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Memphis Wrestling 12/15/1979

Written By Alfredo Esparza

CWA Memphis Championship Wrestling 12/15/1979

Taped 12/15/1979 at the WMC TV Studios in Memphis, Tennessee.

Lance Russell and Dave Brown on commentary.

They air highlights of The Assassins against Billy Robinson & Paul Ellering from the Mid-South Coliseum 12/10 show.

Billy Robinson vs. Bub Smith

Robinson extends his hand but Smith refuses. Robinson with a quick takedown on Smith, who reaches the ropes to force Robinson to break. Great technical wrestling from Robinson as he continues to take Smith off his feet. Smith gets in a few forearms across Robinson’s chest while on the ropes. Robinson catches Smith with some chops followed by a neckbreaker and a knee drop.

Robinson with a side suplex on Smith. He follows that up with a backbreaker across the knee and covers Smith for the pin.

WINNER: Billy Robinson

As soon as the count is over, the Assassins run in and attack Robinson! They toss Smith out of the ring. One of the Assassins beats on Robinson while the other one keeps anyone else from entering the ring. Koko Ware and Rick Morton try to get in the ring but one Assassin keeps them out. Paul Ellering runs out and he and everyone else is able to run the Assassins out of the ring. The Assassins head over to the announcers desk and ask Russell if that’s the best they have.

Eddie Marlin, referee Paul Morton, Paul Ellering, Koko Ware and Rick Morton help Billy Robinson out of the ring. Russell and Brown talk about the arm looking like it was broken.

They air highlights of the champion vs. champion match between Nick Bockwinkel and Jerry Lawler from the Mid-South Coliseum 12/10 show. Match is joined in progress at the 20-minute mark with Bockwinkel in control of the match. Bockwinkel lands a knee across Lawler’s back. Lawler kicks out of a couple of pin attempts by Bockwinkel.

They exchange punches and slam into each other. Jimmy Hart can be heard yelling for Lawler to get up. Bockwinkel continues with some more punches thrown at Lawler. He slams Lawler and then whips him into the ropes and backdrops him. Bockwinkel goes for the pin but Lawler reaches the ropes. He whips Lawler into the ropes but Lawler kicks him. Punches and elbows from Lawler knock Bockwinkel down to the mat. He bites Bockwinkel’s forehead. More punches thrown by Lawler at the now bloody Bockwinkel.

Lawler poses for the fans as Bockwinkel is bleeding and on the mat. He stomps on Bockwinkel. Lawler misses a fist drop as they announce 25 minutes have passed. Bockwinkel gets back up and goes to work on Lawler with some punches and whips him into the corner. He goes for the atomic drop and Lawler goes flying over the top rope onto the floor.

Jimmy Hart punches Bockwinkel on the other side of the ring with a foreign object. Lawler crawls back into the ring and covers Bockwinkel but Nick kicks out. Bockwinkel rolls up Lawler for the pin, but Hart climbs up on the ring. Nick Bockwinkel goes after Hart and Lawler grabs a chain in an attempt to punch Bockwinkel but the referee stops him and disqualfies Lawler. Nick Bockwinkel wins via DQ at 26:46.

Ken Wayne vs. Paul Corea

Paul Corea shoves Ken Wayne into the ropes and breaks cleanly. Lance Russell mentions that Billy Robinson has been taken to the hospital to get his arm x-rayed. Corea catches Wayne with a clothesline and follows with some sentons on Wayne. He catches Wayne with a dropkick but doesn’t get enough behind it and Wayne is able to roll Corea up for a pin attempt.

Ken Wayne gets Paul Corea in a side headlock. Corea quickly gets Wayne in a headscissors. Wayne complains about his hair getting pulled. He’s able to escape. He gets in a few forearms on Corea followed by some kicks. Ken Wayne picks up Corea for a slam and goes for the pin but Corea kicks out. Wayne whips Corea into the ropes and catches him with a forearm.

Corea whips Wayne into the corner and Corea climbs up onto the ropes. Ken Wayne decides to toss Corea over the top rope onto the floor. Referee disqualifies Ken Wayne for doing this. Paul Corea climbs back into the ring and dropkicks Ken Wayne out of the ring.

WINNER: Paul Corea via DQ.

They air an interview with Hector Guerrero who updates his left arm injury at the hands of The Assassins. Hector mentions that the doctor told him it will be a few days before he can do anything with it. He believes it is getting better but he’s frustrated at not being able to do anything about it. He wants to wrestle the Assassins.

Lance Russell talks about Jerry Lawler having had a match with Ken Lucas in Louisville. They talked to Lucas before the match. He mentions how he’s seen a lot about Lawler in magazines and on TV and recognizes that Lawler is a tough man and a worthy champion. Lucas said he knows that Lawler has been known to cheat in his matches and that he’s willing to get dirty in the match if necessary. He wants to beat him in this match in hopes of getting a title shot against Lawler.

They also air a promo from Jerry Lawler before the match against Ken Lucas in Louisville. Lawler is smiling and says he can’t tell the fans that Ken Lucas is a good wrestler. He then claims that before signing for this match, he had never heard of Ken Lucas. Lawler suggests that Lucas might get arrested for impersonating a wrestler. He says beating Ken Lucas will be a piece of cake because he’s not a top-10 contender and he’s never seen anything about him in the magazines. He repeats that he’s never heard of Ken Lucas. He says that perhaps some people think Ken Lucas is a good wrestler but he’s the greatest in the world today and beating Lucas will be a joke.

Interview Michael St. John tells Lawler that he’s heard good things about Lucas, which Lawler then tells him that he probably has because he’s in a small town like Louisville. Lawler tells him that he’s traveled all over the world and he’s never heard of the name Ken Lucas. He calls Lucas a “local Louisville yokel”.

Lance Russell mentions that they won’t be showing highlights from the Lawler – Lucas match but they did have a camera at Jerry Lawler’s home where he talked about that match. Lawler is shown with a black eye and bandaged up. He is upset that everyone thinks Lawler finally got what was coming. Lawler thinks Lucas is feeling like a big shot and warns Lucas that he can’t make a reputation off him. He asks the camera to show his face because he’s never taken this type of beating in his career. He warns Lucas that when he’s done with him, he’s going to look different. He vows to finish this with Lucas.

They run down the entire December 16th card that includes Dennis Condrey vs. Paul Corea, David Schultz vs. Steve Regal, Tojo Yamamoto & Sonny King vs. Big Red & Rick Morton, The Assassins vs. Billy Robinson & Paul Ellering for the AWA Southern Tag Team titles and Jerry Lawler vs. Ken Lucas.

Dave Brown runs over to tell Lance Russell that he just spoke with Jerry Jarrett who said that Billy Robinson will be unable to wrestle on that 12/16 show and he has been in contact with the Gibson Brothers to replace Robinson & Ellering in that match.

They show highlights of Sonny King & Tojo Yamamoto vs. Rick Morton & Big Red’s tag team match from the Mid-South Coliseum 12/10 show. Morton goes for a sunset flip on Yamamoto and tags in Big Red. Big red beats on Yamamoto. Yamamoto is able to escape to the outside. Some fan gets in the ring and Sonny King and everyone else goes after the fan until security shows up to escort him out of the ring.

Yamamoto returns to the ring with a shoe and beats on Morton. Morton gets tossed to the outside. King and Yamamoto continue to attack Morton. They each take turns beating on Morton. Tojo slams Morton and goes for the pin but Morton kicks out. Morton continues to fight back but Tojo and King keep him near their corner. Big headbutt from Sonny King on Morton to knock him down. They keep distracting the referee by getting Big Red fired up in the corner and that allows King and Yamamoto to get in an extra cheap shot on Morton.

Hard chops by Tojo Yamamoto at Morton. Morton crawls his way over to tag in Big Red and he beats on King and Yamamoto. Big Red with a slam on Yamamoto followed by a big splash for a pin attempt but King makes the save. Yamamoto pulls salt out of his trunks and throws it at Big Red and covers him for the pin.

Sonny King shows a logo for the “African Cowboy”. He mentions being called that after some people saw him hog-tie Big Red on a previous show. King says he’s going to turn professional wrestling around.

Sonny King & Tojo Yamamoto vs. Koko Ware & Steve Regal

Steve Regal and Tojo Yamamoto start the match. Side headlock and punch by Yamamoto on Regal. He pulls on Regal’s hair. Sonny King heads over to the announcers table to talk a little more. Regal with a hiptoss on Tojo. Koko Ware tags in and he dropkicks Yamamoto. Ware slams Yamamoto and covers him for the pin. Sonny King runs back to the ring and lands a headbutt on Ware to stop the pin attempt!

Sonny King tags in and goes up against Ware. He gets in some forearms on Ware but Koko fights back. They brawl in the corner until Ware armdrags him out of the corner. Ware whips King into the corner but King catches him with a boot to the face. King follows with another headbutt spear. He manhandles Ware and tags in Yamamoto. Yamamoto with some chops at Ware. He gets in a few kicks as well.

Big boot at Ware from Sonny King. Ware tags in Regal. Regal misses a dropkick on King. Sonny King gets in some forearms on Regal. Tojo tags in and chops down Regal. Eye rake followed by a chest rake from Yamamoto. Regal fights back and knocks down Tojo. Yamamoto rolls over to his corner and tags in Sonny King. Ware comes back in the ring.

Sonny King knocks down Koko Ware and chokes him on the mat. He stomps on Ware and goes back to choking him. He tags in Tojo Yamamoto and Tojo gets in a few more chops on Koko. Some more kicks from Tojo but Koko fights back. Ware fires up and lays in on Tojo and dropkicks both but Sonny King holds on to the ropes and no sells the dropkick. Ware tags in Regal.

Regal backdrops Yamamoto and covers him for the pin but only gets a two count. Tojo catches Regal with a chop and tags in King. Sonny King whips Regal into the ropes and kicks him. He stomps on Regal and gets him in a facelock. He switches over to choking him while the referee is distracted by Yamamoto. Tojo hits Regal with a wooden shoe. King tosses Ware out of the ring.

Sonny King Tags in Tojo Yamamoto who keeps chopping and beating on Regal. Ware gets tagged in and he fires away on Yamamoto and King. King whips Ware into the ropes and catches him with a flying headbutt. Referee is distracted by Yamamoto so King tosses Ware over the top rope. Ware climbs back in the ring and they continue to beat on him. King tosses Ware over the top rope again to the floor but the referee didn’t see him.

More double-teaming from King and Yamamoto on Ware. Unfortunately video ends at that point.

WINNERS: Sonny King & Tojo Yamamoto

SHOW THOUGHTS: Fun episode despite it being incomplete. The first two studio matches were pretty short. The tag match that was recorded was pretty entertaining and unfortunately it didn’t get recorded completely because I was enjoying the King and Yamamoto tag team. Highlight of this episode had to be the Lawler interviews before and after his match with Ken Lucas and the highlights from his match with Bockwinkel. Wish this show would have been complete or at the very least up until the finish of the tag match.


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