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Mid-South Wrestling 1/13/1983

Written By Alfredo Esparza

Mid-South Wrestling 1/13/1983

Taped 1/5/1983 at the Irish McNeil’s Boys Club in Shreveport, Louisiana. Aired on 1/13/1983.

Boyd Pearce is joined this week by Mr. Wrestling II on commentary. They recap what happened last week as Gary Hart & Gen. Skandor Akbar joined forces and this week we’ll be seeing Kamala team with The Great Kabuki.

Kevin Von Erich vs. Mike Bond

Kevin Von Erich is wearing a yellow/gold robe. They tangle up on the ropes as the referee breaks it up. Side headlock by Mike Bond but Kevin Von Erich whips him into the ropes. Kevin leapfrogs over Bond and then catches him with a headscissors. He goes for another headscissors takedown. Bond reaches the ropes to break the hold.

Test of strength but Von Erich breaks free and dropkicks Bond. He gets in a knee into Bond’s mid-section off the ropes. Kevin goes for the body scissors on Bond and they both slip and land near the ropes so Kevin has to break the hold. Bond gets in a few forearms on Von Erich and starts attacking him aggressively. Von Erich gets him with a big forearm and knocks him down. He whips Bond into the ropes and backdrops him.

Von Erich with a snapmare and kneedrop across the upper body of Bond. Kevin hits the ropes and lands a big splash on Bond for the pin.

WINNER: Kevin Von Erich

“Iron” Mike Sharpe vs. Yoshiaki Yatsu

Mike Sharpe with a takedown on Yatsu. Bob Roop joins Boyd Pearce on commentary. Yatsu knocks down Sharpe. They get back up and Yatsu gets Sharpe in a waistlock. Sharpe breaks out and shoves Yatsu out of the way. Hammerlock reversals. Yatsu with a chop across Sharpe’s back. Back and forth arm reversals.

Yatsu gets Sharpe in the ropes and gets a knee into his mid-section. He follows with some chops across Sharpe’s back. Sharpe gets whipped into the corner and Yatsu continues his attack. Rough looking body slam by Yatsu on Sharpe as he had trouble picking Sharpe up. Sharpe makes a comeback and slams Yatsu into the corner turnbuckles.

Sharpe whips Yatsu into the ropes and catches him with a dropkick. He goes for an elbowdrop but Yatsu moves out of the way. Side slam by Yatsu takes Sharpe down. He whips Sharpe into the ropes and catches him with a shot into the mid-section. More chops and forearms by Yatsu. He whips Sharpe again into the ropes and gets caught by a clothesline from Sharpe. Mike Sharpe whips Yatsu into the ropes and he catches him with another clothesline for the pin.

WINNER: Mike Sharpe

Mr. Wrestling II vs. Hiro Matsuda

Bob Roop still on commentary with Boyd Pearce. Matsuda and Mr. Wrestling II tangle each other up and reach the ropes. Nice mat work early on between the two. Hammerlock by Matsuda but Mr. Wrestling II with a leg takedown. Side headlock by Mr. Wrestling II. He takes Matsuda down to the mat. Matsuda reaches the ropes and starts to chop Mr. Wrestling II.

Matsuda chases Mr. Wrestling II around the ring. Mr. Wrestling II with some punches. Matsuda knocks him down but Mr. Wrestling II kicks him away. He takes Matsuda down to the mat but Matsuda chops him. Kicks thrown by Matsuda. Nerve hold by Matsuda and Mr. Wrestling II tries to fight out of it. Another chop by Matsuda and he goes back to the nerve hold. More chops delivered by Matsuda.

Hard chop across the head of Matsuda followed by a kick from Mr. Wrestling II. Some punches thrown by Mr. Wrestling II. He whips Matsuda into the ropes and catches him with a punch. Mr. Wrestling II goes for the pin but Matsuda kicks out. Matsuda gets to the ropes and gets Mr. Wrestling II with some chops. He whips Mr. Wrestling II into the ropes but II ducks a chop and picks up Matsuda and slams him to the mat. Mr. Wrestling II charges at Matsuda and gets him with the knee lift, goes for the pin and gets the win!

WINNER: Mr. Wrestling II

Gen. Skandor Akbar and “Playboy” Gary Hart talk prior to the match. Hart said the top priority in this partnership is cash. He tells Akbar that every time Kabuki has to do something for him that the money has to increase. Akbar agrees with it and Hart tells him that he loves money.

Kamala “The Ugandan Giant” & The Great Kabuki (w/ Gen. Skandor Akbar, Gary Hart & Friday) vs. Buddy Landell & Tim Horner

Kamala lifts up some of Kabuki’s hair as he looks confused by him. Kabuki spins around and then spits out the green mist up to the air and Kamala starts to jump and slap his belly. Kamala still keeps looking at Kabuki.

Mr. Wrestling II is back on commentary. The Great Kabuki and Buddy Landell start the match. Landell wit a nice armdrag on Kabuki but Kabuki gets back up and threatens to kick him. Landell tags in Horner and they quickly go to work on Kabuki’s left arm. Quick tags by Horner and Landell. Kabuki catches Horner with a couple of kicks and chops. He chokes Horner.

Kabuki with a leg sweep on Horner. He goes back to a nerve hold on Horner. Horner fights his way out and tags in Landell. Landell with some punches on Kabuki. He whips Kabuki into the ropes but Kabuki catches him with a kick. He whips Landell into the ropes and catches him with an enziguiri. Kabuki gets Landell in a nerve hold but Landell punches his way out of it. He whips Kabuki into the ropes and backdrops him.

Landell climbs up the ropes and jumps off only to have Kabuki catch him with a kick to the mid-section. Kabuki with a slam and he tags in Kamala who hits two big splashes on Landell and gets the pin. Kamala beats on Horner. Hart, Akbar and Friday stop Kabuki and Kamala from continuing to attack their opponents.

WINNERS: Kamala & The Great Kabuki

“Hacksaw” Jim Duggan vs. Bruno Sammartino Jr.

Duggan shoves Sammartino Jr. down to the mat. Waistlock takedown by Duggan. Sammartino Jr. escapes and rides Duggan down to the mat until Hacksaw reaches the ropes. Duggan gets upset about it. Hacksaw misses a punch at Sammartino Jr. who then picks up Duggan with an atomic knee drop and sends him to the ropes. He follows that up with an armdrag and Duggan heads to the outside. The fans yell at Duggan.

Hacksaw Duggan stomps in the ring in anger. He gets in a few punches but Sammartino Jr. picks him up for a slam. He misses a legdrop on Duggan. Duggan whips him into the corner hard. He whips Sammartino Jr. into the ropes and backdrops him. More stomps by Duggan. Big elbow across Sammartino Jr’s back. Sammartino Jr. with a leg sweep but can only get a brief rest before Duggan attacks him again.

Hiptoss by Duggan. Sammartino Jr. fights back with smoe punches and he trips Duggan up. Duggan back up and whips him into the ropes and elbows him. Duggan goes for the pin but SammartinO Jr. kicks out. Sammartino Jr. with a sunset flip pin attempt off the ropes. He takes it to Duggan with some punches but Duggan picks him up and slams him into the corner. He then tosses Sammartino Jr. on the mat and lands a kneedrop on him.

Sammartino Jr. with some elbows and he knocks down Duggan. He charges at Duggan but Duggan grabs him by the hair and tosses Sammartino Jr. to the floor! Duggan charges at Sammartino Jr. who was getting back in the ring and takes him down with a spear. Duggan wins the match via countout as Sammartino Jr. was unable to get back in at the 10-count.

WINNER: Hacksaw Duggan via countout.

Chavo Guerrero vs. “Gorgeous” Gino Hernandez

They lock-up and get on the ropes. Some intensity at the start of the math. Wristlock reversals by both. Chavo gets Gino in an armbar. Hernandez with a leg takedown on Chavo. Guerrero reverses it and goes back to an armbar. Hernandez reaches the ropes and Chavo somersaults out of the way.

Chavo Guerrero with another armbar on Hernandez and he goes to work on Gino’s left arm. Gino gets Chavo into the ropes and elbows him a few times. He slams Chavo into the corner turnbuckles. Some forearms thrown by Hernandez and he tosses him into the corner. More kicks and elbows by Gino. Guerrero fights back and they eexchange punches, chops, kicks and forearms. Uppercut by Guerrero and he whps Gino into the corner. Hernandez goes flying over the corner to the floor.

Referee talks to Chavo Guerrero about Gino getting tossed over the top rope. Gen. Skandor Akbar can now be seen ringside. Guerrero gets Hernandez in La Tapatia which Mr. Wrestling II is impressed by the hold. Chavo gets Gino in a leglock. He gets Gino in a cross face but Hernandez reaches the ropes.

Hernandez gets an elbow on Chavo and whips him into the ropes and gets in another elbow. Gino whips Chavo into the corner but Chavo catches him with a kick. Hernandez counters with some kicks. He whips Guerrero into the corner but Chavo moves out of the way of a charging Hernandez. Guerrero catches Gino with a side slam but Gino kicks out.

Guerrero whips Hernandez into the ropes but Gino catches him with a kick. He gets a near fall on Guerrero. Reverse chinlock by Hernandez. Chavo sends Gino into the corner to break the hold. Uppercuts followed by a monkey flip by Chavo Guerrero on Hernandez. Guerrero whips Hernandez into the ropes and catches him with a jumping hip attack for the pin but Gino extends his right foot onto the bottom rope!

More uppercuts and punches by Guerrero. Hernandez gets in a kick and whips him into the ropes but Chavo reverses for a sunset flip. Hernandez kicks out. He picks up Chavo for a slam but can’t hold on to him and Chavo lands on him for another near fall. Chavo sends Gino into the turnbuckles followed by a snapmare and a diving tope. He goes for another running tope but Gino moves out of the way and Chavo hits referee Rick Ferrara and sends him to the floor.

Gino Hernandez goes for a suplex but it gets reversed. They bump into each other and Chavo falls to the floor. Gino heads to the outside and grabs the chair that Gen. Skandor Akbar was sitting on. Hernandez tries to hit Chavo with the chair but he kicks him and Gino drops the chair. Chavo picks up the chair and hits Gino with it. Guerrero goes for the pin as the referee makes his way back to the ring and Chavo gets the win.

WINNER: Chavo Guerrero

SHOW THOUGHTS: Excellent episode! The main event was excellent! One of the better TV matches not just on Mid-South TV but from the early ’80s TV matches. Guerrero and Hernandez were very much ahead of a lot of the guys at that time because of how much experience they had by this point wrestling not just in the U.S. but working in Mexico and wrestling against a variety of opponents from around the world.The Duggan vs. Sammartino Jr., Sharpe vs. Yatsu and Mr. Wrestling II vs. Hiro Matsuda matches were also very competitive. Kevin Von Erich’s match was a little rough at times. The tag match trying to put over Kabuki and Kamala as a killer tag team served its purpose of making them look that way. I was amused by Kamala looking at Kabuki and being confused. This is definitely a episode worth watching.


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