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ECW TV 12/21/1993

Written By Alfredo Esparza

ECW Hardcore TV #37 (12/21/1993)

Taped 12/4/1993 at the ECW Arena in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Aired on 12/21/1993.

Show opens with Joey Styles talking about ECW as they show some signs the fans have brought along including one featuring Beavis & Butt-head. Styles mentions that they are ready to start the show as Tommy Dreamer has gone to the ring and challenged “The Franchise” Shane Douglas to a match.

“The Franchise” Shane Douglas vs. Tommy Dreamer

Shane Douglas charges out to answer Dreamer’s challenge. They show the intro video before the match starts. We return to the ring and Douglas gets Dreamer with a neckbreaker. Douglas picks up Dreamer and drops him onto the top rope. Dreamer falls to the outside. Shane follows and continues his attack on Dreamer outside the ring. He drives Dreamer’s ribs into the ring apron a few times.

Douglas climbs back up to the ring and celebrates. Dreamber back in and he gets whipped into the ropes and Douglas gets him in an abdominal stretch. Dreamer powers out and hiptosses Douglas. He misses an elbow drop. Douglas gets Dreamer in a bear hug and then gets him in the corner and beats on him. Shane rips off the tape off Douglas mid-section. He sends Dreamer across his knee and follows with a forearm. Dreamer kicks out of a pin attempt.

Dreamer gets choked by Douglas and more kneedrops across his mid-section. Douglas with a belly-to-back suplex on Dreamer. Scissors lock by Douglas. Dreamer picks up Douglas and slams him down on the mat to break the hold. He goes for a slam on Douglas but his back gives out and Douglas lands on him. Douglas whips Dreamer into the ropes but it gets reversed and Dreamer gets Douglas with a reverse atomic drop. He goes for a second one. Dreamer knocks Douglas down with a clothesline.

Tommy Dreamer takes off the tape around his waist and chokes Douglas with it. He then whips Douglas over the top rope and Douglas falls to the floor. Dreamer tosses Douglas onto the timekeeper’s table and smashes a chair across Shane’s back. He brings Douglas back in and whips him into the ropes. Douglas grabs Dreamer’s foot but Dreamer catches him with an enziguiri. Dreamer whips Douglas into the corner and goes for a body slam but while picking him up, Douglas legs hit the referee and that sends the ref down to the mat.

Dreamer goes for the pin on Douglas but the referee’s out. Shane Douglas pulls out a chain from his boot. He punches Dreamer and then wraps the chain around Dreamer’s hand. Douglas then pretends to be knocked out as well. Referee gets back up and starts to count them both out but then notices the chain around Dreamer’s hand so he calls for a DQ. Douglas is shown laughing as he wins the match by DQ.

WINNER: Shane Douglas via DQ

They show a replay of the finish of the Dreamer – Douglas match. Joey Styles recaps everything that has happened between Tommy Dreamer and Shane Douglas and how he cost Dreamer the ECW tag team titles.

Jay Sulli interviews ECW Commissioner Tod Gordon. They talk about last week’s show when there was a power outage and everyone brawled all around the ringside area. Gordon said fans told him that fans were pleased with how that show ended. He says they are going to have a lights out battle royal with the prize being a turkey stuffed with $100 dollar bills at the December 26th show.

Tod Gordon interrupts Jay Sulli and says that in ECW they keep their promises and says the 12/26 show will be the best show. Sulli mentions that on that show Kevin Sullivan and The Tazmaniac will defend the ECW Tag Team titles against J.T. Smith and a partner of his choice. Gordon tells Sulli that he’s going to show everyone who Smith picked and they show a video of Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka!

Terry Funk heads over to the ring and tells Joey Styles to give him the microphone and he tosses Styles out of the ring. He asks that they bring Sabu out to the ring. The Bad Breed carts in a guy pretending to be Sabu. He tells them to let “Sabu” loose. They toss him in and Funk beats on the poor guy. He tosses him out of the ring. The Bad Breed sends “Sabu” back in. Funk screams at him.

Paul E. Dangerously shows up on the other end of the building. He tells Terry Funk that he never liked his brother (Dory Jr.) and yells out that his dad (Dory Sr.) didn’t die in Terry’s arms but died because he was a Texas piece of *bleep*. They start screaming at each other. Terry tells Paul E. to take off his coat and he does it. He then tells Paul E. to take off his shirt. Paul E. tells Funk that if he wants a piece of Sabu, he has to go thru him. Funk laughs.

Terry Funk walks towards Paul E. Paul E. runs away. Funk yells at a fan. He challenges him and tells him that he has to go thru his bodyguards.

Joey Styles returns to the Eagle’s Nest and talks about the Sabu vs. Terry Funk match.

Kevin Sullivan & The Tazmaniac (w/ Woman) vs. Stormin’ Mike Norman & Mike Vee

Kevin Sullivan and The Tazmaniac look like they are barking before the match. The Tazmaniac attacks Mike Vee and tosses him to the outside. Kevin Sullivan attacks Vee with a chair. The Tazmaniac tosses Norman around in the ring. He whips Norman but it gets reversed. Taz kicks Norman and then slams Norman. He tags in Sullivan who slams Norman’s head to the mat.

The Tazmaniac beats on Vee outside the ring. Double foot stomp by Sullivan. The Tazmaniac tags back in and he headbutts Norman. He places Norman in the corner for a tree of woe and Sullivan charges at him. They double-team Norman. Mike Vee throws in the towel for his team. Woman gets in the ring and covers Sullivan’s eyes with a towel. The Tazmaniac imitates Sullivan which leads to Woman asking him what’s wrong with him.

WINNERS: Kevin Sullivan & The Tazmaniac

Promos of various wrestlers hyping up the 12/26 Holiday Hell show.

Paul E. Dangerously promo with him singing a Christmas song about Terry Funk.

Terry Funk & The Bad Breed (Axl Rotten & Ian Rotten) vs. J.T. Smith, Salvatore Bellomo & The Sandman

Sal Bellomo and The Sandman throw out teddy bears to the fans. Funk refers to The Bad Breed as his “Few Good Men”. Smith wants to start the match against Funk. All six men start to brawl in the ring. Terry Funk gets tossed out of the ring by The Sandman. Funk pulls Smith to the outside and he beats on him. The lights go out again. Kevin Sullivan shows up and punches Smith!

Lights go on and off. Everyone continues to brawl. The Tazmaniac joins the brawl. Mike Vee, Stormin’ Mike Norman and The Lumberjack all come out as well. Sullivan attacks Funk. More wrestlers continue to show up including Mr. Hughes and The Rockin’ Rebel. Sal Bellomo has a chair and beats on everyone in the ring.

Tommy Dreamer and Shane Douglas both show up. Bellomo and the Rockin’ Rebel swing chairs at each other. Lights go out again. Funk is in the ring and starts running back and forth in the ring. Joey Styles is shown in the eagle’s nest. More chairs and tables in the ring. The Bad Breed pick the chair up and Funk tosses Smith into the table.

Terry Funk hits himself with a chair. He keeps beating on Smith. Everyone else is still brawling outside the ring. The Rockin’ Rebel is alone in the ring and waits for Sal Bellomo. Bellomo keeps tossing chairs into the ring. Jason shows up on the stage and asks the fans how do they like his suit.

WINNERS: No Contest

SHOW THOUGHTS: Good episode. Started off with a strong opening match with Dreamer vs. Douglas. The tag squash was kept short and still enjoyable just because of how crazy the Sullivan & Tazmaniac team were. Had a wild finish with everyone brawling to close the show. The lights out thing became a regular trope for ECW but this was early on and was amusing. I think it worked well for big surprises later on but when it became done everyone it lost a bit of the fun in doing it. The Terry Funk and Paul E. Dangerously back and forth was great!

ECW in 1993 had about a 2-3 month long rough stretch after Eddie Gilbert and Paul Heyman parted ways. There were a lot of shows were it felt like they were scrambling to fill a 1-hour TV time slot so we’d get a lot of repetitive video recaps and the matches weren’t very good. By late November things started to pick up and you start to see the transition of ECW which is still Eastern Championship Wrestling at this time start to go the route it became famous for.


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