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Memphis Wrestling 2/2/1980

Written By Alfredo Esparza

CWA Memphis Championship Wrestling 2/2/1980

Taped 2/2/1980 at the WMC-TV Studios in Memphis, Tennessee.

Lance Russell & Dave Brown are on commentary.

Mark (or “Mike”) Roberts & Tony Eaton vs. David Oswald & Jerry Bryant

Dave Brown keeps referring to Mark Roberts as “Mike Roberts”. The graphic shows his name as “Mark Roberts”. Lance Russell then refers to him as “Mike Roberts”.

Jerry Bryant with an armdrag on Mike Roberts to start the match. Roberts backs away into the corner. He gets hiptossed by Bryant upon attacking him. Follows with another hiptoss into an armbar and he tags in David Oswald. Oswald keeps Roberts on the mat and tags in Bryant.

Roberts gets out of the hold but Bryant gets him in a side headlock. He escapes and tags in Tony Eaton. Bryant with a hiptoss on the much bigger Eaton. Oswald back in with a side headlock on Tony Eaton. Bryant tags back in and he continues the attack on Eaton. He drops Eaton down in a side headlock. Eaton tags in Roberts but he gets taken down by Bryant with a side headlock.

Roberts lays in a few forearms on Bryant. He gets in a few punches on Bryant as well. Roberts gets a two-count on Bryant who then makes a comeback against Roberts. He knocks Roberts down with an elbow. Roberts tags in Eaton. Leg takedown by Bryant and he tags in Oswald. Eaton rakes Oswald’s eyes to break out of his grasp. Eaton knocks Oswald around and tags in Roberts. Roberts slams Oswald.

Tony Eaton back in and they continue their attack on Oswald. Oswald fights back with some punches and an uppercut. He tags in Bryant but Eaton tags in Roberts. Bryant with an armdrag across the ring. He continues his attack and body slams Roberts. Oswald tags back in and slams Roberts. He goes for a splash of the ropes but Roberts raises his knees up and knocks Oswald down. Elbow off the ropes by Roberts.

Eaton tags back in and he whips Oswald into the ropes and gets him with an elbow. Roberts back in and Eaton whips him into the ropes and Roberts catches him with an elbow. Roberts tags in Eaton again and he knocks Oswald down. Eaton follows with an elbow drop for the pin. Bryant tries to break the pin but he’s too late.

WINNERS: Mark Roberts & Tony Eaton

They show a video interview with Billy Robinson who gives an update on his injury and sends a message to the Assassins. Robinson talks about his start training at the “Snake Pit”. He mentions some of the men who trained at The Snake Pit.

Some promos for upcoming shows featuring Jimmy Valiant talking about a pole match against Bill Dundee. Valiant said he was this past week’s SNL host with guest Joe Cocker and talks about having a conversation with Cocker. He says that he’s too smart to climb the pole and he’s going to let Dundee do the work and just take the strap away from him and whoop him.

The Assassins (Assassin #1 & Assassin #2) vs. Hillbilly Johnson & Paul Ellering

Paul Ellering and The Assassin #2 start the match. Ellering tosses #2 across the ring. Assassin #2 with a wristlock takedown on Ellering. They hammer each other with forearms before breaking away from eath other. Assassin #2 with a step-over toe hold on Ellering but he kicks out of it. The Assassin #1 tags in and gets Ellering with a waistlock. Ellering trips down #1. The Assassin #2 tags back in but Russell might have lost who was in at the time. Wristlock by Ellering.

Some matwork by Ellering leads to the Assassin heading to the outside. They make a switch outside the ring and the referee gets #1 out of the ring and #2 gets back in. Full nelson gets broken out of by Ellering. The Assassins double-team Ellering for a bit. #1 slams Ellering onto the mat. Ellering reverses a whip into the corner and tags in Hillbilly Johnson. He gets Assassin #1 in a side headlock. They bump into each other and fall to the mat. The Assassins start to beat on Johnson. #2 with some stomps on Hillbilly. Big elbow by one Assassin and an elbowdrop by the other on Johnson. Powerslam by the Assassin but he refuses to pin him. Takedown by the Assassin #2 on Johnson. More double-teaming by the Assassins.

Backdrop by Assassin #1 on Hillbilly Johnson. Fireman’s carry into a slam for the pin.

WINNERS: The Assassins

The Assassins call what they did “team effort” and mentions the “Black & Gold of Pittsburgh”.

Ken Lucas & Steve Regal vs. Bill Smithson & Jerry Ralph

Steve Regal and Jerry Ralph start the match. Hiptoss by Regal followed by a backdrop on Ralph. He slams Ralph again and tags in Lucas who continues to slam Ralph. Knee lifts from Lucas on Ralph. Lucas whips Ralph into the ropes and tags in regal who catches him with a dropkick. He follows that up with a front facelock.

Ralph reaches hsi corner and tags in Smithson who quickly gets caught in a side headlock by Regal. Regal tags in Lucas who punches at Smithson. He stomps on him and tags in Regal who continues the attack. Regal keeps Smithson in a side headlock. Smithson tries to get Regal in a pinning predicament but referee Jerry Calhoun catches him grabbing the trunks.

Smithson whips Regal into the corner but Regal moves out of the way. Regal and Lucas continue their attack on Smithson. They go to work on his left arm. Hammerlock by Regal on Smithson. He reaches the bottom rope to break the hold. Regal with a wristlock on Smithson. Lucas back in with some kneedrops across the head of Smithson. They keep Smithson down with some quick tags.

Regal whips Smithson into the ropes but Smithson catches him with a knee across the face. Smithson with a backdrop on Regal. He whips Regal into the ropes again and gets him with a knee into the mid-section. Another whip into the ropes but Regal tags in Lucas who gets Smithson in a sleeper hold. Regal knocks Ralph out of the ring and Lucas puts Smithson to sleep. A debate over who will wake up Smithson ensues and Jerry Ralph ends up waking up Smithson.

WINNERS: Ken Lucas & Steve Regal

“Superstar” Bill Dundee vs. Harry Damato

Bill Dundee quickly takes down Damato. Double leg drive into a Boston Crab by Dundee on Damato. Damato gets back up but Dundee slams him down onto his knee. He slams him back down onto the mat again and gets a one-count. Damato with an inside cradle for the pin but Dundee reverses it and gets the quick pin on Damato. Match went 1:04.

WINNER: Bill Dundee

Commercial for Winner Furniture with Bill Dundee doing an appearance.

Jerry “The King” Lawler & “Handsome” Jimmy Valiant (w/ Jimmy Hart) vs. Larry Hardin & Rick Morton

Jimmy Valiant is strutting while Jerry Lawler tells Lance Russell and Dave Brown that they’re giving out wrong information about them. Valiant complains about the bright lights being hard on his “baby blue” eyes.

Jerry Lawler and Rick Morton start the match. Lawler argues with the fans. Lawler blacks a single leg takedown attempt by Morton. He gets Morton in the corner and armdrags him out of the corner. Morton pays him back with an armdrag of his own. Lawler complains about Morton pulling his hair. Lawler gets Morton on the ropes and Valiant grabs him. Lawler goes for a punch but Morton ducks. Jerry stops from nearly hitting Valiant.

Morton knocks Lawler down on the mat and goes for the pin. Valiant runs in and tries to stomp on Morton but he moves so Valiant ends up stomping on Lawler by mistake. Lawler, Valiant and Hart complain about Morton using his fist. Morton gets Lawler in a side headlock and tags in Hardin.

Hardin gets tossed into the ropes by Lawler but he ducks a punch and knocks Lawler down. Valiant complains about Hardin throwing a punch. Boot to the mid-section by Hardin at Lawler. More complaints from Hart. Morton tags back in and gets Lawler in a side headlock. Lawler whips him into the ropes and kicks Morton. Valiant tags in and he stomps on Morton and then fires him into the corner. He tosses Morton into Lawler’s feet. Valiant tags in Lawler who goes with a fistdrop off the ropes.

Lawler tosses Morton into Valiant’s knee. Morton reverses a whip on Valiant and tags in Hardin who catches Valiant with a dropkick. All four men get involved. Referee gets Morton out of the ring and while that is going on Lawler removes his elbow pad and punches Hardin with it. Valiant covers Hardin for the pin.

WINNERS: Jerry Lawler & Jimmy Valiant

Rick Gibson & Robert Gibson vs. Chuck Kelly & Dick Greb

Robert Gibson and Chuck Kelly start the match with some cool matwork. Kelly reaches the ropes after getting caught in a headscissors. Kelly with a waistlock on Robert who tags in Rick Gibson. Rick goes for a sunset flip and gets the pin on Chuck Kelly for the win. Very short match.

WINNERS: Rick & Robert Gibson

Ken Lucas promo for an upcoming match teaming with Jerry Jarrett against The Assassins for the Southern Tag Team titles. Lucas mentions that he and Jarrett are a very successful tag team in Louisville, Kentucky.

Bill Dundee joins Lance Russell to talk about the pole match against Jimmy Valiant. He vows he’ll beat Valiant.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Okay episode. A couple of really short matches on this show. The first match on the show was the longest one. Thought the best match was the tag with Lawler & Valiant going against Morton & Hardin. Not too many interviews or promos either which was a little weird given that was a big part of Memphis wrestling.


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