob Caudle for an interview. Sybert said he’s tired of hearing about Muraco and McDaniel. He said Moore is new to the territory and they are going to team up more often. Caudle asks Sybert about Wahoo’s chops and Sybert claimed one of those chops hit him across the throat and it was illegal. He asks Caudle if he saw it and Caudle tells him he didn’t but saw him get chopped across the top of the head and the chest area. Sybert tells Caudle that he’s as blind as referee Sonny Fargo.

Gary Moore tells Caudle the competition is fantastic and tells Caudle his tag partner Sybert is good as well. Moore says there’s a lot of rough and tough competition. Sybert said that they are going to practice and get better and be even better than the Briscos and Muraco & McDaniel. He also tells Caudle that he doesn’t like the fans calling him “Caveman” and points them out and tells them “I don’t like it!”

Killer Khan vs. Ken Timbs

Killer Khan removes his head piece right as the bell rings. He takes Timbs down to the mat and chokes him. He screams as he kicks Timbs which leads to the fans in the studio screaming along with him. More kicks and screams. Khan takes Timbs down to the mat. He stomps on Khan. Double chop by Khan who again screams and the fans mimic him.

Killer Khan chokes Timbs across the ropes. Referee warns him. He kicks at Timbs as he and the fans scream. Timbs gets in a few punches and rakes Khan’s eyes. Khan whips Timbs into the corner but Timbs moves out of the way. Timbs gets in some offense on Khan but that ends quickly. Killer Khan kicks at Timbs. He rips into Timbs mouth. Hip toss by Khan followed by a hard chop.

Ken Timbs makes a comeback and gets Khan with an elbow but that does very little to Khan. Killer Khan kicks at Timbs. He follows that up with a legsweep and a kneedrop off the ropes for the pin.

WINNER: Killer Khan

Wahoo McDaniel and Don Muraco join Bob Caudle for an interview. They talk about the World Tag Team title series with Stan Hansen and Ole Anderson. Wahoo says they are going to give it their all. Muraco said their main objectives have been Anderson and Hansen. He mentions how now Sgt. Slaughter and Roddy Piper seem to be talking about them too. Muraco says they are ready for anyone.

Paul Jones joins Bob Caudle and talks about what Roddy Piper did to Jerry Brisco and “the other guy” (Tony Russo). Jones hopes that Jerry’s okay and offers to help Jack Brisco. He warns Piper that he’s going to get his soon enough.

King Parsons vs. Jim Dalton

Paul Jones stays on commentary for this match. King Parsons gets Jim Dalton in a headscissors. Dalton escapes and gets Parsons in a side headlock but Parsons escapes. Dalton reverses another headscissors into a leglock. They reach the ropes and have to break.

Side headlock takedown by Parsons. Dalton tries to get a pin a few times on Parsons but he keeps the headlock on Dalton. Shoulder block off the ropes but Dalton gets Parsons the second time. Dalton uses the ropes to choke Parsons. He gets Parsons in a headlock. Dalton with a right hand at Parson’s face. Parsons with some elbows and chops at Dalton.

Dalton backs away from King Parsons. He gets Parsons with a headlock but that gets reversed by Parsons into an armbar. Dalton gets in a knee at Parson’s mid-section and whips Parsons into the corner. He continues his attack on Parsons and gets him in a front facelock. Parsons backs Dalton into the corner and punches him into the mid-section. He whips Dalton into the corner but Dalton moves and Parsons charges into the corner.

Dalton whips Parsons into the ropes but Parsons catches him with a dropkick. Parsons gets Dalton with a second dropkick and covers him for the pin.

WINNER: King Parsons

Mike Rotundo and Mike Davis join Bob Caudle for an interview. Mike Davis talks about Carl Fergie being a tough opponent but talks about the incident earlier with Roddy Piper and Jerry Brisco. He warns Piper that Jack Brisco looks very angry and he’s going to get Piper. Mike Rotundo agrees with Davis and talks about being a rookie and wrestling in a tough competition. He says Mike Davis, Jake Roberts and the Briscos have helped him.

Sgt. Slaughter vs. Mike Rotundo

They lock-up and get on the ropes where Sgt. Slaughter tries to hit Rotundo with a big right but he ducks and gets out of the way. Rotundo with a takedown on Slaughter. Hiptoss by Slaughter. Rotundo with a pair of armdrags and he goes after Slaughter but they’re near the ropes. Slaughter hits him with an elbow. Chinlock by Slaughter on Rotundo as the fans cheer on Rotundo.

Side headlock by Sgt. Slaughter and he keeps Rotundo down on the mat. Rotundo tries to get a pin on Slaughter while being in the headlock. Slaughter punches Rotundo and tosses him into the corner. Rotundo reverses a whip into the corner and backdrops him. Rotundo slams Slaughter. Goes for the pin but Slaughter kicks out.

Sgt. Slaughter slams Rotundo. He misses a kneedrop on Rotundo. Slaughter with a takedown on Rotundo and they go to the mat. Rotundo reaches the ropes but Slaughter gets in a cheap shot on him. Hard chop by Slaughter. Rotundo blocks a punch and they both exchange forearms. Rotundo gets Slaughter in the corner but Slaughter keeps punching him.

Rotundo gets a near fall on Sgt. Slaughter with a small package. Slaughter with another chop. He whips Rotundo into the ropes but Rotundo gets Slaughter with a sunset flip for another near fall. Forearms thrown by Rotundo in the corner. Referee tries to stop Rotudno. As the referee is doing that Slaughter punches Rotundo and covers him for the pin.

WINNER: Sgt. Slaughter

Mike Rotundo argues with the referee about how that match ended.

Ole Anderson joins Bob Caudle and talks about Jack Brisco and says he hasn’t seen Jack Brisco do anything against Roddy Piper. He tells Caudle that if anyone did that to his brother, he’d go after him. Paul Jones interrupts them. He tells Ole that he instigated a lot of things there. Jones tells Ole that no one knows right now how serious of an injury Jerry Brisco has and Ole tells him he could care less which upsets Jones. Ole Anderson warns Paul Jones that if he wants to team with Jack Brisco the same thing could happen to him.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Excellent episode with the Roddy Piper attack on Jerry Brisco being the highlight of the show. The way they set it up with Tony Russo’s tag partner not showing up, followed by Jack Brisco getting a phone call and Piper waiting until Jerry had Russo in a figure-four leglock to splash him and cause the injury was a great angle. That kept being discussed throughout the show. The Sgt. Slaughter vs. Mike Rotundo match was good as well. The closing segment with Ole Anderson and Paul Jones arguing was good as well. I kind of find the fans mimicking Killer Khan’s screams during his matches pretty hilarious too.


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