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WCCW TV 6/12/1982

Written By Alfredo Esparza

World Class Championship Wrestling 6/12/1982

Taped 6/4/1982 at Texas Stadium in Irving, Texas. Aired on 6/12/1982.

WCCW Fritz Von Erich Retirement Show / Star Wars Super Bowl of Wrestling

Bill Mercer and Jay Saldi are on commentary.

“Wild” Bill Irwin vs. Ken Mantell

Ken Mantell takes down Bill Irwin a few times with a series of armdrags. Irwin tries to get in a forearm on Mantell but Mantell uses his speed to escape. Mantell gets Irwin with a wristlock takedown. He switches over to an armbar.

Irwin sends Mantell into the ropes but again Mantell armdrags him. Mantell misses an elbow drop but Irwin follows with a miss of his own. Mantell gets him again with an armbar. Irwin gets back up and lays in a few forearms across Mantell. He goes for a left-handed punch but Mantell ducks and takes him back down with an armdrag and into an armbar.

Bill Irwin tosses Mantell into the ropes and Mantell gets a near fall with a roll-up. Mantell with a leg takedown on Irwin and again back to an armbar. Irwin tries to gouge Mantell’s nose but Mantell stops him and starts to go to work even further on Irwin’s left arm. Irwin shoves him into the ropes and catches him with a jumping kick! He follows with some more big kicks and punches at Mantell. Irwin tells the fans chanting “Chauncey” to shut-up. He drops Mantell onto the top rope.

Chinlock by Irwin on Mantell. Mantell gets up and snapmares Irwin out of the hold but Irwin quickly gets up and attacks him. “Wild” Bill trash talks Mantell who makes a comeback with an upper cut. Irwin mounts a comeback of his own with a karate chop. He slams Mantell into the top turnbuckle and uses the top rope to choke Mantell. Irwin whips Mantell into the ropes and hits him with a knee lift into the mid-section. Irwin brags a bit and Mantell trips him up a few times.

Ken Mantell beats on Irwin and slams him into the top turnbuckles across the ring. He whips him into the ropes and backdrops Irwin. Mantell gets a two-count on Irwin. He gets Irwin in a reverse chinlock. He drops a knee across Irwin’s head. Another pin attempt but Irwin kicks out. Chinlock again by Mantell.

“Wild” Bill gets Mantell into the ropes and punches him and whips Mantell into the ropes. He grabs him for a slam but Mantell uses his weight to land on top of Irwin for a two-count. Irwin recovers and attacks Mantell. He whips him into the ropes again and catches Mantell with a backbreaker. Irwin covers Mantell for the pin but Mantell kicks out at two. Irwin continues to beat on Mantell.

Irwin whips him across the corner and kicks him. He goes for a running body slam on Mantell and goes for the running knee drop but Mantell moves out of the way. Mantell kicks at Irwin’s left leg. Mantell goes for the step-over toe-hold on Irwin! Irwin kicks him off and Mantell lands on the outside.

Mantell trips up Irwin as he returns to the ring. Corner reversal with Irwin missing a jumping knee into the corner and hitting the top turnbuckle. Mantell goes for the toe hold again. Irwin kicks him off and Mantell hits the corner and drops to the mat. Irwin covers him for the pin and gets the win!

WINNER: Bill Irwin

$10,000 Body Slam Battle Royal: Andre The Giant, Al Madril, Bill Irwin, Bugsy McGraw, Jose Lothario, T. John Thibodeaux and The Spoiler

Brawl around the ring. The Spoiler is the first one body slammed by Andre The Giant and is the first one eliminated. Bugsy and T. John brawl outside the ring. They return to the ring. Andre slams Jose Lothario to eliminate him. Madril punches Irwin. McGraw struggles to pick up T. John.

Irwin and McGraw double-team T.John and body slam him for the elimination. Andre gets Irwin with an atomic drop. He chops and headbutts Irwin. Andre body slams Irwin to eliminate him. McGraw attacks Andre and ties him up onto the ropes. Al Madril runs over to help Andre The Giant. He punches McGraw a few times. McGraw body slams Madril for the elimination.

Andre The Giant gets out of the ropes after being caught in them to face Bugsy McGraw. McGraw with some big punches and kicks at Andre The Giant. He tries to slam Andre as Armand Hussein yells some word of encouragement to him. McGraw heads to the outside and gets himself hyped up. He punches at Andre and tries to slam him but Andre lands on top of him. Bugsy quickly rolls to the outside to talk to Hussein who tells him he has to slam him but tells him to take his time.

McGraw gets back in the ring and shoulder tackles Andre with no result. He goes for another and Andre The Giant catches him and body slams him. Andre body slams Armand Hussein as well. Andre wins the $10,000.

WINNER: Andre The Giant

Kerry Von Erich & Al Madril interview with Bill Mercer. They talk about being the NWA American Tag Team Champions. They talk about defending the tag team titles everywhere. Kerry talks about traveling all over the world and how much time he and Madril are together with training and even going to church together. Madril mentions that The Magic Dragon’s sleeper is a chokehold. Kerry mentions that they’ve been working on counters to the Dragon Sleeper.

Bugsy McGraw interviewed by Bill Mercer. McGraw talks about giants like Andre The Giant and T. John Thibodeaux. He says people are looking for heroes and says people lead mundane lives. He says those people cheer for the men that they wish they could be and says they are all greedy. Mercer thinks McGraw isn’t all there.

The Great Kabuki & The Magic Dragon © vs. David Von Erich & Kevin Von Erich for the All-Asia Tag Team Titles

The Great Kabuki and Kevin Von Erich start the match. The announcers mention Kabuki is battling with an injury from a match he had earlier in the week against Fritz Von Erich. Kabuki catches Kevin with a hard chop and tags in The Magic Dragon who kicks and chops at Kevin while also screaming. Kevin responds with a hard chop off the ropes. Kevin is able to tag in David.

David Von Erich with a knee lift on The Magic Dragon who backs away. The Magic Dragon gets David in a side headlock. Quick work off the ropes with David catches the Dragon with a dropkick and an armdrag. He gets The Magic Dragon in an armbar.

Judo chop by The Magic Dragon but David ducks and catches him with an armdrag and into an armbar. David tags in Kevin who gets in a punch on The Magic Dragon. Big elbow across the back of The Magic Dragon. Dropkick by Kevin and he continues with some knees into the mid-section in the corner. Kevin goes for the Iron Claw! The Magic Dragon blocks it as the crowd cheers on Kevin. He gets the claw on the Magic Dragon’s abdomen.

The Magic Dragon with some hard chops across Kevin Von Erich’s face. He tags in The Great Kabuki. Kabuki and Kevin go back and forth until Kevin charges at Kabuki and gets hit with a kick. Judo chop by Kabuki followed by a nerve hold on Kevin’s shoulder. Kabuki keeps Kevin down on the mat with the nerve hold as David starts to get the fans to cheer louder for Kevin.

Kevin Von Erich with some elbows into the mid-section. He gets caught with a chop by The Great Kabuki and again goes back to the nerve hold. Kevin with more elbows and a dropkick but Kabuki tags in The Magic Dragon who quickly attacks Kevin before he reaches David. A nerve hold by The Magic Dragon with Kevin breaking it and tagging in David.

David Von Erich with a knee lift on The Magic Dragon. Back and forth between the two. David armdrags the Dragon and then follows with a headscissors. He beats on the Dragon for a bit before he whips him into the ropes and Dragon grabs the rope and David misses with a dropkick. Off the ropes somersault into a kick by The Magic Dragon. He goes back to getting David in a nerve hold under his armpit.

They exchange punches and chops before Dragon tags in Kabuki. David whips Kabuki into the ropes. David moves out of the way of The Magic Dragon who heads into the corner where Kabuki is and does his flip off the ropes and falls. Kabuki then jumps over The Magic Dragon with a knee to David. Hard chops by Kabuki on David Von Erich. He goes back for the nerve hold under David’s armpits.

David Von Erich with a knee at Kabuki and he crawls to his corner but Kabuki tags in The Magic Dragon in time for him to stop David. He goes back to the nerve hold under David’s armpits. Hard chops thrown by The Magic Dragon at David. Kevin tries to get involved and is taken away by the referee. They keep attacking David in their corner.

David Von Erich gets in a few knee strikes at The Magic Dragon on the ropes. He tries to go to his corner but the Dragon grabs his foot. David kicks him off and tags in Kevin who comes in on fire! hard chops by Kevin at the Magic Dragon. Kabuki comes in and Kevin catches him with a cross body block for the pin but the Magic Dragon makes the save. Kevin lands a knee across Kabuki’s face. He goes for the Iron Claw on Kabuki! Head claw on The Great Kabuki. Kabuki pokes Kevin’s eyes.

Kevin tags in David and he continues to attack Kabuki. Big knee drop by David on The Great Kabuki. More knee lifts by David but Kabuki tags in The Magic Dragon. David accidentally runs into one of the referees. The other referee, Bronco Lubich, turns his attention to check on him. The Magic Dragon knocks down David. He goes for The Dragon Sleeper on David Von Erich! Kevin tries to make the save. The Great Kabuki runs in.

David tosses The Magic Dragon over the top rope. Referee Bronco Lubich didn’t see it happen. David grabs hold of The Magic Dragon and covers him for the pin. Lubich counts the pin. The other referee Nick Roberts saw that David Von Erich threw The Magic Dragon over the top rope and thus reverses the decision. The Great Kabuki and The Magic Dragon win and retain their tag titles.

WINNERS: The Great Kabuki & The Magic Dragon

SHOW THOUGHTS: Good episode! Part 1 of WCCW Star Wars Super Bowl of Wrestling spectacular. Best match on the show was the tag match. The battle royal was pretty short and the concept was a little quicker to get thru with guys being eliminated via a body slam and it went rather quickly which if you are not a fan of battle royals this was good news. The Irwin and Mantell match was okay. Lots of heat for the tag match. Really enjoy watching The Magic Dragon and I believe this is David Von Erich’s first appearance on World Class TV in 1982 since he was mostly in Florida at that time.


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