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Memphis Wrestling 10/20/1979

Written By Alfredo Esparza

CWA Memphis Championship Wrestling 10/20/1979

Taped 10/20/1979 at the WMC TV Studios in Memphis, Tennessee.

Only a portion of the show was recorded and uploaded to youtube.

Lance Russell and Dave Brown are on commentary. Lance Russell mentioned the show’s first match was Sonny King beating The Masked Mauler.

Jerry “The King” Lawler (w/ Jimmy Hart) vs. Steve Regal

Jerry Lawler hands over the Southern Heavyweight title to Jimmy Hart. Dave Brown mentions this being a non-title match. Russell points out Lawler’s smirk as the match is about to start. Lawler shoves Regal off him as they are on the ropes. He yells over to Lance Russell about Regal. He gets under a right-hand thrown by Regal.

Steve Regal gets Lawler in the ropes and punches him. Lawler recovers and whips him into the corner and catches him with an armdrag. You can hear Jimmy Hart applauding Lawler as Lawler smiles and gets the fans upset. Lawler struts after Regal whips him into the ropes and Lawler saves himself. Regal whips Lawler into the ropes and they run back and forth criss-crossing each other until Hart trips Regal. Lawler goes for an elbow drop off the ropes but Regal moves out of the way!

Regal punches Lawler and The King rolls to the outside. Regal follows and bashes Hart and Lawler’s heads together. Lawler gets upset and tosses a chair! Lawler gets back in the ring and backs away as he complains to the referee about Regal having his fist clenched. Regal gets Lawler in a wristlock and sends Lawler down to the mat.

Jimmy Hart distracts the referee and Lawler pulls Regal’s hair. Regal quickly does the same before the referee returns and keeps Lawler down with an armbar. Lawler gets in a right hand punch at Regal to escape the hold. He gets in a few more punches on Regal and chokes him. Snapmare by Lawler followed by a stomp across Regal’s head. Another fist thrown at Regal.

Lawler pounds Regal’s head into the top turnbuckle. Regal blocks an attempt and starts to punch Lawler. He armdrags Lawler across the ring. He whips him into the corner and dropkicks Lawler. Lawler gets back up and punches Regal (with a weapon that was given to him by Hart) and knocks him out for the pin.

WINNER: Jerry Lawler

Steve Regal tells the referee that he wasn’t just hit with a fist.

Jerry Lawler and Jimmy Hart join Lance Russell for an interview. Lawler asks Russell who the greatest wrestler in the world is and why is he, which Russell tells Lawler that he just answered his own question. Lawler tells the fans that they don’t have to be ashamed to say they are wrestling fans anymore because he’s the Southern Champion and not Bill Dundee. He says punk kids now have a champion to look up to.

Lawler’s upset that last week he agreed to wrestle Thomas Marlon blindfolded and wants them to show video of what happened to him and he calls Bill Dundee a “low-life coward”. Lance Russell tells Lawler that because they are going to have a Six-man tag match later on the show they’ve had to cut down on tape and will not be airing a clip of that match. Lawler is upset about them not having tape of that match. He claims that Dundee showed up before he did to the television studio and took that film and destroyed it because it shows Dundee’s true colors.

Lawler claims that when he put the blindfold was put on him, Thomas Marlon called out Bill Dundee. Hart was also wearing a blindfold which Lawler said was why he couldn’t warn him about what was coming. Dundee showed up and attacked Lawler and pinned him. Lawler says he’s telling the truth and Russell knows it because he was there. He vows to beat the life out of Dundee on this week’s show. He mentions that Dundee is spending a lot of time with Jerry Jarrett because he wants to convince him that they should put Jimmy Hart in a cage. Lawler brings over Hart and shows how well-dressed he is and praises Hart. Lawler says Dundee is the one that belongs in a cage and not a “perfect gentleman” like Hart.

They rundown the Monday night Mid-South Coliseum card.

Bill Dundee is interviewed by Lance Russell. They bring out the cage that Jimmy Hart will be locked in for the upcoming Southern Heavyweight Title match. Dundee says they are going to lock-up Hart in the cage. Crowd cheers him. Jimmy Hart and Jerry Lawler run out and brawl ensues between Lawler and Dundee. Dundee jumps over the table. Hart attacks Dundee. Lawler tosses Dundee into the ringpost.

Lance Russell is livid! Jimmy Hart brings out a yellow spray paint can. Lawler starts to spray paint a yellow streak across Dundee’s back. Hector Guerrero and Ricky Morton run out and save Dundee.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Unfortunately only about 20 minutes of this show were available but those 20 minutes were pretty great. Lawler had a great interview talking about his feud with Bill Dundee and later came out and attacked Dundee. The Lawler – Regal match was a good TV match. Definitely worth watching.


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