Retro Wrasslin'

A look back at pro wrestling history.

World Of Sport Ep. #11

Written By Alfredo Esparza

World Of Sport Ep. #11

Pat Roach vs. Ray Steele

Heavyweight contest with six 5-minute rounds with 2-falls, 2 submissions or a knockout to decide the winner.

Handshake before the bell rings to start Round 1. Roach towers over Steele as they lock-up. He gets Steele in a side headlock but Steele quickly escapes and takes Roach down. Roach with a reversal into a grapevine. Steele reverses into a wristlock but Roach twists his way out of it and reverses the wristlock. Steele tumbles around and grapevines Roach while still being held onto in a wristlock. Roach takes Steele down but has to break the hold.

Side headlock by Steele. Roach whips Steele into the ropes and a body check. Both stay standing and stare each other down. Hip toss takedown by Roach. Steele back up and gets Roach in a side chancery. He grapevines the leg to keep the hold locked in. Roach whips him into the ropes and again they stare each other down.

Roach with a side headlock and he snapmares Steele. Steele gets Roach with a double wristlock. He grapevines the left leg while keeping the armlock on Roach. He grabs hold of Roach’s chin. Roach tries to pick up Steele but can’t escape the hold. A few seconds later he does so and slams Steele! Roach gets in a side kick at Steele as the first round comes to an end.

Announcer Kent Walton mentions that Pat Roach’s tattoos are not real but he has them because he has a role on a TV series.

Round two starts with Pat Roach getting Ray Steele in a headlock. He snapmares him down to the mat. Steele tries to get him in a waistlock but Roach powers out and takes Steele down. Roach tries to break Steele’s bridge but can’t. Steele powers out and takes Roach down to the mat. He ties up Roach briefly but Steele’s able to reverse it back into a strangle hold. Roach tries to break out again but Steele gets him again.

Pat Roach finally reverses it and gets Steele in a strangle hold. Steele jumps up and escapes. Steele goes back down to a bridge but rises back up. Knee lift by Steele catches Roach by surprise! He goes down but gets up as the referee starts his count. Steele lays in some uppercuts but Roach counters with one of his own. He takes Roach down but Pat gets back up and takes Steele down to the mat. Roach gets Steele in a bow and arrow submission hold. Steele powers out and goes for the pin but Roach shoves him off. Bell rings to end round two.

Pat Roach gets in a right hand on Steele to start round three. Reverse side headlock by Roach but Steele quickly gets out and sends Roach to the mat. Steele goes after Roach’s left arm. Roach knocks down Steele. Steele back up and he shoulder checks Roach who shows some pain after getting hit on the shoulder. Steele goes after Roach’s left arm and gets him in a submission hold.

Steele continues to go after the left arm placing his foot on the shoulder and pulling at Roach’s arm. Hammerlock by Steele and Roach gets in an elbow to break out of the hold. Body check followed by an uppercut by Steele knocks Roach down. Pat Roach with a shot at Steele’s mid-section. Body check off the ropes knocks Steele down again. Roach with a backbreaker on Steele and goes for the pin but he’s near the ropes.

Nice reversals lead to Steele getting Roach with a hammerlock. He switches over to grabbing both arms and trying to get a pin. Roach bridges out of the hold and gets back up . Grapevine by Steele and he grabs both arms. They struggle trying to get the hold until they land on the ropes which leads to a break. Roach with a forearm smash at Steele. He follows with more upper cuts! Steele with a hiptoss on Roach for a pin attempt but he only gets a two count. Bell rings to end round three. Pat Roach puts his arm out to get Steele to help him up but Steele refuses which puts a big smile on Pat Roach.

Round four starts with Roach knocking down Ray Steele. Body check knocks Steele down again. Uppercuts from Roach send Steele into the ropes. Roach whips Steele hard into the corner. More uppercuts from Roach. Roach tries to whip Steele into the corner but Steele blocks it. Back and forth uppercuts between the two. Steele whips Roach into the corner.

They lock-up again and Roach gets him with another uppercut. Into the ropes and Roach catches Steele with another shot. Backbreaker by Roach. He slams Steele and goes for the pin and gets his first pinfall. Roach is now up 1-0.

Pat Roach continues with his beatdown on Ray Steele to start round five. Steele makes a comeback and knocks Roach down. He whips Roach into the corner but Pat raises his big boot and Steele falls down. Roach goes for an uppercut but Steele ducks and grabs hold of Roach and slides him down and gets the pin. Ray Steele ties it up 1-1.

Round six, the final round, starts with a handshake between the two. Side headlock by Roach followed by some forearms. Steele sends Roach down on the mat. He slams Roach a second time. Snapmare by Steele and he goes for a cross body block but Roach catches him and slams him. Steele kicks at Roach. Roach goes for an uppercut but Steele ducks and goes for a pin attempt again, but Roach is near the ropes and gets the break.

Another uppercut by Roach and he follows by going for a cradle to pin Steele. Steele raises his shoulder. Big forearm to Steele’s back. He goes for a backbreaker and covers Steele for the pin. Steele kicks out and Roach gets him in a headlock. Steele with a big forearm off the ropes followed by a knee lift. Steele goes for a double arm shoulder press for another pin attempt but Roach kicks out. Steele grapevines the leg but Roach knocks him down. Roach goes for an arm suplex. Steele escapes and goes for another pin attempt.

Uppercut from Roach and he gets Steele in a headlock. Steele whips Roach into the ropes but Roach takes him down with a body check. Steele whips Roach into the corner. He slams Roach and goes for the pin but the bell rings ending the match. Match ends in a 1-1 draw.


Big Daddy & Steve Grey vs. “Banger” Tommy Walsh & Red Berry

Big Daddy comes to the ring with a fan in a wheelchair. The fans cheer him on as he makes his way to the ring. This match has a 20-minute duration with 2 falls, 2 submissions or a knockout determining the winner.

Big Daddy starts the match and he is attacked by Walsh and Red Berry. They both get knocked around by Big Daddy and end up going to the outside. Steve Grey enters the ring and takes on Tommy Walsh. He catches him with a couple of dropkicks and an armdrag. Walsh goes to the outside and complains. Full nelson by Walsh but Grey escapes.

Red Barry comes in and gets caught by an armdrag and more dropkicks. They tangle it u pin the corner. Red Berry whips Grey into the corner but Grey uses his quickness to reverse the momentum jumps off the ropes and crawls underneath Red Berry’s legs. He then sends Red Berry into the corner. Fans chant for Grey. Side headlock by Berry and he tags in Walsh. Big Daddy gets in the ring and Walsh goes after him. Walsh gets sent down on the top rope by Big Daddy and ends up on the outside.

Steve Grey and Tommy Walsh got at it with Grey using his speed. Walsh gets Grey in a side headlock but Grey escapes. Red Berry gets involved. Big Daddy gets in the match and all four men are now in. Grey and Big Daddy send their opponents head first into each other. Big Daddy uses his stomach to knock down Walsh.

Steve Grey waits for his opponents to get back in the match. Red Berry gets in and gets a cheap shot on Grey. He elbows Grey and tags in Walsh. Walsh beats on Grey. He whips him into the ropes but again Grey crawls under his legs and tags in Big Daddy. Big forearm knockdown by Big Daddy. He uses his belly to knock both Red Berrry and Walsh to the outside. He screams at his opponents.

Red Berry and Steve Grey get back in the ring. Side headlock by Berry and he gets in a cheap shot but Grey picks him up for an atomic knee drop. Berry gets sent into the corner and Big Daddy punches him. Berry grabs hold of Grey for a full nelson after tagging Walsh. Walsh charges with an elbow but Grey moves out of the way and Walsh hits Berry.

Big Daddy comes back in and he knocks both Walsh and Berry down. Steve Grey gets back in the ring and he gets double-teamed by his opponents. Walsh splashes Grey a few times and he gets a public warning from the referee. He slams Grey and follows with a back elbow. Berry back in. He kicks at Grey. Big Daddy gets in the ring and the referee heads over to get him out. Walsh back in and he places Grey over his shoulder. He lets him go as the referee warns him. Ring announcer gets in the ring to let everyone know that Walsh’s submission was disallowed.

Tommy Walsh continues to beat on Grey and tags in Red Berry who does the same. Walsh whips Grey into the ropes but Grey escapes him and tags Big Daddy. Big Daddy whips Walsh back and forth in the corners and then drops him hard to the mat with a slam. Walsh can’t get up at the 10-count, so Big Daddy and Steve Grey win their first fall.

Walsh is shown knocked out as he’s carried out of the ring. Red Berry continues on his own. Steve Grey catches Berry with a cross body block for the pin and gets the 2nd fall win.

WINNERS: Big Daddy & Steve Grey 2-0

SHOW THOUGHTS: Good episode. First match was a good heavyweight match-up. If you really like some hard-hitting uppercut shots, that match is definitely for you. Both Roach and Steele were impressive. Second match was okay with Grey being impressive athletically. The crowd really loved Big Daddy and I thought the way he was used in the tag match worked as he would get in just too rough up their opponents. Red Berry and Tommy Walsh looked like some type of vaudeville characters.


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