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WCCW TV 6/26/1982

Written By Alfredo Esparza

World Class Championship Wrestling 6/26/1982

Taped 6/20/1982 at the Reunion Arena in Dallas, Texas. Aired on 6/26/1982.

Bill Mercer and Jay Saldi are on commentary.

Brian Adias vs. Captain Frank Dusek

Mark Lowrance introduces Brian Adias as “Brian Adidas” as do the announcers. Mercer mentions that Adias is a childhood friend of the Von Erichs. Bill Mercer congratulates Jay Saldi on being a father for the first time. Saldi congratulates Mercer for being a grandfather.

Dusek takes down Adias and gets him in a side headlock. Adias gets him on the ropes to break the hold. More talk of Adias friendship with the Von Erichs. Side headlock by Adias on Dusek. Dusek gets in a forearm into Adias mid-section. He warns Adias. Adias again gets Dusek in a headlock. Dusek again lays in a forearm but Adias fights back!

Fireman’s carry takedown by Dusek on Adias. He calls Adias a “punk” as he gets him in an armbar. Adias reverses it until Dusek grabs hold of his hair to take him back down. The crowd yells that Dusek pulled the hair and referee Bronco Lubich tells Dusek to break it up. Dusek with a roll-up for a near fall on Adias as he escapes at the last second!

Dusek again gets Adias in a side headlock. He takes Adias down while keeping him in a headlock. Dusek grabs his own trunks to add more leverage. Adias escapes and catches Dusek with a dropkick and gets Dusek in a side headlock. Dusek gets back up but Adias rolls the headlock and rattles Dusek a bit. Dusek tries for a suplex but Adias keeps the hold locked in.

Adias keeps the headlock on Dusek for quite a bit of time. Dusek breaks free but Adias catches him with a hiptoss and gets Dusek back into a side headlock. Capt. Frank backdrops Adias and goes to work on Adias back with a forearm. He gets Adias with a powerslam but Adias kicks out of a pin attempt. Adias fights back and kicks Dusek. Dusek rakes Adias eyes. Dusek whips Adias into the ropes and catches him with an elbow. He follows with an elbow drop but Adias kicks out of another pin attempt.

Dusek goes for a powerslam but Adias gets him with an inside cradle for a 2-count. Both men get back up and Dusek kicks at Adias as there are only a few seconds remaining in the match. Bell rings as Dusek goes for a suplex. It ends as a 10-minute time limit draw.

WINNER: Time Limit Draw

The Magic Dragon (w/ Armand Hussein) vs. Raul Castro

Armand Hussein gives The Magic Dragon some advice before the match starts. Referee goes to check on The Magic Dragon and Hussein starts yelling at the referee. Hard chops exchanged by The Magic Dragon and Raul Castro. Hard chop across the back of Castro followed by a double-chop! More chops! Castro tries to fight back but the Dragon continues with more chops and a thrust kick!

Raul Castro with some punches and chops thrown at The Magic Dragon but he lays in more chops at Castro. Knee drop from The Magic Dragon. Elbow to the back of Castro. He slams Castro and covers him for the pin but Castro escapes. The Magic Dragon is relentless with his chops on Castro. The Magic Dragon whips Castro into the corner and continues. He does a reverse flip out of the corner and follows with a superkick. The Magic Dragon whips Castro into the ropes and gets him with a double chop. He follows that up with his rolling leg sleeper on Castro to get the submission win.

WINNER: The Magic Dragon

Kevin Von Erich vs. Armand Hussein

More talk about Kevin Von Erich wrestling barefoot. Hussein asks Kevin to get out of the ring so he can do his camel walk ritual. Kevin gets Hussein in his corner and threatens to punch him. Jay Saldi mentions that Hussein has just brought in a huge wrestler named The Super Fly. He gets in a punch on Hussein before breaking. They lock-up and Hussein gets in a cheap shot. They brawl near the corner with Kevin landing an elbow across the head of Hussein.

Kevin Von Erich whips Hussein into the corner and splashes him. Hussein makes a comeback and gets in some punches and chops. Kevin counters in another corner with punches. Hussein whips Kevin into the corner but Kevin puts his knee up on Hussein. Kevin snapmares Hussein and follows with a splash off the ropes for a two-count. Hussein back up but Kevin with a leg sweep followed by Kevin whipping Hussein’s leg.

Hussein is able to trip up Kevin and stomps on him near the ropes. He gets in a few hard chops on Kevin. Von Erich counters with some hard chops of his own. He goes for another snapmare and drops a knee across the head of Hussein. Hussein rolls to the outside to take a break. He gets back in and Kevin kicks him. Hussein moves Kevin into the corner and punches him but Von Erich gets Hussein with the Iron Claw!

King Kong Bundy shows up and shoves Kevin Von Erich away from Hussein! Kevin dropkicks Hussein into Bundy and he covers Hussein for the pin. Kevin Von Erich wins! Hussein and Bundy attack Kevin Von Erich after the match. Kevin fights back until Hussein takes him down again and Bundy drops an elbow on Kevin Von Erich. Kevin rolls to the outside and grabs a chair to clear out the ring.

WINNER: Kevin Von Erich

Bill Mercer interviews Armand Hussein at the H & H Enterprises offices. Mercer asks if there is a rift between him and Bugsy McGraw. Hussein mentions that there is no rift and that they are bringing in a 485 lb wrestler named “The Super Fly”. Bugsy McGraw shows up at the office. He tells Hussein that his attitude is the problem and that he really hopes Hussein doesn’t push him aside and devote all his time, money and energy to The Super Fly. McGraw asks Hussein what has The Super Fly done for him yet, which Hussein says nothing but he intends to have him do a lot for them. Bugsy calls him a proven commodity. Hussein tells McGraw that he will still be a valuable member of H & H as long as he does what Hussein and Hart want. McGraw tells him that he doesn’t have all the gold.

Jay Saldi is at the gym with Kerry Von Erich and Brian Adias. He asks Kerry about his upcoming title match on August 15th against Ric Flair. Kerry says it will be a fight and he’s training hard to win. He’s been training with his friends including Brian Adias who Kerry tells Saldi to talk to right now. Adias says he owes all his success to the Von Erichs. Brian Adias wants to challenge for the Texas Heavyweight Championship.

The Great Kabuki (w/ Gary Hart) vs. Sal Olivares

The Great Kabuki shows off his nunchuck skills before the match. Mercer mentions that everyone knows how skilled Mexican wrestlers are and says if Olivares could follow the path of the likes of El Solitario and others from Mexico, he should be good. The Great Kabuki spits out his green mist before the bell rings.

Jay Saldi mentions that Sal Olivares is very popular wrestling in Mexico City and that he’s been chasing El Solitario for his title but Olivares claims that Solitario is running away from him. Kabuki with an armdrag knocks down Olivares. Hard chops and knee lifts at Olivares. More chops at Olivares who tries to fight back but Kabuki knocks him down. Thrust kicks by The Great Kabuki at Olivares. Olivares falls to the outside.

Olivares fights back and goes for a sunset flip for a pin but Kabuki kicks out and catches Olivares with more kicks. He whips Olivares into the corner and catches him with an enziguiri. Kabuki with a fist drop off the middle rope for the pin.

WINNER: The Great Kabuki

“Wild” Bill Irwin vs. Al Madril

This is a non-title match. Fans start to chant “Chauncy” at “Wild” Bill Irwin which infuriates him. Madril gets Irwin in a side headlock but they start running the ropes. Irwin trips up and grabs hold of the ropes. Al Madril with a punch at Irwin’s face. Irwin tries a shot of his own but Madril blocks him. Madril gets Irwin again in a side headlock but Irwin whips him into the ropes and hiptosses him.

Madril quickly back up and gets in a few more punches on Irwin. He slams Irwin into the corner turnbuckles! Irwin falls to the mat. Madril stomps on Irwin’s finger tips but Irwin strikes back. Irwin with some kicks and he catapults Madril onto the top rope. He catches Madril with a knee in the mid-section and continues to beat on Madril. Fans start to cheer loudly for Al Madril but Irwin chokes him on the ropes. Irwin with a pin attempt on Madril but Al kicks out. “Wild” Bill with a kick at Madril and he follows by kicks Madril to the outside.

Irwin slams Madril into the corner and Al falls to the floor again. Fans start chanting “Chauncy” again at Irwin. Irwin snapmares Madril back into the ring and follows with a body slam and elbow drop for another two-count. Big boot at Madril by Irwin. Madril fights back! Back and forth with some punches until Madril regains the advantage. Both men knock each other down after bouncing off the ropes.

Madril with a dropkick sends Irwin to the outside. More punches thrown at Irwin outside the ring. Irwin crawls back into the ring. Shoulder block off the ropes by Irwin and he knocks himself down along with Madril, only Madril lands on Irwin and covers him for the pin.

WINNER: Al Madril

The two continue to brawl after the match. Bill Mercer interviews Al Madril after the match. Madril wants a shot at the Texas Heavyweight title held by Irwin. He mentions having wrestled the best and having been Texas champion several times and wants to win it back for the fans. He tells Mercer that he can beat Irwin and everyone knows he deserves it more than Irwin.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Okay episode. The Adias vs. Dusek match had the most time as they went to a 10-minute time limit and the match was pretty average. The other matches were kept short as well. Thought the best part on the show was the interview segment with Hussein and McGraw discussing McGraw’s status within H & H Enterprises. This was more of a show you might want to watch if you are just trying to follow storyline progression and you can probably quickly go thru the matches.


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