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EMLL 9/9/1983 & 9/30/1983

Written By Alfredo Esparza

EMLL 9/9/1983 & 9/30/1983

They talk about luchadores who have lost their masks and how some continue to succeed while others seem to disappear. Announcers mention this because Enfermero Jr. is getting a big opportunity in a title match after losing his mask and dropping down the card.

Taped 9/9/1983 Arena Mexico

Lizmark vs. El Enfermero Jr. for the NWA World Middleweight Title

Enfermero Jr’s second is MS-1 while Lizmark is seconded by Talisman. Crowd clearly supporting Lizmark. They shake hands before the match starts.

First fall starts with both men feeling each other out before locking up. Enfermero Jr. gets Lizmark in a waistlock but Lizmark reverses it into a hammerlock. Leg takedown by Enfermero Jr. into a leg submission. Reversal by Lizmark into the hammerlock again and into a hiptoss. Fireman’s carry takedown by Enfermero Jr. into an armbar. He tosses Lizmark again. Some in the crowd whistle a bit.

Lizmark gets Enfermero Jr. in a side headlock. Enfermero Jr. powers out and takes Lizmark down into an armlock. Lizmark reverses into a pin attempt for a two-count. Enfermero Jr. breaks cleanly and goes for another leg takedown and gets Lizmark’s left leg in a leglock. Lizmark reverses it into an Indian deathlock variation. Enfermero Jr. breaks the hold but Lizmark quickly gets him in a hammerlock.

Lizmark with a hiptoss. Enfermero Jr. back up and takes Lizmark down with a side headlock. He applies more pressure. Lizmark whips him into the ropes and catches him with an armdrag. He gets Enfermero Jr. in a backbreaker. Lizmark gets him back up for a second backbreaker. He gets Enfermero Jr. in a surfboard submission hold and Lizmark waves Enfermero Jr’s arms around. Lizmark breaks the hold and gets Enfermero Jr. in a Gori Special and slides him down into a submission hold for the first fall win.

Second fall starts with Lizmark kicking Enfermero Jr’s back and knocking him down. He does it a second time. Referee Rafael “Guero” Rangel warns Lizmark about his kicks which leads to a third kick from Lizmark. He gets Enfermero Jr. in the surfboard again but switches over to La Cavernaria. Enfermero breaks the holds and whips Lizmark into the ropes and backdrops him. He follows with a senton. Enfermero Jr. gets Lizmark in the camel clutch. Lizmark breaks the hold.

Enfermero Jr. whips Lizmark into the corners a few times. He gets Lizmark in a half crab. The crowd boos Enfermero Jr. Lizmark knocks him off him and knocks him down with some shoulder blocks. Enfermero Jr. catches him and backdrops him and tosses him hard into the corners. He gets Lizmark in a Tarantula style submission hold and gets the second fall win.

Third fall starts with Lizmark catching Enfermero Jr. with a dropkick and then missing a second attempt. They hit the ropes and Lizmark catches him with a series of topes. He goes for a third attempt but Enfermero Jr. moves out of the way and Lizmark goes thru the ropes and onto the floor. Enfermero Jr. climbs the top rope and dives off onto Lizmark!

They both get back into the ring and Enfermero Jr. goes for the pin but Lizmark kicks out at two. Enfermero Jr. gets Lizmark in a camel clutch. Lizmark knocks him off. He gets Lizmark with a dropkick and follows with “el tirabuzon” (abdominal stretch). Knee to Lizmark’s mid-section but Lizmark sends Enfermero over the top rope to the floor. Lizmark follows with a tope suicida to the outside!

Lizmark returns to the ring. Referee continues his count and Enfermero Jr. climbs up to the ring apron. Lizmark knocks him off the ring apron and back to the floor. He goes for another tope suicida only Enfermero Jr. moves out of the way and Lizmark lands on the floor. Enfermero Jr. climbs back into the ring. Lizmark makes it back on time before the count ends.

Enfermero Jr. quickly goes for the pin on Lizmark. Lizmark knocks him off at two. Enfermero Jr. gets Lizmark in a Boston Crab and again Lizmark knocks him off. Enfermero Jr. hits his face on the bottom rope. He keeps trying to pin Lizmark so he goes for a senton and gets another near fall. Enfermero Jr. gets Lizmark in “el tirabuzon”. Lizmark gets Enfermero Jr. with an armdrag off the ropes.

Lizmark picks up Enfermero Jr. with a power bomb. Enfermero Jr. grabs hold of his head. Lizmark goes for a second powerbomb and then bridges over for a pin attempt but Enfermero Jr. kicks out. He goes for a double-underhook suplex and gets the pin on Enfermero Jr.! Great third fall.

WINNER: Lizmark

Fans applaud and several circle the ring trying to get a closer look and autograph of Lizmark. Referee and MS-1 check on Enfermero Jr. MS-1 carries him over his shoulder outside the ring.

Taped 9/30/1983 Arena Mexico

Los Guerreros (La Fiera, Mocho Cota & Sangre Chicana) vs. Los Infernales (Espectro Jr., MS-1 & El Satanico)

Announcers mention that Los Infernales have a rivalry with Sangre Chicana and mention how Chicana had just beaten MS-1 in a hair match the previous week.

Los Infernales quickly attack their rivals. They brawl with them outside the ring. Los Infernales get back into the ring. They continue to kick at their rivals. Sangre Chicana jumps into the ring and Los Infernales pile up on him and send him back to the outside. Crowd starts to chant “Chicana”!

Bell hasn’t rung for start of first fall while Los Infernales continue to beat on Sangre Chicana. La Fiera and Mocho Cota run in to make the save but keep getting knocked out of the ring. First fall somehow had started and Espectro Jr. submits Sangre Chicana with a surfboard submission hold. Espectro Jr. keeps kicking at his back while El Satanico and MS-1 keep Chicana’s partners out of the ring.

Second fall starts and Los Infernales continue to attack their opponents. They triple-team attack La Fiera. Some punches thrown by MS-1 at Mocho Cota. El Satanico heads to the outside to beat on Sangre Chicana a little more. Espectro Jr. kicks at Mocho Cota’s mid-section. Dr. Morales mentions everyone in this match is a rudo. He says no one in this match is clean like Lizmark or Villano III.

MS-1 continues to kick at Mocho Cota. La Fiera and Sangre Chicana are on the floor and when they try to get back in, El Satanico kicks them back down to the floor. Espectro Jr. punches Mocho Cota. MS-1 does as well. El Satanico joins in but goes back to kicking at Sangre Chicana. La Fiera jumps back in and he’s knocked down. Mocho Cota is now bleeding from his forehead.

Some fan hit MS-1 with some trash and everyone cheered. While MS-1 argued with the fans. Los Guerreros mount a comeback and start to toss Los Infernales around. Mocho Cota submits Espectro Jr.! Sangre Chicana beats on El Satanico and sends him into the ring post. MS-1 gets back in the ring and La Fiera knocks him out of the ring. They open up El Satanico and he starts to bleed.

Wild brawl continues and they submit El Satanico with La Fiera holding him and Sangre Chicana kicks away at him. Brawl continues outside the ring with La Fiera sending MS-1 into the ring post. MS-1 gets back into the ring and Sangre Chicana beats on him.

Third fall starts while everyone continues to brawl. La Fiera kicks at Espectro Jr. He sends Espectro Jr. back into the ring. Mocho Cota and Sangre Chicana beat on Espectro Jr. who’s mask has also been ripped apart. La Fiera beats on El Satanico outside the ring. He slams him onto the ring apron. MS-1 attacks La Fiera. Mocho Cota goes over and helps La Fiera and they toss him into the ring post.

Sangre Chicana fouls El Satanico but the referees were not paying attention. La Fiera and Mocho Cota beat on Espectro Jr. MS-1 gets whipped into La Fiera who tosses him over the top rope. Los Guerreros are beating on Espectro Jr. El Satanico goes over and fouls Sangre Chicana. The referees see it and disqualify El Satanico and his team.

WINNERS: La Fiera, Mocho Cota & Sangre Chicana via DQ

Brawl continues with Los Guerreros continuing to beat on Espectro Jr. La Fiera and Mocho Cota go and check on Sangre Chicana. Mocho Cota goes back and keeps attacking Espectro Jr. He stomps on El Satanico as well. Mocho Cota then removes Espectro Jr’s mask.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Both good matches. Really enjoyed the third fall of the Lizmark vs. Enfermero Jr. title match. That match was very good. The trios match pitted rudos vs. rudos so it was a very wild brawl with each side taking turns beating on each other. I recommend checking both out.


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