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Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling 4/17/1982

Written By Alfredo Esparza

Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling 4/17/1982

Taped 4/14/1982 at the WPCQ-TV Studios in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Bob Caudle opens the show with Jack Brisco by his side. He mentions some of the winners in the tag team tournament. Jack Brisco talks about it as Roddy Piper interrupts. He shakes Brisco’s hand and praises him as a tremendous wrestler. Piper asks Brisco what it would feel like to wrestle someone like him at 27 years old and in his prime. Brisco tells him that he would feel honored and tells Piper that the reason he is there is to win the Mid Atlantic Championship which Piper currently holds.

Piper tells Brisco that he understands him being honored by it and wonders if Brisco is envious by him. Brisco tells Piper that he hasn’t beaten him and tells Piper that he’s willing to get in the ring right now. Piper removes his jacket, but puts it back on and tells Brisco that he has nothing to prove and suggests Brisco work his way up the ranks for a title match.

Jack Brisco vs. Jim Dalton

Roddy Piper returns for commentary during the match. Dalton misses a forearm at Brisco. Jack Brisco gets Dalton in a side headlock. Dalton whips him into the ropes but Brisco knocks him down and follows with a hiptoss. Brisco with a takedown into a facelock. Piper continues to praise himself and slightly compliments Brisco. Brisco gets Dalton in a leglock. He keeps working on the legs.

Brisco gets in a forearm across Dalton’s back as he finally gets to the ropes to get Brisco to break the hold. Dalton gets in some punches in the corner on Brisco but Brisco grabs him and slams him into the turnbuckles. He goes with a leg takedown on Dalton and goes to work on Dalton’s left leg. Dalton gets Brisco in a waistlock but Brisco keeps hold of Dalton’s left leg. He follows that up with an elbowdrop off the corner.

Kneedrop from Brisco and he grabs the right leg. Dalton with an eye poke to escape the hold. Dalton jumps off the ropes but Brisco catches him with a punch. Brisco continues to attack Dalton’s legs. He grabs Dalton with a figure-four leglock for the win.

WINNER: Jack Brisco

Jake “The Snake” Roberts joins Bob Caudle to talk about what happened last week to Jimmy Valiant. He mentions how wrestlers expect injuries but what happened to Valiant with the mist spit into his eyes by The Ninja was not right. Roberts mentions that Valiant’s eyes are sensitive to light right now and he’s going to see an eye specialist.

Keith Larson vs. Tony Russo

Hand shake before match starts. Hiptoss by Russo on Larson. Larson tries to reverse a hiptoss but Russo grabs him by the arm. Larson tries to scissor out of the hold but Russo gets him in an armbar. He tries again with a headscissors and succeeds the second time. Russo escapes and grabs hold of Larson’s left leg.

Larson with more headscissors on Russo to keep him down. Piper talks about the Jimmy Valiant and Ivan Koloff feud during the match. Russo escapes the headscissors but Larson quickly gets him in a side headlock. Tony Russo escapes and gets Larson in a full nelson. Larson tries to get out of the hold but Russo gets him back in it. Larson breaks free again and Russo monkey flips him off the ropes. Larson back up and takes Russo down with a hiptoss into a headlock.

Tony Russo escapes but Larson catches him with a dropkick and gets Russo back into a headlock. Russo picks up Larson and drops his knee onto his own knee. He catapults Larson’s left leg and goes to work on his knee. Russo continues to attack his left leg. He gets Larson in a leglock. Larson escapes and reaches the ropes. Uppercut thrown by Russo! He whips Larson into the ropes and kicks him.

Russo whips Larson but it gets reversed by Larson. He catches Russo with a headscissors and rolls him up for the surprise win!

WINNER: Keith Larson

“King Kong” Angelo Mosca vs. Vinnie Valentino

King Kong Mosca shoves Vinnie Valentino into the ropes and hammers him with some forearms. He follows with a front facelock on Valentino. Valentino reaches the corner and gets in some forearms that don’t hurt Mosca. Mosca quickly reverses and slams him into the corner and gets Valentino back in the front facelock. He drops Valentino and twists his head and then stomps on him. Valentino tries to punch his way against Mosca but they have zero effect on him.

Mosca catches Valentino with an elbow and then covers him for the pin but decides to pick him up. He legdrops Valentino and again picks him up instead of pinning him. Mosca twists Valentino’s head and then gets in a knee to his back. Fans chant for Vinnie. Mosca whips Valentino into the ropes and catches him with a right hand. He beats on Valentino on the ropes.

Angelo Mosca slams Valentino to the mat and then grabs him by the head and slams him into the mat even more. He punches Valentino and then covers him for the pin.

WINNER: Angelo Mosca

Ivan Koloff joins Bob Caudle and Ivan’s smiling and says he feels great for what he did to Jimmy Valiant and says it was a trap for Valiant. He’s pleased that Valiant can’t see from one of his eyes and says it is war. Koloff still has his belt and wants war against Valiant.

Sgt. Slaughter arrives and tells Bob Caudle that he hasn’t had a chance to thank Ivan Koloff for what he did to Jimmy Valiant. He mentions that he has a partner to go to war with and it is “King Kong” Angelo Mosca. Slaughter names everyone to come and face them. Mosca says he has one of the most devastating elbows in pro wrestling today and tells everyone to beware.

Paul Jones joins Bob Caudle and they talk about Wahoo McDaniel coming back to the territory. He is pleased that Wahoo’s returning and that Don Muraco is also coming along as well. They show a tape of a match featuring Wahoo McDaniel against Ali Bey. He wants to stop Sgt. Slaughter, Mosca and Piper. Jones also mentions that Ric Flair is coming back and they show highlights of Flair and Steamboat getting attacked after their title match by Sgt. Slaughter, Pvt. Kernoodle and Pvt. Nelson. He offers to help Flair if he needs it.

Mike George vs. Steve Sybert

Mike George takes Steve Sybert to the mat. George with a hiptoss on Sybert to take him down with an armbar. Sybert gets back up but George keeps him locked up with a wristlock. George trips Sybert and puts him back on the mat. They reach the ropes but George keeps hold of Sybert’s arm and drops him back down to the mat. He buries Sybert’s head into the mat.

Sybert gets back up but George keeps his left arm locked in a hammerlock. Sybert back flips George off him. George with a fireman’s carry takedown on Sybert and into an armbar. Sybert lays in some strong forearms at George but Mike George counters with forearms of his own. He drops Sybert down to the mat.

George back with a hammerlock on Sybert. Sybert reaches the ropes to break the hold and they exchange some forearms. George gets him in a wristlock but Sybert shoves him into the corner and gets in some forearms. Mike George reverses and gets in some forearms. Sybert tries to kick at George off the ropes but George moves out of the way. Mike George picks up Sybert and drops him into a shoulder breaker for the pin.

WINNER: Mike George

Pvt. Don Kernoodle & Pvt. Jim Nelson vs. Terry Taylor & Tony Anthony

Terry Taylor and Pvt. Jim Nelson start the match. Nelson lands a knee into Taylor’s mid-section and tags in Kernoodle. Back and forth between Taylor and Kernoodle. Taylor slams Kernoodle. Nelson gets back in the ring and Taylor armdrags him and tags Tony Anthony. Anthony with a wristlock on Nelson. Nelson shoves him into the corner and tags in Kernoodle.

Don Kernoodle with a dropkick on Anthony. Some punches thrown and Kernoodle knees Anthony in the back as Anthony tags in Taylor. Terry Taylor whips Kernoodle into the ropes and backdrops him. Taylor takes on both privates. Kernoodle surprises Taylor with an elbow across the back of his neck. Jake Roberts shows up ringside! The privates double-team Taylor. Tony Anthony is out on the floor. More double-teaming from Kernoodle and Nelson. Taylor tags in Jake Roberts who replaced Anthony.

Roberts beats on both privates and Sgt. Slaughter shows up. Roberts sends Slaughter to the outside with a knee lift. The privates and Taylor and Roberts go at it as the bell rings and the match ends in a no-contest.

WINNERS: No Contest

SHOW THOUGHTS: Okay episode. The last match was the best but was only a few minutes long. It continued the rivalries between Terry Taylor and Jakeo Roberts against Sgt. Slaughter and his two privates. The Keith Larson vs. Tony Russo match was better than the other matches. Angelo Mosca debuted and put quite the beating on his opponent. Show started off strong with Piper confronting Jack Brisco but the matches just weren’t as good.


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