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Mid-South Wrestling 12/16/1982

Written By Alfredo Esparza

Mid-South Wrestling 12/16/1982

Taped 12/8/1982 at the Irish McNeil’s Boys Club in Shreveport, Louisiana. Aired on 12/16/1982.

Boyd Pearce and “Cowboy” Bill Watts are on commentary. Watts mentions that Paul Boesch will be joining commentary with Pearce a little later on the show. He also mentions how someone is damaging Mr. Wrestling II’s masks and this week they added bloody bandages to a mask. Watts says this person has stooped to a new low and suggests that this person come out and confront Mr. Wrestling II face to face.

Chavo Guerrero vs. Marty Lunde

Chavo Guerrero with a leg takedown on Marty Lunde. Some mat wrestling early in the match. Guerrero with a shoulder tackle on Lunde but he goes for a second and Lunde catches him with a body slam. They run the ropes a bit and Chavo catches him with a tope. He slams Lunde a few times after and follows that up with a surfboard.

Bill Watts mentions that in the next match between Kamala and Lester Parks, Skandor Akbar has paid Parks a bonus to wear a mask for that match.

Marty Lunde with some punches and forearms at Guerrero. He knocks him down with a shoulder block. He follow that up with a slam and a legdrop. Lunde whips Guerreor into the corner and continues to punch at him. He body slams Guerrero a second time and climbs up to the middle rope but misses a fist drop. Chavo catches Lunde with a dropkick.

Uppercut and chop from Chavo at Lunde. He whips him into the ropes and catches him with a hip attack that sends Lunde to the outside. Chavo follows with a pescado off the ropes onto Lunde. He rolls Lunde back in and hits him with a dropkick off the ropes. Chavo goes for a somersault senton and gets the pin on Lunde.

WINNER: Chavo Guerrero

Kamala “The Ugandan Warrior” (w/ Gen. Skandor Akbar & Friday) vs. Lester Parks

Lester Parks is wearing a mask as requested by Gen. Skandor Akbar. Kamala attacks Parks. He gets in several chops on Parks. Kamala overpowers Parks with more chops. He whips him into the ropes and catches Parks with an elbow. Kamala whips Parks again and chops him down and follows with a splash on the back of Parks. He goes for a second splash and rolls Parks over and covers him for the pin.

Kamala then removes Parks mask and places it onto his spear.

WINNER: Kamala

Matt Borne & Ted DiBiase vs. Mr. Wrestling II & Stagger Lee

This is a non-title match. DiBiase and Borne attack before the bell rings. All four men brawl in the ring. Stagger Lee and Mr. Wrestling II send them both to the outside. The fans are chanting “Freebirds” at Ted DiBiase and then start chanting “Two! Two! Two!” for Mr. Wrestling II.

Ted DiBiase and Stagger Lee get back in the ring. DiBiase gets in a knee into Lee’s mid-section and beats him in the corner before Lee regains control of the match and headbutts DiBiase. He tags in Mr. Wrestling II who backdrops DiBiase and Ted rolls to the outside. DiBiase gets back in the ring. Borne tries to interfere but Mr. Wrestling II kicks at him. Both go after Mr. Wrestling II but he handles them easily by crashing their heads into each other. Mr. Wrestling II cleans house and both Borne and DiBiase go back to the outside.

Matt Borne tags in to go against Mr. Wrestling II. Borne with some punches. Mr. Wrestling II leapfrogs over Borne and catches him with the knee lift. DiBiase gets involved and Stagger Lee sends him to the outside. Mr. Wrestling Ii tosses Borne into Stagger Lee’s head. Another knee lift from Mr. Wrestling II. He tags in Lee who clotheslines Borne and covers him for the pin but Borne gets his foot on the bottom rope. Stagger Lee with a backbreaker on Borne while staring at DiBiase. He does it several times. DiBiase runs back in and Stagger Lee and Mr. Wrestling II take down DiBiase.

Double-team work on Borne from Mr. Wrestling II and Stagger Lee. DiBiase gets involved again. Borne takes over on Mr. Wrestling II. Snapmare and tags in DiBiase as he continues the attack on Mr. Wrestling II. Elbow smash by DiBiase followed by a knee drop on Mr. Wrestling II. Borne back in the ring and Stagger Lee tries to make the save. Mr. Wrestling II is able to tag in Stagger Lee.

Stagger Lee beats on Borne and DiBiase. Mr. Wrestling II joins the fun. Double clothesline between Stagger Lee and DiBiase. Borne and Mr. Wrestling II go to the outside. Borne climbs up to the top rope but the referee catches him and tells hiim he can’t do it. DiBiase tries to unmask Stagger Lee but Mr. Wrestling II catches him with a knee lift and sends him to the outside. Borne climbs to the top rope but Stagger Lee catches him with a punch and covers him for the pin. DiBiase can’t stop the pin. Crowd goes wild.

WINNERS: Mr. Wrestling II & Stagger Lee

“Hacksaw” Jim Duggan © vs. “Mr. U.S.A.” Tony Atlas for the Mid-South Louisiana Title

Tony Atlas grabs the mic and tells Duggan that he needs to learn some respect and vows to whoop him for JYD. Duggan replies by telling him that he’s not hard to find and calls him garbage. Atlas asks Reiser Bowden if this match is for the title and then politely asks him to please move out of the way.

They start with an arm wrestling contest! Fans start to chant “JYD” because Atlas dedicated this match to him. Atlas beats Duggan ar arm wrestling but Duggan gets up and starts to stomp and elbow Atlas. Atlas recovers and headbutts and punches Duggan. Duggan misses a few punches and Atlas knocks him down with some elbows and more headbutts! Duggan falls thru the ropes and finally falls to the outside.

Ted DiBiase and Matt Borne both come out. DiBiase checks on Duggan while Borne goes inside and attacks Atlas. Atlas knocks Borne down. He takes down DiBiase. Referee Rick Ferrara gets knocked down while Atlas continues to beat on DiBiase. Duggan puts on some type of head gear and headbutts Atlas. Duggan covers Atlas for the pin and wins the match. Watts screams about The Rat Pack getting away with this.

WINNER: Hacksaw Duggan

“Gorgeous” Gino Hernandez vs. Mr. Olympia

Paul Boesch joins the commentary with Boyd Pearce. Armdrag by Mr. Olympia followed into an armbar on Gino. Hernandez reverses but Mr. Olympia quickly reverses it back into a hammerlock. Hernandez escapes. He gets Mr. Olympia in an armbar but again Mr. Olympia reverses it into a leglock. Hernandez is able to reach the ropes.

Test of strength with Mr. Olympia climbing up to the ropes and then flipping Gino across the ring. Hernandez reaches the ropes but Mr. Olympia pulls him back into the ring. Hernandez again reaches the ropes to break the hold. Gino gets in a few elbows across the back of Mr. Olympia. He slams Mr. Olympia into the corner and stomps on him.

Gino Hernandez tosses Mr. Olympia to the outside. Mr. Olympia returns to the ring but again Gino tosses him to the outside. Gino kicks at Mr. Olympia as he returns to the ring. Mr. Olympia with some punches on Hernandez. Mr. Olympia climbs up and throws some punches at Gino. He whips him across the ring and misses a shoulder tackle into the corner as Gino moved out of the way.

Gino Hernandez whips Mr. Olympia into the ropes and catches him with an elbow. He covers him for the pin but Mr. Olympia kicks out. Again in the ropes and Mr. Olympia with a cradle on Gino for a near fall. They both crash into each other off theropes. Gino misses an elbow drop. Mr. Olympia goes for a backslide but Gino kicks out. Mr. Olympia goes for a dive off the ropes but Gino kicks out of the pin.

Mr. Olympia gets Gino Hernandez in a sleeper hold but Gino charges into the turnbuckles and that sends Mr. Olympia to the floor. Referee counts but Mr. Olympia returns. Gino brings him back in with a suplex. He goes for a reverse elbow drop off the middle rope and pins Mr. Olympia.

WINNER: Gino Hernandez

“Iron” Mike Sharpe & Tim Horner vs. The Davidson Brothers (John Davidson & Rick Davidson)

Boyd Pearce announces that he just got a note from the office announcing that next week Ted DiBiase & Matt Borne will defend the Mid-South Tag Team Titles against Stagger Lee and Mr. Wrestling II.

Mike Sharpe takes down both Davidson brothers with armdrags. He smashes both their heads together. Sharpe gets Rick Davidson in a headlock. Horner tags in and he keeps him in the side headlock. John Davidson tags in but Horner gets him in a headlock as well. Shoulder block sends John Davidson down and he goes back to a side headlock on Davidson.

Horner keeps knocking down John Davidson. He whips him into the ropes and misses a dropkick. Horner crawls over and tags in Sharpe. Sharpe knocks around both Davidson Brothers. He dropkicks Rick Davidson. Horner comes in and dropkicks John Davidson. Sharpe clotheslines Rick Davidson and covers him for the pin.

WINNERS: Mike Sharpe & Tim Horner

Buddy Landell vs. Kelly Kiniski

Fireman’s carry takedown by Landell on Kiniski. Some nice matwork before Landell gets him in an armbar. Kiniski reaches the ropes to break free. Kiniski with a wristlock on Landell but that gets reversed and Landell gets Kelly in a hammerlock. Kiniski escapes and gets a near fall on Landell with a cradle. Kiniski with another wristlock but Landell picks him up and body slams him.

Kiniski escapes a hold from Landell by headscissoring out of the hold. Landell does the same. Kiniski struggles to escape Landell’s headscissors until he lands a knee across Landell’s face. He catches Landell with a chop. Landell with a cartwheel slam for a near fall. Landell starts to bleed near his eyeborw. Some cool exchanges between these two. Side headlock by Landell. Kiniski tries to escape but Landell takes him down.

Landell goes again for another side headlock as time is about to run out. Landell with a leapfrog followed by a dropkick at Kiniski. Kiniski whips Landell into the ropes but Landell catches him with a cross body block. Landell whips Kiniski into the ropes and Kiniski with a sunset flip for anothe rnear fall. Time runs out as Landell goes for an inside cradle on Kiniski.


SHOW THOUGHTS: Really good episode. This had a lot going on with the tag team match between DiBiase and Borne against Stagger Lee and Mr. Wrestling II leading to a rematch the following week and Duggan and Atlas title match that also involved DiBiase and Borne. Those two matches had some wild action in them. They did a great job of putting them in between two good matches featuring Chavo vs. Lunde and Gino vs. Mr. Olympia. Even the last match on the show between Landell and Kiniski was pretty good. Definitely one of the better Mid-South TV episodes of the year.


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