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Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling 5/15/1982

Written By Alfredo Esparza

Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling 5/15/1982

Taped 5/12/1982 at the WPCQ-TV Studios in Charlotte, North Carolina. Aired on 5/15/1982.

Bob Caudle and David Crockett open the show. David Crockett mentions that Stan Hansen & Ole Anderson reached the tag team title tournament final and will face Wahoo McDaniel & Don Muraco in that 4-out-of-7 series.

Sandy Scott joins them to announce there is a new rule being added by the NWA. He brings out the Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Championship and announces that recently Roddy Piper lost the title to Jack Brisco so he brings out Brisco and hands him the newly won title.

Jack Brisco said he came to the territory for competition and to win belts. He’s proud to hold the title. Roddy Piper interrupts Brisco and brings along a trash can. He calls Brisco a “trash can Indian” champion. Tim Horner is there standing nearby as Piper starts to scream at Brisco. Piper calls him garbage and an idiot. Brisco mentions that a fan gave him a gift (lollipop) and he said Piper deserves it more because he’s a “sucker”!

Tim Horner is asked for his comments and he says if anyone deserved to get beat it was Piper. Piper unwraps the sucker and he attacks Horner! Piper starts to strip off his clothes and jumps in the ring. He tosses his clothes at Horner. Horner jumps into the ring. Ivan Koloff was already in the ring waiting for his match but he joins in with Piper and they attack Horner! Piper tosses Horner to the outside. Jack Brisco runs out and he fights with both of them. David Crockett and Sandy Scott get into the ring to break everything up. Crockett gets knocked down to the mat and rolls to the outside. Don Muraco runs out to help Brisco. Wild brawl!

They go to a commercial break.

Jack Brisco and Don Muraco go for an interview with their shirts ripped apart. Sandy Scott announces that the NWA has a new ruling were there will no longer be any disqualification in a match for a 30-day period and there must be a winner. They will also have to continue a match should they end a time limit at a draw. They’ll then get a breather before continuing the match. Crockett also mentions no count-outs as well.

Ron Ritchie vs. Jim Dalton

Clean break near the ropes. Ritchie with a head scissors reversing a headlock attempt by Dalton. Some reversals of armlocks by both. Side headlock by Ritchie gets reversed by Dalton. Dalton gets him in a wristlock. He kicks at Ritchie. Ritchie reverses but Dalton gets him into the ropes. Fireman’s carry takedown by Ritchie into an armbar.

Bob Caudle tells David Crockett to take a break because he took a pretty big blow from Roddy Piper in the ring. Dalton with a shoulder block knocks Ritchie down. Ritchie gets back up and takes Dalton down with a hiptoss into an armbar. Dalton gets Ritchie into the ropes and gets him with a knee into the mid-section. He gets Ritchie with a nerve hold across the shoulders.

Ritchie elbows his way out of the hold but Dalton is able to get him again with a knee into the mid-section and back with the nerve hold. Ritchie with a leapfrog and goes for a dropkick but Dalton backs away and Ritchie misses. Back to the nerve hold by Dalton. He gets a knee into the top of Ritchie’s shoulder. He keeps Ritchie back in the nerve hold.

More knees to the head by Dalton but Ritchie fights back. Ritchie fights out of the hold and catches Dalton with a pair of dropkicks. Dalton with a shot at Ritchie’s mid-section. He whips him into the ropes but it gets reversed. Ritchie catches Dalton for a powerslam and gets the pin.

WINNER: Ron Ritchie

Sgt. Slaughter joins Bob Caudle. He’s upset at Sandy Scott for presenting titles on the show. He tells everyone that he still has the belt despite Wahoo McDaniel and Don Muraco going after him. Sgt. Slaughter says he’s glad for these new rules because now no one can run away from him. He makes no excuses and challenges everyone and vows to beat them all.

Killer Khan vs. Vinnie Valentino

Killer Khan gets Valentino in the corner and starts to gouge his eyes. He kicks and chops away on Valentino. Hiptoss by Khan! Some kicks by Khan. Valentino tries to fight back but Khan continues his attack. Snapmare into an armbar by Khan. He uses the top rope to work on Valentino’s left arm.

More kicks from Khan. The fans start to imitate Khan’s screams. Armbar on Valentino. Khan pulls down Valentino by the hair. He whips him into the ropes and elbows him. Valentino fights back again with some elbows and forearms. He backs Khan into the corner and whips him into the ropes. Vinnie charges at him in the corner and is met by a knee. Khan whips him into the ropes and catches him with a double thrust chop. He follows with a kneedrop and covers Valentino for the pin.

WINNER: Killer Khan

Mike Davis & Kelly Kiniski join Bob Caudle for an interview. Kelly Kiniski talks about his upcoming match against Angelo Mosca. He said he talked to his father Gene Kiniski about Mosca since he’s wrestled several times in the past. Kelly mentions how Mosca likes to say he’s the greatest wrestler to come out of Canada and Kelly vows to prove to him that the Kiniski name is still at the top of Canada.

Mike Davis talks about what happened earlier on the show between Roddy Piper, Jack Brisco and Tim Horner. He says Piper got what he was asking for and got his can kicked. Davis talks about how Piper always has someone behind him to help him get out of trouble. He also thinks the new rule is great.

King Parsons vs. Tony Russo

This is King Parsons’ first match on Mid-Atlantic TV. Snapmare into a stomp by Parsons. Russo gets him in a full nelson and Parsons breaks free. Side headlock by Russo but Parsons escapes. Parsons gets Russo in a full nelson. Russo escapes and catches him with a forearm. He whips Parsons into the ropes and kicks him into the mid-section.

Parsons catches Russo with a hiptoss out of the ropes. He follows with a dropkick and goes for the pin after a slam. Parsons with another slam. He whips Russo into the ropes and punches him. Elbows by Parsons followed by more punches that knock Russo down. He whips Russo into the ropes again but Russo catches him with a kick. Russo whips Parson into the ropes and kicks him.

Parsons makes a comeback and starts to punch Russo. He whips Russo into the ropes and catches him with a monkey flip. Parsons with a dropkick. He goes for a pin after a snapmare. Headbutt by Parsons and he gets the pin on Russo.

WINNER: King Parsons

King Kong Mosca joins Bob Caudle and talks about the new 30-day rule and he’s pleased because the fans will never see him DQed. He says winning is the name of the game and will never get disqualified.

Roddy Piper returns and screams at Bob Caudle. He claims that he knows how to counter Jack Brisco’s figure-four leglock. Piper screams and rants about Brisco. He threatens to kill Brisco.

Ole Anderson tells Caudle that Piper has a reason to be upset and guys like Brisco and Roberts should be worried. He calls himself a winner.

“King Kong” Angelo Mosca vs. Kelly Kiniski

Big forearms exchanged by the two. Paul Jones joins on commentary. Mosca gets Kiniski witha wristlock but it gets reversed. Kiniski applies more pressure on the left arm. They get to the ropes and Mosca gets in a big forearm but Kiniski keeps the armbar on Mosca. Angelo Mosca pulls Kiniski by the hair and whips him into the ropes and catches him with a knee to the mid-section. Front chancery by Mosca.

Mosca takes down Kiniski and keeps him locked in a submission hold. Kiniski with some elbows and a hiplock takedown on Mosca. Mosca pulls the hair and drops his leg on Kiniski. Angelo Mosca starts to tell Kelly that he’s just like his old man. Kiniski fights back and whips Mosca into the corner and follows with some shoulder tackles.

Angelo Mosca knocks Kiniski down. He slams Kiniski into the turnbuckles. Mosca kicks at Kiniski and starts to laugh at him. More kicks from Mosca. Reverse chinlock by Mosca. Kiniski fights out of it and gets in some punches and slams Mosca. He catches Mosca with a pair of elbows and goes for the pin. Mosca dives at Kiniski and knocks him down again.

Mosca whips Kiniski off the ropes. He gets in a big forearm across Kiniski’s back. Front facelock by Mosca. He lifts Kiniski up to apply more pressure. Mosca starts to scream at Paul Jones and asks if he wants some. Kiniski with some forearms across Mosca’s chest. He whips Mosca into the ropes and gets in a punch to the mid-section. Kelly charges at Mosca but he catches Kiniski with an elbow.

Kiniski gets choked on the ropes by Mosca. He fights back against Mosca. Referee tries to stop Kiniski from punching Mosca in the corner. Mosca uses that to get in a big elbow across Kiniski’s head and knocks him down and gets the pin.

WINNER: Angelo Mosca

Steve Sybert and Jim Dalton join Bob Caudle for an interview. Dalton says he made a mistake against Ron Ritchie and he’s excited about that new rule for 30-days. He talks about how guys like McDaniel, Muraco, Weaver and Jones deliberately end matches in DQs or countouts. He says that guys like him, Slaughter, Ole Anderson, the privates, etc. are going to clean house with this new rulling.

Steve Sybert is also pleased with this new rule. He believes this will work in his favor. Dalton interrupts and says people are going to have to cave Sybert’s head in to show him some stuff because he’s from Missouri.

Jake “The Snake” Roberts & Johnny Weaver vs. Pvt. Don Kernoodle & Pvt. Jim Nelson

Jake Roberts and Pvt. Nelson start the match. Nelson gets in a forearm on Roberts and whips him into the ropes but Roberts reverses and sends Nelson into Kernoodle’s elbow. Weaver tags in and gets whipped into the ropes by Nelson but Weaver stomps on Nelson’s head. Kernoodle tags in. Roberts slaps Kernoodle and they argue a bit.

Kernoodle gets Weaver in the corner but Weaver turns it around and whips him out of the corner. Weaver with an atomic knee drop on Kerndoodle for a two-count. Kernoodle catches Weaver with an elbow to the back. He tags Nelson back in. Nelson beats on Weaver and gets him with an armbar. Kernoodle back in and he keeps Weaver in an armbar.

Weaver gets his hair pulled by Kernoodle. He tags Nelson back in and they continue to work on Weaver’s left arm. Nelson with a body slam (w/ Weaver’s arm behind his back) to the mat. Kernoodle back in with an elbow drop. Weaver tries to escape but Nelson tagged back in. Armbar by Nelson. Weaver powers his way out of the corner but Nelson shoves him back and tags in Kernoodle.

Kernoodle screams at Weaver asking him to give it up. Weaver slams Kernoodle but Nelson back in. Nelson with another slam and he grabs hold of the left arm again. The privates keep blocking Weaver from getting to his corner. Kernoodle with an armbar on Weaver. Nelson back in and they trip up Weaver from reaching his corner.

Weaver with some forearms at Nelson but Kernoodle tags back in and keeps Weaver down on the mat. Elbow drop by Nelson on Weaver. Weaver with some punches at Nelson but again Kernoodle tags back in. Weaver kicks at Kernoodle and charges over to tag Roberts.

Jake Roberts slams Kernoodle. He whips him into the corner and backdrops him. Nelson comes in and Roberts knocks him down. Roberts goes for the DDT on Kernoodle! He goes for the pin but Kernoodle kicks out. Roberts slams Kernoodle and then charges at him with the knee lift. Kernoodle goes flying to the outside! Roberts catches Nelson with a knee lift.

Roberts punches at Nelson. Kernoodle gets back in the ring. Roberts whips him into the ropes and backdrops him. Bell rings as Roberts has Kernoodle covered. All four men get into the ring. Weaver gets Kernoodle in a sleeper. Kernoodle and Nelson head to the outside.

David Crockett tells Kernoodle and Nelson that they have to come back next week and continue the match. Roberts and Weaver attack them after.

WINNERS: Time Limit Draw

Weaver and Roberts join Bob Caudle. They want more against them and Crockett tells them that they’ll have the match continue next week. Weaver says they were stalling for time. Jones tells them that they were winning the match.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Great episode! Opening with Jack Brisco and Roddy Piper’s confrontation was great. The brawl between Piper, Koloff, Brisco and Muraco was a strong start to the show. Matches all seemed a bit more competitive this time around. Best match on the show was the main event tag match. The interview segment with Dalton and Sybert was amusing. Interesting new 30-day rule was introduced and I’m going to guess what dropped after that time period.


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