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Mid-South Wrestling 1/20/1983

Written By Alfredo Esparza

Mid-South Wrestling 1/20/1983

Taped 1/19/1983 at the Irish McNeil’s Boys Club in Shreveport, Louisiana. Aired on 1/20/1983.

Boyd Pearce and Paul Boesch are on commentary. They mention this week’s main event will be Ted DiBiase vs. Stagger Lee for the North American Heavyweight Title. Pearce mentions that Stagger Lee hasn’t shown up and they are currently looking for him. Boesch mentions this is something that always stresses out promoters because there are many reasons why a wrestler might not show up and most do their best to show up to be at shows on time.

Bill Watts interviews The Junkyard Dog ringside. He talks about JYD being gone for 90-days and says that if not for the similarities to Stagger Lee, he would have missed him even more. Watts welcomes The Junkyard Dog back. JYD said he’s traveled to Japan, Singapore and spent some time with his family. He also notices that Stagger Lee hasn’t shown up to defend the North American Heavyweight Title.

Watts says he’s gotten to know Stagger Lee and believes he will show up. He asks JYD if he’s in shape and JYD said he’s 50-50 but nastier than ever. They show an old match between The Junkyard Dog & Ernie Ladd vs. The Assassin & Ricky Harris with Ted DiBiase ringside.

JYD tells Watts that he’s back and nastier than before and he has Stagger Lee by his side. His main goal is to get Ted DiBiase.

Boyd Pearce mentions that they still haven’t heard from Stagger Lee.

Art Crews & Tim Horner vs. Marty Lunde & Tom Renesto Jr.

Marty Lunde and Tim Horner start the match. Side headlock by Horner but they hit the ropes with Lunde getting Horner with a body slam. Horner recovers and throws Lunde around until Marty heads to the floor. Lunde gets back in the ring and places Horner on the ropes. Horner uses his speed to confuse Lunde who tags in Renesto Jr. Boesch mentions that there was a Tom Renesto Sr. who was a very good wrestler from a generation ago.

Renesto Jr. and Crews run the ropes. Crews catches Renesto Jr. with a slam and follows with an armdrag into an armbar. Renesto Jr. tags in Lunde who gets in a knee on Crews’ back. Lunde with a slam followed by a legdrop on Crews. Renesto Jr. back in and he gets in a forearm and an elbow for a near fall. Lunde tags back in and he continues the attack on Crews. He slams Crews but misses a kneedrop.

Renesto Jr. back in with a side headlock but Crews hits the ropes and catches him with a dropkick. He tags in Horner. Horner uses his speed and slams both Renesto Jr. and Lunde. All four men get in the ring. Horner catches Renesto Jr. with the Thesz Press for the pin as Crews knocks Lunde to the outside.

WINNERS: Art Crews & Tim Horner

Mr. Wrestling II vs. Tully Blanchard

This match took place in Houston, Texas. Match is joined in progress.

Side headlock by Mr. Wrestling II on Blanchard. Mr. Wrestling II takes Blanchard down to the mat while keeping the headlock on. Tully whips Mr. Wrestling II into the ropes but II takes him back down and again into the headlock. Blanchard shoves Mr. Wrestling II into the referee and takes over in th ematch.

Tully drops a series of elbows on Mr. Wrestling II. He tries to remove Mr. Wrestling II’s mask and that fires up Mr. Wrestling II who beats on Tully. Referee tries to stop Mr. Wrestling II but he shoves the referee. He continues to beat on Blanchard and tosses him into the corner turnbuckles. Tully is bleeding. Again the referee tries to stop Mr. Wrestling II and again he gets shoved and tossed to the outside!

Mr. Wrestling II continues his attack on Blanchard. He catches Blanchard with the knee lift and that sends Tully to the outside. A second referee comes out to stop the action. The bell rings. Mr. Wrestling II continues to beat on Blanchard! Another knee lift by Mr. Wrestling II. Ring announcer mentions Tully Blanchard has won via disqualification. Crowd goes wild for Mr. Wrestling II beating on Blanchard and boo the result.

Mr. Wrestling II tells Blanchard to come back in and Blanchard with his fist closed threatens to enter. Mr. Wrestling II wants him to get back in. Blanchard gets in the ring. He leaves the ring and Mr. Wrestling II tries to chase after him. Referee tries to stop him. Blanchard gets back in the ring and Mr. Wrestling II gets in and they continue to brawl. Tully throws a chair into the ring as he leaves.

WINNER: Tully Blanchard via DQ.

Bill Watts talks to Mr. Wrestling II ringside about the match against Tully Blanchard and about others who have tried to unmask him. He says Blanchard’s biggest mistake was going after his mask because anyone who does gets “their teeth kicked in”. Mr. Wrestling II mentions that he received another threat and this time it says “you are nothing without your knee” and they also sent in a Mr. Wrestling doll with his knee bandaged up. He wants to know who keeps sending him these things, he would be more than happy to give $1,000 to anyone who can reveal who keeps sending him these threats.

“Hacksaw” Jim Duggan vs. Buddy Landell

Hacksaw Duggan starts the match by taking a big swing at Landell but he misses. Landell catches him with an atomic drop but Duggan knocks Landell down. Duggan misses an elbow. He gets Landell in the corner and beats on him. Follows that up with an armdrag across the ring. Duggan gets Landell in a hammerlock and then tosses him shoulder-first into the corner!

Duggan gets Landell with a shoulder breaker and goes for the pin but Landell kicks out. Armbar by Duggan. He whips Landell into the ropes and catches him with an elbow. Duggan slams him into the corners and then tosses him onto the top rope. Duggan then gets Landell with the flying spear for the pin.

WINNER: Hacksaw Duggan

Ted DiBiase joins Bill Watts and is informed that Stagger Lee didn’t show up and match maker Grizzly Smith has changed his match into a tag match. DiBiase is upset and says he saw The Junkyard Dog in the building being interviewed and finds it funny that the first time that Junkyard Dog shows his face in Mid-South that Stagger Lee isn’t around. Ted says that if he did the same thing, he would have been forced to forfeit the title and would have been run out of the territory. He asks Watts what is going on because he exposed JYD. He claims there is a cover-up by Mid-South that is greater than what happened with Water Gate and Nixon.

DiBiase asks Watts why they can’t bring JYD and Stagger Lee out here together.

Kelly Kiniski vs. Tony Torres

The announcers immediately start to talk about Gene Kiniski. Boesch mentions that he’s sure Kelly has heard those comparisons and Paul believes that Kiniski is the most improve young wrestler he has seen in the past few months.

Kelly Kiniski lays in a forearm on Tony Torres. Torres uses his speed to armdrag Kiniski a few times. He gets Kiniski in an armbar. Kiniski kicks Torres off but Torres gets him back in an armbar. Kiniski whips Torres into the ropes and gets him with a knee. Backbreaker by Kiniski on Torres.

Kiniski slams Torres and gets him in a reverse chinlock. He lays in some hard forearms across Torres chest. Torres elbows his way out of the hold. Kiniski catches Torres with a dropkick off the ropes and gets a two-count. Again back to a reverse chinlock but Torres escapes. They mess up a spot and Kiniski gets Torres with a back body drop for the pin.

WINNER: Kelly Kiniski

The Rat Pack (Matt Borne & Ted DiBiase) vs. Don Bass & Joe Stark

Matt Borne and Joe Stark start the match off and Borne quickly takes Stark down to the mat. Stark gets Borne in a headlock. They run the ropes a bit but Borne gets in a forearm on Stark. DiBiase tags in and he gets a knee into Stark’s mid-section. He slams Stark a few times.

Stark tags in Don Bass. DiBiase gets a knee on Bass and slams him into the corner. DiBiase gets Bass with a knee to the face. Borne tags back in and slams Bass. He follows with a kneedrop across Bass’ jaw. He beats on Bass in the corner and tags in DiBiase. DiBiase slams Bass and tags in Borne. Borne whips Bass into the ropes and clotheslines him. Borne tags in DiBiase and Ted gets Bass with a powerslam and gets the pin.

WINNERS: Matt Borne & Ted DiBiase

“Mr. U.S.A.” Tony Atlas vs. Tug Taylor

Tug Taylor attacks Tony Atlas before the bell rings and as he was being introduced. Chavo Guerrero joins Boyd Pearce on commentary. Taylor beats on Atlas but Tony makes a comeback and starts to beat on Taylor. Atlas gets Taylor with a suplex.

Chavo Guerrero mentions that he went out to dinner with Tony Atlas a few days ago and a girl asked Atlas how long it took him to get a body like that and Tony joked with the girl and said it took 30 days. Chavo mentions that to get a body like that it takes years.

Atlas gets Taylor with a front facelock. Taylor gets in a punch on Atlas. Atlas gets Taylor with a dropkick. He then tries to hiptoss Tug Taylor but that doesn’t go very smooth. Atlas slams Taylor after he tried to sandbag him. Atlas tries to force the pin but Taylor kicks out. Atlas gets Taylor in a sleeper hold. Referee keeps picking up Taylor’s arm up in the air. About 5 times which they usually go for raising the hand three times. Finally Atlas let’s go of the sleeper hold and Taylor is out cold.

WINNER: Tony Atlas

Referee tells Tony Atlas to wake up Taylor before he leaves. Weird match.

Boyd Pearce wants to ask Chavo Guerrero a few questions before the show ends. They talk about Gino Hernandez and Chavo having a score to settle with him. Chavo says he’s now after Hacksaw Duggan.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Okay episode. Highlight of the show was the angle going on with the Junkyard Dog returning on the same show that Stagger Lee doesn’t show up to defend the North American Heavyweight Title against Ted DiBiase. Thought the interviews were well done throughout along with the announcers bringing it up. The other highlight was the Mr. Wrestling II vs. Tully Blanchard match from Houston. That was good and wish they showed more of the match. This week’s matches were all pretty short. The Duggan beatdown on Landell was good. The Atlas vs. Taylor match was pretty bad. Something must have happened because Taylor seemed to sandbag Atlas with him not letting him do the armdrag out of the corner and the slam looked rough too. I don’t think the sleeper hold was the planned finish because the referee kept raising Taylor’s arm up and that went on for quite a bit.


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