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All-Star Wrestling 2/11/1978

Written By Alfredo Esparza

WWWF All-Star Wrestling 2/11/1978

Taped 2/1/1978 at the Field House in Hamburg, Pennsylvania. Aired on 2/11/1978.

Vince McMahon on commentary.

Commercial featuring Larry Zbszyko and a kid named Mike who discuss Juvenile Diabetes and the need to stop it.

Baron Mikel Scicluna & Butcher Paul Vachon (w/ Capt. Lou Albano) vs. Pete Austin & S.D. Jones

Capt. Lou Albano pretends he’s jumping rope during the ring introductions. Bell rings and Albano charges at S.D. Jones but falls to the mat. Crowd laughs as Albano leaves the ring. Jones and Vachon start the match. Vachon knocks down Jones with a shoulder block but Jones is able to backdrop him off the ropes the second time around. Butcher heads to the outside, returns and tags in Scicluna. Jones tags in Austin.

Scicluna with some big forearms across the back of Austin. More forearm smashes to the chest of Austin. Vachon tags back in and he continues with a hard chop across the chest of Austin. Back rake by Vachon but Austin tags in Jones. S.D. Jones whips Butcher into the corner. He attempts a second whip but it gets reversed by Vachon and he tags in Scicluna who starts to beat on Jones.

Baron Scicluna chokes Jones. Jones fights back with some punches and a headbutt that knocks Scicluna down but he tags in Vachon. Butcher goes for a forearm but Jones blocks him and headbutts him. Jones tags in Austin who goes for the pin on Butcher but Vachon kicks out. Austin with a chinlock but Vachon is close to the ropes. Austin whips Vachon into the ropes but Vachon catches him with a big boot. Vachon tags in Scicluna who beats on Austin. Quick tags by Scicluna and Vachon. Vachon lands a stomp on Austin’s mid-section and Scicluna follows with a knee drop and gets the pin.

WINNERS: Baron Mikel Scicluna & Butcher Vachon

“High Chief” Peter Maivia vs. Stan “The Man” Stasiak (w/ The Grand Wizard)

Maivia reverses a waistlock into a hammerlock and quickly into a front facelock. He breaks the hold as he gets distracted by The Grand Wizard ringside. Stasiak goes for a side headlock but Maivia hiptosses him. Stasiak goes for an armlock but Maivia lifts him up and places him onto the ropes.

Stan Stasiak reaches the ropes to break an armbar by Maivia. Maivia gets Stasiak on the ropes and shoulder blocks him. Stasiak gets in a few punches on Maivia. He follows with a nerve hold on Maivia’s neck. Fans start to cheer loudly for Maivia. Maivia reaches the ropes but Stasiak continues his attack. He goes for the heart punch but Maivia blocks it and knocks Stasiak to the outer part of the ring!

The Grand Wizard heads over to talk to Stasiak before he returns to the ring. Stasiak complains to the referee. Full nelson by Maivia on Stasiak. He reaches the ropes to break the hold. More punches thrown by Stasiak. He goes for the Heart Punch again but Maivia blocks it! He catches Stasiak with an uppercut and that sends Stasiak to the outside. Maivia gets distracted by The Grand Wizard and Stasiak attacks him from behind.

Stasiak continues to beat on Maivia who is hanging off the ropes. He finally falls to the floor. Stasiak knocks down Maivia again off the ring. Maivia pulls Stasiak out of the ring and slams him into the ring steps. Both men brawl outside and end up being counted out.

WINNER: Double Count Out

Spiros Arion and “Classy” Freddie Blassie are interviewed by Vince McMahon. Blassie points out a “fat guy” in the crowd who challenged Arion to a match which made Blassie laugh and he tells said fan that Arion would tie his hands behind his back and headbutt him. He goes further and says the sanitation department forgot to take out the trash. Arion says he gets the biggest thrill wrestling fat men like Gorilla Monsoon, Haystacks Calhoun and other chubby men.

Blassie mentions that Arion has been annihilating all the big names on the East Coast. He also keeps insulting the fan. Vince asks Arion if it bothers him to be associated with Blassie which Arion says Blassie is all class. McMahon tells Blassie that he doesn’t see why he used that verbal abuse on one indivdiual. Blassie agrees and apologizes and he should focus that on Arion’s opponents. Blassie then says he doesn’t apologize but means it twice as much and starts insulting more people. He shows Vince his new cane.

Vince asks Arion if it bothers him that Blassie makes all his money at Arion’s expense. Arion says he’s never taken any beatings and Blassie has never taken any of his money. He mentions that Blassie is going to help him become the WWWF World Champion in 1978.

Spiros Arion (w/ Freddie Blassie) vs. Dennis Johnson & Pete Reeves in a handicap match.

Spiros Arion attacks both of his opponents as soon as the bell rings. He knocks both of them down and stomps on them. He chokes Dennis Johnson and continues to stomp on him. Reeves tries to save his tag partner but Arion knocks him down again. Arion whips Reeves into Johnson. Arion gets Johnson in a full nelson. Reeves attacks Arion with some forearms to help free up his tag partner.

Johnson and Reeves corner Arion but he kicks at them. Arion tosses Reeves to the outside. He punches Johnson and starts stomping on him again. Hiptoss into a pin attempt by Arion but he picks up Johnson. Reeves gets back into the ring but he gets knocked down. Uppercuts by Arion on both men. Arion with a front facelock followed by a punch on Reeves. He chokes both his opponents with the ropes.

Blassie praises Arion and claims his two opponents are better than what they’ve looked like. Reeves and Johnson mount a comeback and try to whip him across to the other corner. They continue to punch Arion in the corner but Arion smashes their heads together and knocks them both down. Big knee across Johnson’s mid-section. He slams Reeves and goes for the pin but picks him up. Arion then tosses Reeves to the outside. Blassie places his cane on Reeves neck.

Arion continues to beat on Johnson in the ring. He picks up Johnson across his shoulder and Johnson submits to the backbreaker.

WINNER: Spiros Arion

Dominc DeNucci vs. Joe Turco

Joe Turco complains about getting his hair pulled right as he and DeNucci lock-up. They lock-up a second time and Turco gets in a cheap shot near the ropes. DeNucci goes for a hammerlock but Turco reaches the ropes. Side headlock by Turco gets reversed briefly by DeNucci. DeNucci picks up Turco but Turco throws punches at DeNucci’s head. DeNucci breaks out and punches at Turco’s left arm.

Turco gets DeNucci in a bear hug. DeNucci breaks out of the hold by slapping across Turco’s ears. Waistlock attempt by DeNucci but Turco reaches the ropes and he gets in a cheap shot on DeNucci on the ropes. Leg takedown by DeNucci. Turco complains to the referee. DeNucci with another leg takedown and he gets a near fall on Turco who reaches the ropes as quickly as possible. More complaints from Turco.

DeNucci threatens to punch Turco who gets him in a wristlock and pulls his trunks to take Dominic down to the mat. Reversal by DeNucci but Turco takes him down again. Dominic bridges his shoulders so they are not on the mat. Turco yells out that he has DeNucci while still applying a wristlock. Yank of the hair by Turco followed by some forearm smashes. He whips DeNucci into the ropes but Dominic goes for a sunset flip and gets the pin on Turco!

WINNER: Dominic DeNucci

They take a look at Wrestling Action magazine and give the address for fans to order it.

Mr. Fuji & Prof. Toru Tanaka vs. Frank Williams & Joe Marcus

Prof. Toru Tanaka throws salt across each corner. He starts off against Frank Williams. Tanaka takes down Williams who falls below the bottom rope and Tanaka is told to step away from Williams. He gets Williams across the ropes again. Tanaka tags in Mr. Fuji and he continues to attack Williams. He tosses Williams into the corner and kicks him. Williams fights back and takes Mr. Fuji down!

Williams tags in Marcus and he gets Mr. Fuji in a side headlock. Mr. Fuji quickly escapes and chops Marcus. He slams Marcus and follows with a legdrop. Tanaka back in and he goes to work on Marcus’ left arm. He’s also choking Marcus and the referee catches him. Tanaka tells the referee that he’s not choking him but he has to break the hold.

Mr. Fuji gets back in the ring and he continues the attack on Marcus. Williams tries to reach out to Marcus and also tries to grab hold of Mr. Fuji. Tanaka comes back in and he elbows Marcus and covers him for the pin.

WINNERS: Mr. Fuji & Prof. Toru Tanaka

Vince McMahon closes the show talking about Stan “The Man” Stasiak and talks about what will be on next week’s show.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Average show. I enjoyed the Maivia vs. Stasiak match but the other matches were pretty forgettable. Best part of the show might have actually been Freddie Blassie ripping into a fan during the interview he and Spiros Arion were doing with Vince McMahon. I don’t think I would recommend this show to anyone.


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