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EMLL 3/2/1984

Written By Alfredo Esparza

EMLL 3/2/1984

Taped 3/2/1984 at Arena Mexico

Pedro “El Mago” Septien and Dr. Alfonso Morales are on commentary.

Ultraman is interviewed by Dr. Alfonso Morales. He thanks the fans, the kids and those watching the show from the U.S.

Ultraman ©vs. Jerry “El Puma” Estrada for the Mexican National Middleweight Title

Roberto “Guero” Rangel is the referee. Angel Blanco is Ultraman’s second and Jerry Estrada’s second is Talisman. Jerry Estrada offers to shake hands with Ultraman as the first fall starts but Ultraman refuses as the fans warn him. Ultraman grabs hold of Estrada with Estrada breaking out and getting him in a hammerlock. Ultraman takes him down to the mat. They get back up with Ultraman holding him in a chinlock. Switches over to a wristlock on Estrada. Clean break by Ultraman.

Ultraman with a hiptoss takes down Estrada and he lets Estrada recover. Armdrag by Estrada into an armbar. Ultraman again with a hiptoss takedown on Estrada. Estrada goes for Ultraman’s left leg but Ultraman escapes and grabs hold of Estrada. Mat work between the two and the fans start to whistle a bit. Estrada takes Ultraman down and gets him with a front facelock.

Ultraman bridges over Estrada while in the facelock and he is able to escape. He goes to work on Estrada’s right arm. Estrada escapes and takes Ultraman down. Clean break again by both. Ultraman with a leg takedown on Estrada and into a leg submission. Estrada tries to reverse it by grabbing hold of Ultraman’s foot. Septien mentions various judo moves. Ultraman continues to work on Estrada’s legs. Estrada escapes and briefly gets Ultraman in a leglock.

Ultraman slams Estrada to the mat. Estrada counters by getting Ultraman down with his shoulders to the mat. Ultraman escapes but Estrada grabs hold of his arm. Ultraman slams Estrada. He grabs Estrada again with a neckbreaker. Estrada sells it really well. Ultraman does it a second time and Estrada continues to react in great pain. Ultraman gets Estrada in a tirabuzon variation.

Estrada back up gets Ultraman in a side headlock. Ultraman and Estrada go back and fourth on reversals until Estrada takes Ultraman down to the mat. Ultraman back up and armdrags Estrada. Ultraman whips Estrada into the ropes and gets him with another armdrag. He goes for a second but Estrada reverses it into an armdrag of his own. Estrada knocks down Ultraman and gets him in an octopus-like submission hold for the submission and first fall win!

Second fall starts with Dr. Morales replacing Mago Septien on commentary. Estrada goes for a quick pin attempt on Ultraman but he’s able to kick out. Ultraman reverses it into a leglock. Both men have each others leg in a leglock until they reach the ropes. Estrada back with an armbar on Ultraman. Ultraman tries to escape with a hiptoss but Estrada keeps hold of Ultraman’s right arm. Ultraman tries to get him off by shoving him into the ropes but Estrada continues to keep a hold on his arm.

Ultraman climbs up the ropes and armdrags Estrada off him. He hiptosses Estrada but Estrada is quickly back at grabbing Ultraman’s right arm. Ultraman climbs up the ropes and flipsl over and sends Estrada flying across the ring. Ultraman uses his speed to take down Estrada. He slams Estrada down on the mat and then gets him in a submission hold to get the 2nd fall win. His second, Talisman, helps Estrada back up to his corner.

Third fall starts with Ultraman kicking Estrada’s back! He gets him with a neckbreaker and Estrada sells like crazy. Double underhook suplex by Ultraman gets him a two-count. Side salto suplex by Ultraman on Estrada for another near fall. Estrada recovers and slams Ultraman and he gets a two count. Ultraman with a quebradora across the knee for Estrada. He follows with the camel clutch. Estrada escapes!

Estrada with a roll-up for a near fall on Ultraman. Ultraman with a suplex on Estrada for another near fall. Estrada with a hiptoss and a roll-up for a pin attempt but he only gets two. Ultraman kicks Estrada and then whips him into the ropes and slams him down to the mat. Ultraman goes for a tirabuzon on Estrada to get him to submit. Estrada screams in pain before knocking Ultraman off him.

Estrada catches Ultraman with a pair of dropkicks that send him to the outside. Estrada follows with a tope suicida to the outside at Ultraman! Ultraman’s second tries to help him back in the ring. Both return to the ring. Estrada misses a running knee strike into the corner as Ultraman moved out of the way.

Ultraman dropkicks Estrada to the outside. He follows with a tope suicida at Estrada! Both make their way back to the ring on time. Estrada goes to work on Ultraman’s right arm as he slams it down onto his shoulder with a palanca. Estrada knees Ultraman’s right arm. Doctor gets in the ring to check on Ultraman whois grabbing onto his right arm and shoulder. Ultraman can’t continue the match. Jerry Estrada wins the third fall and wins the title.

WINNER: Jerry Estrada

Ultraman is carried to the back by Angel Blanco. Dr. Alfonso Morales waves over Jerry Estrada for an interview but the fans carry Estrada on their shoulders to the locker room.

Tony Salazar heads over for an interview with Dr. Alfonso Morales. Morales asks why there is so much hate between him and Herodes despite Salazar already having beaten Herodes in a previous hair match. Morales said that one time, the two brawled as Salazar drove to the arena and fought around his car. Salazar says Herodes has crossed the line and he vows revenge.

Tony Salazar vs. Herodes in a hair vs. hair match

Herodes attacks Salazar as he gets in the ring. He tosses Salazar to the outside and tosses him into the ring post. Herodes heads over to talk to Dr. Alfonso Morales. Morales mentions that he’s heard that Herodes had taken meditation classes to prepare for this match which Herodes said he did and is in great condition. He vows that Salazar will know who “Super Chacho” is. Dr. Morales asks about them brawling as soon as they got out of their cars recently and Herodes said he’s always disliked Salazar because he thinks he’s better than everyone. He says Salazar is nothing compared to him and he will finish him.

First fall starts with Herodes in the ring waiting for Salazar to recover from the early attack. Herodes knocks Salazar off the ring again as soon as the bell rings. Salazar returns and knocks down Herodes a few times. Herodes with a knee at Salazar knocks him back to the outside. Herodes sends Salazar back into the ring post again.

Herodes grabs hold of Salazar again and tries to send him into the ring post again but Salazar blocks it and slams Herodes head into the top turnbuckle. Salazar hits a body press off the top rope on Herodes! Salazar follows with a reverse tope on Herodes. Followed by a senton for the pin and the first fall win!

Second fall is joined in progress with Salazar still dominating the match. He gets Herodes with a quebradora that sends Herodes rolling to the outside. Referee Gran Davis warns Salazar about going after Herodes outside the ring but he goes and rams Herodes head first into the ring post. Herodes back in the ring and Salazar kicks him. Referee and Salazar argue which gives Herodes a moment to attack him from behind. Herodes slams Salazar shoulder first into the corner.

Herodes beats on Salazar’s left arm. Hammerlock and again he rams Salazar into the corner. Salazar recovers and takes Herodes down with an armbar. Fans cheer on Salazar. Salazar misses on a move and Herodes is quick to land a senton on Salazar and go back to working on Salazar’s left arm and forced Salazar to submit in the second fall. Herodes continues his attack as the referee finally got him to stop.

Third fall starts with both outside the ring and Herodes tossing Salazar into the ring post. Salazar is shown bleeding from his head! Herodes bites at Salazar’s forehead! Third fall whistle is heard as start of fall is officially announced. Herodes beats on Salazar outside the ring. They both get back in the ring and Herodes chokes Salazar while referee Gran Davis tries to break the hold.

Herodes continues to beat on Tony Salazar. He chokes Salazar and Gran Davis continues to try to stop him. Gran Davis puts Herodes in a side headlock to take him off Salazar. Herodes bites Salazar as more blood pours across Salazar’s face. Fans start to chant “Tony! Tony! Tony!” Salazar makes a comeback with some punches thrown at Herodes and he’s able to knock him down.

Herodes tosses Salazar into the corner. Salazar counters by biting Herodes and tossing him into the corner as well. They head to the outside and Salazar tosses Herodes into the ring post. He follows with a bulldog to the floor! Herodes gets back up but Salazar again sends him into the ring post. He gets him with another bulldog to the floor.

Salazar returns to the ring. Herodes is now bloody! He returns to the ring and Salazar beats on Herodes. Gran Davis pulls Salazar off him because they are brawling on the ropes. Salazar bites Herodes forehead and then punches him. Herodes knocks down Salazar with a hard chop. He misses a second and Salazar punches Herodes. He hits a senton on Herodes for a two count. Fans complain that the referee did a slow count.

Tony Salazar with a side headlock. He misses a cross body block off the ropes. Herodes goes for the pin but only gets a two count. Herodes dropkicks Salazar to the outside and then hits a tope suicida at Salazar! They get back in the ring and Salazar sends Herodes to the outside. He hits a slingshot plancha to the outside on Herodes.

They both get back in the ring. Salazar hits a tope in the ring at Herodes but doens’t do much harm with it. Herodes clotheslines Salazar followed by a senton and gets a two count. He slams Salazar but only gets a two count. Herodes goes for another slam but Salazar gets him with an inside cradle for a two count. Crowd reacts loudly and think Davis counted slowly.

Salazar misses a reverse tope on Herodes. Herodes goes for a senton on Salazar and again gets a two count. Herodes bumps referee Gran Davis. He fouls Salazar and covers him for the pin. The fans yell out that Salazar was fouled. Davis disqualifies Herodes for the foul and awards the win to Salazar.

WINNER: Tony Salazar

Villano III is still in the ring as the previous match (didn’t make tape) is coming to an end and he’s arguing with MS-1. Villano III mocks MS-1. Los Infernales go after him but Villano III gets out of the ring. Pedro “Mago” Septien mentions that the opening match (El Dandy & Rocco Valente vs. Aristoteles & Josue) from this show was excellent and the show has continued to be good.

Dr. Morales gets El Satanico for an interview who claims their opponents are taking long to get to the ring because they are scared of Los Infernales. He also claims Lizmark is inferior to him and that he’s proven it to him everywhere. El Satanico claims everyone is scared of him. Dr. Morales tells El Satanico that his rivals are in the ring and he tells him that he’s going to finish them off and then return to talk more with him.

La Ola Azul (Atlantis, Lizmark & Mascara Año 2000) vs. Los Infernales (Espectro Jr., MS-1 & El Satanico)

Lizmark and El Satanico have a bit of a confrontation before the match starts. First fall starts with Atlantis and El Satanico. El Satanico wants Lizmark in the ring and waves him in. Lizmark finally gets in the ring . El Satanico offers to shake his hand but Lizmark refuses. El Satanico grabs hold of Lizmark’s waist. Lizmark knocks him off.

Lizmark with a dropkick at El Satanico. El Satanico with a full nelson but Lizmark escapes. Lizmark with an armbar but climbs up on Satanico’s back and armdrags him. Staredown between the two. Espectro Jr. tries to calm him down. They slap each other. El Satanico walks away and Lizmark shoves him. He heads to the outside and Lizmark follows.

MS-1 and Atlantis get in the ring. Atlantis with an armdrag on MS-1. He knocks MS-1 down a few times. MS-1 with an armdrag. Both exchange armdrags a few times. MS-1 shakes his hand and heads to the outside. Mascara Año 2000 and Espectro Jr. get in the ring. Headscissors from Mascara Año 2000 but he misses a second attempt. He dropkicks Espectro Jr. and he heads to the outside.

Lizmark and El Satanico are back in the ring. Lizmark with a high snapemare. He flips over the top rope and over El Satanico. He gets him with an armdrag and catches El Satanico with a pair of dropkicks. He powerbombs El Satanico and covers him for the pin. He uses the ropes for the pin. Atlantis pins Espectro Jr. with a huracarana and Mascara Año 2000 gets MS-1 with a rana for the pin. Tecnicos win first fall.

Lizmark and Espectro Jr. shoves each other before the start of the second fall. Whistle sounds for fall to start. MS-1 and Lizmark start the fall. MS-1 with a hiptoss on Lizmark. He goes for a second one as he celebrates. MS-1 backdrops Lizmark but Lizmark lands on his feet to MS-1’s surprise. MS-1 goes for a monkey flip and again Lizmark lands feet first. Lizmark with an armdrag that sends MS-1 to the outside.

Espectro Jr. and Atlantis now in the ring. Espectro Jr. slams Atlantis down to the mat. He goes for a second but Atlantis is ready. He gets him with a monkey flip and follows with a series of armdrags. Espectro Jr. sits on the mat and Atlantis slaps him. Mascara Año 2000 and MS-1 get in the ring and Mascara Año 2000 monkey flips MS-1. He armdrags MS-1. MS-1 goes to the outside as he misses a kick and falls thru the middle rope.

Lizmark wants El Satanico to get back in the ring but he refuses. El Satanico finally gets in. Lizmark with a quebradora on El Satanico. He slams him into the corner and El Satanico refuses to give up. Another quebradora by Lizmark and he lets El Satanico catch his breath. He dropkicks El Satanico once but misses a second attempt. El Satanico charges at Lizmark but he goes thru the middle rope to the outside. Lizmark climbs up to the top rope and hits a plancha to the outside onto El Satanico!

MS-1 and Espectro Jr. cover Atlantis and Mascara Año 2000 for the pins to win the second fall. Lizmark is upset because he had knocked out rudo team captain El Satanico with a plancha outside the ring so he felt they should have won.

Third fall starts with El Satanico and Lizmark. El Satanico offers his hand to Lizmark. Espectro Jr. attacks Lizmark from behind. El Satanico punches Lizmark. He gets Lizmark with a knee lift. He continues to attack him with knee lifts. He sends Lizmark to the outside and MS-1 rolls him back into the ring. El Satanico continues his attack on Lizmark. Mascara Año 2000 tries to stop him but the referees get him out of the ring.

El Satanico whips Lizmark into the corner. Atlantis tries to stop him but the referees keep him out. Lizmark gets kneed to the outside and Espectro Jr. rolls him back into the ring. El Satanico continues to beat on Lizmark. MS-1 kicks at Lizmark. Espectro Jr. gets in and kicks Lizmark out of the ring. Atlantis now in and Espectro Jr. and MS-1 take turns beating on him.

MS-1 with some kicks at Atlantis. He snapmares Atlantis and Espectro Jr. with a slingshot kneedrop on Atlantis. He kicks Atlantis out of the ring. Mascara Año 2000 now in and he gets double-teamed by Espectro Jr. and MS-1. Espectro Jr. kicks at Mascara Año 2000. Big knee to the back of Mascara Año 2000 sends him to the outside.

Lizmark and El Satanico back in the ring. Lizmark kicks at El Satanico. He gets him in a submission hold but the other Infernales make the save. Atlantis and Mascara Año 2000 get in the ring. The dropkick MS-1 and Espectro Jr. to the outside and follow with planchas to the floor.

Lizmark and El Satanico get back in the ring. Lizmark goes for a rana on El Satanico for the pin but only gets a two-count. El Satanico gets caught with an armdrag by Lizmark. Lizmark gets El Satanico in the tirabuzon but El Satanico hiptosses him. El Satanico goes for a senton but Lizmark moves out of the way. El Satanico tries to kick Lizmark but Lizmark grabs El Satanico’s leg and he fouls El Satanico for the DQ.

WINNERS: El Satanico, Espectro Jr. & MS-1 via DQ.

Lizmark argues with the referees claiming he did not foul him and believes El Satanico faked the foul.

Lizmark goes to talk to Dr. Alfonso Morales. He said that he beat El Satanico and wanted a shot at the title held by El Satanico. Dr. Morales goes to interview El Satanico and tells him Lizmark just issued a challenge for the title which El Satanico said he doesn’t even know what merits Lizmark has to ask for a title match. He said Lizmark fouled him because he can’t beat him and used an illegal hold because he can’t wrestle like he can.

El Satanico tells Dr. Morales that he shouldn’t call Lizmark, “El Gran Lizmark” because there is nothing “Gran” (Great) about him. He wouldn’t call him “Gran” or “Señor”. They make the official announcement that Lizmark issued a challenge to El Satanico for the NWA World Middleweight Title.

Lizmark said that El Satanico has always been a stepping stone for him and will be so again and vows to beat him for the title. El Satanico returns to tell Lizmark that he made him. Lizmark kicks at him.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Excellent show. During this time, EMLL’s show was airing on Galavision in the U.S. and wasn’t on nationally in Mexico. Thought the best match on this show was the hair match between Herodes and Tony Salazar which was a bloody brawl. Estrada vs. Ultraman’s title match was good but might not be viewed that way based on how much wrestling has evolved. That was more of a technical match and slower than what some fans might be accustomed to. Trios match focused on the El Satanico vs. Lizmark rivalry with Lizmark later issued a title match challenge.


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