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Memphis Wrestling 1/26/1980

Written By Alfredo Esparza

CWA Memphis Championship Wrestling 1/26/1980

Taped 1/26/1980 at the WMC-TV Studios in Memphis, Tennessee.

Lance Russell and Dave Brown on commentary. They go thru the matches scheduled for the show and mention that the main event is going to a tag team match with Rick Morton teaming with Paul Ellering to go up against Jerry Lawler and his partner Jimmy Hart!

Steve Regal vs. Bill Smithson

Steve Regal with a waistlock takedown on Bill Smithson. He controls the early action keeping Smithson on the mat. Smithson gets Regal into the ropes and gets in a few shots at Regal but Regal is able to counter him and take him down to the mat with a wristlock. They get back on the ropes and Smithson breaks cleanly.

They get back on the ropes again and Smithson gets Regal with a side headlock. Regal picks him up and backdrops him. He slams Smithson and gets a two count. Front facelock by Regal. Again Smithson gets Regal into the turnbuckles and gets him with a knee to the mid-section. He punches Regal while having him in a side headlock. Regal fights back and punches him. He gets Smithson in a side headlock.

Regal with a takedown on Smithson and keeps him in a side headlock. Smithson tries to roll Regal up for a pin but Regal kicks out. Regal gets backed into the ropes and Smithson gets him in a headlock and rakes his face across the top rope. Regal reverses and gets Smithson in a facelock. They reach the corner turnbuckles and break. Regal knocks Smithson down and grabs him in a leglock.

Bill Smithson reaches the ropes and breaks the hold. He takes Regal down by the hair and into an armbar. Smithson whips Regal into the ropes and backdrops him. He misses an elbow on Regal. Smithson quickly back up and punches Regal. He goes for another backdrop but Regal catches him with a sunset flip and gets the pin.

WINNER: Steve Regal

Jerry “The King” Lawler & Jimmy Hart join Lance Russell for an interview. They laugh about the “Back Alley Street Brawl” between Jerry Jarrett and Jimmy Hart with Jarrett’s feet being tied together. Lawler mentions that this is Hart’s chance to get revenge after they’ve tried to humiliate him. He tells Dundee that he’s going to beat him real bad.

Jimmy Valiant cuts a promo for his Southern Title match against Ken Lucas. He laughs and says Kenny Lucas sounds like the name of medicine or dog food.

They show highlights of a six-man tag team match between Ken Lucas & The Gibsons vs. The Assassins from the 1/14/1980 Mid-South Coliseum show. The Assassins are shown beating on Ken Lucas while the Gibsons try to get the crowd going and want to get into the match. He’s finally able to tag in Robert Gibson who comes in and gets the Assassins. The Assassins regain control of the match but everyone gets in the ring. During the melee, Robert Gibson gets one of the Assassins for the pin. The mask of the Assassin’s coach was on the line and it gets removed.

Lance Russell reveals that The Assassin’s Coach was Troy Graham under the mask.

Video sent in by Billy Robinson to give an update on his arm injury. He’s shown lifting weights. He talks about regaining strength in his arm and he should be back soon. He says that he has a task and that is to be better than before and when he returns, he’s going to win.

“Handsome” Jimmy Valiant (w/ Jimmy Hart) vs. Robert Gibson

Jimmy Valiant slowly gets ready for the match. Bell finally rings but Valiant continues to stall a bit. Valiant with a side headlock but Gibson whips him into the ropes. Jimmy grabs the rope and struts again. Valiant whips Gibson into the ropes and gets a bit of his own medicine as Robert holds onto the ropes to stop momentum and threatens to punch Valiant. Top wristlock by Valiant gets reversed. Valiant complains about Gibson grabbing his hair.

Valiant gets Gibson in a waistlock and it gets reversed. “Handome” Jimmy grabs the ropes and now complains that Gibson grabbed his tights. Gibson gets Valiant in a wristlock. Valiant whips Gibson into the ropes and catches him with a knee in the mid-section. He starts to beat on Gibson and backdrops him hard to the mat. Jimmy tosses Gibson into the corner but it gets reversed on the third attempt. Gibson catches Valiant with a dropkick.

Robert Gibson knocks Valiant down to the mat and hits the ropes but Hart trips him up. Valiant lands an elbow drop on Gibson and covers him for the pin. Rick Gibson runs out and runs off Valiant and Hart. Rick tells the referee what Hart did.

WINNER: Jimmy Valiant

Jimmy Valiant grabs the mic and tells everyone that “he’s too cool, to be true”! He asks “Big Brother” (Rick Gibson) if he wants a piece of him. Jimmy Valiant goes back to the ring and he and Rick Gibson have a brawl. Jimmy Hart gets involved which leads to Robert Gibson getting involved as well. The Gibsons run off Hart and Valiant.

Rick Gibson vs. Bub Smith

Waistlock takedown by Rick Gibson to start the match. Some mat work early on with Bub Smith reaching the ropes. Another waistlock takedown by Rick Gibson on Bub Smith. Gibson slams Smith. Big knee lift by Rick Gibson. He slams Bub a second time and follows with a knee drop.

Brutal looking suplex by Rick Gibson on Bub Smith. He struggled to pick him up and dropped him on his head. Gibson gets back up and dropkicks Smith’s face. He slams Smith again and gets the pin. Rough match for both guys.

WINNER: Rick Gibson

Lance Russell runs down the upcoming show at Louisville Gardens on 1/29/1980.

“Superstar” Bill Dundee vs. Jerry Ralph

Jerry Ralph tries to dive and go for Bill Dundee’s legs but Dundee moves and Ralph falls to the mat. Dundee drops Ralph to the mat and gets him by the arm and shoulder. Ralph gets Dundee on the ropes and gets him with a knee before the referee gets them to break. Dundee drops Ralph down to the mat with a waistlock and then turns and pins him. Short match!

Dundee holds the ropes so Jerry Ralph can leave the ring.

WINNER: Bill Dundee

Bill Dundee heads over to the announcer’s table and shakes hands with Russell and Brown. They show video of a match from Mid-South Coliseum between Valiant, Lawler & Hart against Morton, Regal & Big Red with Bill Dundee as the referee. Hart tries to pick up Morton but can’t hold him up and Morton pins Hart. Dundee counts the pin. Lawler attacks Dundee after the match. Dundee gets his revenge on Lawler as Big Red, Morton & Regal keep Valiant and Hart from helping Lawler.

Jerry “The King” Lawler (w/ Jimmy Hart) vs. Rick Morton

Lance Russell mentions that Paul Ellering isn’t there. He was there earlier and apparently someone stole his shoes and he left to get some shoes and had not returned. They turned this into a singles match.

Lawler starts to complain about his hair getting pulled when they locked-up. Morton takes Lawler down with an armdrag and again he complains about Morton pulling his hair. Jimmy Hart agrees with Lawler and yells at the referee who happens to be Paul Morton (Rick’s father). Lawler ends up pulling Morton’s hair and takes him down. He starts to complain that the referee sees what he does but not what Rick Morton does.

Rick Morton gets Lawler in a headlock and tells the referee that Morton pulled his hair. Referee gets distracted by Hart, so Lawler pulls Morton by the hair. Lawler with a leg takedown into a step-over toe hold on Morton. Fans start to chant for Rick Morton. Lawler works on Morton’s left leg. Morton grabs Lawler’s head and tries to get him off him but Lawler keeps grinding his knuckles into Morton’s knee.

Lawler kicks at Morton’s left knee. Right fist at Morton. Rick Morton fights back. Lawler gets him with a forearm. Hart grabs hold of Morton’s left leg and tries to injure him. Side suplex by Lawler. Morton kicks out of a pin attempt. Lawler punches and stomps on Morton. Morton with a double leg dive to knock down Lawler and he starts to stomp on Lawler. He gets Lawler with a neckbreaker and gets a two-count.

Rick Morton gets Lawler in a side headlock. Lawler picks him up and drops Morton’s knee into his own to break the hold. Lawler continues his attack on Morton’s left knee. Fans start a “We Want Bill” chant for Dundee. Morton keeps fighting back. He whips Lawler into the ropes and backdrops him. He goes for a pin and Lawler kicks out. Hart climbs the ring apron and Morton catches him with a dropkick!

Morton spears Lawler and follows with a second attempt. Hart climbs back up on the apron and Morton knocks him off. Lawler uses this distraction. Morton goes for a dropkick but misses. Lawler lands an elbow on Morton and covers him for the pin.

WINNER: Jerry Lawler

Promos featuring Jerry Jarrett, Ken Lucas and Bill Dundee. Jarrett talks about his match with Jimmy Hart and says he doesn’t see having his feet tied up together as a handicap because Jimmy Hart isn’t a wrestler. Ken Lucas vows to beat Jimmy Valiant for the Southern title. Bill Dundee admits Lawler is tough and talks about how they teamed together for two years and he knows all of Lawler’s strategies.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Good episode. Main event with Morton and Lawler was good. Good thing someone stole Paul Ellering’s shoes! Just sayin…The Jimmy Valiant vs. Robert Gibson match was okay as well. Some good highlights from Mid-South Coliseum on the show as well. Rick Gibson nearly ending Bub Smith and himself with that suplex was something.


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