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A look back at pro wrestling history.

WCCW TV 7/3/1982

Written By Alfredo Esparza

World Class Championship Wrestling 7/3/1982

Taped 6/20/1982 at the Sportatorium in Dallas, Texas. Aired on 7/3/1982.

Bill Mercer and Jay Saldi are on commentary.

Bugsy McGraw & King Kong Bundy (w/ Armand Hussein) vs. Raul Castro & Sal Olivares

Bugsy & Bundy hit each other with forearms across the chests before the match starts. King Kong Bundy & Raul Castro start the match. Castro uses his speed against Bundy. Bundy gets a knee and forearm on Castro. He slams him into the corner. Big forearm across the chest of Castro. Hussein yells out some words of encouragement to Bundy.

Bundy tags in Bugsy McGraw and he snapmares Castro, who is able to roll over to his corner and tag in Sal Olivares. McGraw beats on Olivares as soon as he enters the ring. He lays in some punches on Olivares and then gorilla press slams him. Elbowdrop by McGraw on Olivares. Backbreaker by McGraw and he covers Olivares for the pin.

McGraw tosses Castro to the outside and Bundy follows with a big splash on Olivares. He goes for a second attempt but McGraw stops him. Hussein and Bundy start to argue with McGraw. He tells Bugsy that he’s the boss. They continue to argue outside the ring as the fans cheer loudly. Bundy tries to calm everyone down. Fans start to cheer for Bugsy McGraw. They make peace and H & H team members walk back to the locker room together.

WINNERS: Bugsy McGraw & King Kong Bundy

Wild Bill Irwin vs. Brian Adias

Fans start to chant “Chauncey” at Wild Bill Irwin. Waistlock by Adias and he takes Irwin down. Irwin gets Adias with a wristlock but that gets reversed by Adias into a hammerlock. Leg takedown by Irwin to escape the hold. Adias slams Irwin to the mat. He gets Irwin in a reverse chinlock.

Irwin elbows his way out of the chinlock. He slams Adias’ head into the top turnbuckle. They exchange some forearms near the ropes. Adias whips Irwin into the corner and kicks away at Irwin. Armdrag by Adias and he goes for a pin but Irwin kicks out. Irwin follows with a knee to the mid-section of Adias. He misses a clothesline and running kick at Adias but he’s able to keep control of the match. Irwin whips Adias into the ropes and Adias gets Irwin with a sunset flip for a near fall.

Adias with a front facelock on Irwin and he turns it into a neckbreaker for another near fall. He takes down Irwin in a side headlock. Irwin whips Adias into the ropes again and again Adias gets Irwin with a sunset flip. Wild Bill gets in a forearm across Adias chest and gets him in a reverse chinlock. Adias whips Irwin into the ropes and Adias runs into Irwin who knocks him down. Irwin whips Adias into the ropes and Adias catches him with a dropkick. Adias goes for a slam but Irwin cradles him and gets Adias for the pin.

WINNER: Wild Bill Irwin

“The Modern Day Warrior” Kerry Von Erich vs. Capt. Frank Dusek

Capt. Frank Dusek shoves around trying to get to Kerry Von Erich and the referee warns him. Dusek charges at Kerry Von Erich but Kerry recovers and whips him into the corner. He beats on Dusek and whips him into the ropes and backdrops him. Dusek heads to the outside.

Dusek climbs back into the ring. They lock-up and get on the ropes. Dusek gets in a cheap shot but Kerry fights back and knocks Dusek down to the mat. Capt. Frank stalls a bit. He attacks Kerry and slams him into the turnbuckles. He whips Kerry into the ropes but Kerry catches him with a dropkick. Dusek tries to get the referee to stop Kerry from going after him.

Kerry Von Erich with a snapmare and kneedrop on Dusek. He goes for the Iron Claw and Dusek tries to fight him off from applying the hold on him. Kerry gets the claw on Dusek but Dusek escapes. Leg takedown by Kerry and he goes to work on Dusek’s left leg. Dusek grabs Von Erich’s trunks and tosses him into the turnbuckles. He tosses Kerry to the outside.

Dusek climbs up to the top turnbuckle teasing that he’s going to jump on Von Erich but gets down. Kerry tries to get back into the ring. Dusek charges at him and Kerry moves out of the way. Von Erich goes for a slingshot plancha onto Dusek but Dusek raises his knees up to knock the wind out of Kerry Von Erich! Dusek misses an elbow drop. Kerry Von Erich goes for a sunset flip roll-up on Dusek and covers him for the pin.

WINNER: Kerry Von Erich

They show a vignette of Armand Hussein and Bugsy McGraw at the H & H Enterprise offices discussing their problems. Bill Mercer shows up. Gary Hart shows up to calm them down. Hart tells Mercer that he doesn’t mind him coming to the offices but he always stirs trouble.

Gary Hart is able to get Bugsy McGraw to leave the office. Hart asks Mercer if he can keep quiet about the situation but Mercer wants to know the specifics of what is going on between Bugsy McGraw and H & H Enterprise. Gary Hart tells Mercer that he can’t tell him and he showed up while Hussein and McGraw were having a discussion and that the problem was solved.

Taped 6/4/1982 at Texas Stadium in Irving, Texas – Fritz Von Erich Retirement Show.

King Kong Bundy vs. Fritz Von Erich in a Falls Count Anywhere match for the NWA American Heavyweight Title.

Mark Lowrance announces that Gary Hart is barred from Texas Stadium for this match and that falls will be allowed anywhere in Texas Stadium. He also announces that this will be Fritz Von Erich’s retirement match. Some trash talking before the match from both Fritz and Bundy.

King Kong Bundy attacks Fritz Von Erich as he removes his shirt. He gets in some forearms on Fritz before the bell rings. Bell rings as Fritz counters with a few forearms of his own. Fritz gets the Claw on King Kong Bundy! He breaks the hold and Bundy continues to beat on Fritz.

Bundy with a kneedrop on Fritz and he covers him for the pin but Von Erich escapes by putting the claw on Bundy’s mid-section. Fritz kicks Bundy off. Bundy continues his attack. He slams Fritz head into the turnbuckle. Fritz fights back and knocks down Bundy. He goes for a pin but Bundy kicks out again. More elbows and forearms thrown by Bundy at Von Erich. Fans start to chant for Fritz Von Erich.

Fritz tries to get Bundy with the claw again but Bundy blocks it. He goes for an eye poke instead. Fritz beats on Bundy and slams him head-first into the turnbuckles. He tosses Bundy to the outside. Bundy gets back in the ring but Fritz tosses him to the other side of the ring. Fritz slams Bundy into the ring post. Both get back in the ring and Von Erich gets in some punches and chops on Bundy. He follows that up with the claw!

Bundy escapes the claw by rolling to the outside. Fritz kicks at Bundy and he heads to the outside. He goes for the claw again on Bundy in the end zone of Texas Stadium! Bundy rips into the eyes of Von Erich and kicks him. He grabs a chair but Fritz kicks him and Bundy drops the chair. Fritz grabs the chair and hits Bundy with it. He covers Bundy for the pin on the end zone and wins the match!

David, Kevin, Kerry, Mike and Chris Von Erich all run out to celebrate with Fritz Von Erich who retires as a champion. His wife shows up and hugs Fritz.

WINNER: Fritz Von Erich

The Von Erich boys tell their father that he’s won the title ten times. Bill Mercer heads over to interview Fritz Von Erich who asks Mercer if he thought he could do it. He mentions that Bundy was too dumb to give up so he knew that he had to pin him. He is proud to be going out a champion.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Okay episode. First two matches were kept somewhat short especially the tag match. The Adias – Irwin match was more competitive and went a little longer. I thought it was a bit boring but it did get across that they were building up newcomer Brian Adias during the match. Irwin used a veteran move to sneak a win over him. The Kerry Von Erich vs. Frank Dusek match was okay. The crowd was very vocal and that definitely helped the match which was the same with the Fritz Von Erich vs. King Kong Bundy match. Thought that was an okay match but was worked perfectly as a good Fritz farewell match.


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