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Memphis Wrestling 12/1/1979

Written By Alfredo Esparza

CWA Memphis Championship Wrestling 12/1/1979

Taped 12/1/1979 at the WMC TV Studios in Memphis, Tennessee.

Lance Russell & Dave Brown are on commentary.

Show opens with Jerry Jarrett and Lance Russell talking about Paul Ellering coming to Memphis. They show a video from All-Star Wrestling with a match with Paul Ellering going up against Fernando Torres. Ellering wins the first fall with a victory roll.

Lance Russell and Jerry Jarrett continue to talk about Paul Ellering. Jarrett mentions after seeing this match, he realized this was his man. They air more from this match. Ellering wins the 2nd fall after an atomic drop.

Lance Russell returns and is joined by Jerry Jarrett as they talk about Billy Robinson. They air a match featuring Billy Robinson. Robinson wins a quick match as he quickly gets a cool sequence of moves to beat his opponent. They go back to airing a second match featuring Billy Robinson. He beats this opponent with a backbreaker.

Lance Russell mentions that everyone is looking forward to Paul Ellering and Billy Robinson coming into Memphis.

Dave Brown is joined by The Blonde Bombers and Danny Davis. Ferris says he and Latham are two legit wrestlers and he puts down Billy Robinson. He tells Latham to show the fans what he’s got and he poses. Davis says that if the Bombers don’t want to wrestle Robinson, then he’ll take on him. Ferris says Robinson should start at the bottom and not at the top against them.

The Assassins vs. Ricky Morton & Sonny King

Match is joined in progress. The Assassins beat on Ricky Morton but Morton tries to fight back. One of the Assassins slams Morton but misses an elbow drop. Morton kicks the Assassin off him and fights back. He finally tags in Sonny King who beats on the Assassin. He whips him into the ropes and tags Morton who hits a dropkick on him. The other Assassin runs in to break a pin attempt.

Sonny King looks a bit frustrated in his corner as Morton gets beaten down by the Assassins. Morton slams one of the Assassins but the other grabs him by the trunks. Assassin gets Morton with a shoulder breaker. He legdrops Morton’s arm. Armbar on Morton as Sonny King continues to be upset in his corner. Morton fights back against the Assassins!

He armdrags the Assassin over and tries to tag in King but he gets stopped. The Assassin with a hammerlock and bearhug combination. Morton with a forearm trying to escape but the Assassins keep him near their corner. Gorilla press slam sends Morton down to the mat. The Assassin misses an elbow and Morton crawls to his corner to tag in Sonny King.

Sonny King stomps on The Assassin and headbutts him into the ropes. He follows with a backdrop and quickly tags Ricky Morton back in. King spears The Assassin and Morton can’t keep him away from tagging in the other Assassin. Morton with a dropkick followed by a shoulder block. Morton hits the ropes but one of the Assassins trips him and the other covers him for the pin.

WINNERS: The Assassins

Sonny King looks at Ricky Morton with disappointment form the corner. He comes into the ring and starts to argue with Morton. Sonny King slaps Morton. He pokes Morton. He slaps Morton again and they start to brawl. King forearms Morton and chokes him in the ring. Big Red comes into the ring and fights off Sonny King. Sonny King argues with Big Red for getting involved.

Jerry Jarrett returns to talk with Lance Russell with more news. Jarrett mentions that 1979 was a good year for Jarrett-Welch Promotions. He mentions how December is a difficult month but that he and Buddy Welch talked about for the month of December all children under the age of 10 accompanied by an adult can get free general admission seats. He also mentions general admission seats will only be $2.

They run down the December 2nd show at the Mid-South Coliseum followed by an interview with Austin Idol who talks about his title match against Jerry Lawler. He vows to put Lawler in the Las Vegas Leglock.

Jerry Lawler and Jimmy Hart join Lance Russell. Hart carries around the CWA Title. Lawler asks Russell who gives the “airheads” tickets to enter the studio. Lawler isn’t impressed with the building held for wrestling shows in Jonesboro, Arkansas and since he is now a champion, he told them that it was not up to his standards so he claims they built a new one just so he could wrestle in that city. He tells the fans that Austin Idol has “diarrhea of the mouth” because he lies all the time. He said after watching his interview earlier that Idol did tell some truths. He said that he thinks of Idol all the time and moreso than any other wrestler he’s been in the ring with because of all the injuries he’s suffered from Idol. He vows to give Idol a beating.

Big Red vs. John King

John King gets in a few shots on Big Red but that ends quickly and Big Red pounds on King. He slams King a few times and then runs the ropes and lands a big splash on King for the pin. Match ends in 34 and a half seconds.


Jerry Lawler joins Lance Russell. Lawler suggests Dave Brown stay instead of Lance but he turns him down. They air a match between Lawler and Dick The Bruiser from the previous week at the Mid-South Coliseum. Lawler claims that he outsmarted Dick The Bruiser. He says Dick The Bruiser has seen his better days. While Lawler trashes Dick The Bruiser, the video shows Dick The Bruiser beating down Lawler until Jimmy Hart interferes and that gives Lawler the time to get a foreign object and knock out Dick The Bruiser and get the pin. Referee tried to reverse the decision but the match was a No DQ match so decision couldn’t be reversed.

Buddy Wayne, Ken Wayne & The Blonde Bombers (Larry Latham & Wayne Ferris) (w/ Danny Davis) vs. Hector Guerrero, Koko Ware, Larry Harden & Steve Regal in a 2-out-of-3 falls TV Time Limit Eight-man tag team match

Regal and Ferris start the match. Regal takes down Ferris with an armdrag and Ferris quickly tags in Latham. Regal catches Latham with an armdrag as well. Side headlock by Regal. Latham shoves him into the ropes and Ferris knees Regal in the back. Ken Wayne tags in and he beats on Regal. He stomps on Regal. They go back and forth with some punches. Regal catches Ken with a sunset flip and everyone jumps into the ring. While everyone is brawling, Steve Regal grabs Ken Wayne and slides him down for the pin. Regal’s team wins the first fall.

Ken Wayne argues that his tights were pulled. First fall went only 1 minute 47 seconds according to Dave Brown.

Everyone returns for the second fall. Ken Wayne and Steve Regal start the second fall. Ken Wayne gets in a forearm across the chest of Regal. Regal fights back but Ken tags in Buddy Wayne. Buddy beats on Regal with a few punches. Regal counters and whips Buddy into the ropes and dropkicks him. He goes for a pin but Latham makes the save.

Hector Guerrero tagged in and he continues with some hiptosses and headscissors at Larry Latham. Ferris attacks but Koko Ware makes the save. Koko Ware comes in and he hiptosses Ferris. Backdrop from Koko and he tags in Larry Harden. Quick tags from the babyface quartet.

Ware gets knocked down by Buddy Wayne. Farris tags in and he elbows Ware. He beats on Ware and tags in Ken Wayne. Ken gets Ware up with a slam and tags in Farris again. Latham quickly tagged in but Ware headbutts him and tags in Regal. Regal gets Latham with a dropkick and goes for the pin but Ken Wayne makes the save. Latham kicks away Regal and tags in Ken Wayne. Ken goes for a pin but only gets a two count. Ken Wayne gets Regal in the heels corner. Larry Harden heads over to help Regal.

Steve Regal fights back against Buddy Wayne. Everyone gets back in the ring. Brawl ensues in the ring. Bell rings to end the match but the team of Steve Regal wins because they won the first fall.

WINNERS: Hector Guerrero, Koko Ware, Larry Harden & Steve Regal

The Assassins are interviewed by Lance Russell. They talk about showing the fans professional wrestling at its finest. The Assassin #1 mentions that they keep tapes and study teams in pro wrestling. He says they don’t have tape on the team of Steve Regal and Hector Guerrero but they are not concerned about it. He vows that they will be the champions. Assassin #2 says they will suffer defeat. Assassin #1 mentions that Guerrero and Regal don’t have confidence despite having speed on their favor.

Jerry Lawler returns but Lance Russell tells him they are out of time. Lawler tells Russell, Brown and everyone else to come over on Sunday so they can see him rearrange Austin Idol’s face and make him look ugly.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Okay episode. The 8-man tag had some good action in it as did the tag match but they were both kept pretty short. Thought they did a great job with airing videos of Paul Ellering and Billy Robinson to introduce them to the fans as they are both coming into the territory. Lawler’s interview about wrestling Austin Idol was excellent.


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