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World Of Sport Ep. #9

Written By Alfredo Esparza

World Of Sport Ep. #9

Big Daddy vs. Giant Haystacks

Taped 6/20/1981 at Wembley Arena, “The Final Showdown”

Big Daddy’s wearing a very colorful outfit with a sparkled top-hat and robe! Each has their own seconds. Giant Haystacks has wrestlers Anaconda and Banger Walsh while Big Daddy has a reverend in his corner. There are no rounds, no submissions or pin falls. Can only win via knockout and if opponent doesn’t get up by the 10-count.

Big Daddy trash talks Giant Haystacks before the match. They lock-up and break away. Giant Haystacks gets Big Daddy in a headlock. Big Daddy tries to pick up Giant Haystacks from the waist. They break away and charge into each other. Big Daddy hits a forearm off the ropes and knocks Giant Haystacks into the ropes. He hits a shoulder block on Giant Haystacks and accidentally knocks down the referee.

Big Daddy goes to work on Giant Haystacks. Big Daddy goes over to help the referee which gives Giant Haystacks a chance to attack Big Daddy. He knocks Big Daddy down. A new referee comes in to continue the match as the first referee is being carried out. Giant Haystacks misses a big splash on Big Daddy. Body checks by Big Daddy send Giant Haystacks into the corner.

Forearm smash by Big Daddy followed by two more body checks that send Giant Haystacks over the top rope. Referee counts out Giant Haystacks. Big Daddy wins the Final Showdown to the delight of the fans.

WINNER: Big Daddy

Kwik Kick Lee (Akira Maeda) vs. Giant Haystacks

Taped 1/29/1983 at Walthamstow

Giant Haystacks holds up a trophy. This match has a 20-minute time limit with no rounds. Match winner decided by 2 falls, 2 submissions or 2 knockouts. The trophy that Giant Haystacks is holding is the 1982 All-Nations Heavyweight Cup that he won in Germany.

They both have a staredown and Haystacks takes a swing at Kwik Kick Lee. Kwik Kick Lee grabs hold of Haystacks left arm. Haystacks shoves him away. He yells at the fans. Kwik Kick Lee charges off the ropes but can’t knock Haystacks down. He finally goes for another attempt but grabs hold of Haystacks leg and almost knocks him over the top rope. The people seated ringside including the announcer look concerned.

Giant Haystacks uses his weight to keep Kwik Kick Lee down. Lee tries to lift up Haystacks with the fans screaming at the possibility of it happening. Lee falls to the mat grabbing his back. Haystacks stands on Lee. Referee warns Haystacks. Haystacks gets in a few forearms across the chest of Kwik Kick Lee while he’s on the ropes. Referee decides to give Haystacks his first public warning.

Haystacks continues to attack and stand on Kwik Kick Lee. Fans are upset with him and the referee warns him again. Kwik Kick Lee fights back with some chops and dropkicks! Giant Haystacks grabs Lee by the throat and shoves him into the corner. He splashes Lee in the corner and knocks him back down to the mat. Again he stands on top of Lee. Haystacks with another big forearm at Lee. Kwik Kick Lee fights back! He chops Haystacks. Haystacks reacts with a punch to the stomach and the referee gives him his second public warning.

Kwik Kick Lee moves out of the way of a charging Haystacks into the corner. Lee continues to attack him with chops. Fans cheer on Lee. He follows with some kicks and forearms. Lee goes for a cross body block but Haystacks catches him and slams him to the mat. Haystacks splashes Lee and wins via knockout as Lee couldn’t get up at the 10-count.

WINNER: Giant Haystacks

Sammy Lee (Satoru Sayama) vs. Jim Breaks

Taped 7/18/1981 at Morecambe

Jim Breaks shoves Sammy Lee as they are both being told the rules. Sammy Lee dances around the ring and then goes for a couple of spin kicks at Breaks. Breaks takes Lee down with a wristlock. Sammy Lee uses his speed to reverse it which upsets Breaks! Breaks goes for a side headlock on Sammy Lee which gets quickly reversed. Breaks reverses it into a headscissors and overhears a fan say something about him so he tells her to shut her mouth.

Jim Breaks grabs hold of Sammy Lee by the neck but Lee quickly reverses it into a takedown. Breaks gets back up and gets Lee down with a leg takedown. He grabs hold of Lee’s leg but let’s him go to the delight of the fans. Side headlock by Lee with a spin and into a leg trip. Lee gets Breaks in a leglock. Switches it over into a standing figure-four leglock variation. He drops down to apply more pressure on Breaks legs. Breaks reaches the ropes and the fans boo him.

Side headlock and a quick leg takedown by Sammy Lee again on Breaks. He keeps Breaks down with a toe hold near the ropes. Lee finally breaks the hold. Crowd really into the match. Breaks gets a wristlock reversed as Breaks tries for the “Breaks Special” on Lee. Breaks with a punch to the stomach knocks Lee down to the mat. Breaks pulls at Lee’s hair and then goes for a wristlock. He twists his hand as Breaks tries for a Special. Lee escapes as the bell rings.

Round two starts with Breaks taking down Sammy Lee and stomping on his head. He gets in a cheap shot on Lee. Referee can’t see that Breaks is choking Lee. Breaks uses the ropes to choke Lee but Lee is too quick for him and escapes and gets a surprise pin on Breaks to win his first fall in second round.

Round three has Breaks going after Lee’s arm but Lee quickly regains control and gets in a series of shots at Breaks. Big uppercut on Breaks and Lee is on fire knocking Breaks around. Referee warns Lee and as he turns to give him the public warning, Jim Breaks sneaks in from behind and pulls Lee by the hair and pulls him down to the mat and covers him for the pin. Breaks wins his first fall in round three.

Round four starts with Breaks trying to go for his special finisher but Lee fights him off and reverses it into a wristlock. Breaks gets in a cheap shot and the referee gives Breaks a public warning. Breaks takes Lee down with a wristlock. He tosses him into the corners. Lee jumps off the ropes and hits a series of kicks at Breaks and then knocks him down and covers him for the pin. Sammy Lee wins his 2nd fall and wins the match!

WINNER: Sammy Lee

Jim Breaks complains about all the kicking done by Sammy Lee. Breaks tells Lee that he will wrestle him again for money. He shoves Sammy Lee and then throws a tantrum. Breaks then yells that “he’ll (Sammy) never get in the ring with him again!”

Sammy Lee (Satoru Sayama) vs. “Rollerball” Mark Rocco

Taped 4/4/1981 at Hemel Hempstead

Match is eight 5-minute rounds with winner determined by two pinfalls, two submissions or knockout. Sammy Lee has a kendo stick with him. Round one kicks off with Sammy Lee teasing a spin kick at Rocco. Rocco gets Lee in a wristlock but Lee uses his speed to reverse it. Rocco again with a wristlock and again Lee escapes with a pretty cool looking move.

Rocco gets Lee in a full nelson. Lee escapes and goes for a cross body block. Rocco sends him to the outside. Sammy Lee returns and knocks down Rocco. Fans continue to cheer on for Sammy Lee. Front facelock by Rocco on Lee. He grabs Lee by both arms and Lee kicks him. Sammy Lee reverses an armdrag! Really cool spot! Rocco back again goes to work on Lee’s left arm and takes him down to the mat. Rocco gets in a few forearms and kicks. He uses the ropes to choke Lee.

Mark Rocco tosses Lee into the ropes. Lee climbs up the ropes and jumps off. He then quickly kicks Rocco. Fans are shown cheering for Sammy Lee. Rocco gets in a cheap shot on Lee. He lands an elbow on Lee. He whips him into the ropes and headbutts Lee in the mid-section. Sammy Lee makes a comeback and knocks Rocco down with a shoulder block! Rocco gets Lee in a hammerlock as the bell rings to end the first fall.

Round two starts with Rocco in control of the match. Another cheap shot thrown at Lee followed by a kick. Rocco climbs up to the top rope and lands an elbow across his back. He slams Lee and then climbs up to the top rope but Lee catches him and tosses him down to the mat. Rocco complains about it for a bit. Rocco gets Lee in a backbreaker position and then lifts him up and headbutts him. Monkey flip by Rocco but Lee lands standing and gets in a kick on Rocco.

Rocco continues his attack on Sammy Lee. He goes for a top rope elbow but Sammy Lee moves out of the way. Sammy Lee hits Rocco with an in-ring tope. Rocco gets back up and suplexes Lee. He goes for a second suplex but instead Rocco tosses Lee onto the top rope. Referee gives Rocco his first public warning. Rocco grabs hold of Lee again but Lee reverses it into an atomic drop. He dropkicks Rocco and whips him into the corner and catches Rocco with a quebradora. Sammy Lee gets the pin and wins his first fall in the match.

Round three starts with Rocco slapping Sammy Lee. He starts to chop him across the chest while Lee’s down and the referee gives Rocco his second public warning. Rocco with a series of elbow drops on Sammy Lee. He whips Lee into the ropes and elbows him. Rocco goes for another attempt but Lee reverses it. Sammy Lee goes for a dive off the middle rope but Rocco punches him as he jumps off. The referee disqualifies Rocco for the punch and Sammy Lee wins the match.

WINNER: Sammy Lee

SHOW THOUGHTS: Good episode. The Big Daddy and Giant Haystacks Calhoun match was kept very short which was understandable and also fun given how entertained the fans were and they stuck to doing the match in a simple and effective way. The other three matches went longer. The Giant Haystacks vs. Kwik Kick Lee was okay especially when Lee would get in some offense. The two matches featuring Sammy Lee (Satoru Sayama) were good. I think the round system threw the matches off a bit since Sammy Lee was working way faster and there would have been a better flow if they were just one fall matches. Sammy Lee had some cool spots in both matches but my favorite had to be the armdrag reversal that he did on Mark Rocco.


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