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Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling 4/10/1982

Written By Alfredo Esparza

Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling 4/10/1982

Taped 4/7/1982 at the WPCQ-TV Studios in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Bob Caudle opens the show with NWA representative Sandy Scott. He mentions that he has an announcement for later on the show.

They show a video from Florida with Eddie Graham talking about the NWA World Tag Team title tournament. Graham mentions how he’s as excited about this tournament as if he was competing in it. He mentions The Briscos, Stan Hansen & Ole Anderson and The Funk Brothers are still in the tournament. He thanks Fred Ward for handling the tournament the night his son Mike Graham and Steve Keirn were participating in it since he didn’t want there to be any conflict of interest.

Sandy Scott says Eddie Graham informed him that there is a winner from the Western Regionals that took place in Hawaii and they are Wahoo McDaniel & Don Muraco. Scott runs down the remaining teams on the East Coast.

Ivan Koloff interrupts to talk about Jimmy Valiant. He says that if a car hit Valiant and he was dying and bleeding and Koloff was the only person there who could help him, he wouldn’t do it. Valiant’s music starts to play. Jimmy Valiant enters the ring. Koloff remains ringside.

“The Boogie Woogie Man” Jimmy Valiant vs. Ben Alexander

Ben Alexander attacks Jimmy Valiant from behind as he’s busy dancing around and is distracted by Koloff. He whips Valiant into the ropes but Valiant catches him with a forearm. Valiant whips Alexander into the ropes and catches him with an elbow. He gets him with a second elbow and follows with an elbow drop. Ivan Koloff jumps into the ring but Valiant knocks him out of the ring. Jimmy Valiant gets Alexander with another elbow drop and covers him for the pin.

WINNER: Jimmy Valiant

Match only took a few seconds and Valiant stares down Koloff and later dances as Koloff leaves the ringside area.

“Pretty Boy” Carl Fergie vs. Keith Larson

Larson shoves Fergie into the corner and Fergie gets upset about it. Fergie with a takedown and into a side headlock on Larson. Larson quickly escapes. Knee to the mid-section from Fergie but Larson is able to get Fergie down with a wristlock. He elbows Fergie’s upper arm while still keeping the wristlock on. Fergie shoves him into the corner and lays in a fwe punches and kicks.

Fergie whips Larson into the ropes but Larson surprises him with a hiptoss and follows with an armdrag. Larson continues to work on Fergie’s arm. Fergie picks Larson up for a body slam. He gets in a knee at Larson after whipping him into the ropes. Chinlock on Larson. Larson gets up to his feet and escapes. They reach the ropes and Fergie punches and kicks at Larson. Shoulder tackles into the mid-section of Larson.

Fergie goes for a pin but Larson kicks out. Back to a chinlock on Larson. Fans start to chant “Go Home Fergie!” Fergie with a wristlock on Larson. Larson with some hard right hands at Fergie but Fergie fights back. He slams Larson into the corner turnbuckle. Larson counters with some punches off the ropes and follows with a backdrop.

Larson gets Fergie into the corner and whips him from one corner to the other while punching him. He charges at Fergie and Fergie moves out of the corner. Fergie follows that with a kneedrop and he gets the pin on Larson.

WINNER: Carl Fergie

Sgt. Slaughter joins Bob Caudle to talk about all the challengers he’s had since coming to Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling. He wants to put his U.S. title up against anyone including Jack Brisco and Wahoo McDaniel. He also challenges Don Muraco that he’s heard is coming in. Slaughter also says Angelo Mosca is coming in and he’s going to help him get rid of all these wrestlers.

Jack Brisco vs. Bill White

Fireman’s carry takedown by Jack Brisco on Bill White. He follows with a hammerlock but White reaches the ropes. Armdrag takedown by Brisco followed with a knee drop across White’s right arm. He gets White in a wristlock. White slams Brisco into the turnbuckle but Brisco keeps the wristlock on. Jack Brisco knocks down White. He gets White in a hammerlock.

White reaches the ropes and punches Brisco but Brisco fights him off. He lands an elbow across White’s head. Kneedrop by Brisco. Front facelock by Brisco on White and White reaches the ropes. Brisco slams White into the turnbuckles. He whips him into the ropes and catches White with a dropkick. Brisco gets White in a figure-four leglock and White quickly gives up.

WINNER: Jack Brisco

Pvt. Nelson promo as he talks about winning the Mid-Atlantic Tag Team titles with Pvt. Kernoodle. He thanks Sgt. Slaughter for helping him become a winner. Nelson talks about how much training they do to stay in shape and their willingness to pay the price to become successful.

Ole and Gene Anderson join Bob Caudle and they want to put Jimmy Valiant out of wrestling. They both warn Valiant not to get in their faces because his days would be numbered.

“The Russian Bear” Ivan Koloff vs. Tony Anthony

Koloff pulls Anthony by the hair and knocks him down. Anthony fights back and gets Koloff in a wristlock. Koloff takes Anthony down and gets him in a front facelock. He keeps pulling Anthony’s hair to keep him down. Koloff kicks and punches Anthony. Follows by slamming hard into the turnbuckles. Koloff with an elbow and he continues to toss Anthony around the ring.

Ivan Koloff with a backdrop and he claws Anthony’s back. He whips Anthony into the ropes and kicks him. Bearhug by Koloff. Anthony elbows out of the hold but Koloff kicks him. Koloff whips Anthony into the ropes and then armdrags him. He misses an elbow on Anthony. Tony Anthony catches Koloff with a dropkick. He sends Koloff into the corner but Koloff catches him with a kick and he regains control of the match. Ivan Koloff gets a whip reversed and Anthony gets him with a dropkick. Anthony with an abdominal stretch but Koloff escapes. He tosses Anthony around the ring. Ivan Koloff climbs to the top rope and grabs Anthony by the head and drives him head-first down into the mat. Koloff covers Anthony for the pin.

WINNER: Ivan Koloff

Blackjack Mulligan Jr. joins Bob Caudle to talk about Sgt. Slaughter and new talent coming into the territory including Angelo Mosca and Don Muraco.

Jack Brisco talks about the tag team tournament and he and Jerry hope to win the tournament. He also wants a shot at the U.S. Title held by Sgt. Slaughter and says he will accept that challenge from Slaughter.

Jimmy Valiant comes out and says he has Ivan Koloff were he wants him and says he’s scared. Valiant hugs Caudle and dances off.

There is a match scheduled for The Ninja and as Jimmy Valiant starts to leave the studio, Ivan Koloff attacks him. Valiant goes into the ring and The Ninja spits out green mist at Valiant. He and Koloff attack Valiant. Gene Anderson joins them. Jake Roberts and Blackjack Mulligan Jr. come out to make the save. Valiant yells out “My Eyes” as he’s being helped out of the studio.

Ray Stevens and Johnny Weaver talk about their being a conspiracy that Ivan Koloff had Gene Anderson and The Ninja there to injure Valiant.

Tim Horner vs. Rusty Roberts

Tim Horner with a takedown on Rusty Roberts and into a side headlock. Roberts whips Horner into the ropes and Horner knocks Roberts down and he gets him back in a side headlock. Roberts rakes Horner’s eyes while having him in a side headlock but Horner breaks out of the hold and he gets Roberts in a side headlock of his own. Fans with some really loud chants during this match. Roberts pulls Horner down but Horner gets control again of the match.

Roberts fights out of the hold and punches Horner a few times. Horner fires right back and gets Roberts down with a backdrop. Kneedrop from Horner. Roberts reverses a whip into the ropes but Horner catches him with a sunset flip off the ropes for the pin.

WINNER: Tim Horner

Mike Rotundo does a promo and talks about some of the talent in the territory. He mentions training with Jake Roberts, Jack Brisco, Porkchop Cash and Jimmy Valiant. He wants to wrestle Roddy Piper who says people don’t like him but he has talent and he’s looking forward to wrestling him. Interviewer mentions that he looks a lot like a former world champion.

Pvt. Don Kernoodle & Pvt. Jim Nelson vs. Kelly Kiniski & Terry Taylor

Pvt. Kernoodle and Terry Taylor start the match. Kernoodle slaps Taylor across the face. Taylor blocks a right hand and he punches Kernoodle. Kernoodle tosses Taylor into Nelson’s boot in the corner. Taylor fights back on Nelson. He tags in Kiniski who dropkicks Nelson. He whips Nelson into the ropes and catches him with a chop.

Taylor back in with an elbow across Nelson’s arm. Nelson tags in Kernoodle and they double-team Taylor. Double chop by Kernoodle followed by a neckbreaker. Kernoodle gets in a few punches on Taylor. Taylor fights back but Nelson gets back in the ring. Nelson with an elbow on Taylor. Backbreaker on Taylor for a two-count. Taylor recovers briefly but he gets double-teamed by the privates.

Kneedrop by Kernoodle on Taylor. Stevens mentions that Valiant was taken to the hospital. Taylor makes a comeback and tags in Kiniski. He backdrops and dropkicks Kernoodle. Body slam by Kiniski but he misses an elbow. Kiniski charges at Kernoodle in the corner but Kernoodle raises his knee up and knocks Kiniski down.

Nelson back in and he and Kernoodle with some quick tags on Kiniski. They keep him in their corner. Nelson with a chinlock on Kiniski. Kiniski tries to fight back but Kernoodle elbows him. Thumb to the throat by Kernoodle and they keep double-teaming Kiniski. Nelson gets Kiniski with a front facelock. Kiniski reaches the corner and tags in Taylor.

Terry Taylor with a backdrop on Nelson and follows with a forearm on Nelson. He gets a two-count as Kernoodle makes the save. All four men brawl in the ring. Referee calls for the bell and calls for a Double Disqualification. Kernoodle and Taylor keep brawling until Nelson pulls out Kernoodle. Kiniski tries to stop Taylor from chasing after Kernoodle.


Sandy Scott joins Bob Caudle and mentions that a lot of craziness has gone on during the show. He heard Kernoodle tell Taylor that what happened to Valiant should have happened to him. Jake Roberts is concerned for Jimmy Valiant. They show a replay of what The Ninja, Gene Anderson and Ivan Koloff did to Valiant. Ray Stevens and Johnny Weaver are still there and share their thoughts on the incident.

David Crockett comes out to let Bob Caudle know that Gene Anderson has some words. Gene Anderson and The Ninja join Caudle. Gene says that he along with The Ninja, Ole and Ivan Koloff got together to get Jimmy Valiant out of wrestling. Ivan Koloff joins them and says this is only the beginning for Valiant. He hopes Valiant is blind for life and says Valiant’s going back to New York City.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Good episode with the focus being the Jimmy Valiant and Ivan Koloff feud eventually leading up to The Ninja blinding Valiant with the mysterious green mist. We also see that the Andersons are also against Valiant. Best match on the show was the main event tag between Kernoodle and Nelson against Terry Taylor and Kelly Kiniski. As usual most of the matches were kept pretty short.


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