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Memphis Wrestling 9/8/1979

Written By Alfredo Esparza

CWA Memphis Championship Wrestling 9/8/1979

Taped 9/8/1979 at the WMC TV Studios in Memphis, Tennessee.

Lance Russell & Dave Brown are on commentary.

Lance Russell expresses some frustration as he hears “Cowboy” Ron Bass arguing with the fans. Bass insults the fans and Bill Dundee. He talks about how much bigger he is than Dundee and how he’s going to beat him on Monday night. He vows to spank Dundee like his momma should have.

They air highlights of The Blonde Bombers defending the Southern Tag Team Titles against Ricky & Robert Gibson in the Mid-South Coliseum in Memphis from September 3rd. Highlights start with the Gibsons in control of the match. Farris gets into the match and is quickly taken down by Rick Gibson. Latham tries to get in but Robert stops him. Robert tags in and keeps Farris in a side headlock. Farris goes for a shoulder attack in the corner but Robert goes for a sunset flip on Farris. Latham rushes in to break the pin attempt.

Rick Gibson beats on both Blonde Bombers. He gets a near fall on Larry Latham. Tags Robertback in and he keeps a side headlock on Latham. Latham whips Robert into the ropes and he charges at Farris and dropkicks him down onto the ring apron and gets Latham again in a side headlock. Ricky Gibson gets back in the ring. Rick and Robert beat on both Blonde Bombers. They whip them into each other as they knock each other down. Robert with a big punch on Latham and Rick gets a two-count on him.

Eight in a half minutes into the match and the Gibsons have controlled much of the match. Latham finally makes a comeback and tags in Farris who punches Gibson and backdrops him off the ropes. He stomps on Robert. Double-team attack by the Bombers on Robert but he sneaks away from Latham and tags in Rick Gibson. Rick manhandles the Bombers before one of them lands an elbow on him. All four men get in the ring. Rick rams Latham’s head into Danny Davis helmet. Rick goes for a sleeperhold on Latham but Farris punches him with a foreign object. Latham covers Rick for the pin and the Bombers win in 10:02.

This week’s Mid-South Coliseum show will be held on Tuesday due to a prior commitment for the building on Monday.

Lance Russell interviews Rick & Robert Gibson about last Monday’s Southern Tag Team Title match against The Blonde Bombers. Rick Gibson said he felt down because he underestimated Sgt. Davis and feels they are the uncrowned champions. He vows that they will bring it all on Tuesday night and says they’ll do whatever it takes to win the Southern Tag Team titles. Robert Gibson says Latham and Farris are a heck of a team but states that they will take the tag titles on Tuesday night.

“Outlaw” Ron Bass vs. Koko Ware

Ron Bass takes down Koko Ware but he quickly escapes Bass’ grasp. Ware takes Bass down but Bass reaches the ropes. Side headlock by Ware. Bass whips Ware into the ropes but Ware gets Bass again with a headlock. Bass whips Ware into the ropes again and AGAIN he goes to a headlock on Bass. Bass with a hiptoss off the ropes but Ware catches him with some kicks to knock him down and back to the side headlock.

Bass picks up Ware up in the air but Ware rolls back down and keeps Bass in the side headlock. Bass whips Ware into the corner but Ware moves out of the way and Bass back again in a side headlock. Bass tries again to break free from the side headlock but is unsuccessful. Bass finally gets Ware with a back suplex and lands an elbow and covers Ware for the pin.

WINNER: Ron Bass

Ron Bass yells out, “Now that’s how you wrestle a man!”

Bill Dundee joins Lance Russell to show video of Jimmy Hart walking along to the ring with Jerry Lawler. Dundee is upset about Hart being ringside for their recent match. Russell mentions that Jimmy Hart isn’t known as a manager but he and Dundee both mention that he’s a long-time friend of Jerry Lawler. Bill Dundee leaves the ring to get Sonny King to sit ringside in his corner. Dundee tells them to stop showing the film.

Dundee says that when he was in better terms with Lawler, Jimmy Hart was always there and he doesn’t know what their relationship is. He recalls when Lawler made an album and he thought it was just to sell at the arenas. Dundee thinks Hart is in love with Lawler and says wrestling is a “man’s business”. He brings out Pat Hutchinson and talks about how he’s a man because he shows up and wrestles. Pat’s never won a wrestling match. Dundee offers Jimmy Hart $5,000 if he’ll wrestle Pat Hutchinson and beat him.

Dundee says there are two reasons why Jimmy Hart won’t accept that challenge. The first being that he’s not a man and the second being that he knows he can’t beat Pat Hutchinson and Lawler won’t let him accept. He wants Russell to get Hart out and see if he’ll accept the challenge.

Jerry Lawler and Jimmy Hart join Lance Russell. Lawler makes a joke about Russell. Lawler accepts the challenge and laughs that Dundee even made the challenge. He says that being the greatest wrestler in the world he can teach Jimmy Hart in 5-minutes how to not only beat Pat Hutchinson but to beat Bill Dundee as well. He says they like taking money from Dundee. Lawler claims the only reason Dundee made that challenge was because he thought they wouldn’t accept and also so he could show off that he has $5,000 and wants everyone to know it.

Jerry Lawler said that Bill Dundee use to drive his Lincoln Continental and pretend it was his. He vows to have Jimmy Hart ready for that match with Hutchinson. Jimmy Hart tells Russell that he will be there.

They go back to airing highlights of the Jerry Lawler vs. Bill Dundee match from the Mid-South Coliseum. Highlights start 20-minutes into the match. Bill Dundee dominates most of the action with some punches, shoulder attacks and kicks! Dundee goes for a pin on Lawler after an elbow drop. Lawler kicks out so Dundee starts to punch Lawler. Dundee takes a shot at Hart. Lawler tosses Dundee into the corner but Dundee climbs to the second rope and goes for a cross body block but ends up landing on referee Jerry Calhoun.

Lawler tries to do something but Sonny King punches him. Bill Dundee goes for the pin and gets the win. Crowd goes wild as match goes 24:20. Lance Russell calls it a wild brawl.

Jerry Lawler and Jimmy Hart return to talk about Sonny King with Lance Russell. He insults King claiming that he’s just as bad as Bill Dundee. He warns Sonny King that he has something special in store for him and shows a belt that he says he’ll whip him like a dog.

Lance Russell runs down the lineup for the Tuesday, September 11th, Mid-South Coliseum lineup.

Sonny King joins Lance Russell for an interview. He mentions how he was asked by Bill Dundee to be in his corner in the match against Jerry Lawler. He warns Lawler that he will also bring a belt to the ring when they have their match. He mentions that the only difference everyone will see is that they will see the marks from the belt on Lawler’s back.

Jerry “The King” Lawler (w/ Jimmy Hart) vs. Rick Morton (w/ Sonny King)

Sonny King comes out and goes to Morton’s corner. Lawler gets upset over it and complains about it. Fans start to cheer for Rick Morton. Lawler remains upset so they ring the bell to start the match again. Morton with an armdrag on Lawler. Lawler gets up and complains about his hair getting pulled to the referee. Morton goes for another armdrag and again Lawler complains.

They lock-up and Lawler takes Morton down by pulling his hair. Referee has Lawler break the hold. Morton gets Lawler in a headlock. Lawler and Morton mat wrestle for a bit before Lawler escapes. Lawler steps to the outside.

Lawler returns to the ring and yells about Sonny King not sitting down on his chair. He gets upset at the fans for yelling “Go Rick Go!” Morton again with a headlock but Lawler tosses him into the ropes. They run the ropes back and forth and Morton is able to get a two-count on Lawler. Morton stays on Lawler on the mat. Lawler tries to reach the ropes and finally heads to the outside.

Jerry Lawler wants the crowd to be quiet but they cheer for Rick Morton even louder. Lawler kicks Morton in the mid-section and follows with a forearm to the back. He punches Morton. Morton counters with a punch of his own. Lawler gets another shot in on Morton. He follows with a suplex on Morton. Another punch thrown at Morton.

Boot to the face of Rick Morton. Lawler poses a bit. Morton makes a comeback on Lawler. Lawler kicks him and Jimmy Hart starts to choke him. Sonny King goes over to help Morton. Sonny King and Jerry Lawler start to brawl and Jimmy Hart whips Ricky Morton with his belt. Sonny King runs both out. Match ends in a no-contest due to outside interference from both sides.


Eddie Marlin joins Dave Brown to give a quick rundown of upcoming shows.

The Spoilers vs. Dallas Montgomery & Pat Hutchinson

Dallas Montgomery starts against one of the Spoilers. Match is announced as an “expiration of time match”. Montgomery knocks down one of the Spoilers with a shoulder tackle. This Spoiler is able to take Montgomery down. When he breaks free the Spoilers tag. Lance Russell admits that they can’t identify any difference between either of the Spoilers.

Montgomery had an armbar but the Spoiler break out of the hold by pulling Montgomery’s hair. Spoilers with a quick tag and the other Spoiler armdrags Montgomery a few times. He tries to beat on Montgomery on the ropes but he tags in Hutchinson. This Spoiler slams Hutchinson and follows with an elbow. He tags in the other Spoiler who getes an elbow on Hutchinson. The Spoilers exchange tags and keep beating on Hutchinson. Spoiler slams Hutchinson and drops an elbow for the pin.

WINNERS: The Spoilers

They gave a rundown of all the matches that were on the show that included Bill Dundee beating Buddy Wayne and Sonny King beating Bub Smith. Those were matches that didn’t make it onto video.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Good episode. The focus continued on the Jerry Lawler and Bill Dundee feud and the addition of Jimmy Hart in the mix. Thought the interviews and Dundee throwing out the $5,000 challenge to Hart about wrestling & beating Pat Hutchinson was great. Only a portion of the show was available as Dave Brown at the end of the show mentioned two more matches during the recap. The Lawler vs. Morton match was okay. The other two matches that were recorded were very short.


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