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WCCW TV 7/10/1982

Written By Alfredo Esparza

World Class Championship Wrestling 7/10/1982

Taped 7/4/1982 at the Sportatorium in Dallas, Texas. Aired on 7/10/1982.

Bill Mercer and Jay Saldi are on commentary.

Al Madril vs. Capt. Frank Dusek

Capt. Frank Dusek yells at referee David Manning about doing his job as Madril has his fist clenched. Madril quickly gets in a shot on Dusek and again he complains to the referee. Dusek shoves Madril off him and he continues to stall as he argues with the referee. Madril gets Dusek in a side headlock again and punches him and again Dusek complains about it.

Dusek gets Madril in a side headlock but Madril takes him to the ropes. Some shoving and more discussion between Dusek and the referee. Dusek with a takedown on Madril but Al sends Capt. Frank to the outside. Capt. Frank gets a knee into Madril’s midsection and he slams his head into the top turnbuckle. Referee stops Dusek from throwing a punch. He argues with the referee and shoves him. Madril dropkicks Dusek over the top rope. Referee disqualifies Dusek for shoving him. They get into a shoving contest.

WINNER: Al Madril via DQ.

Capt. Frank Dusek grabs the mic and yells at referee David Manning.

The Superfly (w/ Armand Hussein) vs. Raul Castro

Bugsy McGraw is in the ring and trying to get The Superfly fired up. McGraw left H & H Limited the previous week. McGraw leaves the ring. He sits ringside and is show seated with a security guard and later with two little girls.

The Superfly with a big forearm across the back of Raul Castro. He tosses Castro across the top rope and punches him a few times. The Superfly with a kick at Castro. Castro gets choked on the ropes. Hussein yells at The Superfly to give Castro the beating of his life and to do what he tells him. The Superfly picks up Castro and tosses him. Another big punch at Castro. Fans start to chant “We Want Bugsy”!

The Superfly slams Castro and then goes for a big splash. He picks up Castro instead of pinning him. He slams Castro again. The Superfly cilmbs to the middle rope and splashes Castro for the win.

WINNER: The Superfly

Bugsy McGraw enters the ring and wants to wrestle The Superfly.

They show video of Bill Mercer meeting The Superfly at the airport. There are other reporters there as well. Gary Hart is upset that they showed up. Hart praises Mercer for doing one thing right and that being that a female reporter is there. She asks Hart if Bugsy McGraw has quit H & H and he gets upset at Bill Mercer. Hart says that McGraw is thinking about it but hasn’t quit. Mercer asks if they can see The Superfly and Hart refuses.

Bill Mercer and Bugsy McGraw are at the water park. McGraw talks about the secret of “agua” and mentions Neptune. He talks about water and compares it to various things including struggle and war. Mercer tells McGraw that it looks like fun. McGraw tells Mercer that he thinks he should have some fun and picks him up and puts him on the slide and tosses him down it. McGraw follows as Mercer yells down the slide! AWESOME! Bill Mercer yells at McGraw as he got his suit wet.

Bill Mercer and referee David Manning talk about the penalty box that will be used for the next match. Manning says that if a wrestler breaks a rule, he will be placed in the penalty box for 2 minutes. He also says that if Gary Hart or Armand Hussein show up ringside, they will be placed in the penalty box.

The Magic Dragon & The Great Kabuki © vs. Kerry Von Erich & Kevin Von Erich in a penalty box match for the All-Asian Tag Team Titles.

Referee David Manning informs the fans that if Gary Hart or Armand Hussein appear ringside at any time, they will be placed in the penalty box. Jay Saldi mentions that Kevin & Kerry Von Erich have just come back from wrestling in Missouri where they beat Ken Patera and Jerry “Crusher” Blackwell.

Kerry Von Erich and The Magic Dragon start the match. Kerry takes down The Magic Dragon but the Dragon quickly gets Kerry by the head. Chops are exchanged by the two and Kerry tags in Kevin. The Magic Dragon kicks at Kevin. Kevin gets the Dragon with a wristlock and then dropkicks him. Test of strength with Kevin getting the advantage and then kneeing the Dragon.

The Magic Dragon goes for a kick but Kevin catches his foot and catapults the Dragon. Double-team work by the Von Erichs with Kerry catching the Dragon with a dropkick. The Magic Dragon tags in The Great Kabuki but Kerry’s ready. Hard chop thrown by Kabuki! Hammerlock by Kabuki and the fans start to cheer for Kerry Von Erich. Kerry flips out of the hold and catches Kabuki with a dropkick. He gets in a knee across Kabuki’s head.

The Great Kabuki recovers and punches at Kerry. Kevin tries to help Kerry. Elbow across the neck on Kabuki. Kerry with a punch and tags in Kevin who lands an elbow across Kabuki’s shoulder. He whips Kabuki into the corner and as Kevin charges into him, Kabuki catches him with a superkick. Kabuki with some hard chops thrown at Kevin.

The Magic Dragon back in the match and he gets in a double thrust chop at Kevin Von Erich. He gets Kevin with a nerve hold and the fans with some loud chants for Kevin. Kerry jumps in and elbows the Dragon. Referees mention that one of the Von Erichs was in the ring illegally and has to go into the penalty box. It ends up being Kevin going in. The Dragon gets Kerry with a nerve hold.

Kabuki gets tagged in and gets in some chops on Kerry. He spins around and gets Kerry with a nerve hold across the shoulders. Kerry fights back and whips Kabuki into the ropes and gets him with a sleeperhold. The Magic Dragon makes the save and now he has to go inside another penalty box for 2 minutes! Kerry kicks at Kabuki and gets him with a discus punch for a near fall. Kevin is now out of the pentalty box but he jumps into the ring to help Kerry thinking he was tagged in. Referee Bronco Lubich tells him that he wasn’t legally tagged in and now has to go back into the penalty box!

Nerve hold on Kerry Von Erich by The Great Kabuki as Kevin is being placed back into the penalty box for two more minutes. The Magic Dragon is out of the penalty box. Kerry gets Kabuki with a claw but Kabuki is able to reach out and tag in The Magic Dragon. Superkick by The Dragon followed by several chops. Nerve hold by The Dragon on Kerry as the fans cheer louder. Kerry crawls to his corner and tags in Kevin. Kevin dropkicks The Magic Dragon and then gets in a shot on Kabuki. Kevin goes for the claw on The Magic Dragon! The Dragon escapes and tags in Kabuki. Eye rakes by both at the same time. Hard chop from Kabuki followed by a wristlock. Kevin rolls out and dropkicks Kabuki and tags in Kerry.

Kerry Von Erich with a discus punch on Kabuki! Snapmare followed by knee drop on Kabuki. More punches thrown by Kerry. He gets Kabuki up with a suplex and goes for a pin but only gets a two-count. Kabuki tags in The Magic Dragon who beats on Kerry and sends him to the outside after a hard chop. Kerry gets back in the ring and The Dragon gets in another chop but Kerry follows with a sunset flip. The Magic Dragon continues to beat on Kerry.

Fans chant “Go Kerry Go” as The Magic Dragon has Kerry Von Erich in a nerve hold. Kerry powers out and sends The Dragon over the top rope. Kevin tags in and goes to work on The Magic Dragon. He gets the Dragon with a headscissors roll-up and tries to go for the claw. Kevin switches over to the body scissors on the Dragon. Dragon reaches over and tags in The Great Kabuki who kicks Kevin. He chops Kevin but Kevin Von Erich kicks him.

Kevin Von Erich gets in a few elbows on The Great Kabuki. He gets in a chop on The Great Kabuki. Kerry grabs Kabuki by the hair and Kevin tags in Kerry. He punches at Kabuki a few times. Kabuki counters with a kick and tags in The Magic Dragon. He catches Kerry with a kick at the chest. Hard chops thrown at Kerry and he fights back with some punches. Eye rake by the Dragon.

The Great Kabuki and Magic Dragon tag in and out and stomp and chop at Kerry Von Erich in their corner! Kevin jumps both of them and he gets thrown back into the penalty box. They continue to beat on Kerry Von Erich as he’s alone in the match again. Kabuki gets back in the match and he gets in some punches on Kerry who fights back but both Kabuki and Dragon continue their attack on Kerry.

The Magic Dragon continues to beat on Kerry. Kevin is released from the penalty box again and he quickly attacks The Magic Dragon and The Great Kabuki. He gets thrown back into the penalty box again! Kabuki & The Magic Dragon continue to beat on Kerry Von Erich. Kevin shoves referee David Manning out of the way and gets out of the penalty box and attacks The Magic Dragon and The Great Kabuki. The Von Erichs are disqualified. Double-dropkick by The Von Erichs on The Magic Dragon.

WINNERS: The Magic Dragon & The Great Kabuki via DQ.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Very good show. First two matches were pretty short with the first ending in a DQ and the second being The Superfly’s debut and him winning it very easily. The show really picked up during the vignettes especially when Bugsy McGraw and Bill Mercer went down the water slide! That was great. The tag match was good and had a lot of heat throughout. Seemed like Kevin was the only one going in the penalty box a lot which worked since it had Kerry always trying to make the comeback against The Magic Dragon and The Great Kabuki and that also led to a good way to finish the match with Kevin having enough and costing them the titles but saving Kerry in the process. Fun show.


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