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EMLL 9/23/1983

Written By Alfredo Esparza

EMLL 9/23/1983

Taped 9/23/1983 at Arena Mexico. EMLL 50th Anniversary show.

Halcon Ortiz, Kevin Von Erich & Mascara Año 2000 vs. Coloso Colosetti, Herodes & Pirata Morgan

A rare appearance of Kevin Von Erich in Arena Mexico and the cool thing was that it was recorded. Herodes is the rudo team captain and Kevin Von Erich is the tecnico team captain. Pedro “El Mago” Septien quickly points out how Kevin Von Erich wrestles barefoot. He also praises Dr. Alfonso Morales for an interview he conducted with Salvador Lutteroth. Dr. Morales joins Septein on commentary.

Halcon Ortiz wants to start the first fall against Pirata Morgan but he backs out. Herodes ends up coming in so Ortiz tags out and Kevin Von Erich comes in. Dr. Morales also points out how rare it is to see a wrestler deciding to go barefoot for his matches. Herodes gets Von Erich on the ropes but they’re forced to break. Kevin Von Erich uses his speed to take down Herodes and gets him in an armbar.

Herodes pulls Kevin Von Erich by the hair and gets a warning from the referees. Von Erich pulls Herodes hair as payback and acts like he didn’t do anything when the referees ask him about it. Herodes back up and he takes Von Erich down with an armdrag. Kevin escapes and catches him with a dropkick.

Colosetti and Mascara Año 2000 get in the ring and Colosetti takes him down with an armdrag. Some reversals by both. Colosetti attacks thearm but Mascara Año 2000 armdrags him off. Mascara Año 2000 goes for a bridging pin on Colosetti who kicks out at two. Colosetti back with an armbar. Headscissors by Colosetti to takes Mascara Año 2000 off him. They both get out of the ring.

Halcon Ortiz and Pirata Morgan get in the ring and they move around quickly. Morgan keeps Ortiz down on the mat. Wristlock reversals and quick spots thatthe crowd cheers as they see referee Eddie Palau get knocked down by Morgan. Dr. Morales reminds everyone that Pirata Morgan’s eye patch isn’t just a gimmick but he lost his eye going for a tope to the outside and hitting a seat during a match. Ortiz with an armdrag takedown into an armlock. Ortiz with a monkey flip and back into an armbar on Morgan. Quick moves by both. Morgan pauses after being knocked down by Ortiz.

Kevin Von Erich comes in against Coloso Colosetti who charges at Kevin but he gets him in a front facelock into a neckbreaker. He tosses Colosetti into the corners and catches him with a dropkick. Elbow drop on Colosetti gets the crowd going. Colosetti with a side headlock takedown that is quickly reversed into a headscissors by Von Erich. Kevin drags Colosetti by the head to his corner. Colosetti escapes and gets him in a side headlock. Kevin with a backbreaker on Colosetti followed by a splash off the ropes for a near fall.

Herodes and Mascara Año 2000 up next and again they work quickly. Mascara Año 2000 sends Herodes to the outside with an armdrag. Ortiz and Morgan come in and Ortiz slams Morgan’s head into the top turnbuckle. He then climbs up to the top rope and lands a flying body press on Morgan. Morgan gets backdropped by Ortiz but he catches him with some kicks. Ortiz is near the ropes and Morgan charges at him and gets lifted up in the air for a “salida de bandera” with him flying over the ropes to the floor!

Kevin Von Erich cheers on Ortiz. Colosetti and Mascara Año 2000 get in the ring. Some armdrags from Mascara Año 2000 with Colosetti constantly charging into his direction and getting caught by one every time. Cool spot. He figures it out stops but turns his back and gets dropkicked by Mascara Año 2000.

Herodes and Halcon Ortiz get in the ring and Ortiz backdrops Herodes. Herodes misses a corner attack. He climbs up the ropes and gets dropkicked by Ortiz sending him to the floor. Colosetti and Mascara Año 2000 now in and Mascara Año 2000 dropkicks Colosetti to the outside and follows with a tope suicida!

Kevin Von Erich comes in against Herodes. Catches him with a pair of dropkicks. Elbow drop on Herodes and he covers him for the pin. Ortiz then gets Morgan with a rana for the other pin. Tecnicos win the first fall.

The rudo team spends some time outside the ring before the start of the second fall. A fan ringside tells Herodes that he’s scared of Kevin Von Erich. Coloso Colosetti and Mascara Año 2000 enter the ring to start the second fall. Morgan attacks Mascara Año 2000 from behind allowing Colosetti to go to work on him. Some double-team work by Morgan and Colosetti on Mascara Año 2000. Morgan punches at Mascara Año 2000. Herodes comes in and kicks Mascara Año 2000 and sends him to the outside.

Halcon Ortiz comes and gets knocked down. Kevin Von Erich makes the save but all three rudos attack him. Herodes bumps Von Erich down to the mat and follows with some forearm smashes. Morgan grabs Kevin by the head in the corner. Snapmare by Herodes into a headlock. Morgan kicks at Von Erich but Kevin catches him with a punch. All three rudos attack Kevin again. Colosetti whips Von Erich into the ropes but misses a kick. Kevin whips Colosetti into the corner and knocks the other rudos off the ring apron.

Kevin Von Erich and Coloso Colosetti exchange punches. Colosetti gets tossed to the outside. Ortiz and Morgan get in the ring and they exchange forearms. Backdrop by Ortiz followed by a senton onto Morgan. Morgan back up and slams Ortiz and lands an elbow. Neckbreaker by Morgan sends Ortiz to themat. Morgan with a slam and a rolling senton for the pin. Rudos win second fall.

Kevin Von Erich and Coloso Colosetti continue to brawl. All three rudos go after Kevin. Herodes submits Kevin. Morgan slams Mascara Año 2000 on the mat. Herodes continues to attack Kevin Von Erich until he knocks him out of the ring with some forearms. Colosetti heads to the outside and he and Kevin Von Erich continue to brawl. He sends Von Erich into the ring post.

Kevin Von Erich and Herodes brawl outside as the third fall starts. Kevin gets back into the ring. Tecnicos argue with the referees. Ortiz and Morgan start the third fall. Ortiz knocks down Morgan with a big right hand. He knocks him down again. Morgan counters with a punch of his own and sends him into the rudos corner. Morgan whips Ortiz into the corner but misses a shoulder attack as Ortiz moves and he hits the ring post.

Halcon Ortiz picks up Morgan and tosses him to the outside! Ortiz follows with a dive to the outside. Mascara Año 2000 and Herodes get into the ring. He gets Herodes with a rana for one pin and Kevin Von Erich hits a flying body press off the ropes onto Colosetti for the other pin. Tecnicos win the third fall and match.

Dr. Alfonso Morales mentions that David and Kerry Von Erich are scheduled to be in Arena Mexico later in the year.

WINNERS: Halcon Ortiz, Kevin Von Erich & Mascara Año 2000

Video of Dr. Alfonso Morales interviewing MS-1 is shown prior to the match. He can’t wait to destroy and shave Sangre Chicana’s head. MS-1says he’s going to leave him in pieces. Interview continues as the action starts in the ring.

Sangre Chicana vs. MS-1 in a hair match

MS-1 attacks Sangre Chicana outside the ring. He kicks at Sangre Chicana. Security has to keep the fans away from trying to stop MS-1’s attack. Fans boo MS-1.They do the introductions as MS-1 continues his attack on Sangre Chicana who is now bleeding from his forehead. Ring announcer says that should there be a draw both men will get their heads shaved.

MS-1 charges at Sangre Chicana again outside the ring. Kicks at Chicana’s head as more blood flows from his forehead and all the way across his chest. Some fans try to help Sangre Chicana back up. He tries to get in the ring but MS-1 kicks him back down. The bell rings to start the first fall. MS-1 goes back to the outside and picks up Chicana and carries him to the ring. He slams Chicana head first into the top turnbuckle. Big right hand sends Chicana outside again. MS-1 continues his beatdown.

They return to the ring. MS-1 slams Chicana and climbs up to the top rope and hits a diving splash for the pin. He wins the first fall. Fans boo him. He quickly kicks Sangre Chicana and that sends Chicana to the outside. MS-1 smiles and poses for the fans who keep booing him.

A woman ringside (revealed minutes later to be Sangre Chicana’s mom) cleans some of the blood off Sangre Chicana’s forehead! MS-1 attacks him again. Another fan waves a towel at Chicana to get him some air. Referee Eddie Palau tries to keep MS-1 from attacking again but he’s unsuccessful.

Second fall starts with MS-1 bringing Sangre Chicana back into the ring. Fans yell “Chicana! Chicana!” trying to get him fired up. MS-1 continues his attack and gets a knee across Chicana’s forehead. He tosses Chicana into the corner and then follows with a kick. MS-1 rolls Chicana back to the outside and slams him into the ring apron.

MS-1 is relentless in his attack. Heabutt from MS-1. They show Sangre Chicana’s mom ringside smoking. MS-1 swings at Sangre Chicana but misses and Chicana swings right back and knocks him down. Crowd erupts! Another big punch from Chicana. A third sends him to the outside and Sangre Chicana follows with a tope suicida! Fans chant for Sangre Chicana to get back in the ring as the referee continues his count. MS-1 is unable to get back in the ring and Sangre Chicana wins the second fall.

Sangre Chicana heads back to the outside and attacks MS-1 to the delight of the fans. He slams MS-1 into the ring. Tony Salazar joins Dr. Alfonso Morales on commentary. MS-1 is now bleeding from his forehead as the third fall starts. MS-1 chops down Sangre Chicana. He misses a second attempt and Chicana catches him with a left hand punch.

Both men are on the mat and get back up as the fans cheer on Sangre Chicana. MS-1 knees Chicana and sends him to the outside. He follows with a tope suicida! Both get back in the ring. MS-1 goes for a pin but Chicana kicks out. MS-1 goes for a cradle for a pin attempt but again Sangre Chicana kicks out. Both men struggle to see due to the blood flowing across their faces and into their eyes.

MS-1 goes for another pin but again Sangre Chicana kicks out. Senton by MS-1 gets him a two-count on Chicana. MS-1 tries for a half crab but can’t get it on so he punches Chicana. He follows with an armbar and then goes for a double underhook suplex into a bridge. Sangre Chicana kicks out of another pin attempt. Sangre Chicana whips MS-1 into the corner but MS-1 reverses and sends Chicana to the outside again.

MS-1 goes for another tope suicida to the outside but he goes a little too far and hits the ringside seats. Sangre Chicana and MS-1 return back to the ring. Sangre Chicana dropkicks MS-1 to the outside and Chicana follows with a tope suicida to the outside at MS-1! They both get back into the ring. MS-1 crawls over to pin Sangre Chicana but he’s near the ropes.

Sangre Chicana rolls over onto MS-1 for a pin but MS-1 kicks out. MS-1 slams Chicana and climbs up to the top rope. He misses a plancha off the top rope as Sangre Chicana moves out of the way! Sangre Chicana goes for the pin but MS-1 kicks out. MS-1 goes for a pin on Chicana but he takes his arm off to break the count.

MS-1 slams Chicana again and once again he climbs up the top rope and misses a diving senton as Chicana moves. Sangre Chicana gets MS-1 in a pulpo (called “La Chicana”) trying to get him to submit but instead he rolls over and gets MS-1’s shoulders on the mat for the pin. Referee Eddie Palau raises Sangre Chicana’s arm in victory.

WINNER: Sangre Chicana

The barber El Figaro enters the ring. Sangre Chicana raises his arms in victory. MS-1 remains outside the ring. Chicana heads to the outside. He punches MS-1 and picks him up and sends him back into the ring. He grabs hold of MS-1 so the barber can start cutting his hair. The barber hands Sangre Chicana some of MS-1’s hair. Sangre Chicana punches MS-1 again.

The barber continues to cut MS-1’s hair off but Sangre Chicana continues to attack him. Referee tries to stop him. Sangre Chicana finally leaves and MS-1 gets all his hair cut and shaved off. The fans poke fun at MS-1 who is still bleeding and he shows his frustration.

SHOW THOUGHTS: This was excellent. Unfortunately the complete show didn’t make video. I think they might have aired the top 3-4 matches from that show on TV but let’s all just be glad the Sangre Chicana vs. MS-1 match made video and also a rare appearance by Kevin Von Erich in Arena Mexico. If you haven’t watched early World Class, you should know Kevin seemed to be a bit of a fan of lucha libre at that time. Usually when a foreigner wrestles in Mexico, he’ll get matched up with one particular opponent in a trios match but in this trios match, Kevin got to work against Herodes and Colosetti since both were luchadores who wrestled in the U.S. The trios match was very good and had a good pacing to it. The main event was excellent. Lots of blood and some crazy dives by both. Both matches are highly recommended viewing.


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