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Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling 5/1/1982

Written By Alfredo Esparza

Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling 5/1/1982

Taped 4/28/1982 at the WPCQ-TV Studios in Charlotte, North Carolina. Aired on 5/1/1982.

Bob Caudle and Sandy Scott open the show with an update on the NWA World Tag Team Title tournament. Scott announces the final four teams remaining in the Eastern block of the tournament being Stan Hansen & Ole Anderson, Jack & Jerry Brisco, Killer Khan & Angelo Mosca and The Samoans. The winners of this block will also get $25,000 besides advancing to the final to face Wahoo McDaniel & Don Muraco.

Jack Brisco joins them to talk about the incident between Roddy Piper and Tommy Rich. He mentions having talked to Tommy Rich and he hopes to get a piece of Piper. Brisco says he hopes Rich leaves a bit for him because he too wants some of Piper.

Roddy Piper shows up and tells Caudle he wants no trouble as he talks to Jack Brisco. He bought a present at the airport for Brisco. Piper wonders if Brisco is ashamed about being an “Indian”. Brisco tells Piper that he deserves a strapping. He leaves and Piper says he’ll give Brisco a title match next week. Caudle mentions that next week they’ll have a VTR of the incident and an interview with Tommy Rich.

Don “The Magnificent” Muraco & “Chief” Wahoo McDaniel vs. Bill White & Carl Fergie

Wahoo McDaniel and Carl Fergie start the match and McDaniel quickly takes down Fergie with an armdrag. He quickly tags in Muraco who continues to work on Fergie’s left arm. Wahoo back in. Fergie tags in Bill White. White gets in a few punches on McDaniel in the corner but Wahoo chops White hard! Muraco grabs White by the hair and McDaniel tags him in.

Double-team elbow by Muraco and McDaniel. Muraco comes back in and punches White and gets him in a front chancery. Neckbreaker by Muraco followed by a snapmare. Back to a headlock for White. One woman cheers on for Bill White. Muraco tags McDaniel back in and he grabs onto White’s left leg. He drags White back to the corner and tags in Muraco.

Muraco lands a leg drop on White’s left leg. White finally tags in Fergie who stomps on Muraco. Some forearms by Fergie. Muraco ducks under a white hand and he punches Fergie and tags McDaniel. Wahoo with a pair of body slams on Fergie. He whips Fergie into the ropes and chops him. Muraco back in and he dropkicks Fergie. He picks Fergie up and piledrives him for the pin. McDaniel chases White away.

WINNERS: Don Muraco & Wahoo McDaniel

Wahoo McDaniel & Don Muraco join Bob Caudle for an interview. As Caudle starts to send it to a video highlight, Muraco interrupts and says he’s heard a lot of rumors and talk from people like Angelo Mosca, the Andersons, and others about his past stretching the rules. He gave McDaniel his word and vowed to help him.

They show a clip of Wahoo McDaniel vs. Sgt. Slaughter. McDaniel is shown beating on Slaughter. He gets Slaughter with an atomic drop and goes for the pin but Slaughter reaches the ropes. Slaughter and McDaniel exchange chops. Slaughter with a snapmare followed by a kneedrop. He punches McDaniel a few times. Clothesline by Slaughter. He goes for the Cobra Clutch but McDaniel blocks his attempts. Some hard chops from McDaniel. Slaughter’s privates start to interfere and Don Muraco comes out to help him out. McDaniel ends up beating Slaughter.

Ron Ritchie joins Bob Caudle. Keith Larson strolls by. Ritchie is pleased to see that Sgt. Slaughter was beaten by Wahoo McDaniel. He mentions that he and Tony Anthony have a match against Killer Khan and Angelo Mosca. Caudle confuses Keith Larson for Tony Anthony briefly. Larson talks a bit about that tag match but then mentions his upcoming match against Roddy Piper. He doesn’t know if Piper is insane.

Terry Taylor joins Bob Caudle to talk about his rivalry with Pvt. Don Kernoodle. He wants to settle things with Kernoodle and wants to do to him what Wahoo McDaniel did to Sgt. Slaughter.

Pvt. Don Kernoodle vs. Terry Taylor

Waistlock takedown by Terry Taylor on Don Kernoodle. Kernoodle reaches the ropes to break. Nice back and forth with Taylor sending Kernoodle thru the ropes and to the floor. Kernoodle gets back in the ring and gets in a punch on Taylor but Taylor hits him back. Taylor with a wristlock. Kernoodle kicks out of it but Taylor gets him again in an armbar.

Taylor with a kneedrop across Kernoodle’s left arm. Kernoodle pulls Taylor by the hair but can’t break away from Taylor’s armbar. He tosses Taylor into the ropes but Taylor counters him and gets Kernoodle in an armbar. Whip into the ropes and Kernoodle goes for a hiptoss but Taylor goes thru the move and grabs hold of Kernoodle with an armbar.

Kernoodle whips Taylor into the ropes and tosses him into the ropes. Taylor’s throat hits the top rope. Kernoodle picks Taylor up again and drops him across the top rope again. He continues to toss Taylor throat first into the top rope. Elbow drop by Kernoodle for a pin attempt. Kernoodle gets Taylor in a chinlock. Fans start to cheer for Taylor.

Taylor with an armdrag followed by a slam on Kernoodle. Punches exchanged by both. Hard right hand by Kernoodle. He whips Taylor into the ropes and kicks him. More punches by Kernoodle and Taylor has a bloody nose now. Taylor and Kernoodle go after each other on the floor. Referee Sonny Fargo can’t break them up and calls for the bell and declares the match a no contest. They refuse to stop until Kernoodle heads to the outside.

WINNER: No Contest

Bob Caudle talks to Sgt. Slaughter about his loss to Wahoo McDaniel. Slaughter claims he lost to Wahoo and Don Muraco who came out and helped McDaniel. He vows to get revenge against Don Muraco.

Ole Anderson talks about the tag team tournament and how he and Hansen will be winning it. Angelo Mosca and Killer Khan show up and disagree with Ole. He says that he and Killer Khan are going to win the tournament.

Roddy Piper joins Bob Caudle to talk about Tommy Rich. He brings along his title and a strap. He starts to whip the desk to show what he did to Rich.

“Rowdy” Roddy Piper vs. Keith Larson

Piper talks throughout the match. Really cool hiptoss takedown by Piper. He takes Larson down again. Wristlock by Piper that gets reversed but Piper counters him and takes him back down on the mat. They break due to being on the ropes.

Piper gets in a hard chop on Larson in the corner and follows with a punch. Piper keeps asking the referee to ask Larson if he gives up. Larson breaks out of a wristlock with a few forearms at Piper. Some hard chops but Piper lands a punch that sends Larson to the mat. Piper whips Larson into the ropes and Larson catches Piper with a cross body block for a near fall.

Roddy Piper gets back up and continues to attack Larson. He slams Larson head-first into the turnbuckles. He yells at the referee and keeps on Larson. Piper gets him in an armbar. Hard chops in the corner thrown by Piper. He gets Larson in the sleeper hold and submits Larson for the win.

WINNER: Roddy Piper

Bob Caudle interviews Carl Fergie, Bill White and Jim Dalton. Fergie gets upset at Bob Caudle because he thinks he might have forgotten his name. He mentions that he was in Memphis “TV” and corrects himself by saying he was in Memphis, Tennessee but he was also on TV there. He claims to have beaten Wahoo McDaniel. Dalton says he can only give 100% because there is no such thing as 110 or 120%. Bill White talks about Don Muraco and Wahoo McDaniel and says they are pretty tough.

Jack Brisco joins Bob Caudle as they talk about the tag team tournament. They show video of the Briscos in tag team action. That is then followed by a clip of Ole Anderson & Stan Hansen in tag team action.

Killer Khan & “King Kong” Angelo Mosca vs. Ron Ritchie & Tony Anthony

Angelo Mosca and Ron Ritchie start the match. Mosca quickly beats on Ritchie. Ritchie uses his speed and catches Mosca with a dropkick. That doesn’t stop Mosca as he continues to attack Ritchie. King Kong Mosca tags in Killer Khan and he stomps and chokes Ritchie! Mosca back in the match and Ritchi makes his way to tag Tony Anthony.

Mosca continues to beat on Anthony. Killer Khan comes in and chops away at Anthony. Khan screams as he attacks Anthony which makes some of the fans laugh. Mosca back in and Anthony is able to fight his way to his corner to tag Ritchie. Ritchie and Anthony double-team Mosca in their corner. As this is going on Sandy Scott points out that Ole Anderson has come out to watch the match ringside.

Angelo Mosca recovers and stomps on Ron Ritchie. He rips into Ritchie’s face and tags in Khan. Killer Khan kicks at Ritchie. He follows with a legdrop and refuses to pin Ritchie. More kicks and a tag for Mosca. Ritchie with some headbutts to the mid-section but Mosca knocks him back down. King Kong Mosca twists Ritchie’s neck and head.

Killer Khan tagged in and he kicks Ritchie. He slams Ritchie but misses a fist drop. Ritchie tags in Anthony. Khan punches Anthony and tags Mosca back in. He rams Anthony into Mosca’s fist. Mosca with an elbow on Anthony. Front facelock by Mosca and he tags Khan back in. Killer Khan with a chop and some kicks at Anthony. Hiptoss by Khan and again Mosca back in.

Angelo Mosca with a backbreaker . He tags in Khan who lands a kneedrop on the back of Anthony’s neck. He rolls Anthony over for a pin but picks Anthony back up. Khan tags in Mosca. Mosca with an elbow and he pins Anthony for the win.

WINNERS: Killer Khan & Angelo Mosca

Jack Brisco back to talk about the tag team tournament and he was impressed by Killer Khan and Angelo Mosca. He is upset at Piper for what he said earlier about him not being proud of being a Native American and Piper bringing out a paper teepee. He vows to go after Piper.

Don Muraco joins Bob Caudle to talk about the tag team tournament. He says he’ll be sticking by Wahoo McDaniel and that their goal is to win the tag team titles. He says they are waiting for who they’ll face in the final.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Okay episode. Best match on the show was the Terry Taylor vs. Don Kernoodle match. Although the Sgt. Slaughter vs. Wahoo McDaniel match clip was by far the best thing on the show. Those two really ripped into each other with some hard chops. The Roddy Piper vs. Jack Brisco interaction was good as well. This episode had a strong cast of stars wrestling on it with Piper, Wahoo, Muraco, Mosca and Killer Khan. Kind of interesting to see them interviewing the enhancement talent guys on the show.


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