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Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling 3/27/1982

Written By Alfredo Esparza

Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling 3/27/1982

Taped 3/24/1982 at the WPCQ-TV Studios in Charlotte, North Carolina. Aired on 3/27/1982.

Bob Caudle is on commentary and he’s quickly joined by Sandy Scott to talk about the ongoing tag team tournament. Scott mentions that next week they’ll have an update on the tournament. He also mentions that Sgt. Slaughter has been fined $500 for jumping into a match featuring Jake Roberts. They also talk about Ric Flair returning to the area soon.

They show an interview with Ric Flair. He brings up Ole Anderson, Sgt. Slaughter and Roddy Piper thinking that he was gone. He remembers Ole Anderson attacking him in New Orleans and is putting aside the fact that he’s the NWA World Heavyweight Champion to get his revenge on Slaughter, Anderson and Piper. He wants tag or 6-man tag matches because he wants to face all of them at the same time. He knows Jake Roberts, Rick Steamboat and Jay Youngblood have his back and are true friends. He wants to eliminate or hospitalize all three and anyone else that gets in his way.

Sgt. Slaughter joins Bob Caudle and Sandy Scott and says Flair is scared to face him and that’s why he sent in a videotape. He tells Scott it was worth it to attack Roberts and he’s okay paying the fine. Slaughter says he’ll attack anyone he wants including Roberts and Flair and he’s okay if he has to pay fines. Scott tells Slaughter that if he keeps doing it, he’ll be going somewhere else and he’ll be stripped of the U.S. Title. Slaughter tells Scott that he’ll do whatever he wants and $500 fines are nothing.

Blackjack Mulligan Jr. & Jake “The Snake” Roberts vs. “Pretty Boy” Carl Fergie & Mike Miller

Jake Roberts and Carl Fergie start the match. Fergie gets his shoulder into Roberts mid-section but Roberts is quick to turn things around by reversing a whip into the corner and he gets in a few punches on Fergie. Mulligan Jr. is tagged in. Mulligan Jr. with a hiptoss followed by an armdrag. Fergie tags in Mike Miller.

Miller is met by an armdrag by Blackjack Mulligan Jr. Big forearms across the back of Mulligan Jr. They tangle a bit near the ropes as we see Austin Idol show up to film the match ringside. Mulligan Jr. with some uppercuts on Miller. Roberts tags in and takes Miller down with an armbar. Miller whips Roberts into the ropes but Roberts gets him up with a body slam. He tags in Mulligan Jr. who lands a knee across Miller’s left arm. Roberts and Idol start to argue ringside.

Mike Miller gets in a few punches on Mulligan Jr., who breaks away from Miller a few seconds later. Miller tags in Fergie who lands a kneedrop across Mulligan Jr’s face. Front facelock by Fergie gets reversed into a cradle by Mulligan Jr. Roberts back in and he backdrops Fergie and follows with a backbreaker. Roberts whips Fergie into the corner but Fergie moves out of the way.

Fergie beats on Roberts. Roberts armdrags Fergie off him but he grabs him and tags in Miller. Back and forth between Roberts and Miller. Roberts crawls beneath Miller’s legs and tags in Mulligan Jr. Mulligan Jr. catches Miller with an elbow and follows with a kneedrop. He only gets a two-count. Front facelock by Mulligan Jr. Big forearm thrown at Miller off the ropes. Roberts tags in and catches Miller with a knee lift for the pin.

WINNERS: Blackjack Mulligan Jr. & Jake Roberts

Blackjack Mulligan Jr. & Jake Roberts join Bob Caudle for an interview. Mulligan Jr. mentions the tough competition they just had and warns Sgt. Slaughter. He’s glad that Slaughter was fined. He’s also upset at Austin Idol for standing around ringside. Roberts is upset at Sgt. Slaughter and tells Sandy Scott that $500 fines on Slaughter are not going to stop him from doing anything.

Jimmy Valiant music video is shown and due to copyright I would assume that is why they use alternate music for it on WWE Network. We see Valiant doing a few things in the video like wrestle and ride a motorcycle.

“Handsome” Jimmy Valiant vs. Bill White

Jimmy Valiant gives Bob Caudle a flower as he enters the ring and shakes hands and dances around. Valiant with a couple of armdrags to send White down to the mat. White heads to the outside. He returns and again Valiant takes him down and gets him in an armbar. He places his leg on White as the referee counts. Valiant sends White into the ropes and elbows him. He follows with an elbow drop for the pin.

WINNER: Jimmy Valiant

Ron Ritchie vs. David Patterson

They lock-up and get caught up on the ropes which forces an early break. Headscissors by Ritchie but Patterson breaks out. Some mat work for a bit with Patterson trying to get control of the match. They roll into the ropes and have to break it up again. Hammerlock by Patterson. Ritchie with a leg takedown but Patterson reverses and takes down Ritchie.

Ritchie kicks Patterson off him. He takes down Patterson with an armdrag. Forearms thrown by Patterson. Snapmare and kneedrop by Patterson. Chinlock by Patterson on Ritchie. Ritchie gets in a few elbows and tackles Patterson. Leapfrog over Patterson and a body press for a near fall by Ritchie. Ritchie with an armdrag into an armbar on Patterson. Patterson escapes and gets Ritchie back in a headlock.

Kneedrops by Patterson on Ritchie. He punches Ritchie and slams him into the turnbuckle. Patterson whips Ritchie into the ropes but Ritchie gets Patterson with a sunset flip and a near fall. Patterson back up and on the attack against Ritchie. Hard forearms exchanged. Patterson with a body slam and goes for a pin. Ritchie surprises Patterson with an inside cradle. Several near falls by both men.

Patterson gets Ritchie in a front facelock and takes him down to the mat. Referee tells Patterson to break the hold. He stomps on Ritchie. Patterson misses a punch and Ritchie gets him with an atomic drop for another two-count. Another near fall by Ritchie from a neckbreaker. Patterson with a headbutt on Ritchie. Side slam by Patterson for another near fall.

Patterson has Ritchie in a chinlock and keeps beating on him as the fans start to cheer for Ritchie. Ritchie reverses a whip and gets Patterson in an abdominal stretch. Patterson flips Ritchie over. Ritchie with a headbutt at Patterson. Patterson goes for a body slam but Ritchie falls on him and gets another near pin attempt. Bell rings to notify that the time limit had expired.

WINNER: Time Limit Draw

Austin Idol is interviewed by Bob Caudle as he tells Idol that wrestlers are getting upset that he’s ringside. Idol says they are jealous because he was smart enough to film his opponents.

Ivan Koloff asks Caudle why Jimmy Valiant hasn’t been suspended because of how he wrestles. He thinks Valiant should be in an insane asylum.

Ole Anderson and Sgt. Slaughter talks about Ric Flair, Jake Roberts and Rick Steamboat are all gutless. Ole says that Slaughter and he are not scared. Slaughter mentions that Stan Hansen is in the back and he’s not scared.

Jack Brisco vs. Steve Sybert

Brisco quickly takes down Sybert with a wristlock. He lands a knee across Sybert’s let arm. Sybert reaches the ropes. Fireman’s carry takedown by Jack Brisco. He does it a second time on Sybert and keeps him locked in an armbar.

Roddy Piper shows up to watch Jack Brisco’s match. He joins Caudle on commentary. Sybert pulls Brisco’s hair and gets him in a headlock. Brisco picks him up and drops him on his knee. He stretches out Sybert’s leg and then puts him in a figure-four leglock for the quick win!

WINNER: Jack Brisco

Pvt. Don Kernoodle & Pvt. Jim Nelson vs. Mike George & Tony Anthony

Bob Caudle announces “Sgt. Slaughter’s Privates” are in action! 🙂 Mike George and Don Kernoodle start the match. George takes Kernoodle down with a hiptoss. He tags in Tony Anthony who gets Kernoodle in a headlock. Kernoodle picks Anthony up and slams him into his corner. He tags in Nelson. Sgt. Slaughter is ringside watching his privates.

Sgt. Slaughter praises his guys and talks about how they are always thinking. Kernoodle back in the match and he continues to attack Anthony. Nelson back in after kicking Anthony. Chinlock on Anthony. Sgt. Slaughter wonders where everyone who challenged him is at. He then tells Bob Caudle that Mike George needs to keep his mouth shut because he’s in a lot of trouble and shouldn’t be in the area.

Pvt. Nelson has Anthony in a front facelock. Anthony tags in George who takes on both privates. He beats on both. Sgt. Slaughter gets upset. Nelson gets in a few knees at George but George makes a comeback. He elbows Nelson and tags in Anthony. Anthony with an elbow on Nelson and follows with a fist across Nelson’s head. Nelson recovers and tosses Anthony into Kernoodle’s boot.

Pvt. Kernoodle with a dropkick on Anthony. He follows with a neckbreaker. He slams Anthony into the turnbuckles and tags in Nelson. Nelson gets Anthony in a chinlock. Double-team work by Nelson and Kernoodle. Kernoodle with an elbow. He hits George as well who tries to get in the ring but the referee is stopped. Another elbow by Nelson this time. Nelson picks up Anthony and Kernoodle hits a clothesline off the ropes for the pin.

WINNERS: Pvt. Don Kernoodle & Pvt. Jim Nelson

Sgt. Slaughter heads up to the ring to congratulate his privates. Slaughter attacks George but George fights back. The privates grab George and Slaughter beats on him. Jake Roberts runs in to save George and he gets attacked. Jack Brisco and Blackjack Mulligan Jr. run out to make the save.

Blackjack Mulligan Jr., Jake Roberts and Jack Brisco join Bob Caudle for an interview. Roberts says they are going to handle things the way Slaughter does. Jack Brisco says that Slaughter and his privates will not hurt more people. Mulligan Jr. warns Slaughter that the best are after him.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Good episode with some competitive matches. Sgt. Slaughter continues to be great as the top heel here and Ric Flair had an interview vowing revenge on Slaughter, Piper and Ole Anderson. Caudle mentioned he would be returning to the territory soon. The tag team match with the privates and the Patterson vs. Ritchie match were pretty good TV matches.


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