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WCCW TV 7/24/1982

Written By Alfredo Esparza

World Class Championship Wrestling 7/24/1982

Taped 7/20/1982 at the Sportatorium in Dallas, Texas. Aired on 7/24/1982.

Bill Mercer & Jay Saldi are on commentary.

Bugsy McGraw vs. Pete Montrose

Bugsy McGraw brought along a garbage can, broom and a few other items. McGraw starts to talk to the referee and tells him that he’s taking off his shirt. Then wonders if the referee is going to want to touch his body and check if he has any disease. He asks him what’s wrong with him. He shakes a bit for a woman ringside.

Bugsy spins around Montrose. He shoves Montrose into the ropes. Side headlock by Montrose but McGraw picks him up and places him on the top turnbuckle. Bugsy follows that up with a chop that knocks Montrose off the corner turnbuckles and to the mat.

They lock-up again and Montrose shoves him into the ropes and lays in some forearms. Bugsy counters with a flurry of punches and knocks Montrose down. He walks around the ring as Montrose stares at him. Montrose rakes Bugsy’s eyes and punches him across the head. McGraw counters with an elbow. He picks Montrose up and slams him and stomps on him. Bugsy climbs to the top rope and splashes Montrose for the pin.

WINNER: Bugsy McGraw

Bill Mercer interviews Bugsy McGraw ringside. Bugsy brings some kids with him. He asks if they like surprises and says there will be some surprises later on in the show. Everyone’s going to like it and H & H will be surprised.

Al Madril vs. Raul Castro

Side headlock by Al Madril and he punches Raul Castro. Castro complains in Spanish that he used a closed fist. Waistlock by Madril. Some reversals with Madril sending Castro to the mat with an armdrag. Castro counters and tosses Madril and argues with the fans. He gets some hard shots at Madril but Madril punches back. He takes Castro down with a hard chop.

More punches from Madril on Castro. He slams Castro into the turnbuckles. Madril goes for the pin but Castro kicks out. Castro fights back and slams Madril into the top turnbuckle. Madril counters and gets Castro tied up on the ropes. He tries to unmask Castro and tells the referee that he wants to see what he looks like. Referee breaks it up. Castro with a reverse chinlock on Madril.

Al Madril continues to try to take Castro’s mask off while in a reverse chinlock. Castro has to break the hold. Madril catches him with a series of punches that knock Castro down. He whips Castro into the ropes and catches him with a flying shoulder block. Follows with a punch. He goes for a figure-four leglock but Castro breaks the hold.

Castro with some punches on Madril. He whips Madril into the ropes and Madril hits a reverse body press off the ropes and catches Castro for the pin.

WINNER: Al Madril

Jay Saldi interviewed Kerry & Kevin Von Erich about the American Tag Team titles and their upcoming match against King Kong Bundy & Bill Irwin. Kerry talked about getting a tan.

Brian Adias vs. The Great Kabuki (w/ Gary Hart)

The Great Kabuki grabs hold of Brian Adias and takes him down to the mat. Kabuki grabs hold of Adias left hand. Adias reverses it and gets Kabuki in a wristlock but Kabuki escapes with a monkey flip. Armbar by Adias on Kabuki. Gary Hart walks around calmly ringside. Adias with a wristlock.

The Great Kabuki with a reverse kick knocks Adias down. Side headlock by Adias. Kabuki picks him up but Adias keeps the hold on. The Great Kabuki escapes. Hard chops from Kabuki on Adias. Saldi mentions that David Von Erich will be returning soon. Adias with a monkey flip out of the corner on Kabuki. Adias whips Kabuki into the ropes but he’s met by a thrust kick!

More chops from Kabuki at Adias. Kabuki spins around and delivers another chop. Reverse kick from Kabuki. Fans start to chant for Adias who gets caught in a nerve hold by Kabuki. Adias escapes and elbows and dropkicks Kabuki. Kabuki counters with another spin kick and he gets Adias back in a nerve hold. Adias fights out of the nerve hold. He catches Kabuki with a neckbreaker.

Kabuki rakes Adias face and follows with a kick at Adias that sends him over the top rope! Fans can be heard screaming. A gorilla climbs into the ring and Kabuki leaves the ring. Kabuki leaves and Hart follows trying to get him back in the ring.

The gorilla removes his mask and it is revealed to be Bugsy McGraw. Referee ends up giving the win to The Great Kabuki due to Bugsy McGraw’s interference.

WINNER: The Great Kabuki

Bill Mercer interviews Gary Hart who says Kabuki comes from the jungle so when he saw something like that, he left. Bugsy McGraw puts the gorilla mask back on and heads over and hits Hart with a pie in the face which makes all the fans laugh. Hart is upset.

McGraw joins Bill Mercer and he laughs about what he just did and tells Mercer that someone told him that Gary Hart had a “real sweet tooth”. He keeps laughing.

A video feature with The Great Kabuki and The Magic Dragon showing their martial arts skills. Mercer tells Hart that the Chicago Cubs must have won because he’s wearing his Cubs jacket. Hart replies that the Cubs win every time they play. The Great Kabuki wore a Samurai outfit that was removed before the exhibition. They show Kabuki and the Magic Dragon training in Kung Fu, Ju Jitsu and karate. That is followed by them training with weapons. The Great Kabuki then shows off his nunchuck skills!

Kerry & Kevin Von Erich vs. King Kong Bundy & “Wild” Bill Irwin (w/ Armand Hussein)

Fans start to chant “Chauncey” at “Wild” Bill Irwin. Kerry Von Erich and Irwin start the match. Kerry gets Irwin in a wristlock and quickly tags in Kevin who lands an elbow across Irwin’s left arm. Kevin with an armbar on Irwin. Nice takedown by Kevin as he tags in Kerry. Kerry with a boot on Irwin’s face as he stretches out his arm.

Irwin whips Kerry into the ropes and grabs him for a slam but Kerry lands on top of him. He gets Irwin again in an armbar. Bundy is able to tag in and he lands some elbows across Kerry. He slams Kerry into the turnbuckles and follows with a splash into the corner. Kerry and Bundy exchange punches. Bundy misses a splash into the corner. Kerry tags in Kevin. Big knee into Kevin’s mid-section.

Bundy beats on Kevin with some forearms. He whips him into the ropes and catches Kevin in a bear hug! He drives Kevin into Irwin’s knee. Irwin whips Kevin into the ropes and gets him with a side backbreaker. Kevin breaks a pin attempt. Irwin continues with some forearms but Kevin lays one in as well. Kevin catches Irwin with a dropkick and tags Kerry.

Kerry Von Erich with some punches thrown at Irwin. He goes for a pin but Irwin kicks out. Big knee across the side of the head by Kerry. He whips Irwin into the ropes but misses a dropkick as Irwin grabs hold of the ropes. Some stomps by Irwin and he tags in Bundy. Bundy whips Kerry into the ropes and catches him with an elbow. Legdrop across Kerry’s left arm and shoulder. Armbar by Bundy as the fans start to chant loudly for Kerry Von Erich.

Wild Bill Irwin back in and he continues the attack. He whips Kerry into the ropes and catches him with a step-up kick. Irwin sends Kerry to the floor. Kevin stretches out trying to reach Kerry for a tag. Kerry catches Irwin with a kick. Kevin charges in and punches Bundy. Irwin tags Bundy back in and he continues the attack on Kerry. Hard right by Bundy.

Kerry tags in Kevin who hits Bundy hard and catches him with a dropkick. He goes for a big splash on Bundy for the pin. Bundy had tagged in Irwin before the pin attempt. Irwin jumps in and hits Kevin with an elbow drop and covers him for the pin.

WINNERS: King Kong Bundy & Bill Irwin

Fans start to chant “We Want Bugsy” at Hussein, Bundy & Irwin. Show closes with Mercer & Saldi joined by Bugsy McGraw and a bunch of kids ringside. McGraw vows more surprises and has all the kids yell out “Hi Mom!”

SHOW THOUGHTS: Okay episode. Main event was the best match on the show. First episode with Bundy sporting a bald head. The Bugsy McGraw surprise with him dressed as a gorilla to scare off The Great Kabuki was entertaining. Thought the best part on the show might have been the segment with The Great Kabuki & The Magic Dragon doing their martial arts training.


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