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ECW TV 11/30/1993

Written By Alfredo Esparza

ECW Hardcore TV #34 (11/30/1993)

Taped 11/12/1993 at Tabor Community Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Aired on 11/30/1993.

Joey Styles on commentary.

Show opens with the “Ruff Neck” music video showing highlights of Jason & Mr. Hughes.

Joey Styles runs down what is scheduled for this week’s show. Styles recaps how he’s had issues interviewing Jason and Terry Funk the last two weeks and says this week he should have it easier as he’ll be interviewing Peaches. Peaches is practicing some boxing and when she turns to Joey, she accidentally punches (slaps) him. Matty In The House is shown laughing hysterically.

They air highlights of The Tazmaniac as he made his way into becoming the #1 Contender to the ECW Heavyweight title.

Sabu (w/ Paul E. Dangerously) vs. The Tazmaniac (w/ Tony Rumble) for the ECW Heavyweight Title

They cart Sabu into the ringside area. The Rockin’ Rebel joins Joey Styles on commentary. Sabu is released by Paul E. and 911 and he charges into the ring at The Tazmaniac! Sabu knocks down Tazmaniac. He catches him with a frankensteiner but Tazmaniac gets back up and catches him with a belly-to-back suplex! He floors Sabu with some shoulder blocks. Paul E. trips him up on his third attempt.

Sabu gets Tazmaniac with a front facelock. Tony Rumble grabs Paul E. Dangerously and carries him off to the back. Tazmaniac with another belly-to-back suplex on Sabu. Sabu back up and gets Tazmaniac with a leg takedown. We return from a commercial break and see Sabu hitting a dive off the corner to the outside onto The Tazmaniac!

Sabu rolls back into the ring. The Tazmaniac tries to go for a belly-to-back suplex off the ropes but Sabu blocks it. Sabu stomps on The Tazmaniac and whips him into the corner. Sabu misses a dive into the corner and The Tazmaniac stomps on him. He gets Sabu in a chinlock. The Tazmaniac whips Sabu into the ropes but Sabu springboards off the ropes with a leg lariat. He goes for a second leg lariat. Goes for a third but The Tazmaniac catches him and tosses him across the ring.

The Tazmaniac gets Sabu with a headbutt. Sabu tries to fight back but The Tazmaniac tosses Sabu to the outside. Tazmaniac climbs to the top rope but the referee stops him. The Tazmaniac kicks him back to the floor. He climbs to the top rope again and once again the referee told him not to do it. Sabu misses a top rope clothesline on The Tazamaniac as he slips off the rope. Tazmaniac powerslams Sabu and follows with a chinlock. Rockin’ Rebel makes jokes about Sal Bellomo’s wife throughout the match.

The Tazmaniac gets Sabu with a T-Bone Suplex! Another headbutt on Sabu. Sabu gets The Tazmaniac with an inside cradle but Tazmaniac kicks out. The Tazmaniac continues his attack on Sabu. Sabu sends The Tazmaniac into the corner and then catches him with a springboard backflip. Sabu with another leg lariat to knock The Tazmaniac down and he gets a 2-count. Sabu with a slingshot legdrop on The Tazamaniac but only gets a two-count.

Front facelock by Sabu but The Tazmaniac reverses it and tosses Sabu. The Tazmaniac misses a headbutt on Sabu. Sabu follows by missing a headbutt off the middle rope. Sabu knocks down The Tazmaniac and lands an elbow on him and only gets a two-count. Fujiwara armbar by Sabu. Sabu knocks The Tazmaniac to the outside and he catapults himself at The Tazmaniac only he moves and Sabu lands on the floor. The Tazmaniac hits Sabu with a chair and then tosses him into the crowd.

The Tazmaniac gets splashed by Sabu in the corner. He misses a second splash and The Tazmaniac gets Sabu with a belly-to-belly suplex. Sabu misses a top rope moonsault on The Tazmaniac. The Tazmaniac covers Sabu for the pin but picks him up. He decides to climb up to the top rope and misses a senton. Sabu lands a splash on The Tazmaniac and gets the pin. Sabu retains the title.


ECW Commissioner Tod Gordon invites everyone to their $5 TV tapings on December 4th.

A music video showing Shane Douglas highlights is shown next. Some of the highlights are Shane putting Tito Santana in a headlock.

Matty In The House promo for the $5 TV tapings. That’s followed by Road Warrior Hawk highlights from his ECW appearances. Followed by Terry Funk and Sabu promos with highlights. More highlights shown to promote the December 26th “Holiday Hell” show.

J.T. Smith, The Sandman & Peaches vs. Johnny Hot Body, Tony Stetson & Hunter Q. Robbins III

The Sandman and Hunter Q. Robbins start the match. The Sandman tags in Peaches and Robbins tags out. Stetson gets in the ring. The Sandman and Stetson start the match. Stetson elbows The Sandman. Big right thrown by Stetson. He chokes The Sandman on the ropes. He tags in Hot Body.

Johnny Hot Body knees The Sandman on the side. They distract the referee and Stetson chokes The Sandman. Hot Body hits The Sandman with a dropkick and goes for a pin. Sandman kicks out but Hot Body clotheslines him. Stetson back in the ring and he continues the attack on The Sandman. He gets a thumb to the eye of Sandman and follows with a knee.

Hot Body jumps off the top rope and lands a chop across The Sandman’s head. He stomps on The Sandman and goes and kicks Smith. Referee gets distracted and Hot Body and Stetson double-team him. Sandman gets a surprise roll-up on Hot Body. Hot Body whips The Sandman into the ropes but Sandman lands a kick on him. He tags in Stetson and Sandman fights back. He tosses Stetson to the outside.

Hot Body and Stetson throw Robbins into the ring and Sandman grabs him by the hair and tags in Peaches. Peaches knees him in the mid-section and covers Robbins for the pin.

WINNERS: J.T. Smith, The Sandman & Peaches

Stetson and Hot Body attack Smith and Sandman after the match. Jason shows up and attacks The Sandman. He shoves Peaches. Mr. Hughes shows up and attacks The Sandman. Big knee off the ring apron by Jason on The Sandman. Mr. Hughes gets The Sandman with the sidewalk slam on the floor.

They show a replay of the attack by Jason and Mr. Hughes on The Sandman.

Recap of The Public Enemy attacking Badd Company two weeks ago. They show The Public Enemy getting arrested last week.

Hunter Q. Robbins III is upset with ECW blaming the promotion for the Super Destroyers turning on him. Then breaking up his Suicide Blondes and Chris Candido leaving to SMW. He’s upset he lost Sabu to Paul E. Dangerously. His tag team of Stetson and Hot Body lost their tag titles and then feels he was humiliated by being put in a match against Peaches. He vows to hatch a plan so devious that he’s going to rip the guts of the ECW promotion and anyone who gets in his way.

Matty In The House shows the move of the night which is Tazmaniac suplexing Sabu and his move of the night being Peaches punching Joey Styles.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Okay episode. The Sabu vs. The Tazmaniac match was good. The rest of the show still feels like watching a late-night infomercial with so many videos & promos for upcoming shows.


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