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ECW TV 12/14/1993

Written By Alfredo Esparza

ECW Hardcore TV #36 (12/14/1993)

Taped 12/4/1993 at the ECW Arena in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Aired on 12/14/1993.

Show opens with a recap from last week’s show.

Joey Styles is in The Eagle’s Next about ECW Arena and quickly goes to the action featuring Sal Bellomo.

“Wildman” Salvatore Bellomo vs. Don E. Allen

Bellomo throws teddy bears into the crowd. That goes on for a few minutes. Quick armdrag takedown by Bellomo and Allen complains about having his hair pulled. Bellomo decides to pull Allen’s hair on the 2nd attempt. Test of strength into a stomp of Allen’s fingers. He follows that up with a standing dropkick. Allen charges at Bellomo and gets him with a few forearms and hammers away at him in the corner.

Don E. Allen continues his attack on Bellomo and charges into the corner but Bellomo moves out of the way. Big forearm across the chest of Allen. He rips into Allen’s mouth and then puts him onto the ropes where he continues his attack. Allen moves around in pain and Bellmo grabs him in a side headlock and pokes his eyes. Bellomo slams Allen and then lands a big splash on him for the pin.

WINNER: Salvatore Bellomo

Matty In The House talks about the Body Count match coming up between The Public Enemy and Badd Company. Video highlights of the feud between these two teams is shown.

J.T. Smith promo about Terry Funk and Kevin Sullivan attacked him. He wants revenge against both of them. He’ll get his chance against Funk on next week’s show in a six-man tag team match.

They air a brief clip of Shane Douglas turning down Woman as his manager.

Tommy Dreamer & Shane Douglas (replacing Johnny Gunn) vs. Kevin Sullivan & The Tazmaniac (w/ Woman) for the ECW Tag Team Titles.

Tommy Dreamer shows up alone. Johnny Gunn was unable to get a flight from Puerto Rico to Philadelphia due to bad weather conditions. Dreamer asks for the microphone. He tells the fans that Gunn was delayed and offers to fight both Sullivan and The Tazmaniac on his own.

ECW Commissioner Tod Gordon and Shane Douglas both enter the ring. Gordon tells Dreamer that he doesn’t have to defend the titles now. Dreamer still wants to. Douglas offers to team with Dreamer and defend the tag team titles against Sullivan and The Tazmaniac. Dreamer agrees to it.

Kevin Sullivan quickly attacks Tommy Dreamer and takes him to his corner where he and The Tazmaniac attack him. Dreamer beats on both. He whips The Tazmaniac into the ropes and clotheslines him. He knocks down Sullivan off the ring apron. Dreamer gets Taz up with a suplex and follows with some punches. The Tazmaniac reverses things and catches Dreamer with a belly-to-belly suplex. He tags in Sullivan.

Sullivan lands a foot at Dreamer’s face. He whips him into his corner but Dreamer punches Taz and knocks Sullivan down. He tries to head to his corner but Sullivan trips him up and tags in The Tazmaniac who attacks him with some chops. The Tazmaniac gets Dreamer with a choke hold and bites him as well. Sullivan tags back in and lands across Dreamer’s neck. Quick tags from Sullivan and Taz.

Taz whips Dreamer into the ropes but it gets reverses and Dreamer catches him with a hiptoss. The Tazmaniac quickly recovers and drops an elbow on Dreamer. Sullivan tagged back in and he gets Dreamer down with a belly-to-back suplex. Taz back in and Dreamer catches him with a gut-wrench suplex. Dreamer and The Tazmaniac get back up and hit the ropes and clothesline each other.

The Tazmaniac tags in Sullivan. Dreamer tags in Douglas. Woman and her team distract the referee. Douglas pulls a chain out of his boot and punches Dreamer with it! The Tazmaniac covers Dreamer for the pin and we have NEW ECW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS, Kevin Sullivan and The Tazmaniac!

WINNERS: Kevin Sullivan & The Tazmaniac

Douglas, Sullivan and The Tazmaniac continue their attack on Dreamer! Douglas lands an elbow off the ropes on Dreamer. They all stomp on him. Sullivan and The Tazmaniac whip Dreamer with the title belts while Douglas holds him by the feet. The referees help Dreamer back up.

Tommy Dreamer backstage interview about his upcoming match against Shane Douglas. He says there are two things he has that Douglas doesn’t, the fans support and heart.

Joey Styles interviews Terry Funk in the ring. Funk asks Styles where he got such a gorgeous looking tie. He calls himself the “King of the Indies” and says he has a problem because he’s going up against Sabu. Funk talks about all the enemies he has including Road Warrior Hawk, Abdullah The Butcher, Kevin Sullivan and King Kong Bundy. Funk is worried that Sabu might run away from him so he’s looking for a few good men. He tells Styles he can’t be one of them because he doesn’t think Styles could ever be a man!

Funk wants his men to come out. It turns out to be The Bad Breed, Axl & Ian Rotten. Funk says they are not WWF wrestlers. He says they’ll do what he tells them to do. Ian Rotten climbs up the top rope but Funk tells him to get back down. Funk then tells Styles that Sabu will be there with him next week.

Another Terry Funk promo is shown with video highlights.

Paul E. Dangerously promo were he talks about only managing stars and says Sabu has the most star-quality of any wrestler that he’s ever managed. He mentions how he’s managed high-flyer and death defying wrestlers like Bobby Eaton and Jimmy Snuka and says Sabu is even more death-defying than Snuka. He also says Sabu is tougher than anyone he’s ever managed. They show highlights of Sabu as Paul E. praises him.

Paul E. then insults Terry Funk and his family. He points out that he traveled a lot as the NWA World Champion and the following years building up the Funk legacy, so Paul E. wonders how he had any time to have a family. He asks Funk if he’s ever wondered why his daughters bare a resemblance to Dick Murdoch! He vows that Sabu will take Funk to hell on December 26th.

Brief Jimmy Snuka promo airs.

The Sandman (w/ Peaches) vs. Tony Stetson

Tony Stetson attacks The Sandman as soon as he enters the ring. He whips him into the corner and clotheslines Sandman. The Sandman makes a comeback and punches Stetson. He backdrops Stetson and follows with an elbow. Reverse chinlock by The Sandman. He slams Stetson and climbs up to the top rope and hits him with a back elbow. Sandman goes for a pin but Stetson kicks out.

Stetson gets in a few shots on Sandman but Sandman recovers with a Samoan Drop for another near fall. Stetson heads to the outside and asks for a timeout. He trips The Sandman and pulls him to the outside. He sends The Sandman into the ring post. Stetson gets back in the ring and kicks at the ropes to get Peaches away from the ring. He suplexes Sandman back into the ring.

Body slam by Stetson and he climbs to the top rope and lands a legdrop on the Sandman. He continues to punch The Sandman. Stetson goes for a slam and only gets a two-count. He climbs up to the top rope again and goes for a flying body press but The Sandman rolls over and reverses it into a pin.

WINNER: The Sandman

Mr. Hughes (w/ Jason) vs. Chad Austin

They cut away and we see Joey Styles in the dark and he hopes that the production team can get the lights back up sometime soon.

We return to the action and several wrestlers are in the ring along with Mr. Hughes. We see Tommy Dreamer, The Sandman, J.T. Smith, and Bad Breed out there. Sal Bellomo and Shane Douglas are aroudn there as well. Dreamer chases after Douglas. Everyone brawls in and out of the ring. Ian Rotten piledrives someone on the concrete floor. Mr. Hughes is shown beating on The Sandman with a chair. More wrestlers shows up and brawl everywhere.

Douglas and Dreamer are back and the go after each other in the ring. They use a chair against each other. Mr. Hughes jumps into the ring. Kevin Sullivan and The Tazmaniac show up with chairs and hit several wrestlers before they finally leave. Bellomo tosses a trash can into the ring. Chairs thrown into the ring.

WINNER: No Contest

SHOW THOUGHTS: Good episode. New ECW Tag Team champions were crowned in Kevin Sullivan and The Tazmaniac. Shane Douglas turning on Tommy Dreamer during that tag title match now leads to a feud between those two and we saw at the end that they went after each other again during the melee in the final minutes of the show. Terry Funk getting Bad Breed to watch his back against all his enemies and also cutting a good promo in the ring to build-up his match with Sabu was great. That was overshadowed by Paul E. Dangerously’s promo after! That was amazing!


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