Retro Wrasslin'

A look back at pro wrestling history.

WCCW TV 6/19/1982

Written By Alfredo Esparza

World Class Championship Wrestling 6/19/1982

Taped 6/4/1982 at Texas Stadium in Irving, Texas. Aired on 6/19/1982.

WCCW Fritz Von Erich Retirement Show / Star Wars Super Bowl of Wrestling

Bill Mercer and Jay Saldi are on commentary.

El Solitario © vs. Rene Guajardo for the UWA World Junior Light Heavyweight Title

Rene Guajardo acts like he’s going to punch El Solitario who backs away. They get tangled near the ropes. El Solitario with an armdrag takedown on Guajardo. Guajardo gets back u pand takes Solitario down. Solitario reverses near the ropes so they have to break.

Guajardo shakes Solitario’s hand after the break. El Solitario takes down Guajardo and keeps him down with a wristlock. Guajardo climbs over Solitario and kicks him to break the wristlock. Guajardo with a leg takedown on El Solitario. Solitario reverses and gets on top of Guajardo trying to wear him down. They get on all fours and butt heads. Some mat work between the two. They shake hands again.

El Solitario gets Guajardo in a full nelson. He drops down and breaks out. They hit the ropes. Solitario kicks off Guajardo and nearly sends him over the top rope. They shake hands again and slap each other. Guajardo takes a swing at Solitario who ducks. Guajardo with a hiptoss takedown. Solitario back up and gets Guajardo down with a side headlock.

Rene Guajardo escapes and grabs hold of Solitario’s leg. Solitario gets Guajardo with a wristlock and follows with a leap over him and into a leg drag. Headscissors by El Solitario. They work a little faster with Solitario knocking Guajardo around. They keep shaking hands and the fans start to get upset at them. Guajardo follows with a hard chop and sends El Solitario to the outside. Guajardo curses a bit to the fans.

Guajardo sends El Solitario into the ring post. El Solitario returns and gets chopped hard by Guajardo. Guajardo kicks Solitario a few times. He lands a hard forearm across El Solitario’s chest that sends Solitario to the outside. They argue a bit. El Solitario attacks Guajardo with a few punches. Guajardo rolls to the outside.

Rene Guajardo returns to the ring and lands a hard punch on El Solitario. El Solitario counters with a few donkey kicks at Guajardo. Guajardo runs the ropes and Solitario catches him with an armdrag and then follows with a monkey flip. El Solitario with a reverse kick at Guajardo sends him to the outside. Referee Nick Roberts gets in the way of El Solitario, but moves out, giving El Solitario a chance to hit a tope suicida to the outside at Guajardo. Crowd cheers El Solitario for that dive.

They both return to the ring. El Solitario charges at Guajardo and goes flying to the outside. Rene Guajardo with a hard forearm that sends El Solitario to the outside. El Solitario with a sunset flip off the ropes as he enters back into the ring gets a two-count on Guajardo. El Solitario with a backdrop on Guajardo. He dropkicks Guajardo and follows with a huracarana for the pin!

WINNER: El Solitario

Lola Gonzalez © vs. Irma Gonzalez for the UWA World Women’s Title

Irma Gonzalez with a nice armdrag on Lola Gonzalez to start the match. Lola with a leg takedown on Irma. Irma gets Lola in a body scissors but Lola tries to get the pin. Irma Gonzalez goes for la rueca on Lola Gonzalez. Lola reverses it into a camel clutch. Irma escapes and gets Lola in a camel clutch. Lola claims it is a choke.

Lola Gonzalez stretches Irma Gonzalez by the arms. They both speak to the referee in Spanish so the announcers wonder if he even understands what they are saying. Irma breaks out of the hold. Lola gets Irma in a side headlock and Irma claims her hair is being pulled. Ref has Lola break the hold. Lola goes back to a headlock and pulls her hair to keep her in the headlock. Referee warns Lola Gonzalez.

Lola goes back to a side headlock. Snapmare from Irma Gonzalez. Irma drops down and headscissors Lola to the outside. The fans cheer the action. Lola returns to the ring and offers to shake hands with Irma. The crowd warns Irma not to and Lola yells at them “SI!!!” Lola kicks at Irma. Referee warns Lola as she picks and drags Irma by the hair. She kicks at Irma’s back. Lola Gonzalez gets Irma in an armbar and charges into the corner turnbuckles. Irma armdrags Lola Gonzalez off the ropes. She gets Lola in a headlock and then jumps up into the ropes and bounces off to send Lola across the ring. Lola back up and chops Irma. She goes for a dropkick but Irma moves and Lola hits the ropes instead.

Lola Gonzalez yells “FOUL” at the referee who tells her there was no foul. Lola offers to shake hands with Irma again but Irma refuses and the fans tell her not to. Lola yells at the fans, “SI!!!!” Irma agrees to shake hands and the two even embrace before Lola punches her in the back! Lola with some kicks at Irma. She climbs up to the top rope and grabs Irma by the hair and drops down with a seated senton!

Lola Gonzalez whips Irma into the ropes and catches her with a jumping knee. She stands on top of Irma Gonzalez on the bottom rope and gets warned about choking her. Irma makes a comeback and monkey flips Lola Gonzalez who then reverses this into a body scissors on Irma! Irma chops into Lola’s mid-section and then catapults Lola Gonzalez to the outside.

They take the action to the outside and Lola Gonzalez tries to slap Irma Gonzalez but Irma moves out of the way and Lola instead slaps the ring post! They both return to the ring and again Lola wants to shake hands but Irma doesn’t want to so Lola grabs referee David Manning and stands behind him. Irma grabs hold of Lola’s leg which ends up hitting the referee. Irma apologizes while Lola tries to convince him to DQ Irma. Referee tells them to keep wrestling.

Irma Gonzalez gets Lola in a wristlock and places her hand on the mat and steps on it. Lola decides she’s going to do the same thing but Irma moves her hand out of the way and trips up Lola. Irma goes for the pin but Lola kicks out. Lola with a hair pull snapmare. Lola whips Irma into the ropes and elbows her. She yells out “ARRIBA JUAREZ!!!” Lola goes for a Gori Special on Irma, but Irma flips over into a sunset flip for a near fall. Lola goes for the pin and gets upset that the referee has a slow count.

Several near falls between the two. Lola keeps yelling at the referee to count faster. Irma gets Lola in a body scissors in the corner and then goes for a sunset flip pin attempt. She whips Lola into the ropes and goes for a huracarana on Lola who kicks out of the pin attempt. Irma goes for a second attempt at a rana but Lola catches her with a powerbomb and gets the pin. Referee gives Lola her title.

WINNER: Lola Gonzalez

King Kong Bundy is interviewed by Bill Mercer who asks why he turned his back on the friendship he had with the Von Erichs. Bundy claims that the Von Erichs stole his money. He said that he won a battle royal with a $10,000 prize and all he saw from that was maybe $100 because the Von Erichs took it all. He calls them greedy. Mercer tells him that he doesn’t believe it which Bundy asks if he’s calling him a liar. He says Gary Hart and Armand Hussein have taken care of him and are his only friends. He says the Von Erichs have to go to the gym everyday and that he doesn’t have to because he keeps his body in shape.

Kevin Von Erich joins Bill Mercer for an interview. First question asked by Mercer to Kevin is why he decided to go barefoot when wrestling. Kevin said some people asked if he did this from going to the Orient and he said that wasn’t the case. He said that as a kid he did everything barefoot and felt more natural. He feels he has more spring without wearing boots.

Kevin mentions that his brother David is in Florida and is the current Southern Heavyweight Champion and making a name for himself. He talks about how proud they are of him despite his actions in Florida. (David was a heel there.)

Kerry Von Erich vs. Harley Race in a No Disqualification match

Winner of the match gets a shot at Ric Flair for the NWA World Heavyweight Title. If Kerry wins, he gets a shot at Flair on August 15th at Reunion Arena in Dallas. If Harley Race wins, he would challenge Ric Flair on August 6th at the Checker Dome in St. Louis.

Harley Race gets Kerry Von Erich in a side headlock but Kerry whips him into the ropes and catches him with a dropkick. Kerry goes for a slam but Race gets a roll-up pin attempt on Kerry. Von Erich gets Race in a side headlock. Race picks him up but Kerry keeps the hold locked in. Race tries to power out but Kerry takes him back down. Fans cheering loudly for Kerry Von Erich.

Harley Race backdrops Kerry to escape the headlock. He follows with a kneedrop across Kerry’s head. He goes for a headbutt but Kerry catches him with the Iron Claw! Race screams in pain as he tries to get up to break out of the claw. Race grabs hold of Kerry and tosses him to the outside. They both brawl on the outside. Race attempts a piledriver on Kerry but it gets reversed and Race gets backdropped on the floor.

Harley Race gets back in the ring and begs Kerry to let him have a break but he goes for a shoulder into Kerry’s mid-section and punches at Kerry. Headbutts thrown by Race! He snapmares Kerry and gets him in a reverse chinlock. Kerry powers out of the hold but Harley pulls the hair to take him back down. Referee David Manning warns Race who tells him to get out of his face.

Race gets Von Erich in the corner and Kerry blocks Race’s punch and he goes to work on Race. He hits Race with a discus punch and gets a near fall. Race kicks out and tosses Kerry into the referee. Race knocks down Von Erich. He goes for a piledriver on Kerry Von Erich and goes for the pin but only gets a one-count. Kerry punches at Race. Race headbutts Kerry and sends him to the outside.

Race sends Kerry to the stand where the announcers are located. He punches at Kerry. Race returns to the ring and Kerry staggers his way back to the ring. Kerry is bleeding from his forehead. Race heads to the outside and slams Kerry head-first into the ring post. He suplexes Von Erich on the turf! He follows with a kneedrop on Kerry. Race picks up Kerry and slams him into the ring as he heads back to the ring.

Kerry Von Erich gets knocked back down to the artificial turt and Race chases after him. Kerry reverses on Race and sends him into the ring post. Kerry gets back in the ring. Race gets back in the ring at the count of 16. Kerry beats on Race who is now bleeding. Punches thrown by Kerry. He whips Race into the ropes and gets him in a sleeper hold!

Both men’s faces are covered in blood. Race gets Kerry in the ropes to break the sleeper. Kerry keeps punching but Race gets in a low blow on Kerry. Race with a suplex on Von Erich. He only gets a one-count as Kerry tosses him off. He follows with a dropkick at Race. Snapmare followed by a kneedrop from Kerry at Race. Kerry gets another two-count on Race. Race punches Kerry.

Race heads to the top rope but Kerry catches him and tosses him off the ropes. Von Erich goes for the pin but only gets a two-count. Kerry punches at Race. He whips Race into the ropes but both men collide and knock each other down. Kerry goes for a slam but they go over the top rope and onto the floor!

Both men brawl outside the ring. Kerry knocks down Race with a punch. Kerry gets back in the ring. Race climbs up to the top rope and goes for a body press. Kerry reverses the body press and gets the pin on Race to win the match!

WINNER: Kerry Von Erich

SHOW THOUGHTS: Excellent episode! One of the best wrestling TV episodes of that time period. This was the second part of the Star Wars Super Bowl of Wrestling super show. I thought the main event and the Lola Gonzalez vs. Irma Gonzalez matches were both excellent. The Rene Guajardo vs. El Solitario match was good as well but they went for a more mat-based lucha style match that seemed to lose some of the fans early on but really picked up when Solitario hit the tope suicida to the outside. The cool thing about this show was that the luchadores & luchadoras were doing moves that were very fresh and new to U.S. fans so they would pop for them. The announcers couldn’t figure out what the moves were since they were new to them as well but you can tell especially during the women’s match that Bill Mercer especially was enjoying the action. Loved the added stip to the Kerry Von Erich vs. Harley Race match and they even listed when their potential match-ups against Ric Flair could happen. This is a definite must-watch for all wrestling fans.


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