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Mid-South Wrestling 12/23/1982

Written By Alfredo Esparza

Mid-South Wrestling 12/23/1982

Taped 12/8/1982 at the Irish McNeil’s Boys Club in Shreveport, Louisiana. Aired on 12/23/1982.

Boyd Pearce and “Cowboy” Bill Watts are on commentary. Pearce calls today’s show one of the “greatest cards”. Watts mentions this loser-leaves-town Mid-South Tag Team title match will also be a No DQ match. He gives a recap of how The Rat Pack (DiBiase & Borne) and Stagger Lee and Mr. Wrestling II got to this match.

Mr. Olympia vs. Tug Taylor

Tug Taylor shoves Mr. Olympia off him a few times. Mr. Olympia catches him with a dropkick and follows with a side headlock. Taylor sends him into the ropes and body slams Mr. Olympia. He misses an elbow smash and Mr. Olympia body slams and dropkicks Taylor out of the ring.

Taylor gets back in the ring and is caught in a side headlock by Mr. Olympia. He escapes and lands a knee across Mr. Olympia’s head. Mr. Olympia recovers and takes Tug down and gets him in a front facelock. Wristlock reversals by Mr. Olympia and he gets Taylor back in a front facelock. He takes Taylor down for a pin attempt.

Watts mentions that Mr. Olympia wanted to be at this show because he was in that tag match were Junkyard Dog lost and had to leave town for 90 days. Taylor gets Mr. Olympia on the ropes and lays in a few forearms and punches. He whips Mr. Olympia into the ropes but Mr. Olympia punches and slams him. Mr. Olympia whips him into the ropes and punches Taylor. He follows with a sleeperhold on Taylor and gets the win!

WINNER: Mr. Olympia

“Hacksaw” Jim Duggan vs. Chavo Guerrero

Chavo offers to shake hands with Duggan but Duggan wave him off. Duggan is smiling as he starts the match with Guerrero. Chavo gets Duggan with a waistlock but Duggan reaches the ropes for a break. Duggan gets Guerrero into the ropes and then grabs hold of him in a side headlock. Chavo with a leg takedown knocks Duggan down. Duggan knocks him off and Chavo with a nip-up quickly gets back up.

Chavo Guerrero with another leg takedown drops Duggan. Side headlock by Chavo. Duggan whips him into the ropes and he body slams Guerrero. He whips Chavo again into the ropes and catches him with a backbreaker. Duggan only gets a 2-count on Guerrero. He slams Guerrero into the turnbuckle. Chavo fights back. He takes down Duggan with an armbar.

Duggan gets Guerrero into the ropes and gets in a few forearms and an elbow on him. Big knee across Chavo’s chest. Guerrero with some uppercuts and chops on Duggan. Hacksaw gets in a few big punches on Chavo. He drives in another knee on Chavo. He goes for a second but Guerrero moves out of the way. Chavo kicks at Duggan’s left leg. He puts Duggan’s left knee across his shoulder. Duggan grabs the ropes and they both go back and forth with some punches.

Chavo Guerrero with more elbows and punches. Guerrero winning the battle and takes Duggan down with an uppercut. Duggan reverses a whip into the corner and goes for a spear but Chavo jumps onto the ropes and sunset flips Duggan for a pin. Chavo Guerrero gets the surprise win over Duggan!

WINNER: Chavo Guerrero

Duggan’s head is split wide open with blood flowing across his forehead as he hit the ring post when going for the spear into the corner.

Recap of Tony Atlas vs. Hacksaw Duggan’s match from last week with Ted DiBiase and Matt Borne getting involved.

“Mr. U.S.A.” Tony Atlas vs. John Davidson & Rick Davidson in a 2-on-1 handicap match

John Davidson starts off against Tony Atlas. Atlas uses his strength to knock down John and then does the same for Rick. Both Davidson Brothers come in and Atlas still knocks them both down. Test of strength and the Davidsons are knocked into each other. Atlas with a headbutt on John Davidson. He tosses Rick Davidson back into the ring as well.

Both Davidsons attack Atlas together. They try to pin him together but Atlats lifts them off him. Atlas with more headbutts. He goes for a slam on John but instead tosses him into Rick. Atlas headbutts both brothers. He thenk gorilla press slams John Davidson and covers him for the pin.

WINNER: Tony Atlas

Kamala “The Ugandan Warrior” (w/ Gen. Skandor Akbar & Friday) vs. Tony Torres

Tony Torres is wearing a Mr. Wrestling II mask. This is due to Akbar requesting Kamala’s opponents wear masks because he likes collecting them. Kamala quickly attacks Torres with several chops! He whips Torres into the ropes and gets him with another chop. Kamala whips him again and catches him with a double thrust chop. He follows with two big splashes and covers Torres for the win.

WINNER: Kamala

Kamala starts to remove the mask off Torres. Kamala puts the mask on his trophy stick and he looks really happy. Mr. Wrestling II runs in and confronts Akbar. They argue over the mask and Mr. Wrestling II starts to beat on Akbar. Kamala returns to the ring and he and Mr. Wrestling brawl. Mr. Wrestling II with a series of knee lifts that send Kamala to the outside! Friday jumps into the ring but Mr. Wrestling II slams him. Mr. Wrestling II unmasks Friday and Kamala climbs up to the top rope and splashes Mr. Wrestling II. Kamala starts to unmask Mr. Wrestilng II. Stagger Lee and Mr. Olympia run out to save Mr. Wrestling II.

Matt Borne & Ted DiBiase vs. Mr. Olympia & Stagger Lee for the Mid-South Tag Team Titles in a No DQ Loser Leaves Town match.

Ted DiBiase and Matt Borne are in the ring waiting for the match to start. Bill Watts mentions that Mr. Wrestling II was hurt and doesn’t appear like he can compete in the match. DiBiase asks if they are going to have a match now that Mr. Wrestling II is hurt and says he and Stagger Lee should forfeit and leave Mid-South. Referee says that matchmaker Grizzly Smith said the match would still go on.

Mr. Olympia replaces Mr. Wrestling II in the match. Borne and DiBiase attack Stagger Lee and Mr. Olympia. They make a comeback and send the Rat Pack to the outside. DiBiase and Stagger Lee get back in the ring. Lee with a fist drop on DiBiase. Borne gets in the ring and Stagger Lee sends both to the outside with headbutts.

DiBiase climbs back into the ring and tags in Borne. Mr. Olympia gets in the ring. Borne whips Mr. Olympia into the ropes but Mr. Olympia gets the advantage and stomps on Borne. He tags in Stagger Lee. DiBiase comes back into the ring. All four men are in the ring. Referee gets Lee out of the ring and that leaves DiBiase and Mr. Olympia in the ring. DiBiase catches Mr. Olympia with a backbreaker. He follows with a reverse elbow. Mr. Olympia kicks DiBiase and tags in Stagger Lee. Everyone is back in the ring.

Mr. Olympia gets DiBiase in the sleeper. The referee tries to get Stagger Lee out of the ring. Borne climbs up to the top rope but Lee slams him off. Stagger Lee and Borne head to the outside. Referee tries to stop them. Hacksaw Duggan runs out with his helmet on and DiBiase shoves Mr. Olympia into Duggan’s helmet and knocks him out. DiBiase covers Mr. Olympia for the pin. Mr. Olympia loses and has to leave Mid-South for 90 days.

WINNERS: Matt Borne & Ted DiBiase

“Gorgeous” Gino Hernandez vs. Tim Horner

Gino Hernandez attacks Tim Horner as the bell rings. Paul Boesch joins Boyd Pearce on commentary. Hernandez catches Horner with a dropkick. He follows by tossing Horner to the outside. Horner returns to the ring and Hernandez catches him with a Russian leg sweep for the pin. Short match.

WINNER: Gino Hernandez

SHOW THOUGHTS: Excellent episode building up to the big angle and match on the show with DiBiase and Borne getting the win over Stagger Lee and Mr. Olympia. Mr. Olympia being forced to leave Mid-South for 90-days due to replacing an injured Mr. Wrestling II in the match. Funny to hear Watts accidentally slip and call Stagger Lee, The Junkyard Dog but he quickly corrected himself. Also Chavo Guerrero getting the upset win over Hacksaw Duggan was a good moment on the show. Watts made it seem that Duggan’s loss could lead to The Rat Pack losing in the tag match but that ended up going the opposite way.


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