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Global Championship Wrestling 3/16/1983

Written By Alfredo Esparza

Global Championship Wrestling 3/16/1983

Taped 3/16/1983 in Tampa, Florida.

Gordon Solie is on commentary. He’s joined by Buddy Colt, Roddy Piper and Barbara Clary. Barbara Clary will have a feature on “Cowboy” Ron Bass. Roddy Piper is introduced and this is his Florida debut. They talk about a tournament that will be taking place in May (so this show is from early 1983) to crown the Global Heavyweight Champion with Roddy Piper being the latest name added to the list of contenders. Colt mentions that venue hasn’t been determined but it will likely be held in Reno, NV or Phoenix, AZ and that all the men entering this tournament have put up $5,000.

Scott McGhee vs. Tommy Wright

Side headlock takedown by McGhee with Wright reversing into a headscissors. McGhee breaks out and gets Wright in a side headlock again. Clean break on the ropes. Wright with a hiptoss takedown. Buddy Colt asks Roddy Piper about having mentioned some of his favorite wrestling moves and asked if he believed he was perfect, which Piper said he was considering that he was the #1 contender around the world.

Scott McGhee gets Wright with a backbreaker. Clean break after as they are in the corner. Side headlock again by McGhee on Wright. Wright rolls him over for a near fall but McGhee’s near the ropes. Another hiptoss takedown by McGhee and he gets Wright again in a side headlock. Buddy Colt praises both men in the match and asks Roddy Piper what he would do differently from either two men in the match and Piper replies that he would have already beaten them. Wright with a wristlock keeps McGhee down.

McGhee powers out and gets Wright again in a side headlock. Piper asks Colt what he would have done in the match and Colt mentions his answer would be the same as Pipers since he’s seen a few mistakes by each man in the match and his style was very aggressive. Forearms exchanged by McGhee and Wright. McGhee with a rear chinlock on Wright.

Tommy Wright with a comeback and backdrops McGhee. He gets a near drop on McGhee with a legdrop. Side salto suplex by Tommy Wright gets him another near fall. He whips McGhee into the corner but McGhee counters and armdrags him. McGhee with an Oklahoma side roll for a pin attempt but Wright breaks out. McGhee goes for a second pin attempt and again Wright escapes! McGhee goes for a belly-to-back suplex and gets the pin on Tommy Wright.

WINNER: Scott McGhee

Terry Allen vs. Dennis Brown (Denny Brown)

Terry Allen grabs hold of Denny Brown’s leg and takes him down to the mat. They break as they end up being in the ropes. Roddy Piper asks Buddy Colt who he thinks will win and Colt picks Terry Allen. Piper picks Denny Brown. Allen goes from a wristlock to a fireman’s carry takedown on Brown. Armbar by Terry Allen. He tries to reverse it with a hiptoss but Allen keeps the armbar locked in.

Allen switches over to a hammerlock. Brown reverses the hammerlock on Allen. Allen with a pin attempt on Brown but Brown quickly gets back up. Brown gets Allen in a side headlock. Allen tries to pin Brown. Allen shoves Brown into the ropes and catches him with a backdrop. Brown recovers and kicks Allen off and gets him with a hiplock takedown on Allen.

Terry Allen powers out of Brown’s grasp but Brown quickly goes for a hammerlock. Allen takes Brown down. He whips Brown into the ropes and catches him with a body slam. Terry Allen gets Brown with an atomic knee drop and covers Brown for the pin.

Piper immediately claims Allen was holding the trunks and cheated so he cancels the bet he supposedly made with Buddy Colt earlier during the match.

WINNER: Terry Allen

Dusty Rhodes joins Buddy Colt for an interview. Dusty talks about the Global Heavyweight tournament. He says that he was the first to put the money up to enter this tournament. Dusty says the “Bionic Elbow” is the most devastating hold in wrestling. He warns Roddy Piper, Kevin Sullivan, Angelo Mosca and Leroy Brown. He mentions that he recently saved Roddy Piper and that Piper is spinning it as him not needing help. He calls Kevin Sullivan a “little devil”. He closes saying that everyone better beware of the Bionic Elbow.

Kevin Sullivan shows up and says “he’s gone” referring to Dusty Rhodes. Piper again claims that he’s never needed anyone to save him.

Kevin Sullivan vs. Raul Mata

Kevin Sullivan waves to Roddy Piper before the match starts. Sullivan explodes on Mata and quickly attacks him. He whips Mata into the ropes and slams him. He stomps on Mata’s head. Sullivan whips Mata into the ropes again but Mata counters with a pair of dropkicks and an armdrag. Sullivan reverses an armbar and starts chopping and stomping on him.

Sullivan gets Mata in an armbar. He works on Mata’s left arm. Mata reverses it into a wristlock but Sullivan slams him into the corner turnbuckles. Sullivan with a clothesline on Mata. He climbs up to the middle rope and forearm smashes Mata. He then foot stomps Mata but refuses to pin him. He continues to beat on Mata and sends him to the outside.

Raul Mata gets back in the ring and goes for a sunset flip on Sullivan but he is unable to get him and Sullivan stomps on Mata. Armbar by Sullivan on Mata. Mata fights back! He gets in a few punches and sends him into the corner. Mata goes for a top rope cross body block but Sullivan moves out of the way. Sullivan with a shoulder breaker for the pin.

WINNER: Kevin Sullivan

“Cowboy” Ron Bass & Charlie Cook vs. “Big Nasty” Angelo Mosca & “Bad Bad” Leroy Brown (w/ J.J. Dillon)

Angelo Mosca and Leroy Brown attack Ron Bass and Charlie Cook as the bell rings. They whip Cook and Bass into each other but Cook leapfrogs over Bass and they take over the match by knocking both Mosca and Brown out of the ring. Crowd cheers on Bass and Cook as Dillon asks for a timeout.

Angelo Mosca and Charlie Cook get in the ring. Mosca almost gets caught by a punch from Bass but ends up getting punched by Cook. Cook gets Mosca in a side headlock. Mosca reaches out and tags in Brown. Bass gets in the ring and both he and Brown collide! Test of strength between the two with Bass getting the advantage and then stomping on Brown’s hands. Bass stomps on Dillon’s hand.

Side headlock by Bass on Brown. He punches Brown and tags in Cook. Cook with a side headlock on Brown. Brown tags in Mosca and they double-team Cook. Cook makes a comeback and whips Mosca into the ropes and punches him in the mid-section. Mosca recovers and rakes Cook’s eyes and forearm smashes him. Cook makes another comeback and whips Mosca into the ropes. Mosca misses a kick at Cook. Brown and Mosca with more double-teaming on Cook.

Leroy Brown tags in and he punches Cook. Forearm across Cook’s back. He whips Cook into the ropes and elbows him. Brown with a choke hold on Cook and Cook breaks out of it but Mosca gets in the match. Cook with a reversal on Mosca but Mosca catches him with a big knee. Mosca gets Cook in a chinlock. Crowd cheers on Cook. Charlie Cook fights back and crawls away from Mosca and tags in Ron Bass.

Ron Bass with some punches thrown at both Mosca and Brown. Mosca tosses Bass to the outside. Cook gets in but he gets knocked down by Mosca. Brown picks up Cook over his shoulder and Mosca jumps off the top rope with an elbow on Cook. Referee Bill Alfonso calls for a DQ on Brown and Mosca.

WINNERS: Ron Bass & Charlie Cook via DQ.

Capt. Frank Dusek (w/ J.J. Dillon) vs. Jerry Grey

Frank Dusek with a fireman’s carry takedown on Jerry Grey. Grey escapes and gets him on the ropes and breaks cleanly. Dusek with a takedown into a side headlock on Grey. Piper praises Dusek as a great wrestler. Some matwork between the two with Grey reverses into an armbar. Dusek reaches the ropes and tries to escape Grey’s grasp but Grey keeps his armbar locked in.

Dusek sends Grey into the middle rope to escape the hold. He follows that up with a leg sweep for a near fall. Snapmare and into a chinlock by Dusek on Grey. Piper and Colt mention how a lot of people’s conceptions of wrestlers are that they are just big burly uneducated men, but that is not the case and Colt says many are well-educated and attended college. He sends Grey into the turnbuckles.

Jerry Grey recovers and catches Dusek with a body block off the ropes for a near fall but Dusek powers out. Dusek quickly attacks Grey. He gets Grey on the ropes and lands a knee to his back. Dusek gets Grey in a chinlock. He slams Grey. Dusek stomps on his head. He knees Grey in the mid-section.

Grey makes another comeback and starts laying in some forearms on Dusek. He whips him into the corner and tries to get him with a sunset flip but Dusek punches him. Dusek gets Grey with a vertical suplex. He follows with a neckbreaker and covers Grey for the pin.

WINNER: Frank Dusek

Ron Bass is interviewed by Barbara Clary and Gordon Solie. Barbara asks Ron Bass about having the cast removed from his right hand and Bass says he feels good to not be wearing it anymore. He mentions how people like Mosca like to attack weak points and were attacking his hand. Bass said the injury was to the back of his hand. He talks about the rivalry with “Big Nasty” Angelo Mosca and how they both seemed to come into the territory at the same time so it seemed like they were destined to battle. He talks about the Global Heavyweight title tournament and names some of the participants which Bass also mentions Hulk Hogan and Giant Baba possibly taking part in the tournament.

Barry Windham joins Gordon Solie for an interview and he talks about losing the NWA Florida Southern title to Frank Dusek. He mentions Angelo Mosca’s involvement in that match and costing him the title.

They air highlights of the match. Windham catches Dusek with a cross body block and has control of the match. Windham with a legdrop on Dusek. Dusek catches Windham with a knee that sends Windham to the outside. Angelo Mosca attacks Windham and slams him into the ring post. Mosca tosses Barry Windham back into the ring and Frank Dusek covers him for the pin.

Barry Windham asks for a title rematch and a match against Angelo Mosca.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Okay episode. This was Piper’s debut in Florida and he was great on commentary going back and forth with Buddy Colt. Matches were pretty short and just okay. Cool seeing more early Terry Allen in action.


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