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Mid-South Wrestling 12/30/1982

Written By Alfredo Esparza

Mid-South Wrestling 12/30/1982

This was a highlight edition hosted by “Cowboy” Bill Watts. They air highlights from the year. Going to give a quick rundown of all that airs on this episode.

Show opens with the video of Kamala “The Ugandan Giant” in the jungle.

Highlights of a match that happened in Houston, Texas on October 1, 1982 between Andre The Giant, Mil Mascaras & The Junkyard Dog against Killer Khan, Gino Hernandez & Tully Blanchard airs.

They join in progress a match from October 15, 1982 between Mil Mascaras and Gino Hernandez. Tully Blanchard wearing a wig interferes and knocks out Mil Mascaras to help Gino Hernandez win the match. Watts mentions that Houston joined Mid-South in 1982.

They air highlights from the October 27, 1982 show by opening with Bill Watts and Paul Boesch in the crowd talking to the fans and they show a gorilla in the crowd that Watts points out. Watts admits that the gorilla had everyone tricked. That is Followed up with highlights of the Mr. Olympia & The Junkyard Dog vs. The Rat Pack (Ted DiBiase & Matt Borne) for the Mid-South Tag Team Titles, No Disqualification Loser Leaves Town for 90 days match with the gorilla getting involved and it being revealed to be “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan. DiBiase and Borne win the Mid-South Tag Team Titles and The Junkyard Dog is forced out of the territory after the loss for 90-days.

Watts mentions how a few days later a new man came to town by the name of “S. Lee”. They air the Stagger Lee vs. Ted DiBiase match with the smaller wrestler holding up a banner saying “S. Lee is Stagger Lee”. Watts mentions DiBiase became more upset when Stagger Lee beat him for the North American Title a few weeks later.

They air highlights of Hacksaw Duggan confronting Tony Atlas before a match. Duggan challenges Atlas to do some push-ups and Atlas beats him. Duggan proceeds to attack him. Brawl ensues with others including Ben Stabler and Marty Lunde getting involved. That leads to an arm wrestling challenge between the two a few days later and they continue to brawl. This time around DiBiase and Borne get involved and Duggan spears Atlas while wearing a helmet to get the win.

Watts talks about the arrival of Mr. Wrestling II to Mid-South Wrestling and how someone had been defacing his mask. It would later lead to Kamala going after Mr. Wrestling II’s mask. They show highlights of Mr. Wrestling II and Kamala getting into a wild brawl with Gen. Skandor Akbar and Friday also involved. Kamala hits a big splash off the top rope on Mr. Wrestling II and he tries to go for the mask but Stagger Lee and Mr. Olympia make the save.

Highlights of Stagger Lee & Mr. Olympia vs. Matt Borne & Ted DiBiase from their December 18th match with loser of the fall leaving Mid-South for 90 days. Mr. Olympia ends up losing.

They air highlights of Tully Blanchard vs. Mr. Wrestling II from Houston in December 10th. Blanchard has a bloody forehead as Mr. Wrestling II continues his attack on Tully. Mr. Wrestling II ends up losing via DQ.

They follow that up with highlights from a December 10th, six-man tag match from Houston between Ted DiBiase, Matt Borne & Hacksaw Duggan against Stagger Lee, Tony Atlas & Chavo Guerrero. Wild action with Chavo Guerrero getting tagged in and taking on all three heels. Everyone gets involved. Chavo goes for a Boston Crab on DiBiase when Gino Hernandez runs out and hits Chavo with a chair to get the Rat Pack disqualified in the first fall.

Paul Boesch stopped the match to get Chavo Guerrero some help. He then let Stagger Lee and Tony Atlas pick their partner to continue in the second fall. The fans joined to make the pick and all of them picked Mr. Wrestling II. Watts mentions there was a controversial finish to the match but they had some technical difficulties so they could only show the first four minutes of the second fall.

SHOW THOUGHTS: A year-end review show that only seemed to cover the final 3 months of the year. They did air clips of one new match at the end but Watts was quick to let everyone know they only would air a part of it. This is a show you can skip.


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