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EMLL 3/9/1984

Written By Alfredo Esparza

EMLL 3/9/1984

Taped 3/9/1984 at Arena Mexico.

Dr. Alfonso Morales is shown preparing to interview Kamikaze Misawa (Mitsuharu Misawa) and Samurai Shiro (Shiro Koshinaka) ringside. Ast they start talking to the Japanese wrestlers, the wrestlers in the next match are already getting into it. Dr. Morales talks to a close friend (Carlos Suarez) of El Santo’s who is ringside as well. Shiro Koshinaka cuts a promo on Lizmark.

His translator mentions that Koshinaka has wrestled Lizmark numerous times in Japan and that Lizmark left suddenly, so Koshinaka traveled to Mexico to wrestle Lizmark. Koshinaka wants a singles match with Lizmark.

Pedro “El Mago” Septien is on commentary to start the trios match. He’s later joined by Dr. Alfonso Morales.

Fuerza Guerrera, Jerry “El Puma” Estrada & Talisman vs. Cachorro Mendoza, Javier “Chamaco” Valaguez & El Hijo del Santo

Talisman and Cachorro Mendoza start the first fall of this match. Wristlock by Mendoza. Septien calls Cachorro, “Ringo”. Cachorro runs the ropes and gets in a kick at Talisman who tells the referees that he’s been fouled. They don’t believe him.

Valaguez and Fuerza Guerrera come in but Fuerza asks for El Hijo del Santo. Fuerza backs out when Hijo del Santo comes in and Jerry Estrada now in the match. Hijo del Santo goes after Fuerza. Estrada grabs hold of Hijo del Santo in the corner and Fuerza Guerrera attacks him. Fuerza lays in a few punches on El Hijo del Santo. He tosses him into the corner and continues his attack. Estrada and Talisman both land kneedrops on El Hijo del Santo. Fuerza continues to beat on Hijo del Santo. Chamaco Valaguez comes in to save Hijo del Santo. Estrada and Talisman grab hold of Hijo del Santo while Fuerza tosses Valaguez to the outside.

Cachorro Mendoza gets in the match and he is able to help Hijo del Santo a bit. Hijo del Santo goes after Fuerza Guerrera. He catches him with some knee lifts and Fuerza heads to the outside and Hijo del Santo chases after him. Talisman with an armdrag on Cachorro. Estrada grabs Cachorro near the ropes and Talisman charges at him with a jumping knee only Cachorro moves out of the way and he instead hits Estrada. Talisman gets knocked down to the mat and Estrada thinks he’s going to get Cachorro but again Cachorro moves and he hits Talisman instead.

Mendoza takes down both Talisman and Estrada. He sends them to the outside and kicks them to the floor. Valaguez comes in against Fuerza Guerrera. Fuerza offers to shake his hand. They hug and Fuerza gets in a cheap shot on Valaguez before tossing him to the outside. Dr. Morales joins in on commentary and mentions that Fuerza Guerrera dreams of unmasking El Hijo del Santo.

Fans start a loud “Santo!” chant as Hijo del Santo and Fuerza Guerrera are both in the match. Dr. Morales mentions this is the 2nd appearance of El Hijo del Santo for Galavision and his 3rd appearance in Arena Mexico. El Hijo del Santo uses his speed to take Fuerza Guerrera with a series of headscissors and armdrags. He dropkicks Fuerza Guerrera off the ropes and Fuerza lands on the outside.

Estrada and Valaguez in the match and Valaguez with a monkey flip. Some fast-paced action. Valaguez backdrops Estrada into the ropes and Estrada falls to the outside. Mendoza in against Talisman with a dropkick. He picks Talisman up with a cristo. Valaguez with a plancha off the ropes on Estrada. Hijo del Santo follows with his a flying somersault headbutt. Valaguez gets Estrada in a tirabuzon (abdominal stretch). El Hijo del Santo heads to the outside and dives onto Fuerza Guerrera. Tecnicos win the first fall.

Cachorro Mendoza and Jerry Estrada start the second fall. Quick start with both running the ropes and backdropping and kicking each other. Mendoza sends Estrada over the top rope and to the floor. Talisman and Valaguez get in and Talisman catches Valaguez with a powerbomb variation. Valaguez back up and he gets Talisman with an armdrag. Talisman charges Valaguez in the corner and Valaguez lifts him up and Talisman ends up falling over the corner to the outside.

El Hijo del Santo wants Fuerza Guerrera in the match but Fuerza backs out. Talisman gets back in against Hijo del Santo. Some bumping into each other by the rudos while Hijo del Santo’s in the ring. Hijo del Santo headscissors both! Fuerza accidentally kicks Talisman. Talisman accidentally hits him. Hijo del Santo sends both to the outside.

Estrada and Mendoza back in the ring. Talisman grabs Mendoza’s leg and Estrada quickly attacks. Estrada celebrates and the fans boo and whistle at him. Double teamwork by the rudos on Mendoza. El Hijo del Santo tries to help his partner but he gets attacked by the rudos. Valaguez is able to back El Hijo del Santo out after he was believed to be fouled but the referees did not see it. Estrada attacks Valaguez. All three rudos beat on Valaguez and Hijo del Santo. Valaguez gets thrown to the outside.

Fuerza pulls at Hijo del Santo’s mask. Rudos continue to attack the tecnicos while they are all down. Talisman grabs hold of El hijo del Santo outside the ring and Fuerza lands an elbow across his back. Talisman and Estrada sends Mendoza and Valaguez crashing into each other a few times. Estrada gets Mendoza to submit. Talisman submits Valaguez and one of the referees tells him to stop. Referee Gran Davis goes to the outside to get Fuerza Guerrera and El Hijo del Santo to stop brawling outside. Rudos win the 2nd fall.

Rudos continue to beat on all the tecnicos. They put more effort in beating on El Hijio del Santo. The referees try to restore order as the rudos try to unmask El Hijo del Santo.

Whistle to announce start of the third fall is heard but the rudos continue to try to unmask El Hijo del Santo. Valaguez comes in and he takes on all the rudos. He grabs Fuerza so that Hijo del Santo can get in a few punches on him. El Hijo del Santo now goes after Fuerza Guerrera’s mask. He beats on Fuerza while the other two tecnicos try to keep the rudos out. Estrada and Talisman finally get in and they brawl with Mendoza and Valaguez. El Hijo del Santo chases after Fuerza Guerrera.

Everyone is in the ring and it looks like the tecnicos are going to get the win as they get Talisman and Estrada in ranas. El Hijo del Santo whips Fuerza Guerrera in the ropes but Fuerza pulls off El Hijo del Santo’s mask and gets the rudo team disqualified.

WINNERS: El Hijo del Santo, Cachorro Mendoza & Chamaco Valaguez via DQ.

El Hijo del Santo is covered with a towel and rudos keep trying to get him to show his face. Mendoza and Valaguez fight hard to keep that from happening. Hijo del Santo gets a Lizmark mask to put on and chases after Fuerza Guerrera. Ring announcer mentions that next week Hijo del Santo will challenge Fuerza Guerrera for the Mexican National Lightweight title! All six men continue to brawl.

Cachorro Mendoza also challenged Jerry Estrada for the Mexican National Middleweight Title. Fans throw money into the ring.

Tony Salazar joins Dr. Morales to talk about the Japanese team of Samurai Shiro and Kamikaze Misawa. Morales also talks about Kevin Von Erich who wrestled in Mexico in 1983. He also mentions the passing of David Von Erich just one month ago.

El Satanico © vs. Lizmark for the NWA World Middleweight Title

Dr. Morales and Tony Salazar talk a bit more about the history of the NWA World Middleweight title. Salazar says the most successful man to hold that title was Rene Guajardo. They name several men who held that title. Dr. Morales also mentions that Samurai Shiro is in the audience watching the match.

El Satanico refuses to shake Lizmark’s hand as they are told the rules by the referee. First fall starts with a loud “Lizmark” chant from the fans. El Satanico gets upset. They finally lock-up with El Satanico getting Lizmark in a side headlock. Lizmark with a leg takedown and he gets El Satanico in a cruceta. Reverses to grabbing both of El Satanico’s arms in a palanca. El Satanico with a leg takedown and he gets Lizmark in a leglock.

Lizmark breaks out of the leglock. They get back up and shove each other a bit. Lizmark with another leg takedown. Tony Salazar told the announcers that El Satanico’s weak point were his ankles. El Satanico escapes the hold again. Referee gives both men a warning. El Satanico with a hiptoss takedown into an armbar. He armdrags Lizmark again. Leg takedown by El Satanico. Lizmark reverses and switches over to a headlock.

El Satanico escapes the headlock and gets Lizmark in an armlock but Lizmark gets out of it with an armdrag. Hiptoss by El Satanico again. Lizmark hits a dropkick on El Satanico who reaches the ropes. Fans want Lizmark to keep attacking El Satanico but he lets him rest since he’s on the ropes. Side headlock by Lizmark. El Satanico reverses it. Lizmark flips up and then armdrags El Satanico!

Lizmark gets El Satanico in a front facelock but El Satanico quickly reverses it into a hammerlock. He goes for the pin but only gets a two-count. Lizmark headscissors El Satanico but El Satanico switches it into a Boston Crab variation. Lizmark reverses it into a rana and gets a two-count. El Satanico looks surprised and upset!

Lizmark armdrags El Satanico. They go back and forth before El Satanico strikes a fight pose. Lizmark flips off the top rope and uses his speed to confuse El Satanico. Lizmark gets El Satanico with a double underhook suplex to get the pin and win the first fall.

Second fall starts with El Satanico stalling a bit asking his second Fuerza Guerrera to provide some air for him with his towel. Referee tells him to get ready. Lizmark with a leg takedown on El Satanico. He slams El Satanico’s head on the mat. Lizmark goes to work on El Satanico’s neck. He keeps jumping onto his neck and shoulder region. Lizmark gets El Satanico in a chinlock. El Satanico reaches the ropes to get Lizmark to break the hold. Fuerza Guerrera pulls El Satanico to the outside so he can get a breather. Lizmark’s second Mascara Año 2000 heads over to complain about what Fuerza did.

Tony Salazar on commentary mentions how this could be the time when Lizmark might lose the match because he’s letting El Satanico get some rest. Lizmark grabs hold of El Satanico but he’s near the ropes. El Satanico keeps stalling. Lizmark piledrives El Satanico! El Satanico writhes around in pain in the ring. Dr. Morales and Tony Salazar talk about how the piledriver has been banned in the past but lately they’ve notice it being used again. Salazar talks about the dangers of using that move on your opponent.

Lizmark catches El Satanico with a few dropkicks. He goes for a third but El Satanico catches him and powerbombs him to the mat. El Satanico pins Lizmark and wins the third fall. Dr. Morales points out how they all talked about how Lizmark allowing El Satanico to get rest would eventually end up hurting him in the match.

El Satanico charges at Lizmark as the third fall starts only Lizmark moves out of the way and El Satanico bounces off the corner turnbuckles! Lizmark goes for a sunset flip for a pin but only gets a two-count. Lizmark gets El Satanico in an abdominal stretch. El Satanico can be heard screaming but refusing to give up. He hiptosses Lizmark and follows with a senton for a two-count.

El Satanico gets caught by a series of topes by Lizmark in the ring and Lizmark again gets a two-count. El Satanico gets caught by a rana with a bridge for a pin attempt by Lizmark but again El Satanico kicks out. El Satanico with another near fall after a sunset flip. Lizmark whips El Satanico into the corner. He hits El Satanico with a tope and then climbs to the top rope for a flying body press! He gets another two-count on El Satanico.

El Satanico shoves Lizmark. He charges at Lizmark but ends up flying to the outside. Lizmark climbs up to the top rope and hits a plancha to the outside onto El Satanico! Both men get back in the ring. Fuerza helps El Satanico get back in. El Satanico quickly attacks Lizmark but Lizmark catches him with a headbutt and gets another two-count.

El Satanico gets Lizmark in a camel clutch. The fans start to chant “Lizmark”! He breaks out of the hold. He covers El Satanico for the pin but El Satanico kicks out at two! Lizmark catches El Satanico with a pair of dropkicks. He goes for La Tapatia on El Satanico! El Satanico falls back and both men get counted so the match ends in a draw and El Satanico retains the title.

WINNER: DRAW (El Satanico retains title)

SHOW THOUGHTS: Two good matches from this 3/9 show. Unfortunately not a lot of complete shows or for that matter footage from the 1980s so getting two matches from this show was very cool. Thought the title match was good and the older slower-paced style might not be well received by today’s fans but this was good and it continued the long-running feud between Lizmark and El Satanico. The trios match prior to that was good and might actually be more accepted by today’s fans because it had a faster pace. El Hijo del Santo and Fuerza Guerrera’s rivalry during the match was fun.


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