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WCCW TV 7/17/1982

Written By Alfredo Esparza

World Class Championship Wrestling 7/17/1982

Taped 7/4/1982 at Sportatorium in Dallas, Texas. Aired on 7/17/1982.

Bill Mercer and Jay Saldi on commentary. They talk about the main event of “Wild” Bill Irwin defending the Texas Heavyweight Championship against Al Madril.

The Magic Dragon (w/ Armand Hussein) vs. Roberto Renesto

Armand Hussein can be heard speaking gibberish to The Magic Dragon that I assume is suppose to be some type of language. The Magic Dragon chops Renesto in the corner. Renesto grabs the Dragon by the head and punches him. The Magic Dragon grabs Renesto and applies a nerve hold on his armpit. He gets the other armpit as well with a nerve hold.

Hard chops and kicks at Renesto on the ropes followed by a flip into a kick. The Magic Dragon gets Renesto again with the nerve hold. Renesto punches at the Dragon and breaks free. The Magic Dragon quickly gets back up on his feet and chops Renesto down. Double thrust chops at Renesto followed by a nerve hold on Renesto’s shoulders. Renesto slaps at his hands trying to get blood flowing to them.

Roberto Renesto elbows and punches his way out of the nerve hold. He attacks The Magic Dragon. Jay Saldi mentions that Ric Flair has placed a $10,000 bounty on Kerry Von Erich and says first man he’s heard trying to collect on the bounty is The Great Kabuki. The Magic Dragon gets Renesto again in the nerve hold. Renesto escapes and elbows The Magic Dragon. He gets in a karate chop on The Magic Dragon.

Monkey flip by the Magic Dragon off the ropes. The Magic Dragon gets Renesto in his rolling headscissors sleeper hold finisher to get the win.

WINNER: The Magic Dragon

Capt. Frank Dusek vs. Brian Adias

Bill Mercer and Jay Saldi mention that Capt. Frank Dusek has had issues with referee David Manning. Adias mocks Dusek’s walk. Dusek with a leg takedown on Adias. Adias escapes Dusek’s grasp and the fans cheer him on. Mercer mentions that it is “Adidas like the shoe”. Dusek with a full nelson followed by a takedown. He gets Adias in a side headlock but Adias briefly escapes.

Referee warns Dusek about pulling Adias hair. Dusek gets upset at the referee again for breaking him off Adias. Side headlock by Adias. Dusek picks Adias up but he can’t break out of the hold. Dusek struggles in the side headlock. Dusek whips Adias off the ropes but he gets hiptossed by Adias and back into a side headlock.

Referee David Manning breaks them off each other. Shoulder check by Adias. Dusek picks Adias up for a slam but loses his footing and Adias lands on him for a pin. He kicks out and Adias is quickly back on his feet and gets Dusek back in the side headlock. Dusek lifts Adias up in the air and drops him on his knee for a backbreaker.

Capt. Frank Dusek with a leg scissors and surfboard submission hold. Dusek’s shoulders are on the mat and the referee starts to count on Dusek. Dusek argues with Manning again. Suplex by Dusek followed by a Boston Crab. Adias powers out and goes for the pin on Dusek. Capt. Frank with a headbutt at Adias mid-section.

Dusek misses an elbow off the ropes and Adias dropkicks him. Adias follows with a suplex and goes for the pin but Dusek reaches the ropes with his leg. Powerslam by Adias and Dusek kicks out of another pin. Adias backdrops Dusek and gets another two-count. Bell rings as time runs out. Mercer and Saldi think this match ended in a time limit draw but referee makes the decision to give the win to Brian Adias!

WINNER: Brian Adias

Capt. Frank Dusek yells at referee David Manning. Dusek pulls Manning back into the ring. He shoves Manning. Manning shoves him back. Dusek rips Manning’s shirt off. Manning hits Dusek with a dropkick. Dusek gets tied up on the ropes and the fans cheer him on. Referee Bronco Lubich comes out to stop them both. Dusek keeps shoving and Manning wants a piece of Dusek. Saldi mentions that Manning hasn’t had a match since he ran Killer Brooks out of town. Manning tosses his ripped up shirt at Dusek.

“Wild” Bill Irwin promo claiming Al Madril has no shot at beating him for the Texas Heavyweight Title.

The Superfly (w/ Armand Hussein) vs. Larry Dwyer

Bugsy McGraw’s in the ring holding a 2×4. Fans chant “Go Bugsy Go!” He also brought along some more things with him including a traffic cone, chair and garbage can. McGraw finally leaves the ring.

Armand Hussein brought a long a stretcher and shows it to Dwyer. Dwyer tries to use his speed in keeping away from The Superfly. Fans boo the Superfly who lays in some forearms across the back of Dwyer. He chokes Dwyer and slams him down to the mat. The Superfly uses the ropes to choke Dwyer. He kicks at Dwyer.

Dwyer tries to fight back but The Superfly keeps beating on him. He continues to choke and kick Dwyer. The Superfly slams Dwyer into the corner turnbuckles. More forearms and kicks by The Superfly. He chokes Dwyer. Dwyer with a forearm that does nothing. More choking by The Superfly. Fans start to chant “We Want Bugsy”! The Superfly picks up Dwyer and drops him on the top rope.

The Superfly slams Dwyer to the mat. He follows with a big splash but refuses to pin Dwyer. The Superfly climbs up to the middle rope and splashes Dwyer for the pin.

WINNER: The Superfly

Armand Hussein tells The Superfly to continue attacking Dwyer. Bugsy McGraw grabs The Supefly by the foot and knocks him down. Hussein keeps The Superfly from attacking McGraw. Bugsy grabs his 2×4. They place Dwyer on the H & H stretcher.

Al Madril promo saying he’ll do his best to beat Irwin.

They air a video of Bill Mercer interviewing Al Madril at his home. Mercer asks Madril how he rests and says he listens to music or layout at the pool. He mentions that his apartment complex does have a gym. Mercer asks Madril if he can cook and Al tells him that he has friends who come over and cook but sometimes he does like to BBQ.

They show a tapestry of Elvis behind Madril who then says he is a big fan of Elvis Presley. He mentions that he has a gold and a silver statue of Elvis Presley that have increased in value since his passing. Madril also says he has almost all of Elvis Presley’s albums.

Bill Mercer interviews referee David Manning about his issues with Capt. Frank Dusek. He calls Dusek a bad sport and that Dusek has complained to the NWA which has caused some issues for him. He talks about having wrestled in college and also coaches kids. They show clips of him training kids in amateur wrestling.

“Wild” Bill Irwin © vs. Al Madril for the Texas Heavyweight Title

Bill Mercer mentions that Al Madril lost the title after vacating it due to a bout of hepatitis. He later won it back and lost it to Irwin. The fans start to chant “Chauncey” at Wild Bill Irwin.

Al Madril gets Irwin in a side headlock and starts to punch his head. He slams Irwin into the turnbuckles. Madril goes for the pin but Irwin kicks out and Irwin quickly punches Madril. He slams Madril and follows with a knee drop for a near fall. Irwin slams Madril and lands an elbow for another two-count. He slams Madril into the turnbuckles.

They both exchange punches. Madril rakes Irwin’s eyes. Thumb to the eye by Madril. Al tosses Irwin to the outside. More punches thrown by Madril and he slams Irwin at the ring apron. They both get back in the ring. Madril continues with more punches. Irwin gets Madril with a forearm across the chest on the ropes. He follows with a running stomp at Madril.

Irwin tells the fans to shut up as he continues to beat on Madril. Al Madril falls to the outside. He gets back in the ring and Irwin kicks him. Madril and Irwin exchange shots until Irwin whips him into the ropes and gets him with a knee into the mid-section. More stomps by Irwin. He slams Madril into the turnbuckles. Irwin whips Madril into the corner and continues with more punches. Madril exchanges punches with him.

Madril with a shoulder check knocks down Irwin. He charges at Irwin but Irwin pulls the ropes down and Madril falls to the outside. Irwin follows him out and sends Madril into the ring post. That opens up a cut on Al Madril’s face which is now bleeding. Irwin continues his attack on Madril. Al fights back and sends Irwin into the ring post.

Al Madril punches away at Irwin and then slams him onto the floor. He gets Irwin in a figure-four leglock on the floor. Madril refuses to break the hold as Irwin screams “I quit” at the referee. Referee Bronco Lubich calls for the bell. Both men are counted out.

WINNER: Double Count Out

Al Madril continues to attack Bil Irwin. Irwin gets back up and they continue to brawl on the floor. They both get back in the ring but Irwin rolls to the outside.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Okay episode. There were no Von Erichs in this episode which seemed a little strange. You almost expect one on every episode but this one had none. Main event with Al Madril and Wild Bill Irwin was probably the best match on the show. It had a finish to keep that feud going and Madril was left a bloody mess. The other matches were forgettable but they had storylines mixed in with Dusek issues with referee David Manning and also Bugsy McGraw showing up to confront The Superfly. You’d probably be okay skipping this episode but if you need to watch something, go with the main event and just skim thru the rest.


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