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World Of Sport Ep. #12

Written By Alfredo Esparza

World Of Sport Ep. #12

“Rollerball” Mark Rocco & “Banger” Tommy Walsh vs. Big Daddy & Kid Chocolate

Taped 3/29/1980 at Walton On Thames

Match winner will be determined by 2 falls, 2 submissions of a knock out. Rocco tosses Kid Chocolate to the side. He and Walsh then charge at Big Daddy and try to take him down but Big Daddy shoves them off him. They then continue to charge at Big Daddy but they bounce off him several times. Rocco goes for a dive but Big Daddy grabs him and slams him. They charge again but Big Daddy knocks them down. Walsh and Rocco head to the outside.

Kid Chocolate knocks Mark Rocco and Tony Walsh off the ring apron. Rocco back in and Kid Chocolate knocks him down. Walsh comes in and Kid Chocolate headbutts and then dropkicks him. He tags in Rocco. Kid Chocolate catches Rocco with a dropkick. Rocco back up and he snapmares Kid Chocolate. Rocco tags in Walsh who lands an elbow on Kid Chocolate. He whips him hard into the corner and follows with a fall-away suplex.

Rocco tags back in and he suplexes Kid Chocolate. Walsh and Rocco with quick tags. Walsh with a suplex and then Rocco follows with an ax handle off the top rope. More quick tags with Walsh and Rocco landing kneedrops off the top rope onto Kid Chocolate. Big Daddy looks on in concern. Walsh with a suplex on Kid Chocolate. Rocco and Walsh continue with the beatdown on Kid Chocolate.

Referee warns Walsh and Rocco. Big Daddy’s had enough and he picks both up and drops them onto the top rope. He and Kid Chocolate send Walsh and Rocco head-first into each other. Big Daddy continues to beat on Rocco. Kid Chocolate returns back to being the legal man in the ring. Walsh knocks him down and he tags in Rocco. They continue their attack on Kid Chocolate. Walsh removes the padding off the corner and Rocco sends him into it.

Rollerball Rocco piledrives Kid Chocolate and then tags Tony Walsh back into the ring. He does the same to Kid Chocolate and tags in Rocco who jumps off the top rope onto Kid Chocolate. Kid Chocolate tries to make a run at tagging Big Daddy but Rocco cuts him off. Suplex by Rocco. Rocco picks up Kid Chocolate over his shoulder for a backbreaker and gets him to submit. Rocco and Walsh get the 1st submission.

Tony Walsh continues to attack Kid Chocolate. Big Daddy grabs both Walsh and Rocco and slams them into each other. Referee gives Rocco a public warning.

Second fall starts with Rocco and Kid Chocolate. Walsh back in and he gets Kid Chocolate with a double under hook suplex. Banger Walsh places Kid Chocolate over his shoulders. Rocco gets up on the middle rope and places his knee over the top rope so that Walsh could toss Kid Chocolate onto his knee! Rocco goes for another backbreaker. Kid Chocolate fights out of it. Rocco whips him into the corner but Kid Chocolate crawls beneath Rocco and tags in Big Daddy!

Big Daddy comes in and he sends Rocco bouncing around the ring. Walsh comes in and he bounces off Big Daddy as well. Hard shoulder block by Big Daddy followed by a backdrop. Rocco jumps off the ropes but Big Daddy catches him and slams him down to the mat. Big Daddy follows with a splash on gets the pin on Rocco. Match now tied 1-1.

Third fall starts with Rollerball Rocco and Big Daddy. Walsh gets in as well and they charge at Big Daddy and keep getting knocked down. They head to the outside. Neither guy wants to get back in the ring and the referee counts them both out. Big Daddy and Kid Chocolate win via countout.

WINNER: Big Daddy & Kid Chocolate (2-1)

Les Kellett vs. Johnny South

Taped 11/5/1974 at Chelmsford

This is a heavyweight contest with six 5-minute rounds with 2 falls, 2 submissions or a knockout to determine the winner. Handshake prior to the match with Les Kellett giving South a funny look.

First round starts and again South shakes Kellett’s hand. South takes Kellett down with a hammerlock. He stomps on Kellett’s arm. South tries to lock up with Kellett but Kellett moves away which upsets South. Kellett talks with the referee. Kellett armdrags South around the ring to the delight of the fans. South punches at Kellett’s mid-section a few times. He gets him with a nerve hold across his shoulders. He slaps at the referee while South applies more pressure. Kellett breaks out with an elbow and knee lift.

Some comedy from Kellett which the fans enjoy. Kellett ties South up and then kicks him in the back. He threatens to kick him while he’s down but the referee warns him and he stops. Leg takedown by South on Kellett. South has him in a leglock but Kellett starts to kick at his back. Referee breaks it up and Kellett again talks to the referee. More laughs from the fans.

Kellett goes after South’s left knee and the bell rings signaling the end of the first fall. Referee tells Kellett to break it up. More laughs from the fans.

They fast forward to Round three with Johnny South up 1-0. South grabs hold of Kellett and punches him in the mid-section. Leg takedown by South and he goes for a deathlock. He elbows Kellett in the mid-section while having him in the hold. Kellett slaps South and reverses the deathlock. Referee tells South to watch it and Kellett tells South to listen to the referee. Kellett breaks out of the deathlock. He teases possibly kicking South in the mid-section but doesn’t.

Flying body scissors by South. Kellett picks him up and pinches him. South complains to the referee. Kellett kicks his butt. South grabs hold of Kellett by the throat while hitting his back with some forearms. Kellett grabs hold of South but South gets in a punch at his mid-section but instead Kellett pretends he got punched. Referee warns South. Kellett punches South but the referee thinks it was South who punched Kellett and gives him a public warning.

Round four and this time South does punch Kellett in the mid-section. He whips Kellett hard into the corner and then stomps on him. Forearms to the back of Kellett. South body checks Kellett but Kellet bounces off the ropes and knocks South down with a headbutt to the mid-section. Referee counts South down and Kellett gets the win via a knockout.

WINNER: Les Kellett

Les Kellett vs. Mel Stuart

Taped 10/8/1974 at Elstree

This contest is six 5-minute rounds with 2 falls, 2 submissions or a knockout determining the winner. Les Kellett gets very close to the referee and then smiles when he shakes Stuart’s hand.

First round starts with Mel Stuart trying to lock-up and Les Kellett moving out of the way. Stuart gets him in a side headlock. He reverses it into a hammerlock. Stuart tries to pick him up which gets a few laughs from the fans. Single leg takedown by Kellett. Stuart kicks him off but Kellett bounces off the ropes and hits Stuart with a headbutt to the mid-section.

Mel Stuart gets Kellett in a full nelson. Kellett escapes. Stuart tosses him into the ropes but Kellett bounces off and does a cartwheel and kicks at the air. Very cool spot. Wristlock by Stuart. Kellett tries to break out of Stuart’s grasp. They cut away to later in the match so we see Kellett knocking down Stuart. Stuart gets him in a nerve hold and it seems to be knocking Kellett out. Kellett lays down on the mat with his feet on the rope. The referee tells Stuart to wake him up but Kellett smiles as it was a trick and he knocks Stuart down.

Les Kellett slaps at Stuart. He bounces off the ropes after Stuart tosses him a few times. Uppercuts by Stuart! Referee gives Stuart a public warning in round two. Kellett threatens to punch Stuart but the referee warns him. Front chinlock by Kellett. Stuart can be heard screaming so Kellett asks the referee what is he saying. Stuart escapes by grabbing Kellett’s thumb which leads to Kellett telling the referee that “he’s got me thumb”!

Kellett breaks out of the hold by head-butting Stuart. Some comedy follows with Kellett getting in between the ropes and the referee. He elbows Stuart across the face. Kellett goes for a headbutt to Stuart’s mid-section but Stuart moves and he flies thru the middle rope to the outside. The bell rings signaling the end of the round. Referee tells Kellett to stop. Kellett stops his attack on Stuart and tells him that the bell just rung.

Round three starts with Stuart slamming Kellett hard into the corner. He catches Kellet with an uppercut. Stuart knees Kellett and follows that up with an uppercut. He whips Kellett hard into the corner again. Stuart hiptosses Kellett. More uppercuts. Kellett falls to the outside. He gets back in and punches Stuart a few times.

Kellett gets in a few more shots at Stuart. He argues with the referee for a bit. More comedy with Kellett head-butting Stuart and then stomping on his face. Stuart gets in a punch at Kellett’s back. Some more uppercuts from Stuart. Referee warns him again. Kellett elbows Stuart and threatens to punch him. He gives him a hard chop instead as the bell rings signaling the end of round three.

Round four starts with Kellett grabbing hold of Stuart and kicking him in the back. Uppercut from Stuart followed by a stomp. Another uppercut from Stuart. Stuart argues with the fans. Kellett dropkicks Stuart from behind and sends him over the rope and to the floor. Kellett wins the match via knockout as Stuart is unable to get back before the count ends.

WINNER: Les Kellett

SHOW THOUGHTS: Fun show. Not sure this would get a lot of interest but I enjoyed it. Les Kellett was great. Mixes comedy well in his matches. The tag match was pretty good with Rocco and Walsh dominating most of the offense and then bumping around for Big Daddy. A little confusing to keep up with the singles matches because they use the round system but the way the show is edited they would cut away after a round and move forward to a later round or just cut away during a round without any warning. The action was good though.


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